help he's perfect

shiro: and so, i think i may hold romantic feelings for you, princess

allura: i know. the mice have told me about your late night talks with keith

shiro: what?

allura: they also told me that keith likes to lie face down on the floor of your room and talk about how lance’s smile is “like the sun itself”

keith, in the vents: WHAT


au where everything is the same, except kiibo has PAW BEANS

You just came out of nowhere with that smile and kind attitude and empathy towards the less fortunate, and you made me feel like falling. Falling because there is so much good embodied within you that I felt like I could trust you, that I could let my guard slip around you. Why? There is nothing wrong with you. I cannot find a single fault in you, and to someone like me who has always been let down by a man, it terrifies me to think you are flawless. It is terrifying to ask people about you and to find that they all, as well, see you as this ideal character with a pure heart and beautiful intentions. Every day I push you away though, and every day I try to find something that is wrong with you, something that will set me straight and keep me from collapsing into a love spell. Every day, however, someone tells me another wonderful thing about you and every day the only fault I find in you is the lack of one.
—  The Good Man

I love guys who can sing. I love guys who can dance. I love guys who can act. I love guys who model occasionally. I love nerdy guys. I love modest guys. I love guys with a sense of humor. I love guys who support the LGBT+ community. I love French guys. I love guys with brown eyes. I love guys who take silly photos with their towel as a cape pretending they’re a superhero. I’m talking about Alexis Loizon. I love Alexis Loizon *cries in French*


Pelly Belly ™ Appreciation Post II // Luci Belly 

Love da belly 
Accept it into your life 
Do not trespass against da Pelly Belly ™ 
It is pure and good and beautiful and a part of our most gorgeous angel.😈

{{ @charlie-bradcherry our boi needs the belly rubs & cuddles }}

Re: that ask about Itama being an unholy terror to madara

……so my hand slipped.

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(lmao poor madara. He’s now 100% convinced that it’s not your fucking brother Tobirama, it’s AN ACTUAL DEMON GETITAWAYFROMMEEEE)

im so confused i just saw straight up poe dameron hate on the star wars tag?? i didn’t know that was even an option like whats wrong with people? they called him uninteresting?? Like stfu? sure you can have your opinions but im pretty sure it was just some racist kyle ron stan thats upset because they didnt get what they wanted