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So yet again Serena is in a battle she simply does not finish. Why do the writers not ever want her to have a big victory in battle? Serena rarely battles as it is (not counting TR blast-offs) and everytime she does battle the match is simply stopped with no conclusion. Do the writers want to portray Serena as weak and incompetent? Any of the previous girls would be able to completely destroy her in battle and it saddens me because I want Serena to be a great battler. Why can't Serena fight?

It’s like you don’t even watch the show and just go off what’s said on the internet, Anon.

If what you got from Serena ending the battle is that the writers want to portray her as “weak and competent” then I’m afraid you must be bad at reading actions and behaviors, Anon.

Serena sees Eevee’s dancing and Swift attack, and sees just how impressive and graceful and powerful it’s movements can be during the battle. The battle, I might remind you, the entire point of was trying to help Eevee get out of her shell. Instead of cowering, Eevee was dominating.

(lol miscolored frame)

After the Swift ends, Serena clenches her fists and makes her decision. Even Ash notices a change in Serena’s temperament.

But Serena is so happy.

She’s seen all she’s needed to. The battle has served it’s purpose. And now that she’s seen it, it’s time to focus on the real work that needs to be done, practicing for the Showcase.

As for Serena being weak, I will note that Eevee literally outdanced a dance battler that’s given Ash a hard time in the battles he’s had against Tierno and Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise, Goomba Stomping it’s face before forcing it back with a Swift attack.

Serena will be fine. Serena is strong.

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Hey, I need some advice... My friend is commiting suicide, and i can't do anything about it cause they cut me off from all my ways of contacting them, and i wanna kill myself to.... What do i do?

I appreciate the fact that one of your first thoughts about the situation was to contact me, Anon, but I’m just some old fart on the internet.  You and your friend need legit help.  Check the image, get what help you can.

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Hey!! SOO what should I do if I just got kicked out by my parents after months of fighting about the fact that I'm lesbian (SUPER religious household, its practically archetypical lmao) and I literally just have my phone which they'll prolly deactivate and I have nobody to stay with and no money?? I can't even go to the police or anything since I'm TECHNICALLY 18!! I also haven't eaten for a while since I have a TINY EATING DISORDER and I'm probably going to DIE in the street lmao its hysterical

Hey! That sounds awful and stressful and I’m really sorry it happened to you. Do you want to talk off anon so we can brainstorm options that are specific to your situation? Like, for example, you can usually get internet access in a public library which would help with the not having any way of contacting the outside world, and there might be women’s shelters in your community that’ll take you in, and there might be local LGBT+ groups, and there are some communities that have lists of older, settled LGBT people who can take someone in. And I’m happy to make phone calls and vet people for you, if we can get in touch. I just would need to know where you are. 

If you aren’t comfortable sharing that, is there a college in your town? If you’re 18 you won’t look out of place on a college campus no matter how bedraggled (you haven’t done laundry in three weeks? I haven’t either) and campuses are usually relatively secure, plus they might have an LGBT+ center with resources. Also, campus events often have food.

You’re going to need to eat. I know that eating is always hard and stressful and is way moreso when you’re already stressed. I know that sometimes “you need to eat” is like “you need to flap your wings and soar like a bird”. You still need to eat. If you have any money, spend it on high-calorie nonperishable snacks that you can carry with you (I’m a big fan of dark chocolate peanut butter cups). Any snacks you can get yourself to eat are now a health food - they are going to keep you alive and able to advocate for yourself, which is important to your health.

If you don’t have your identifying documents (birth certificate, SSN card if you’re in the U.S.,state-issued photo ID) you need to try to get those ASAP. You can call the police non-emergency line and ask the police to accompany you to help you retrieve them, iff your family aren’t the sort of people the police are liable to shoot during a home visit. You should call the police non-emergency line in general; they might have advice, and the worst thing they can do is rudely refuse to help you. Again if you want to talk privately, I can make those calls for you.

You are not going to die. You got dealt a shitty hand but you are going to be okay. In a couple of years maybe this will be an ask that you can show to your friends and girlfriends and get hugs and marvel at how calm you were in a really shitty moment. Or maybe this will be an ask that no one can even fathom because the world isn’t like that anymore and we want to forget that it ever was. EIther way you’ll be okay. 

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I can't believe Louis is really associated with this family god help him

Also, can they please help themselves by getting the fuck off the Internet so they won’t be so unbelievably embarrassing every day of their lives.