help i keep finding poses to draw

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i was practicing gestures and stumbled into drawing a portlynn. i was wondering if you have any advice for drawing characters with a lot of mass. i struggle to keep their silhouettes readable, and in general find them hard to pose. like in the drawing below i struggled to find a way to place the arm holding the drink in a relaxed position while keeping it away from the body. Also do you have any tips for drawing feet? thanks. imgur (dotcom) /5oa7ihT

OMG this is SO AMAZING!!!!! I’m beyond flattered looking at this! I’ve somehow reached your psyche and imprinted my alter ego into your mind!!!!!!! That’s new level cool! 
Your drawing is quite good with creating volume and mass I took some liberties and did a drawing over it to see what I would have done with it. It’s not the best draw over, but I hope it helps.

I find it easier to read a pose when it’s been broken down into good straights vs. curves. in any image, the use of opposing elements together create contrast and thus interest. for example if you have black next to white, the division is way more eye catching than gray next to darker gray. or a triangle next to a circle is way more visually interesting than a triangle next to another triangle. And with that said Straights vs. Curves are super important with appeal in any drawing or pose. It’s all in Drawn to Life, and Book I desperately recommend.

When it comes to drawing larger forms I’ve kind of made up my own cheat where I just draw things overlapping and pushing against each other thus creating the illusion of volume and mass. For example, when two circles meet they form a straight. This straight indicates two forms being pushed against one another.

Also… silhouette value is important for readability, so whenever you feel like something you’ve drawn isn’t posed clearly imagine it completely blackened in. like the shadow version of what you drew. Can you tell whats going on even without the details? If yes then you’re on the right track! If not, then get back to posing out the character for a better silhouette.
I’ll be honest and just say that I don’t think about silhouette as much as I should but It’s important!

So here’s the drawing with some thought process over it.

I hope this helped at all! And sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I’ve been super busy! But again this was so flattering! Thank you!!!!