help i can't stop posting edits

Isak Valtersen featuring HEAVEN (Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who)

As I stated earlier in a post, I am currently re-obsessing over my son Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood once again. And this song is just a blessing to the world.

And I just couldn’t stop thinking about my other precious son, Isak Valtersen. So yeah. I had to make another edit.


illyanapryde: one and three are literally the trope of male and female co-workers who hate each other but are paired up all the time and i really hope this one ends with the two of them falling in love like the trope always does

astoneve-deactivated20150928  asked:

Hi Ashley, you know me and all, I don't need this to be private because I'd like people to understand. Yes, I made a post earlier yesterday that got extremely popular about how the staff should do something about Amber's death. Yes, I know she's alive and was hacked. Yes, I edited my post. But problem is, I can't edit all 3023 posts. I can only edit mine. And I can't handle getting messages over and over saying that I fucked up. I fucking know. I'm screaming and crying and I don't know how to

handle this anymore. I just need them to stop. I’ve made at least five posts asking people to stop telling me, I changed my ask box title, even my blog description, but people keep telling me, and I was hoping that maybe with you number of followers, if you could help spread the word that, I know it’s selfish, but I need people to stop. I can’t handle this anymore. I’m glad Amber’s alive, but I can’t handle people coming up to me every hour to tell me I fucked up


Okay now I’m really pissed off that people are being rude to you, cause how the fuck were you supposed to know Amber got hacked?? That post seemed completely legitimate and all of us were freaking out over it and you just made a post seeking justice based on the information that you (that ALL of us) had at the time and there is literally nothing wrong with that. 

Honey, please take a deep breath, and then another. You did nothing wrong, okay? It is not your fault that someone got hacked, it is not your fault people are sending you these uncalled-for messages, it is not your fault that emotions are running really high after all of this and people are snapping. You didn’t hurt anyone, no one has any right to be mad at you. I spread the same misinformation as you, and it’s just a bad coincidence that your post about it got so many notes and that people are behaving like douchebags because of it. 

If people won’t stop, turn off your inbox for a day or so, alright? Let all this calm down and take some time to recharge and relax. If you don’t want to be completely out of the loop you could reroute your inbox to my inbox so people can tell me what they want to say and I’ll deal with it, cause somebody needs to tell them to shut up and stop misdirecting their anger at you. 

Your heart was pure in making that post, you just wanted to help, you did nothing wrong. You’re a sweet person and nobody should be rude to you, so just delete everything and focus on being glad that Amber is alive, okay?