help i can't stop drawing babies

Taken from the latest chapter of my Johnny x Ash fict “Set Me Free” (which I finally got off my lazy ass and updated after more than a month – oops).

I’m not going to say anything that could potentially spoil the chapter  (which let’s face it, the picture does it already) - let’s just say perhaps all the walls Ash put up are finally crumbling down. ;-p Feel free to read up how it all came to this point.

dmkoz1  asked:

i can't stop thinking about your last drawing of Kirika (the one with the uniforms.) and how she'd physically lift up Shirabe with her strong arms. it haunts me at random times through out my day.

My dude, she most certainly would. Look at this canon screenshot, something that actually happened in-series; Kiri-chan loves holding her beloved in her arms!