help i cant stop making aus

klance 50 first dates au (with a twist)

•Lance suffers from short term memory loss and forgets everything that happens the next day.

•In the same town, Keith recently moves in with his cousin Shiro after he got out of a very messy relationship. His boyfriend was cheating on him.

•Shiro owns a local coffee shop where Lance, Hunk and Pidge always hang out.

•The first day Keith works there Lance is immediately smitten and flirts with Keith but Keith still fresh from a heartbreak, sadly rejects him. (he regrets it and couldnt sleep that night)

•The second day Keith is surprised Lance comes again and flirts with him seeming to forget what happened the day before and tells him that he already said he’s not interested. (cue internal face palm from Keith and physical face palm from Hunk and Pidge.)

•It happens for about a week. Lance is always smitten the first time he sees Keith.

•Hunk and Pidge tries to tell Lance Keith isnt available. The guy is fresh out of a realtionship. (Keith finally told them this after day four. Good boy Keith. Communication is key.)

•After knowing this (again for the third time) Lance still tries to make Keith laugh with jokes. It almost always works.

•Shiro gives in and finally tells Keith whats up with Lance. The whole neighborhood and then some knows.

•Keith is shocked, slighlty hurt but also flattered that Lance always manages to like him knowing its always the first time for him to meet Keith.

•Then one day Lance doesnt come. Keith is worried.

•Lance comes at night without Pidge and Hunk and complains he was babysitting and couldnt leave home to Shiro.

•When he sees Keith, he tries to flirt and introduce himself but Keith hands him a hot cup of latte, on the house, and explains they already met and smiles. Lance is flabbergasted and blushes. They talk.

•Everyday Lance approaches Keith shy and a little scared. He writes himself notes about Keith and he treasures his phone wallpaper of their selfie together and everyday Keith falls harder and harder inlove with Lance. Lance is genuine. Lance is his sunshine.

•There were a lot of ups and downs when they started their relationship but Keith knew that. Keith was determined to make this work and their friends were always there to help.

•One up is Lance treasures every kiss they have because its always his first. One down is Keith cant stay in bed with Lance for morning kisses.

•He’s just so happy that Lance never seems to stop staring at his wedding ring, awed, starstruck and totally in love as if he cant believe Keith is here with him. His husband.

(just a lil sumthing to ease the pain since I felt like my skyhigh au turned 0 to 100 really quick on the angst and drama. Hope you guys like this one ฅ'ω'ฅ)

i cant stop thinking of Anastasia Voltron au??? like okay listen

Keith as the orphan trying to find his family? cant remember his past?

Lance and Hunk as Dimitri and Vlad? Confident and cocky they’re gonna make some money but oops lance falls IN LOVE

Shiro is a prince who has been searching for 10 years for his brother but has given up and refuses to believe hes alive (surprise!!!!!!)

And i guess pidge is sophie?? eccentric and protective of shiro who might be dating her brother? maybe? I’m still working everything out okay.

feel free to add to this i cant help myself rip


so @doing-that ‘s Tiefling Watch inspired me to draw my best creation…….tiefling june from refuge (what the fuck is her last name @ griffin) 

some increasingly messy doodles that quickly turned into my personal au where june joins the bob because she wants to learn more about the chalice and what happened, and then after she learns all that, to help stop it
(click thru fr captions :) )

Chasing Starlight.

A Star Wars Au. Or,the alternative title,  the AU no one asked for, but Bee cant help herself because she has terrible impulse control and the attention span of a goldfish.

I figured that the other one was better.  

DISCLAIMER. This follows just certain events of the Star Wars and follows a lax time line. I tried very hard to make sure that everything you might need to know was already explained during the narrative, so It shouldn’t be necesary to se the movies, but hey, if you want to watch them, don’t let me stop you

Summary: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… the only son of a rich trade merchant and a young Jedi apprentice cross paths while the Galaxy’s higher powers struggle for the control of the Galactic Republic.

Part II: Here

Now on AO3

Chapter 1: Chasing Starlight

The first time Adrien saw her was when he was around ten years old. Adrien had been out with his father, tagging along to what had probably been a horribly boring meeting in a tall building in Coruscant. But whatever had transpired in that meeting was not important and didn’t care enough to remember. He remembered sitting by the window, as his father discussed some important matters with his associates.

The good thing about Coruscant was that it was a large city, taking over the entirety of the planet. It was one of the most important planets in the  Galactic Republic, it also housed several important institutions, like the Senate and one of the most important Jedi Temples in the Republic.

So whenever he was dragged to these kinds of meetings, he tried to entertain himself by looking out the windows, there was bound to be something interesting out there. 

It was his plan today, as he gazed at the front of the Jedi Temple just nearby; just as a group of young children burst outside, following an older Jedi knight. They looked excited and overenergetic, pushing each other as they ran circles around one another. And even though Adrien couldn’t hear them, they were clearly laughing and having a great time. They couldn’t be any older than he was, all of them wearing those typical tan and beige robes, the typical colors from everyone at the Temple.

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Hear me out, OiBoKuroDai college au where they all live together; imagine the mess and the complaints from the neighbours 8D (and if you're worried for Iwa-chan and Akaashi, just ship them together and everything's sorted /coughs/)

!! !!! !!


First of all, polyamorous ships are totally my thing oh gosh.
Secondly, that is the greatest idea ever.
Thirdly, I see you’re still trying to put your IwaAka ship everywhere haha I love you. <3

I’m sorry I’m so sorry but I’ve been thinking about it for DAYS oh gosh sorry!! 

I like to think Kuroo was the one to start that mess. Because during his 1st year of university he’ll meet Oikawa in one of his classes and they’ll start to hang out and he’ll really enjoy his time with him but? He’ll feel confused? Because he has a thing for Daichi too? But he also considers Bokuto as his best friend and the person he wants to end his life with (he just doesn’t realise he’s feeling more than friendship for Bokuto yet haha)? He is just super confused by what he’s feeling.

And after a few useless conversations with Kenma (“come on Kuroo don’t ask me, ask them”), he decids to talk about it with the three of them and it’s awkward as hell at first but they still want to try it out? Living together and all of that.

And none of them know how but it works very well and they really like each other so. Yeah. This is basically how they start their relationship during uni.


  • Oikawa and Bokuto are a little shy together at first because they don’t know each other at all and after Kuroo forces them to spend time together they realise they love each other’s company. AND OIKAWA IS REALLY HAPPY BECAUSE BOKUTO IS ALWAYS EXCITED TO WATCH ALIENS DOCUMENTARIES WITH HIM. He’ll always throw his hands in the air while shouting “ALIENS” when Oikawa talks about them.
  • None of them know how to cook but Daichi is the only one who really doesn’t want to eat junk food every night so he tried to establish a new rule so everybody has to cook at least once in the week but unfortunately he is the one totally failing at this rule because what he cooks is always terrible. Kuroo often tease him about it.
  • Their flat has one living room with a kitchenette, one bathroom an two bedrooms (they can manage to pay the rent because they’re four). They always try to sleep together but sometimes when it’s too hot they can’t stay close (because it’s way too hot) so they just split into two pairs and two of them go to sleep in the other room. But they really don’t like to do that.
  • Usually when two of them has to go to the other bedroom they all start to make out and be noisy so the other pair will feel jealous. It ends as a competition of who is going to make his partner come first. (Kuroo always wins, always)
  • Bokuto is always complaining to be late in class because of Oikawa because he stays in the bathroom for too long but actually it’s his fault because he just spend as much time as Oikawa in front of the mirror fixing his hair.
  • Daichi often feels like he’s the guardian of three children, especially when he comes back to class and he sees them hiding under a pillow fort. But he actually really enjoys that and he often makes plans in his head to build better pillow forts. He just doesn’t say them out loud.
  • Once Bokuto, Oikawa and Daichi tried to put Kuroo’s hair down with gel and it worked for a whole afternoon but it was really strange and they swore to never do that again.
  • Sometimes Daichi is studying in the library and he thinks about his relationship and the fact that he’s sleeping with four men and he starts to freak out like “I can’t believe it’s happening to me?? I am in love with FOUR people?? And we Live together?? what am I doing??” but when he comes home and he sees Kuroo sitting in the couch with the TV remote in one hand and the other in his pants and he hears Bokuto and Oikawa greeting him with a “Captain-chan ~” and a “HEY HEY HEY”, he feels like it’s the best decision he’s ever made.
  • THEY ARE ALWAYS TOO NOISY ABOUT EVERYTHING. When they cook, they often shout at each other (”don’t touch that pan Kuroo I am the one cooking”, “yeah but look you forgot to put -” “I SAID DON’T TOUCH I AM THE ONE COOKING”, “Oi! Bokuto, Kuroo! Stop shouting!”, “BUT HE’S THE ONE WHO STARED IT!”). When they’re watching TV, Oikawa is always screaming if it’s a horror film and Daichi is always laughing too loud when it’s a comedy. 
    But the worst is when they’re having sex. The neighbours still think they’re just playing together but they won’t anymore if they keep groaning and moaning as much as they do.
  • KUROO MAKES THEM ADOPT A KITTEN and they all pick a different name so in front of people that cat is called “cat” but when they’re at home alone they all call the kitten by the name they chose and the goal is to make the cat comes towards them so they always end up at the four corners of the living room shouting “COME HERE HAWKEYE!!!”, “NO COME THIS WAY IWA-CHAN!!” (Oikawa is always cheating because he always hide food in his hands).

about their friends

Not a lot of people know about their real relationship, most only know they live together but:

  • When Kuroo first told Kenma about it Kenma just sighed because oh god Kuroo, how did you manage to get involved with three other people, I can’t believe it. But he totally accepts his choice of course. He doesn’t come to visit often because while he can stand Daichi, Oikawa and Bokuto are too much for him and to stay one hour with them makes him want to crawl in his bed for two weeks to rest.
  • When Daichi told Asahi and Suga, they were together at their favourite ramen place. He was really embarrassed and blushed very hard when he said he was in a relationship with all of them. Asahi almost choked on his food and Suga just laughed very hard. Later that night he received an email from Suga which said “so, how does sex work with four people then?”. He almost died of suffocation because of how hard he face-planted his face in his pillow.
  • Iwa-chan still can’t believe Oikawa is with not one but three people? He often teases Oikawa by saying “I can’t believe you’ve found three guys who can stand your shitty personality and your aliens”.
  • Akaashi just thanks god that Daichi is here because Bokuto with Kuroo and Oikawa? It could only end in a disaster.
  • Iwaizumi and Akaashi often hang with the four of them and they often jokes about them and how they can live together but after a while they exchange their phone numbers so they can complain about their friends. Then they start to talk a lot about them by emails and then they start to meet at parks and restaurants to talk about them and before they know it they go on dates and talk about other things and that’s how they begin to date.
    They are the only people sane there, it was only logical that they end up liking each other.


Haikyuu!! Characters on Valentine's Day
  • Hinata: makes a macaroni and glitter card for kags but is too shy to give it too him so he just puts it on his dresser
  • Kageyama: buys a bunch of chocolates and goes to Hinata's door but stops BC he's to shy to give it to him, ends up eating it all by himself
  • Suga: goes on a date with Daichi and has a nice evening, and they spend the night watching movies and eating popcorn
  • Daichi: falls asleep on Suga's lap and wakes up early to make him breakfast in bed
  • Yamaguchi: buys a big stuffed dinosaur for Tsukki and when you squeeze it, it says "I love you"
  • Tsukishima: goes out on a date with Yams and holds his hand and gives him lots of kisses and then he buys him soft, floppy fries
  • Noya: brings a ladder with him on his date with Asahi and uses it to kiss him BC he so short
  • Asahi: holds Noya's hand and buys him things and when they go home he cuddles with him and he kisses him a lot
  • Tanaka: gives Ennoshita a lot kisses and buys him a whole cake for them to share
  • Ennoshita: cuddles with tanaka and watches some movies then he makes him a big dinner
  • Kenma: leaves his DS at home and goes on a date with Kuroo, let's Kuroo give him kisses and hugs and he buys Kuroo a cat keychain
  • Kuroo: buys Kenma more games and gives him a lot of kisses and he makes a fancy dinner and he just smiles a lot when he's with him
  • Bokuto: buys a bunch of owls and makes a choir out of them while he sings "can't help falling in love" to Akaashi
  • Akaashi: gives lots of kisses to Bokuto and that's all Bokuto wants
  • Oikawa: takes Iwaizumi on a date and buys him all the volleyball magazines and he goes and gives him kisses and buys him his favorite meal and he takes him to a park and he shows Iwaizumi all the constellations and all the stars and they have such a good time that Iwaizumi can't stop smiling and they just can't stop being in love, oh jeEEEZ THIS IS TOO CUTE I CANT BREATHE
  • Iwaizumi: let's Oikawa run the night because he knows that will make him happy then he buys Oikawa milk bread and he listens to Oikawa about the stars and he just thinks "I love him so much" and it's so cute, IM GOING TO CRY I LOVE IWAOI TOO MUCCH SOMEONE HELP ME

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What's your favourite Sterek fics? :)

Oh Boy, sit tight, this is gonna be long.

1. Like A Baby Duck

“Sorry,” Derek blurts, eyes wide with worry, as he steadies him.

Stiles smiles and shrugs, “‘s okay.”

Derek smiles back and crosses his arms, “Okay, you have to be the prince and I’ll be the knight that has to rescue you, okay?”

Stiles nods, “Okay.”

“Go to sleep in the treehouse and when I kiss you, you have to wake up,” Derek instructs.


P.N. I died from the fluff

2. I don’t like the way she’s looking at you (I’m starting to think you want her too)

“It has to look like you and Derek haven’t fucked on every flat surface of this house this week alone so that Tessa sees Derek as a strong, totally available alpha that she can possibly make several babies with one day.”

Or the one where Stiles and Derek pretend they aren’t completely in love with each other for the sake of a possible pack alliance.


P.N. This is probably one of my favourite fics ever. I’m so weak for everything established relationship, but especially the being in a relationship and pretending not to be.

3. Now as Ever (All That Is and Has Been)

Stiles can’t remember what happened to rearrange the time-space continuum, or how he ended up being pulled into the past. All he knows is that he’s there now, in 2003 Beacon Hills, with a teenage werewolf and a possibly-crazy veterinarian as his only allies.


P.N. This fic, is so beautiful, and has a bittersweet happy ending. I love this fic.

4. Love in an Elevator

Stiles is angry with Derek, and he’d be happy to never have to talk about why. However, they’re also stuck in an elevator for the next half hour.

And Stiles is really bad about staying quiet.


P.N. as I said already, I’m weak for anything Established relationship, and this has a fight and the making up.. I love the making up part a lot :’D

5. I’m too scared of what you think

Derek knows that Stiles doesn’t like to wait.


P.N. I find myself going back to this fic every time I need something fluffly and cute, this fic is perfect for that.

6. What Big Eyes You Have

An AU ‘verse in which Stiles is born blind and is Derek’s mate. The rest of the world is just going to have to adjust accordingly because if you think that’s going to stop the boy who runs with wolves, you are horrendously mistaken.


P.N. BEAUTIFUL. and as much painful.

7. Not Your Disney Romance

After a long-forgotten agreement of an arranged marriage between Derek and the daughter of another pack’s alpha resurfaces, Stiles takes it upon himself to become the most amazing fake fiancé that a clueless, desperate alpha werewolf could wish for.


P.N. Stiles suffers from a lot of past injuries, it’s so bittersweet and real. I love it.

8. Raised by Wolves

In which Stiles is raised by his best friend’s family after his parents die. They just happen to be werewolves. NBD. But the Hales treat him well. Especially Derek, but that’s probably because Stiles proposed when they were four and they never really broke off the engagement.


P.N. My love for this has no limits.

9. everything will be alright if you keep me next to you

The story of how it took a while for Derek and Stiles to finally get together but how they got there anyway accompanied by Taylor Swift lyrics to set the mood.

P.N. Listen,Rita is the best in fluff, this is just one of her pearls, I would suggest you read every single one of her works.  (X)

10. Lean On Me 

Stiles hasn’t seen Derek in a couple of days, so he goes on a search for him. He finds him curled up in bed at the loft


P.N. This fic is really important to me and @hoechlbutt is another amazing writer, every single one of his works are worth checking out u.u (X)

11. Professor D. Hale

A series of outsider POVs on Professor Hale and his significant other (with some guest appearances from the pack)


P.N. The cuteness *happy sigh* so beautiful.

12. A Guy Like You Should Wear a Warning

latiatisha asked: “this is some fifteen hour flight to goddamn australia and there is a very cute flight attendant on this plane AU makes me think of “Toxic” by Britney Spears and i just cant stop laughing”

With the azure blue of the uniform, the way Stiles leans against the wall and that ridiculous cap on his messy brown hair, Derek’s mind starts combining last night with Britney Spears’ music video. Derek bites on the insides of his cheeks and close his eyes in an attempt to stop a giggle from bursting free. It doesn’t work. Closing his eyes has only helped to conjure up images of Stiles in a red wig, and when he opens them again the elderly lady next to him has an alarmed look on her face.


P.N. Another established relationship, *heart eyes* so cute.

13. Smoothing Out The Corners

Stiles can’t straighten out the damn duvet cover. He needs it straight and smooth so it can help him sleep better so he doesn’t wake up Derek. Stupid, perfect, Derek. Derek who never loses his patience, Derek who still loves him despite his annoyingness, Derek who…is studying him.

“You’re thinking too loud. What’s going on in there?”


P.N. Perfect.

14. Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed

“Did you say–” Stiles starts.

“What?” Derek growls.

“We’re not a couple!” they both retort in unison.

“We’re not together,” Stiles insists.

Lydia coughs pointedly. “An incident report filed by 87th Precinct Captain Erica Reyes. March twenty-fifth, eight p.m. Came back to the precinct to grab my coat, only to hear Stilinski banging his new boyfriend in the holding cell.”


P.N. Carrie is amazing as always, all her works are wonderful, this is just one of the many(X)

15. Happy Derek Day

Stiles decides to dedicate a day to Derek.


P.N. aka Emma being perfect as always with these two, and being dedicated as Stiles in giving Derek all the nice things. all her works are perfect too (X)

16. My Drinks Are Ever At Your Service

Based somewhat on this tumblr post:


My dudes.

You have no idea

how satisfying it is

to be the only girl at a table with five dudes

who are all hitting on the waitress

and you’re the one who gets her number

(but in reverse, of course.)


P.N. I love this person’s writing, it’s witty and funny and I just adore it. here is all their works (X)

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scenario where Kuroo is in a gang with his team like that and his s/o is really small and soft spoken and cute and adorable so he lectured everyone at the beginning about protecting her yeah? well how about one day, they're like walking from something idk something cute like art class and gets kidnapped by Oikawas gang and Kuroos has to come and save her and it's really fluffy and cute please and thank you?

gang aus add 3 years to my life #blessed

“Kuroo-chan!!~” Oikawa called from where he sat, across from ____. He uncrossed his legs and stood up to slowly pace towards Kuroo. “I knew you’d show up sooner or later. The tea’s probably cold by now, but there’s still a cup for you if you want-”

“I’m not here for your games, Oikawa,” Kuroo spat from between his teeth. “You know exactly why I’m here, and I’d like to be out of your presence as soon as possible.” Despite having had his fair share of disputes and fights in the past, his fellow gang members have never seen Kuroo this pissed. He was absolutely livid, teeth bared and hands in fists at his sides. He looks towards his girlfriend where she sat in a plush armchair, and she just looked so small surrounded by Oikawa’s gang. However small she may be, she doesn’t seem to be very rattled by the situation around her. Her usual quietness served her well as Oikawa began to speak again.

“Oh, don’t take it so personally, Kuroo-chan! I had to get your attention somehow! Relax. This is just business.” Oikawa’s face darkened as he fixed the cuff of his suit. As happy-go-lucky and bright as Oikawa seemed, he could always pull out his intimidation card with ease whenever he needed. “I know you have it. Let’s make this easy for everyone and get ____-chan home safely, and we can call it a day, hm?” He held out his hand, his wristwatch shining in the small, florescent-lit room. 

Of course the head of Nekoma knew what he was talking about. Tetsurou had half a mind to sock Oikawa in the jaw, but he didn’t exactly have a death wish. He held Oikawa’s gaze as long as he dared, and hesitantly reached into his pants pocket. From within it he pulled a small USB drive, and held it in front of himself without haste. Oikawa shot a glance down. “Nice try, Kuroo-chan, but I’m not that easy to fool. One of your cronies has it, now hand it over.” Kuroo swallowed thickly, re-pocketed the item and turned his head to look at Kai. Kai lowered his gaze to avoid everyone’s stares, and produced another drive from within his blazer. He stepped forward and handed the small gadget to Oikawa, the rival gang leader sighing in satisfaction. Oikawa stepped back and tossed the drive to Hanamaki, and with a snap of his fingers his friends standing over ____ dispersed. 

As Seijou stalked off, Tetsurou rushed to meet his girlfriend and usher her out of the room. A casual “Pleasure doing business with you~” was tossed at Nekoma as they retreated. 

“Christ, ____, are you okay? Did they hurt you at all?” Kuroo took her face in his large hands, turning it and checking everywhere to see if there were any marks. As the rest of Nekoma walked ahead, she let out a small, nervous laugh and said, “No, they didn’t hurt me at all, Tetsu. They were actually quite polite, considering. Um… he approached me as I was walking home from painting class,” she turned her head away, “And said he was a friend of yours. He told me I had to come with them, so I assumed it was something serious… I wasn’t afraid when he confessed his actual plan, though. I knew you’d come save me.”

“Dammit, the gall of that bastard.. we need to tighten your security. Yamamoto can walk you to and from painting form now on.” He sighed and pulled her into a tight embrace, her head pillowed in his chest. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you, especially from him. I love you so much.”

She let out another soft giggle. “I love you too, Tetsu. C’mon, we have to get home before it gets any darker.” ____ puts her hand in his, gives an encouraging squeeze, and they made their way down the hallway as Kuroo elaborates on how he has to stop at the grocery first, because he’s making her a special Sorry-I-Accidentally-Got-You-Kidnapped dinner.


“It may not be may place to ask this, but what was on that USB drive that he wanted so bad?”

“Nothing, as far as he’s concerned. Kenma’s got the real one. We double-psyched him. That one’s just audio of the pacer test, and mine was a ten-hour loop of the Kazoo Kid remix.”

“I love you so much, Tetsu.”

another sansloid cover!! ive gotten such great feedback on the first one that i didnt hesitate to make another!! magical girl happiness theory is one of my favorite songs, and i made this cover partially because i saw someone post on the underloid tag asking for one. (if that person is listening right now, i hope you enjoy!!) ust and off vocal do not belong to me, and the art is by bedsafely from their mahoutale au which i am definitely hopping on board with!! anyway, enjoy the jams!!

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Now that I have confessed my long hidden sin of when I poisoned my teacher in cooking class I can't stop imaging a RFA highschool au of them all having a cooking class together (someone is going to die,,)

  • Yoosung gets a B+ on every dish
  • everyone asks him for help but he’s like “yesterday you made fun of me when i cried after stubbing my toe but today you want my help? i dont think so!”
  • Jaehee wants to die because this is the only class she doesnt have an A in
  • why cant she just take a test like every other class
  • why she gotta cook sum shit
  • Jumin tries to make everything look like a cat
  • wears his own apron from home everyday
  • Zen is really good he just burns everything
  • and the teacher is like Zen just, DONT LEAVE IT IN AS LONG
  • and he’s like YEA OK FINE
  • but then BAM. burned
  • also, Zen and Jumin are not allowed to use knives anymore
  • not since….the incident
  • so they have to ask someone else to cut things for them
  • but dont ask Seven, cause he’ll probably fuck it up and cut his finger and get blood everywhere
  • he’s done it multiple times
  • ever wonder why Sevens fingertips are always covered in band-aids?
  • its not from typing, kids
  • basically Yoosung and Jaehee are the only ones who can use a knife
  • Seven sabotages dishes regularly
  • his favorite thing to do is switch the sugar and the salt
  • once he just straight up put dirt in the pepper shaker
  • in this classroom, always taste something before you add it

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Hi. OMG! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FIC FOR LIGIT EVER AND I CANT FIND IT ITS CALLED "who needs a color" and I can't for the life in me find it and I need you help so if you could send me the link that would make me so happy. Thx babe, ily!

Who Needs A Color?Dan Howell had decided to stop caring if he ever finds his soulmate, and he most certainly does not care if he ever sees the color blue.

- Tori

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I'm listening to old love songs and can't stop thinking of yoonmin everything is so fucking cheesy i'm in deep and it's your fault 😭😭

everytime i listen to elvis presleys ‘i cant help falling in love with you’ i always think about a 50s yoonmin au where they fall in love in a society where its socially stigmatised and take rebellious road trip adventures in the night and make love on blankets under trees and slow dance to the radio with that song playing in the backdown and yoongi just softly singing the lyrics down jimins ear meaning every single word

TvdxContainment cross ship

Bonnie wonders out of Mystic falls to have a better life away from her vampire and supernatural friends/life only to find out that there is a new unknown disease going around and finds a officer named Jake that needs the cure to save the city but he needs a Bennett witch help. 

au Bonnie never met Kai unfortunately but hey Jake 

someone make this into a fanfic please, horrible plot ik but hey at least i tried 

Julie Plague yo- you thought you can get rid of me that easily 

well guess what 

nothing will stop me from shipping them two together  

cross shipping already and that show didn’t even start yet lml 

what should their shipper name be i cant think of one yet

PS: if you didn’t know Chris Wood plays Jake in the show containment   

shout out to all fic readers and writers

every fandom has its masterlist of must read fics. 

and ive been here long enough and have had enough time to read many a fic. but i also have a really faulty memory - and need your help and opinions.


regardless of pairing, raiting, length, au or in-u

i mean the kind of fic where you are smitten, in awe, cant stop reading, finish it feeling like you just experienced a masterpiece.

i want to make a list honouring those skilled writers and gathering these fics for oldies and newbies in the fandom alike.