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borderline nightmares

- message delivered
- message read
- when ur fave “needs space”
- when ppl pick on u for being dramatic
- when u just gotta
- explaining splitting to nt friends
- anyone finding ur journal
- when ppl ask why youre “copying them”
- when ppl ask why you are “so clingy”
- when ppl say they will listen and stay and ur like o god i know it isn’t true but u still end up believing the same bullshit
- when u cant help but forgive people who have pushed u passed ur boundries and fucked u over
- when u cant feel
- when u can feel
- when u wanna disassociate but ppl wont stop talking to u
- when u cant stop disassociating
- disassociating during lectures/class/tests
- “tell me about yourself”
- “whats your sexuality?”
-“ha! every1 does that… ur normal dont WORRY”

Hi. Im (not) Sarah McLachlan. Will you be an angel for an underpaid malwart worker? Every day innocent carts are ripped from their homes and arranged in a seemingly ritualistic format to summon coupon demons. And people are crying out at the lost parking spaces. Please, dont be an asshole, and join the rest of decent humanity. For just 18 seconds of your life, you help stop the summoning of coupon demons, and provide more parking for other people, who just wanted some damn ice cream, and ease the jobs of underpaid malwart employees. Please, don’t be an asshole, or stop using shopping carts if you cant help it. Right now there’s a shopping cart that’s homeless. Your action says “I wont force you to summon coupon demons.” Please stop being an asshole. Right now.
(If only you could see the full video… I just wanted some ice cream…)

NCT 127 reaction to you wearing their shirt

This is such a cute and fluffy request! I would absolutely love to do this reaction.


A/N: I decided to do hyung line (+ ten and jaehyun) for this reaction. It would have been too long otherwise. And also sorry babes, but my tumblr is being hella weird with the gifs so if there’s a problem lemme know :( Hope you don’t mind anon. Happy reading and Enjoy! 

*gifs not mine. Credit to owners*


I see him as the type to get a bit shy in situations like this, so expect a lot of loving looks with this boy. He would absolutely love that you wore his shirt and he would blush and compliment you, all the while shying even more.

You had walked into the dorm drenched and soaked due to rain. Taeil offered you his clothes which you gratefully accepted. When you came out wearing his shirt he couldnt help but smile. “You can keep it if you want” he mumbled, but you heard. Your eyes lit up and you hugged him out of excitement. His cheeks flushed pink and his heart raced faster. “It looks better on you than on me” he smiled at you lovingly. “Are you sure?” you asked. He nodded and earned another hug from you. He couldn’t help but laugh at how excited you got.


Johnny seems like the guy who would absolutely adore his s/o wearing his shirt. He would dish out compliments like no tomorrow and he would be on a mission to make you blush.

You lost the keys to your apartment so you didn’t have anywhere to go. “Why don’t you stay over?” Johnny asked. Once he reassured you it wasn’t a problem at all you agreed. You borrowed once of his shirts without asking him. “Hey y/n-” he stopped mid sentence. “Is that my shirt babe?” he asked. When you nodded, and tried to apologize he shut you up by kissing you. “You look amazing. I hate that shirt, but you are making me like it” he cooed which caused you to blush. He lightly kissed you cheek and laced your hands together and led you to the kitchen for some dinner.


Jaehyun similar to Johnny seems like the kind of guy who love for his s/o to wear his shirts. He would also compliment, but it wont be in a teasing tone as with Johnny. He would definitely be very touchy and just overall soft with you.

Jaehyun couldn’t stop eyeing you because you were wearing his shirt. “Please stop. You are making me self-conscious” you told him while avoiding eye contact. “I am sorry but you look so good in my shirt I cant help it. You look even more cuter than normal” he complimented. It genuinely made you smile because you knew he meant it. “Maybe wear my shirts more often. They suit you more than me anyway” he pulled you closer by your waist and kissed your nose softly. 


I believe he would just chuckle seeing you in his shirt because it was big on you. But no doubt he would think it was adorable. He wouldn’t make a big deal about it and would genuinely compliment you on it.

“Y/n” Taeyong called out for you. You were hiding in his room because you wore one of shirts but you weren’t sure how he would react. He opened the door to his room, and you hid behind it. “I know you are there. come out” he said. With baby steps you stood in front of him. As soon as he saw you he chuckled. “What?” you asked puzzled. “Nothing you just look very cute in my shirt” he pulled you closer by you waist and held you there. “Stop looking at me like that” you said. “Like what? Like this” he suddenly came even closer to your face, and just smiled at you causing your cheeks to heat up.


I think Doyoung would be very pleased although initially I think he would want his shirt back. But eventually he would warm up to the idea be a bit playful I think and even tease you just a bit. 

“Why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked you. “Because I don’t have anything else to wear” you replied. “I want my shirt back y/n” he said while a smile played on his lips. When you ignored him, he turned you around and pinned you to the wall. “You can wear it today but why cant you just wear them everyday?” he said dropping the serious face. You slapped his arm playfully because he scared you. “Fine. Don’t blame me when you don’t see you shirts eve again” you winked at him and left. “You can have it all y/n” he yelled as you left.


He is another one I can see loving the concept of his partner wearing his shirt. For some reason I just imagine him being very playful (more than normal) with you because that would be his way of expressing his happiness on seeing you wearing his shirt.

“Excuse me, does your boyfriend know that you are wearing his shirt?” Ten asked you teasingly. “ He doesn’t need to know shh” you played along. “He wants to tell you that you absolutely amazing in his shirt and that he wants you to keep it and wear it everyday” he smiled cheekily. “Do you?” you asked him, putting an end to the little roleplay, “I absolutely love how gorgeous my gf/bf looks in my shirt” he replied. “Dont you think its fair that I get something in return for letting you wear my shirt?” he questioned. He silently pointed to his lips asking for a kiss in return. “How about every time you wear my shirt I get a kiss” he wiggled his eyebrows earning a light slap to his chest.


I think he would just start blushing when he saw you in one of his shirts. But mostly I think he would be torn between appreciating you in his shirt and wanting it back. he might just be a bit salty (tiny bit) about it too. 

Yuta had been staring at you since you had worn of his shirts to sleep in. “Okay! I am sorry for wearing your stupid shirt” you told  him. “YAH! That is my favorite shirt y/n. Dont call it stupid.” “Fine then you are stupid” you replied. He sighed. “You are killing me y/n. I want that shirt back BUT, it looks gorgeous on you” he put his head down, giving up (extra as always). You kind of felt bad for him so you went up to him and put you arms around his shoulder and hugged him. “Aw baby I am sorry. Do you still want it back. I can wear another one” He looked up at you and pinched your cheeks. “Y/n you are too cute. Come here” he opened his arms inviting you in for a hug.

There you go anon. It was tons of fun to write this, so thank you for requesting. Also if gifs dont show or something let me know I will try fixing it. Have a lovely day ahead everyone :D

fixed the ask for u anon, since you made such a silly mistake 😘😘😘😘😘

whispers if u like slow build zutara with a+ character development, a side of azula that will make you shriek (with joy) (also rage), and a hella engaging plot, you should read once around the sun 10/10 would cry over again

Supergirl blackout

I don’t think the Supercorp fandom are over what the cast said but I don’t think there’s a lot of us hating on the cast. Many karamels have created fake Supercorp accounts just to hate on them. To make us look bad, and the rest of there fandom believe we are actually doing it. I don’t see the logic in complaining on there account for what they did. if you want to make a differences than help us with #supergirlblackout
Its been three days since Comic con. The cast obliviously know that them adressing the situation makes it worse unless they actually apologies. They wont because they don’t think they did anything wrong. Hating on the cast (accounts) wont make a differences. So I recommend you stop. But don’t go silent. Keep making Blogs/post/memes about why your upset. don’t let them shut you up. Cause they cant. But stop hating on there accounts. They wont listen if were acting like savages. Act like katie. Drag them without them recognizing that were still pissed.

My heart is so heavy right now.

All the people I love and care about are feeling pain in some way.. a heavy pain. I carry that shit with me. Worry constantly, cant stop thinking. I have thought suicide (sorry guys I am suicidal most of the time) to stop the worry I feel but I know the people around me will hurt even more if I do that and that breaks me. I have to live feeling the pain of others on me and my own emotional breakdowns and I wont forget to mention I am highly emotionally unstable. I smoke weed every single day because I can barely handle living in my mind, in my body. I don’t have the courage to ask for help. So this is my life.

Deep Down

Deep down she knows the truth. She has always known it. Thinking back it may be the underlying reason she tempted herself with the past. Her thoughts are interrupted by the clicking of Donna’s Jimmy Choos.

“Fancy meeting you here- again” Rachel sniffs.

Donna takes a seat next to her friend. “You know Harvey had to do that, he was…. Look, Harvey has this ability to just shut off and not see you as a person anymore,” 

“Donna, I get that. I do, but this… this is different.”

“Different how?” the usually fiery red head asks.

“I get it now.”

Rachel turns to her; waiting to see Donna’s intuition come to life. Instead she finds a blank look, so rehearsed it looks almost plastic. She sadly chuckles to herself softly as the truth settles in her bones. “You already know don’t you?”

“Know what? Rachel honey, I cant help if you wont…”

“Stop. Just stop. I can see it all over your face. I know that you know that Harvey is in love with him.” Donna doesn’t move. 

“Truth be told I think I knew it  too somewhere deep down. But I was never more sure than I am now. When he asked me about being faithful about what happened with Logan. That wasn’t a ploy, that was personal.”

Donna stays silent, hoping her mask is still firmly in place. How can she tell her friend that Harvey has been in love with her fiance’ since the moment Mike walked into the interview room. Of course being the idiotic man Harvey could sometimes be, he couldn’t even admit it to himself until last year. Even now he wont act on his feelings despite the fact the puppy loves him just as much. 

“But I love him Donna..” she sobs, tears once again falling from her eyes.

“I know you do sweetheart, and he loves you too” Donna coos taking the woman in her arms. And she knows she isn’t lying. Mike does love Rachel, but it’s nothing compared to the feelings he has for Harvey.

“But its not the same. I mean have you seen the way they look at each other. Like they are each others whole world. Mike never looks at me that way. Donna…”  turning to face her friend,  “…what am I going to do?”

“Right now, you are going to get up and get cleaned up. Don’t make any decisions this moment, there will be time to deal with this after the trial is over. Right now, he needs you.” 

Donna watches her friend go knowing that no matter what happens next, the die has already been cast. Sometimes love is fleeting, other times it has a long shelf life. Then there is love that grows in ways unimaginable; one that is tempered by fire; solidified through pain, and strong enough to withstand any odds. That’s what she sees when she looks at Harvey and Mike. Donna smiles to herself in the mirror and makes herself a promise. When they get through this, no matter what it takes, no matter what happens next, she is locking them both in a closet until they come out with some damn sense- preferably engaged.

anonymous asked:

I'd love to request one of your amazing scenarios with Block B's P.O. He is going to be taking care of his 3mo baby girl for the 1st time alone while you have to go out for an appointment. He cant get her to stop crying but he doesnt want to call you so he calls one of the other members who is able to help him with her. Thank you!

ohoho omg first scenario I’m cry. I thought it might be nice to post this lil thang for mother’s day. Enjoy~ you probably wont

That morning seemed peaceful and he was full of confidence.

“Remember to feed and change her!” you rambled on as he started to push you out the door. “I heard you the first hundred times.” You stopped at the door and turned around to look longingly at your little Seonmi in her dad’s arms. “You be good” you stroked her head and kissed her forehead as she slept.

“You be good, too” you pointed at Jihoon sternly. “Of course.”

You exhaled sadly, already missing your precious child. “Bye.” You managed to smile. But Jihoon just scoffed and stared at you, as if waiting. “What?” you asked confused. He smirked and tapped his cheek childishly. “Not in front of the baby.” He slouched and puffed his cheeks.

After a second he propped back up and you could almost see a light bulb turn on above him. He covered Seonmi’s face with his hands and smiled hopefully. With a sigh you finally gave in and tippy-toed to give him a quick peck on the cheek. His hand was glued to that same cheek as he pretended to shriek like a girl.

“Don’t set anything on fire.” You turned back before closing the door. “Don’t you trust me?” he whined.

You did. You shouldn’t have.


Jihoon pulled the cute blue apron over his head and tied it like a man with a mission. He quickly swung around the corner to check that Seonmi was still sleeping in the bedroom. He smirked with confidence. This is easy.

He scavenged through the kitchen cupboards until he came across a large, colorful tin. A small, bright pink sticky note written with your familiar handwriting stood out on the lid. “Add 3 scoops to boiling water! Sterilize the bottle or I’ll sterilize you <3.” it read in big letters. He laughed, expecting this from you.

The lid came off easily and he stared at the contents curiously. “Powdered…milk.” He scooped some up and smelt it. “Babies are weird.”

 He sat with his head resting on crossed arms as he impatiently watched the pink bottle. Drowning in boredom, he weakly blew to cool it down. At his limit, he grasped the bottle of boiling milk.

The charismatic rapper felt his wrist burst into flames as the few drops of formula milk fell from the pink baby bottle. A deep shout echoed throughout the apartment. He quickly bit his tongue and shuffled closer to the crib in panic, listening for any crying babies.

He studied the small human in the dark bedroom. She wiggled and rolled around as he watched anxiously from a safe distance. Her still closed eyes scrunched up to make the expression that all new parents are terrified of.

He shook his head frantically and whispered prayers before a high, cat-like scream came from the now very upset baby.

Seonmi shuffled around the small crib, still screaming at the top of her lungs. Jihoon sprinted into the room to comfort her with shaking hands.

“Ah… um… Seon-ah~ It’s okay, don’t cry! Please…” he rushed to her side and slowly raised her out of the crib and into his warm arms.

It was always around this time that you would burst into the room like a superhero to save the day. He could almost hear you softly singing to Seonmi like you always did to calm her down. And it always worked.

He started to panic when he realised that his constant patting and rocking was doing nothing. With an angered baby in one arm, he rushed to his phone.

After destroying everything in search of it, he found the cell phone. He stared at his background picture. The three of you on the day Seonmi was born.

He missed you more than ever, but that day was going to be saved by dad. Or at least dad and some friends.


Zico spun around in his chair and fiddling with his pencil when his phone buzzed

“Jihoon-ah what do you wan-“

“HYUUUUUUUNNNNNNG!” shouted Jihoon as he paced around the apartment, shushing the distressed child.

Zico nearly toppled over before he groaned, hand on his damaged ear.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? I NEARLY DIED” Zico lectured. Then he suddenly noticed the sounds of a baby crying.

“HYUNG. HYUNG. I CAN’T HEAR YOU. I CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING.” Jihoon shouted desperately over Seonmi’s wailing. “Baby- can’t- crying- don’t know- help!“ Zico listened to the few words he could hear behind the screaming as well as Jihoon’s deep, worried breaths.

“Okay okay calm down we’re coming.” Zico hung up, grabbed his hello kitty and knocked on Kyung’s door.

“Our maknae needs us.”


Jihoon wrapped his unoccupied arm around the two of them. “THANK YOU SO MUCH” he said, still not realising he was being unnaturally loud. Kyung pressed his finger to Jihoon’s lips as he consoled him.

The two of them scanned the apartment. Bowls of baby food, formula powder and diapers. Everywhere.

“Nothing worked” he sighed lifelessly while staring at the ground like a scarred child.

“Remind me how he’s the first to get a kid.” Kyung whispered.

Jihoon passed Seonmi to Kyung while Zico pulled out his bag of Hello Kitty soft toys, hats and glasses. He put on the pink glasses charismatically. “It has been too long my friends” he smiled at the dolls. Kyung rocked the baby as he stared at Zico as if he were a weird creature.

“OOOH LOOK IT’S A PRETTY KITTY” Zico started galloping around with two dolls in hand. For a split second Seonmi went quiet, only to judge him with a disgusted expression.

“Really? She doesn’t like Hello Kitty? You raised her horribly.” Zico pouted.

Again Seonmi burst into tears and the three grown men groaned.

“That’s it. I’m calling _____” Kyung stood up to get the phone. Jihoon snapped out of his traumatic thoughts and screamed “NO”.

“I can’t let you do that.”

“And why not.”

“I’m a man! What will she think if she finds out I can’t handle something the size of a potato!”

Kyung scoffed and pressed the call button. He mouthed “oops” teasingly before noticing Jihoon’s expression. Complete sadness filled Jihoon’s big eyes as he stared at him. A smidge of sympathy made Kyung sigh. But it was too late.

“Hello?” You slipped out of a conversation with some co-workers to answer the phone.

Jihoon clasped his hands together as he pleaded quietly.

“Uh… Hey.” Kyung muttered awkwardly

“Kyung? Why are you at our place? Where’s Jihoon?” you asked anxiously.

“He’s… in the bathroom.”

“Then where’s Seonmi?”

“Um… H-how’s your day?”

“Kyung. Where’s my baby?”

“W-what baby?”


“Haha… Zico’s calling me!”


Panic engulfed him as he hung up and threw the phone.  He looked up to find two lifeless bodies sprawled across the couch.

“We’re dead.” Jihoon said with a sinister and slightly crazy laugh.

To make matters worse, Seonmi decided to resume screaming.

“Ah… Seon please!” groaned Zico

“What do you want?”

“No no no don’t cry” Kyung sprung up to console her

Jihoon suddenly sat up. “Wait. I have an idea.” Hope was visibly reviving Jihoon as he smiled and grabbed Zico by the shoulders.

“What are we?” Jihoon asked with a motivating tone. “People?” Zico smirked.

“No. We’re idols. And idols perform.”

“What are you- Oh no. You don’t mean-”

“Oh yes. Yes yes yes.”

 Kyung and Zico watched as Jihoon fiddled with the music speakers. An expression of regret was painted on their faces as Jihoon spun around with a grin, signalling for them to put down Seonmi and come to the front of the room.

“Come on guys! Let’s have fun with this.” Jihoon straightened their posture and smiled as he pressed play.

The music started and they weakly clicked to the beat. Zico and Kyung had their heads hanging low in embarrassment as Seonmi got slightly quieter and watched them.  

They turned around in unison and swung their hips glamorously .

“Seulpeohajima no no no~ Honjaga anya no no no~”

Seonmi’s expression softened as she sniffed away her tears. Jihoon sang louder and happier as if he had won the lottery. She continued to stare at them strangely.

“Eonjenanana naege hansang bichi dwae jun geudae~”

A big, smile appeared on Seonmi’s face. A huge, bright smile that was just like her father’s.

“IT’S WORKING!” screamed Jihoon as they got in a line.

They did the famous A-pink shimmy and then made a pose. At this point Seonmi was laughing and smiling so much that she had toppled over.

The three of them ran up to her and Jihoon scooped her up into his arms victoriously.


They turned around slowly to find you smirking uncontrollably.

“Looks like dad had fun today.”

-Admin Sora