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Dennis of Lovell & Julius of Minett

Blessed by his forefathers, Dennis was raised all his life to become a knight worthy of the Lovell name, an honor he loudly made known to anyone he came across. Julius had no expectations to serve in the Nohrian military himself. He was born to a pair of highly successful in Nestra who suddenly received nobility status when his aunt Seraphina became consort to King Garon. Eager to make use of their new status, he was encouraged to join the academy for Nohrian knights in Westerstede. There, the two met, beginning as bitter rivals, and soon as relentlessly unstoppable partners.

The two were a force to be reckoned with in battle, one who had superiority in range, and the other in close combat. They are both best known for following Prince Marius into battle to drive Hoshidans away from the border towns in the first wave of the Hoshidan-Nohr Conflict, and were key players in Prince Xander’s bid to secure Hoshidan lands in the second wave.

Their shared glory was cut short, when Julius was forced to retire shortly after he sustained a grievous injury that prevented him from setting foot on the battlefield again. After coming to terms that he could no longer fight alongside his love, Julius returned home to Janholt with his head held high. His mother, who managed the family after his father’s death, decided that it was time for her to step down so her son would properly inherit the family leadership.

Dennis, meanwhile, continued to rise up in the ranks of the royal guard and carried out many military successes for his country and house. He now serves on the war council as a representative from House Lovell and is seen as the future of the Nohrian military who would go on to serve the up and coming crown prince. And yet, no other partnering bow knight could compare to Julius for Dennis. Despite this distance, their respect and love hasn’t faltered, and they paid each other visits regularly. It was only a matter of time when Julius presented Dennis with a ring, but of course, Julius wouldn’t make it easy and made it a puzzle for Dennis to solve.

Yeah, their bio portrait do look a little more sinister than they actually are, but they are supposed to be the evil power couple if you went a Birthright Route.

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