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Band walking in on their s/o singing along to Disney soundtracks? (I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH, THANK YOU!!!) ❤️



*His s/o would most likely be behind closed doors so at first Murdoc would think his s/o is watching a youtube video or something

*When he walks in to his so blaring a Disney soundtrack and singing along he just kinda stands in the doorway for a second

*Ends up letting out a laugh without meaning to

*It’s not a mean laugh, though, like his s/o looks so happy he cant help it

*When his s/o stops, he gives them a small smile and teases them because he caught them but then immediately tells them to continue

*He honestly enjoys listening to his partner sing and have fun, it’s a nice little light in his day


*When he finds his s/o singing he only has one thought at first: Cute

*Will stand and watch them enjoy themselves for a while

*After a bit, though, he’ll start feeling the music himself

*Starts humming along before he’s singing with them

*If his s/o stops he’ll try to get them to start up and sing with him

*Expect him to kill every couple song on there with his s/o


*Ya girl here will most likely bust through the door belting whatever song her s/o was singing

*Scared her s/o half to death

*Is fully up and really wants to sing and dance to Disney soundtracks and will fully dramatically act out songs

*For sure with couple songs

*Girl will kiss the shit out of her s/o every chance she gets

*An overall fun time


*When he finds his s/o singing to Disney, his heart is warmed

*Like Disney is the The Thing™ in the states so he gets flashbacks to his childhood with some songs

*He urges his s/o to continue and pay no mind to him if they stop

*Wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he’s humming along (His s/o catches him though)


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It’s much better to face these kinds of things

Requested by @sreccius​ :  Can you do a Panic! At the Disco imagine where you are on tour with them and it’s just fun and happy. I know it’s not very specific but I hope you understand. Thank you

I get roughly what you mean, I wasn’t sure what era so I’ve just gone with the current era and there aren’t any romantic relationships between the reader and the band because I wasn’t sure if you wanted that, sorry if you did though :/ ~A 

Last nights performance in Seattle was awesome, the guys had killed it and you had a blast, you were the photographer for Panic! at the Disco and were great friends with all of them. Luckily today was a free day so you were all able to just hang around the venue and the town doing whatever, they didn’t have any interviews either which was a plus.

For once you had slept in and instead of waking up at 8 you woke up at 10, albeit only 2 hours extra sleep but oh well. You stumbled out of the bunk area into the lounge and smiled at Sarah and Brendon who were cuddling on the couch, the dogs curled round your feet to say good morning whilst you made your breakfast. It was only the Uries and you who were awake, Dallon’s snores rattling through the bus, you were sat at the table with your laptop on to upload some extra photos from last night onto the band’s Instagram and Twitter. 

It took another hour for everyone to be awake and active instead of sleepy zombies, the bus door was open since the dogs were running around outside where Brendon and Sarah were talking and being cute, Dallon was making you laugh by dancing to the music you were playing from your laptop which consisted of mostly 2000′s songs, stuff like old Fall Out Boy and old Panic!, My Chemical Romance, Busted, The Killers etc. Kenny, Zack and Dan were sitting on the couch talking and trying not to get hit by one of Dallon’s lanky limbs. It didn’t take long for ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ so come on causing everyone to laugh, especially when they heard the thunk of Brendon’s head hitting the side of the bus and Sarah’s giggles.

You grabbed your water bottle to use as a microphone and got up, walking over to the door with a grin whilst the rest of the guys looked at you with curiosity. As soon as the first verse came in you jumped down the steps singing along, making both Brendon and Sarah jump. “(Y/N) stop” Brendon whispered out hoarsely since he had a throat infection. “And I can’t help but to hear, no I cant help but to hear and exchanging of words.” You sung as you gestured for Dallon to come join you. “What a beautiful wedding!” He said exaggeratedly into his own water bottle as he stepped down the stairs to join you. “What a beautiful wedding! Said the bridesmaid to the-” “Oh yes but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms bride is a whore.” You sang before launching into the chorus with Dallon, laughing at Brendon who fake cried into Sarah’s shoulder despite having an amused grin on his face. 

You and Dallon sang the whole song with Kenny or Zack joining in occasionally joining in for the back up vocals, after Brendon’s fake crying he joined in and sung along quietly, saving his voice for the next show after his doctors appointment later. When the song finished you all laughed and shook your heads. “You can never escape that song Brendon, you know that right.” You said with raised eyebrows and an amused smirk. He sighed and nodded with a small laugh before running a hand through his hair as he rolled his eyes.