help i just love them so much

my boyfriend earlier was like ‘i saw you liked that photo of phil sticking those soundproofing pads to the wall’

and i was here we go he’s some silly comment about how much i love them blah blah

and he just says….'he was using the complete wrong adhesive they weren’t going to stay stuck with those little tabs he was using on the wall i want to help the guy out can you tweet him?’

so basically phil doesn’t know how to diy, according to my boyfriend


When it comes to these two boys and how much they mean to me, I am at a loss for words. Where do I begin? How do I even start to explain just how much they have helped me and how far I have come thanks to these goofs?

What started out as one video, ended up with me becoming a fan, not just of their videos but of what they represent as individuals. For two 17 year olds to be so incredibly mature, aware of societal issues and having such humble hearts, I didn’t think it was possible to love them more than I already did. But somehow, my heart found space in it to love some more. Their laughs, their antics, their honest conversations…all of it, often makes it easy to forget that they are separated from me by a screen and that at most, I can hope to one day receive a reply from them if I ever make the effort to grab their attention. Their realness, down to earth personalities makes me believe that there is good in this world and that not everyone is washed down by materialism and the race against the clock to become society’s idea of perfect.

They have made me confident, they have through their silly pranks on each other, made me laugh on even the darkest days and through their candor, made me accept myself for who I am. 

Most importantly though, they have helped me find some of the most amazing friends I could ever imagine having. They have ingrained in me the importance of staying positive and not letting the negatives get the better of my life and without knowing it, they, through their videos have picked me up more times than I count. So, I am thankful to them, for all that they have done for me unknowingly and for finding me such amazing friends. 

I hope every day that whatever it is that has brought down these twins and whatever hurdle in life the boys are facing, they fight it and come out unscathed. They deserve all the time they need and then some more because for over three years, they have given us theirs without complaint. I am proud of them for acknowledging the importance of mental health and prioritising theirs. I just wish I could do something, anything to help put a smile and pour some strength into these two, the way they have for me. 

I love these two goofballs with all my heart and I will continue to support them, no matter what they decide, be it now or in the long run. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, here’s to our boys and everything they have done for each and every one of us, by just being them. These are some of my favourite captures from various videos and I just couldn’t pick one, so I decided on all of them because why the hell not ?!

Also, in case you didn’t know or I forgot to say it, I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY.

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Not a drabble prompt, more a couple cute scenes to cheer you up: The first time Nino gushes about his music and the first time Alya gushed about the Ladyblog had basically the same response from the other, they're sitting there watching them get SO PASSIONATE and hands waving in the air and they're so happy and beaming so hard they're almost GLOWING and the other can't help but lean in and kiss them because they're so cute and coincidentally they have the same adorable mute button.

Holy cats, I love this so much, sweet Nonny. Thank you for sending it to me. I couldn’t help myself.

“The awesome thing about it is that bass line. Can you hear it?” Nino leaned in closer to his laptop as if by doing so he could somehow make the sound apparent to Alya. “This is just…it’s not something anyone has ever succeeded with before. It shouldn’t work with the song but it does. It makes it even more amazing than it was to begin with which, let’s be honest, was pretty freaking amazing already.”

Alya watched his face light up as he continued on about the revolution this was going to cause in the underground music scene and fell a little more in love with the guy in front of her. He was fully aware that she didn’t particularly care about the music he was so interested in, but he wanted to include her because he was excited. She didn’t realize she was kissing him until he made a surprised sound against her lips.

“What was that for?” he blushed when they parted.

“You just being you,” she smiled, leaning in again.


“You wouldn’t believe it, Nino! There were all these people around and she singled me out for an interview! My hits have been going through the roof!” Alya jumped in the air and did a little spin. “Ladybug likes me!”

“How could she not?” he smiled.

“And that’s not even all! She agreed to do a longer interview at a later time. Chat Noir is going to come too. Can you believe it?! I’ve really made it. The Ladyblog is absolutely legit. It won’t surprise me if I start getting offers from…”

Nino watched Alya’s hands wave around excitedly, her eyes wide and happy behind her glasses. She was beautiful like this, so full of joy and hopeful about new opportunities. He was sliding her glasses to the top of her head before he realized what he was doing. Her words were cut off as their lips met and she melted into the kiss.

“If that was you’re way of shutting me up, I’ve got news for you, buddy,” she warned with a blushing smile.

“I wouldn’t dare,” he said fondly.

These goofballs help so many people around the world by doing what they do best, being goofballs 😂 They have helped me deal with situations in my life by reminding me to look at all the positives in life and just laugh rather than being down in the dumps all the time. Now it’s time for us to help them through this difficult time in their life and allow them to have a well deserved break and allow them time to look at all the positives. They are so young yet they have achieved so much and that’s makes me so proud. I’m so grateful for their presence and I have no clue what I would do without them being a part of my life. Ethan and Grayson, we all love you lots. Please get well soon xoxo 😘

guys I’m losing it. I’m about to break down. I know that we should all stay positive for the boys in these hard time but I can’t help it. I miss them so fucking much. these boys have helped me with so much and they’ve kept me sane for the past couple years. not knowing what they are possibly going through and not being able to help kills me. they 100% deserve this break and I just want them to be happy. I love them so much. 😞💜

Coran is just…such a good person? So kind, so caring, so mustached. That sweet lil carrot is filling in as Allura’s father figure, taking care of the team, helping them fight, and he still keeps that mustache so perfect. I love you Coran so much and your mustache just, wow.

Ahhh okay so I’m hella nervous posting this and I’m just *shoves this at you*

T ake it

I want to specially thank @bleusarcelle (I love you so much 💙💙💙) for reading it over and giving me so much support and love and just 😩✨she’s amAZING
And @the-awkward-orca for being a super awesome beta and helping me out and just being super supportive as well 💙💙love you✨

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after years of listening to BTS and seeing photos n videos of them almost every day i kind of just now had a moment and realized that they are actual real human beings and they really exist and right now they are really doing something my mind is blown

this is how i feel when i see them in concert / irl evERYTIME its like holy shit they are REAL BREATHING PEOPLE DOING HUMAN STUFF LIKE WOW :’) its so weird imo when u just sit down and realize all thats happening in the world around you outside your own life

I isolate myself without even realizing it and constantly think I’m annoying my loved ones in some way or bothering them and it’s like irene shut up it’s probably just in your head but like do you ever go through so much shit that it just becomes a part of you and you know you mention it way too much but you can’t help it bc no matter what you do or try and tell yourself you’re still hurting and so you just feel like an idiot every time it escapes your mouth bc you don’t wanna bother your friends with the same shit you talk about all the time and you don’t want to make it that it’s literally a job just to be around you like maybe I’m losing my mind but life has never been easy for me, it’s never been good to me there’s just always something bad happening in one shape or form and there are only a few people in my life who I hold very close to my heart and I’m afraid that my bullshit will make it hard for them to be around me or make them not want to be around me at all. I’m trying to be better, for myself and for my loved ones, but one of my biggest fears are losing the few people I hold closest to me. I’m tired and I just want to be happy and I want my friends to be happy and I just wish for good things for everyone I love but nothing seems to be working out in anyone’s favor. I don’t know life fucking sucks and I’m still a mess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi! Love ur blog! ❤️ Was wondering if you could clear something up for me though: Is everything politically relevant inherently propaganda??

Hey! Thanks!!! I usually don’t post positive comments, but if you send me one: I do very much appreciate it and I love you! Like 50% of the messages I get are death threats and racial slurs, but those are just kind of funny and pathetic. However, the other 50% of messages i get of people saying how my posts helped them become more radical or how it helped them become active in their community, those really keep me going :3 <3 

About Propaganda: not everything to do with politics is propaganda, often there are people trying to explain politics while trying to remain neutral, so sometimes those aren’t propaganda. But neutrality is a very tricky thing. If you are from the US, take a look at your history lessons in high school. They pretended to show a neutral point of view of US history, but take a look at what they did Not tell you about US interference in south America for example. 

I’m from the Netherlands and we always get told we’re such a neutral and even tolerant country, until someone asks critical questions about slavery or colonialism. The very concept of neutrality is a piece of propaganda meaning different things in every single country.

So yeah, not everything political is propaganda, but even things pretending to be neutral should be critically looked at, because often neutrality is a cover for propagandistic promotion of the status quo.

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((This is very nice, thank you, I’m glad you like my blog so much but I don’t feel comfortable going into other people’s askboxes and copying and pasting stuff just in case they don’t feel too comfortable with it. I do really appreciate it but I don’t think I’ll be doing the 8 other people bit, not because I don’t think anyone deserves it please don’t get me wrong I just don’t want anyone to get annoyed by having it sent to them. I’ve seen a few people around who have said they don’t like it but I don’t remember which blogs they were so I don’t want to try my chances. Thank you again for the nice comment!))

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in obikinweek every single one of y'alls works were heartbreakingly beautiful and I love every single one of them so much! I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word of the event and being excited for obikinweek! None of this could have happened without any of you and I am definitely gonna be hosting it again next year!!!

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okay 5 blogs here i go: @dear-indies the original salt squad who i love so much and if there’s any dirt on anybody, you know they got it. plus the fact that they stay helpful despite so many bitchy anons is great guys honestly they have helped indie roleplayers with masterlists and not to mention all their diversity tasks cat and tina do. @helpersofindie i could mention all of them individually but i’m gonna forget people and stuff but i love them all so much and i miss them all everyday. everyone is so talented and i’ve learnt so much from past, present and hopefully and future helpers. y’all are seeing me again in 2018 summer just you wait and see. @tinasresources i know i could stick tina in the helpers’ mention but she deserves her own at? like she’s taught me so much (she doesn’t even know half of it) all ranging from making resources to how to handle rude people maturely. plus her danielle project puts any of my hailee/kelli projects to shame y’all support her gif packs. @chrissyteigcn another one of my old mutuals and stuff i don’t talk to kassie a lot but i’ve reblogged a lot of what she reblogs and i deffo reccomend you follow her she’s great and fun and i love seeing her on my dash. and finally for this ask @musingmatata melissaaaaaa hey girl! i thought i was following you and i swear i was? but anywhoooooo stop doubting your gifs bb and stop doubting yourself, you’re great and a lot of people use your stuff and keep being awesome xx ily <3

send me an @ or more and i’ll mention something positive about some blogs!


He needs emergency treatment ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Oh god you guys! Oh god. I heard a noise outside, a while few hours ago and thought nothing of it.

About few hours ago I saw the fucking teens ( who had assaulted our gay neighbours and us by throwing rocks at us onto our windows, heads and the balcony) sneaking around the property. I went downstairs, saw one of them climbing over the fence at the end of the property.

I called Merlin over and over. I just found him now under a bush. IT SEEMS LIKE THEY HAVE THROWN ROCKS AT HIM! One of them told us he has a hammer, when they threatened us a few days ago. “You dirty gays, we have a hammer! whatcha gonna do? We have a hammer, and we will use it!”

He is badly hurt! Badly badly hurt! I called the police, and they come over as quick as possible, they tried to calm me on the phone.
But I have no money to get Merlin seen and I’m not entitled to free care for him.
For the love of god, please help me.
I don’t know why this happens to my little angel, or why these kids needed to pick on our neighbours. I made the mistake to stick up for them, got targeted myself and now this happened - Merlin is so very scared and cries nonstop.
For fucks sake, he is just a little darling who loves to sleep in the sun ;____; - he can’t be punished for me helping fellow LGBT people in need 😭

Please help, I don’t have enough to go to emergency with him - please help :
PayPal “for Merlin” <<<<-
please, I don’t know what to do. He is in so much pain. 

IF YOU CAN’T DONATE, PLEASE SPREAD! My cat was assaulted in connection with a reported hate crime! Please help us save him. His injury could be from that hammer they thugs talked about! ;___;

Prompt # 142

“Well that was overkill.”

“No. That was style. Something you clearly lack.”