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ok but please google sasu/naru and tell me they are not the original lapi/dot. help lapi/dot is so generic why, the grumpy cold colors theme character with a happy and excited warm color theme one. its so generic I can name 5 gay ships with this theme from the top of my head. I finally pinpoint why i was disappointed with lapi/dot despite not even being an ame/dot shipper or anything= its too generic.

The fact that Peridot never used to be so happy, excited, and upbeat, and Lapis wasn’t as much of a grumpy, edgy teen character, almost makes it seem like they changed to fit this terrible ship stereotype. They had more potential when their characterisations were more interesting.


Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)

I think Max and Chloe are a balance

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Without Max, Chloe spins too much. She is crazy, careless, fearless and sometimes she needs to stop and think about her actions. Max helps her to be more cautious.

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Without Chloe, Max is shy and lonely. Chloe helps her to be more daring and brave. 

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In addition, Max lacks a bit of self-esteem and Chloe tries to compensate it saying quotes like: “you just have to stop being afraid”, “you are the most talented person I’ve ever known”, “you’re a ninja”, “the amazing SpiderMax”, “you’re my hero”… 

Each one is the balance of the other.

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If one of the two is missing, the balance is decompessed.

Space Prompts/Aus!

May or may not be because Mod Karissa has also watched the season 2 Voltron trailer recently plus the Steven Universe leaks shhhhh

  • Me, an avid amateur astronomer (say that five times fast), has noticed that a star has been slowly moving across the sky the past few months and oh shit it’s not there anymore where *cue a ship crash*

  • I love space so much but you can never see it where I am because the nearby city lights are too bright and you drive/fly us somewhere where I can see them in all their glory I could just kiss you right now wait-

  • I NEVER shut up about space and you like to stay right here on earth and explore that, thank you very much

  • My life dream has been to see the Northern/Southern lights and after a nasty accident where I had a brush with death you help me go see them

  • us fighting an alien invasion

  • we ARE the alien invasion wow this species is resilient

  • I’m the new intern at NASA who’s gawking at everything and you are really amused because you were the same way two years ago

  • we bought glow in the dark star stickers for my bedroom but now I insist that we buy a star map to put them up there accurately

  • I, an astronomy major, and you, an engineering major, are working together to design a new type of spaceship in our freetime
    • and it ends up working but oh shit we’re lost in space

  • aliens invading but an alien soldier is wounded and I know it’s stupid but I can’t let someone die dammit my conscience is gonna get me killed and I know it

  • we stumble upon the fact that we weren’t natives to this planet; we invaded a long long time ago
Clarisse be like
  • <p> <b>Clarisse:</b> *sees Will and Nico holding hands* ugh please, too much love there. I thought Nico was a serious person.<p/><b>Clarisse inside:</b> OH MY FUCKING GODS THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS AM I THE ONLY ONE NOTICING IT. THEY ARE SO SHIPPEABLE I CAN'T CALM DOWN HELP ME.<p/><b></b> Clarisse is like Sue Sylvester shipping Klaine. I'm sure.<p/></p>

I have had this headcanon since 1st season where Shiro is really bad at flirting… and i just love them so much. (sorry, i kinda flopped the anatomy)

So, he would be like trying to be all charming to Ulaz, but he’s just too ridiculous and Ulaz still loves it and cant help himself bc Shiro is the most adorable being he’ve ever met.

i am sorry, i got too much feelings for them

i’ll ship them ‘till my last breathe. fight me!!!  

also posting at midnight so no ones sees


I know Yuri!!! On Ice is awesome and all, but tbh, there’s too much of that in my dash lately so if you post or reblog stuffs of anything on the list down here, please like or reblog so I can check your blog! :D

• Servamp*
• Katekyo Hitman Reborn!*
• Hunter x Hunter
• Nanbaka
• Natsume Yuuujinchou
• Kuroko no Basuke*
• Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

*if you happen to like shipping stuffs about it, that’s even better! :3

Who *actually* turned on the lightsaber?

Guys….I’ve been thinking about this, and to me, it’s the classic ‘who actually pulled the trigger’ gun scuffle.

“I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?”

“Yes. Anything.”

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Forget the meta of the script for a moment. What’s clear is that Kylo’s been told he has to kill Han in order to ‘be free’, and as much as Snoke tried to play sympathetic about it and make it SEEM like it was some unfortunate thing, Kylo knew it was an order. 

Kylo Ren is beefed up with the force. You think he didn’t know his dad was around the corner? He deliberately avoided him knowing what would go down, and yet Han still chased after him like an idiot which forced Kylo’s hand. Kylo then breaks down and pretty much tells Han that he’s been ordered to kill him. “I’m being torn apart…I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” He then asks for his father’s help.

You can see it in Han’s eyes. I don’t have any gifs myself but all of you already know this scene by heart by now. Han knows what’s going to go down. He knows before he even leaves the Resistance base that he’s most likely not coming back. But I doubt he could have imagined it’d be like this.

Kylo, or in this moment should we say BEN, extends the lightsaber forward, and Han grasps it. And then, there’s a struggle. There’s a struggle over the lightsaber. They’re both pulling it towards them, but to what purpose? So Kylo can kill Han, or so Han can kill himself so Ben won’t have to and Ben isn’t sure if he wants to let him do it???

“Thank you…”

WHY would you thank someone in this situation? It doesn’t make sense, unless it was because Han is the one who yanked the saber forward and flicked the switch on himself. Ben then completes the show, pushing the saber deeper, and doesn’t move away as Han runs his hand down his son’s face….

Han Solo kills himself, saving his son from having to do the unspeakable, so Snoke doesn’t actually drag him deeper down into the hell he already lives in while all the while Kylo can claim he did it and protect himself a little longer from a situation he knows is crumbling around him. This is Han’s last act- helping buy his son just a little more time.

And that’s all I have to say on that subject.

As much as I love seeing the our family grow, I’m a little bit disappointed?
Some people only ship BatJokes because their relationship in The Lego Batman movie because its cutesy and fluffy…

Don’t get me wrong, I love it myself. I love them in The Lego Batman movie too.

It’s truly a big leap for DC and to the famdom.

I just couldn’t help seeing the community being divided.
I know I can’t force people to like all forms of BatJokes, nor I want to.
It’s just really sad seeing: “Yeah, I ship BatJokes. Only in Lego though.”

I don’t know, I think I need time to get use to this:
(Yeah, that’s me, caught in the middle right now.)

Carry On

Guys oh my gosh, I was given Carry On as a Christmas present and I’ve nearly finished it but fuck me the amount of screaming and crying I’ve done over Simon and Baz is too much. I’m actually in love with the book and Snowbaz is definitely a new ship I shall happily sell my soul to the devil for

Sail the seas with ScriptSailor!

Hello everyone!  I was previously one of the Navy Mods (LT Robin4) over on @scriptsoldier, but we’ve decided to split out a ScriptSailor blog since we got so many Navy questions.

I am a 10+ year veteran of the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer.  The bulk of my knowledge is on surface ships, so I may reach out for help on non-surface questions (particularly for our aviation brethren - I can speak helo fairly well, but you fixed wing guys are a mystery to me!).  You can read all about me on my About Me page if you want more details.  

I’m also an amateur writer, currently working on two novels, including a Navy-based WWIII future novel that I hope to get published after I get off my butt and edit it.  I’m blunt and I’m outspoken, and I’ll try not to sound too much like the proverbial Sailor in my posts.

So, batteries release!  (Or, in normal speak, the ask box is open.)


8 NEW PAGES for Underdown

SOrry i took so long. now I am going to sleep (I also got the flu ; D )

and yep Underfell Papyrus here is not a virgin, but a certain someone is. but Not..for long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and ReverseSans is planning something a huge dickmove huehue

SOrry if this comic is seems rushed I want to Finish it soon (but I work on more kedgeup oneshot strips cause I love the ship too much) But I want to focus on other comics soon, Like a huge Underswap comic adaption, 

Warning: Froncest and even more Frontcest and possible sexual-content-hinting next pages.

Thank you so much @maple-and-pie for helping me with the text, please go to her page guys if you love good Pokemon art.

Sorry for bad English I am Dutch, 

I have to make a master post soon

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I'm the friend that

does their best to make everyone smile and laugh. The one that is always making sure everyone feels loved and welcomed. The one that would get you ice cream at 5am because you can’t stop crying. Hell I’d even bake you some brownies and rent a movie. I’m the friend that is always there for you. I send texts every few days if I haven’t seen you just to make sure everything’s fine. I’m the friend that stays up all night just listening to your problems and then attempt to help. But I’m also the friend that cares. Maybe a little too much. Cause after a while it seems like I’m the only one trying to be friends. You stop calling, texting talking out of the blue. We hadn’t fought, nothing was wrong but you abandoned ship without a single word. I try to keep the friendship alive but you never respond. My words fall on deaf ears. But after a while I feel like I’m only annoying you so I stop. I’m the friend that everyone claims they want, but I’m also the friend they forget. The friend that they decide isn’t worth at least saying “Goodbye” to.

miraculous headcannon:

One day in class, the subject of Ladybug and Chat noir comes up. And the whole class is talking about whether or not they are a couple. Marinette is just listening with half an ear until one of the Classmates (Probs Nino) asks Adrien his thoughts. Now she is interested

“Ladybug is very amazing, and chat noir is pretty cool. I am not sure if they are a thing but they seem to balance each other out perfectly. It would be kind of nice to know that the city is protected by a couple that loves the city as much as they do each other. But that is just my thoughts on it.” Adrien says as calmly as he could.

Everyone can’t help but think that would be great, except for Marinette. Marinette wanting to say something, but is just like. “Why did he have to say that? Why does my crush ship me with that cat?” 

She eventually speaks up.

“W-While I see y-your point. Wouldn’t the duo be too distracted by one another to effectively protect the city. Not to mention, if they did get into a fight it could ruin the dynamic.”

This sparks the debate again, and Adrien can’t help but look at Marinette as she sits back down.

Adrien then thinks.

“Wow, she was very against Chat noir and Ladybug. Could it be?”

After class, he meets up to talk to Marinette by her locker.

“You seemed really against Ladybug and Chat noir being together, I know it is your opinion, but Is there any reason that you are against the idea of them together?”

Marinette starts totally freaking out, like she thinks he is on to her. So she tries to come up with some poor excuse but then Adrien notices she is totally lying.

“I think I know why, it is because you’re”

“A-Adrien… I-i just don’t want anyone to know. I honestly didn’t think anyone would figure it out. I don’t want anyone to find out just please…” She pleads as her face is red with embarrassment.

Adrien then clasps his hands on hers.

“It is okay Marinette. I swear I won’t tell anyone you have a crush on Chat noir.”

He leaves with a polite wave and smile.

Marinette felt her brain short circuit. Her crush thinks she has a crush on chat noir. 

As Adrien gets into his car he sighs deeply.

“If Chat noir wasn’t in love with Ladybug, Chat noir would have fallen for her.” he thinks to himself.

A Name In The Wind (1/?)

Hey guys, so here’s a new multi-chapter fic from me based loosely around the movie Kimi No Na Wa. Honoka and Chika find themselves linked in an unusual way and build up a connection over time, helping (and hindering) each other in the process. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Likely ships: ChikaHono, HonoMaki (ChikaMaki), HonoUmi, ChikaRiko (HonoRiko), NozoEli. 

Honoka groaned as she woke to the insistent beeping of her alarm clock. “Too early…” She mumbled, pulling her pillow over her head. Vaguely she noticed that it smelled different than usual but she didn’t pay much attention to it. She was more focused on the insistent beeping. She could feel herself being dragged further into consciousness with every passing beep.

“Five more minutes.” She mumbled, rolling over. She threw her arm over the edge of the bed like she always did, expecting her hand to hit the snooze button. It didn’t. It hit the floor instead and she jerked into a sitting position. “HUH?!”

Even in her dazed state she recognized that she wasn’t in her own bed. Or in any bed. She was lying in an unfamiliar futon, in a very unfamiliar room. “What…” She felt different too somehow. She looked down at herself, trying to figure out what was wrong. “E-Eh?!” She lifted her hands to her chest. Her breasts certainly weren’t that big when she went to sleep. She shook her head, her stomach sinking when she felt a strange absence. Her hand went to her hair and she ran her fingers through it, finding it only came to shoulder length. “EEEEHHH?!”

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Do I draw too much Fiddlestan? Probably.
Do I care? Nope.

I really like the idea that after Ford got pushed into the portal, Stan got in contact with Fiddleford who decided to help him, seeing as Stan wasn’t in the best state, both mentally and physically. He started having guilt ridden nightmares of his brother, but luckly, Fidds was there to help :D