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I love how Jon repeats what Damian said to him in the second panel. Even though he bickers with him and they fight a lot, Jon does listen to what Damian says and takes his words to heart. I love that about their relationship. They act like they don’t get along but in the end, there is this kind of grudging respect between the two of them. It’s great and I honestly can’t wait for them to become real friends.

The fact that Yuuri is a gamer is one of my favorite things and I like to think that he plays with Yurio sometimes

I also like to think that Victor has no idea what’s happening but he wants to be invested in his fiancé’s hobbies anyway (being lovely dovely fool in love as he is) so Yurio just has to deal with it


There. The blushy Jot you wanted. u:< Now go to sleep. I’m dying. LMAO


get to know me - favourite movies [9/∞] | easy a, dir. will gluck (2010)

I might even lose my virginity to him. I don’t know when it will happen. You know, maybe in five minutes, or tonight, or six months from now, or maybe on the night of our wedding. But the really amazing thing is, it is nobody’s goddamn business.

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> it's bad today. Really bad. I should tell someone. They said I need to reach out when I need help.<p/><b>BPD:</b> don't be childish, you're 22, you can't ask for help forever, you should be fucking able to care for yourself! Also you don't really need help, you're just seeking attention you manipulative bitch! Now grow tf up, take way too many meds, get drunk, think about why you're all alone and should die and don't forget to cut before you cry yourself to sleep!<p/><b>Me:</b> ...right<p/></p>

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I went through some of your communism tag, and it is extremely relatable. It is a subject that makes me emotional almost every time that i read about it or think about it for a while and seeing ppl think it's cute or a funny meme or smth makes me wanna vomit and cry. I'm Latvian, so I take these kinds of things almost personally and I can't help it. Thank you for spreading awerness and spilling truth about this, I really appreciate it.

Given the fact that tumblr is extremely communist-friendly site, I sometimes feel like I’m talking to a wall.

But other times, when non-Baltics on tumblr say “You’re making us uncomfortable.” or “You should keep quiet about it.”  when I post about communist crimes committed against citizens of Baltic States, I feel like I’m doing the right thing.

They have no right to say so - this is our history, our countries’ past and no one can erase the truth.

The people who tell us such things have never been in our shoes - the kids in Baltic States learn about genocide of their ethnicity when they are barely in double digits at latest, often earlier.

People who tell us “It wasn’t that bad!” have never looked into eyes of a person who went to hell (Siberian labour camp) and back.

People who tell us “It wasn’t real communism!!” have never heard the fear in their parents voice as they tell about the suitcase under the bed, just in case, should they be deported to Siberia.

You have every right to take this personally - this is your country’s history, your legacy. 

As far as I see it - we the younger generation have to uphold the truth, demand justice for our ancestors, because if we won’t, who will?

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hey man(so soft, i'm still crying over it), i'm new to the fandom and because you're my fave voltron blog and is always so nice to everyone, i tought it would be best to ask you to clarify some of my doubts. Lance is officialy cuban or is it something the whole fandom collectvily believes? And the last names that are usually used in fics (mcclain, kogane), they're from the 80's voltron? That's the first time that i'm in a fandom where canon and fanon confuses me so much XD Thanks <3

No worries, I’m happy to help out^^ ♥ If I’m being honest it would have confused me too if I hadn’t been in the fandom for as long as I have now sdjhfgdjksfhgjd

Lance is canonically Cuban, that was confirmed by Jeremy Shada (his VA) and the Voltron Twitter account (link):

Hunk is confirmed to be from Samoa and Shiro’s name and facial features are Japanese, so that’s pretty much confirmed too^^ 

The last names Kogane and McClain are from “Voltron: Defender Of The Universe (often: DOTU)”, yep. I am pretty sure that someone asked the creators about their last names at the SDCC yesterday and they said that they are open for interpretation. In other words: you’re free to use whatever last names you’d like :D 

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Just went through your Villain!Izuku tag, it's amazing. I have questions. First, does he occasionally dress up in the most absolutely awful/ridiculous outfits and you can't tell if he wears them ironically or genuinely likes them? Second, I can't help but associate him with axes now, so is that an actual thing in the AU? Are his clothes actually made of pockets? The Lady Green ask made me think of Clue. Does he set up some sort of Clue scenario for 1A at one point? Finally, YOU LIKE PARANATURAL?

answering in order:

1) deku has an actual costume for when he goes out and does his stunts – he wants to be a recognizable figure after all! – but after becoming a familiar figure around the classroom, you bet he would wear something really bizarre. personally rooting for him to wear slogan shirts that say things like “too cool 4 school” and “you snooze, you lose” except “snooze” has been crossed out and someone has written over it “follow the rules” 

2) i believe that deku has an alarming proficiency with any sort of bladed weapon, and that includes axes. skills include juggling and hiding an improbable number of them on his person 

3) yes. his clothes are all pockets. reach into your local boy’s pocket and you will find a surprise

4) izuku setting up a murder mystery dinner party for class 1-a and 1-b is something i did not know i needed, and now is going to happen posthaste

5) yes. i love paranatural. with my life

My brain: so, what if you expanded your pirate trilogy into a SERIES? What if you did that?

Me: how about we focus on finishing up book 3 revisions and line edits and all the moving pieces of what we’ve got before we think about that, ya dig?

My brain: …yeah okay, but WHAT IF you did like, an alternate history thing and expanded past 3 books? What if you did what Black Sails couldn’t by warrant of it being tied to Treasure Island and ACTUALLY HAVE a revolt spread across the colonial world with a spark set off by pirates and escaped slaves? What about that? What if you just THOUGHT about it? 

Me: …you make a compelling point

After the bit in Raising Steam where Moist internally comments on Vetinari’s ability to stand in a room full of people without being noticed I can’t stop wondering if Vetinari is a male witch

Like I know in Night Watch his incredible concealment abilities are put down to his study of camoflauge but what if he’s actually just mastered that thing that Tiffany and Granny Weatherwax do? I mean teen!Vetinari even mentions practising standing completely still an Tiffany mentions standing completely still as something that she has to do in order to do the trick initially

And there’s no denying that the man has a true mastery of headology

I just can’t stop imagining Vetinari watching the city through Borrowed rats

The balance trick applied to the whole city, the Patrician unmoving in the middle while the balance of power slowly spreads evenly between the Watch and government facilities and guilds and private businesses and so many races balance together

(Vimes can tell where he is in the city through the soles of his feet and doesn’t realize that Vetinari can too, he can feel the whole city beneath him, his steading that is built on itself)

He might not do pills and potions on and individual basis but he took a whole city that was sickening and made it better by, in his own mildly tyrannical way, getting people to help each other and to help themselves

(and he knows as well as Granny Weatherwax that there’s a difference between being popular and being essential)

Another Fic Rec Post

As promised~

Ok so here’s the fic rec nonny asked for. If you’re interested in past recs, I have a tag called ‘fic rec’.

Slam By Smarty0007. I love Smarty’s stuff, and I’m sure I mentioned this at one point but didn’t officially rec it because it wasn’t done yet and I like to stick mostly to completed stuff for rec lists. This story uses that little fact we learn in the V-day episode about Arnold hearing beautiful music when he likes someone and if that’s not enough to be interested in reading it, Helga also performs slam poetry and rocks at it. So basically, two things I LOVE to see explored in one story.

Craigslist: A Love Storyby theps118confessional. All of K’s stuff is so great, ok. I actually drew something for this, because I loved the fact that Helga has pink hair and puts it up into buns when she first meets Arnold. Now that it’s complete I can officially rec it here too. This is an AU where the two don’t meet until they’re adults, and it’s all thanks to Helga being a) hella bored and b) trying to get Phoebe off her back about spending Christmas alone which all leads up to her posting a Craiglist ad offering to be someone’s terrible date to bring to the holiday’s unavoidable family get togethers. Three guesses as to who ends up actually taking her up on the offer, the first two don’t count. This is honestly one of my faves because not only do we get to see Arnold and Helga falling for each other despite not growing up with each other, we also get Helga interactions with Arnold’s entire family, Gertie especially, and I love it. Its also has some very funny moments and it’s full of schmoop, which I love.

Acceleration of The Bus and Other Feelings By Alexandra7. This is a really cute one shot of Arnold realizing that he’s fallen HARD for Helga and all she had to do was unknowingly do something that’s been known (to us anyway) to work before. Of course, it doesn’t help that he was already falling for her anyway. I can seriously see this happening too, where he realizes he’s at the point of no return because of something she unwittingly did that hits him with the force of a bus (lol pun intended, if you read it you’ll get it).

Grand Fir By Lachesism. Lachesism’s writing is always top notch, and this is such a great one shot it actually had me tear up a bit. When Arnold and Helga were kids they made a promise to meet each other on Christmas years from then, how long is she willing to wait for him? And will he actually show up for something that was promised years ago? It’s all in Helga’s POV, and we even get some nice moments with Phoebe and Olga as well, and what happens at the end brings everything together and I suck at explaining things/doing it justice so just read it you won’t regret it. It is a great shortaki Christmas fic.

Heart-Shaped Box by Reinamy. I’ve already gushed about “The Sensation of Falling” before but honestly all of Reinamy’s stuff is so great, and this is another favorite of mine. After seemingly never being able to get away from a certain someone no matter what, Helga ends up frustratingly getting stuck in an elevator with him, and learning things she never knew in the process. Question is, can she survive until help arrives to get them out of the predicament they’re in?

Fragile Moments By Angelic Guardian. Super cute one shot detailing Arnold’s slow realization that he’s fallen for his tormentor, as well as how things turn out after he does. I really like seeing things from Arnold’s perspective and noticing just how he gets from point a to point b on his feelings for Helga. This story does that really well.

Future Fern by Aiyta. I’m kind of a sucker for ‘present selves meet past selves’ type stuff and this is done really well and it’s super cute. Arnold, Helga, and Gerald decide to check out an urban legend Phil tells them about and get sucked into the future where they need to find a way back to their own time, with the help of their future selves. They learn things about the whole gang along the way and about themselves especially. This also takes place after FTI when Arnold’s trying to grapple with the whole thing and his own thoughts on what happened between Helga and himself. It’s full of schmoop and I love it.

I think this is enough for now, again I’ve rec’d other fics in my tag so be sure to check those out too!

Thoughts on Life and Why I do not want mine to end

So it’s six AM and I haven’t slept and I feel like absolute garbage because so much crap has hit the fan in the last week or so and there is so much negativity on the internt and I have taken a lot of ADHD meds and I think I’m going to fail one or more finals today, so I need a masterpost of reasons that I want to continue living. Please feel free to add some of your own.

  • I get to see my younger brothers/parents in under a week.
  • I turn nineteen in under a week.
  • I made a new friend this past week ( @showtunesingingchemist​, in case you were curious. I met her in real life too, which makes this even more or a win)
  • I almost have my depression under control for once
  • I have almost figured out how to pay for my own college
  • I have finally let go of the pain associated to the last girl who manipulated me
  • The song “Build Our Machine” by DAGames and remixed by SayMaxWell
  • The Hardtrance Mortal Kombat theme song
  • Star Sky by Two Steps From Hell
  • Everything else by Two Steps From Hell
  • I have over 100 NPCs created for my Dungeons and Dragons setting across five continents
  • Running with that theme, I have almost figured out how advanced technology spreads across the world
  • I’ve got positive grades more or less locked in for three of my five classes this semester
  • Subway flatbreat
  • Gyro sandwiches
  • Tortillas
  • Granola
  • Alfredo pizza
  • The gradual movement of the world towards more accepting, and the role that I have played/am playing/can play in that through my attempts at inclusive and representative writing, especially in my D&D setting (link goes to the current character roster, which you can comment on if curious)
  • My Integument class for Dungeons and Dragons is almost ready for publishing on the Dungeon Master’s Guild website with class features and four full subclasses that run through twentieth level, and I have five more distict subclasses in progress
  • The associated Integumentum Brotherhood faction is approaching a similar degree of completion as well, which is great
  • I will be done with three of my four tests by ten tonight, for better or for worse
  • I have six or seven bookmarked gifs/gifsets that can make me smile without fail
  • One of my friends offered to give me a makeover to help me calm down following my finals
  • I am going to watch Pacific Rim, my all time favorite movie, tonight
  • Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark/Iron Man exists
  • @markruffalo​/Bruce Banner/Hulk exists
  • Chris Evans/Steve Rogers/Captain America exists
  • Chris Hemsworth/Thor Odinson exists
  • Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier exists
  • Don Cheadle/James Rhodes/War Machine exists
  • Any other unmentioned Marvel characters exist
  • Ben Afleck’s Batman is great, in spite of guns
  • Alfred Pennyworth exists, enough said
  • @executivegoth​/Talesin Jaffe might still respond to the ask I sent him at some point, which would make my existence
  • I have a great sense of humor
  • I need to do laundry
  • I’m almost on summer break
  • I have a summer job lined up
  • Heroforge is amazing
  • I have improved from my previous semesters in college, regardless of whether or not I’m perfect yet
  • Every other positive thing that I have mentioned in the last couple weeks that I can’t think of here

Again, reblog and add at least a couple things. Tumblr could really use some more unrestrained positivity.

  • Someone: this thing you love is bad for valid reasons.
  • Me: yes and on good days I can and will discuss that and be critical but on days it's hard to breathe I can't hear that shit because that thing has helped keep me alive.

Delirious and Cartoonz’ relationship is going to be the death of me. They’re so so supportive of each other 100% of the time, it doesn’t even matter what they’re doing, they always have each other’s backs and it’s so sweet??

Like in those chivalry videos when they’re coaching each other and rooting for each other to win, or in Gang Beasts when they try to help each other out in what’s supposed to be a free for all brawl, or how they compliment each other when they do good in a game even though they’re on opposite teams like in that Rocket League video Delirious just uploaded

They love and care for each other so much and it’s so cute and it kills me <3

So I remember reading somewhere in the Kaylor tag that Karlie and Kanye have the same manager…

That post also speculated that Karlie may have helped in orchestrating the Kimye vs Taylor Phone Call…

I think that text post was uploaded around the time people started speculating that Karlie and Taylor were no longer friends…


In the LWYMMD MV, if the 14 Taylors were counted from left to right, Snake Taylor would be “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”…

Originally posted by 2am-who-do-you-love

In that vid, Et Tu Brute, meaning “You Too, Brutus?”, was all over her scene, even in the columns…

Et Tu Brute is usually used for someone close to you has backstabbed you.

Kanye and Taylor are only friends because of the 2009 VMAs needing a closure, so they couldn’t be exactly close…

I can’t help but think that Reputation is mostly about Karlie, especially Dress, so I was looking for the other songs connected to Karlie and I suddenly remembered that text post.

I mean, that could also explain these lyrics:

“It was so nice throwing big parties,

Jump into the pool from the Balcony”

“Feeling so Gatsby for that whole year”

I mean the Squad did have a lot or parties prior to all this Kimye phone call mess… plus…

“Did you think I wouldn’t hear all the things you said about me?”

That sounds like someone she know has been saying wrong things about her behind her back…

Taylor also said that the Tracks in the album are in a linear timeline, then the “betrayals” on TIWWCHNT would come after the story in Dress…

Anyway, it could be probably wrong be about Kendall, I don’t know…

I hate my overthinking brain. Plus there are a lot of discrepancies in the timelines so I am most likely wrong. I am a Kaylor shipper afterall, but I just got curious.

PS. I can’t find the original post on the Kaylor tag, so if anyone has it, can somebody link me to it?

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For the anon who wanted non-Steve bashing fics, searching the AO3 Stony tag with the "Steve needs a hug" tag might help! Also, when the Tony fan I'm following starts sounding as cruel, hateful and bitter as Steve, Wanda, Bucky or St**cy-stans post-CACW, I unfollow and blacklist them. They even made me start disliking TONY because I was put off by how overzealous the fans are with the hate and wank. I can't live with that. He's one of the few characters I use to cope. It's not worth it.

I did the same thing, Anon, and that’s a good suggestion on the Ao3 search tag.  After CACW, I unfollowed a bunch of blogs, just until things simmered down.  I think I’ve re-followed most of them, but I just have zero interest in Steve bashing, so that cuts out some Tony blogs.  Luckily, there are plenty of other great blogs that love them both. 

SPEAKING OF WHICH, if you blog mostly Stony and I’m not following you, let me know!  I’d love some more Stony-positive blogs that genuinely like both characters.  

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i want to try identifying and presentin as butch to see if it feels right, but... i don't know where to begin. i don't know what it's supposed to feel like. i feel like i can't be butch because of my weight and build; i feel like i have to be skinnier, more muscular, with a different body type. dysphoria makes things worse. i don't know what to wear. i feel like no matter how i present, i'll be an ugly, unlovable freak. do you have any resources/advice/positivity you think might be helpful?

There’s no one way to be butch. You don’t have to be thinner to present how you want to. And whenever you’re comfortable, you’re beautiful.

- I have a #butch positivity tag

- I think this is a good explanation that there’s no one definition of butch

- Butch is a Noun by S. Bear Bergman

“In thirty-four deeply personal essays, Bear makes butchness accessible to those who are new to the concept, and makes gender outlaws of all stripes feel as though they have come home. From girls’ clothes to men’s haircuts, from walking with girls to hanging with young men, Butch is a Noun chronicles the perplexities, dangers, and pleasures of living life outside the gender binary.”

- @welldressedbutch-blog can give you some clothing ideas

- Honestly, anything in @closet-keys #butch identity tag can be a good resource and a starting point

I hope you find what’s comfortable for you and makes you feel good