help find kara

you know for a guy who was the son of a child murderer and is also seemingly following in his footsteps by going into STEM and helping a vigilante wanted by the police for assumed murder run without any oversight whatsoever, along with stealing DEO resources to create a suit which from the outside seems shady af, Winn seems pretty harsh on Lena simply for bearing the last name ‘Luthor’

EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS! Kara Alongi, 16 year old from Clark, NJ went missing after tweeting this. It now appears that she ran away, rather than being kidnapped, but she is still missing. She is 5'3 with blonde hair and hazel eyes, last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt. If this were your kid, you wouldn’t want her out wandering by herself. Spread this and help find Kara!

right now honestly, who the fuck cares if her tweets make her seem like a stuck up bitch. she is someone’s daughter, sister, cousin, bestfriend, and probably someone’s girlfriend. if you were in her position all you would want is to be home safe. if somebody you loved was taken away you would do anything possible to make sure they get home safe. quit being judgemental, just spread the word that this girl is missing. 

It's really scary to me:

When I hear about people getting kidnapped. Like that person woke up that morning with no idea what was gonna happen to them. Or their families. Like it can happen to us so easily. I don’t think it’s okay to be making fun of someone that can truly be missing. Even if she was the biggest bitch on the planet.. no one deserves that. She wasn’t a murderer  She’s a bratty girl that obviously needs to grow up. If something seriously really bad happened to this girl how bad would all these people feel? Think about her family and friends right now. They’re probably devastated that they can’t find her and there’s MILLIONS of people hating on her right now.. have a heart guys. If you don’t want to have a heart for her at least have it for her friends and family. Just my opinion don’t get all cray on me.

What I think happened to Kara Alongi

1. The whole thing was set up theory- The ONLY REASON why I believe this theory the most would have to be because after reading this girls tweets you will soon realize that a- she’s a bitch and b- she likes drama. And granted if this whole thing was a hoax (which everyone is saying) you’ve gotta admit that this girl is a genius. She now has close to 100,000 followers on twitter and is becoming more famous by the minute. Heck, a movie will probably be made out of this.

2. She really is kidnapped- I think it makes TOTAL sense to tweet for help. If i’m going to text one person for help, hell, why not tweet to 100 people asking them for help. Even if there is no “forced entry” chances are someone could have been holding a gun at her telling her to get out of the house and into her car. She could have been blackmailed. Maybe someone who she bullied in high school wanted revenge. 

Bottom line- Even though she seems like bitch, no one should have to go through being kidnapped and it was brilliant of her to tweet that, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten as much attention help find her. And if she is trolling everybody, well, she’s doing a damn good job of it :)

People are such assholes who cares if tweeting wont help find her. It spreads the word and makes it go viral everyone will know about her. She’s one of my best friend’s friend show some respect for the people that actually know her and care for her and help them spread the word about Kara because if it was you missing I’m sure as hell you’d want someone trying to find you no matter what #helpfindkara