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Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals on the planet, but Hawaiian spinner dolphins like this acrobatic individual in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary need our help!

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return to Hawai'i’s nearshore waters to rest and recuperate during the day. Research has shown that frequent interaction with swimmers and boaters in their habitat can negatively affect the dolphins’ heath. Although a single disturbance may seem harmless, these dolphins face these stressors multiple times a day. And each disturbance takes time away from the dolphin that it may have used for resting, nurturing its young, or socializing with other dolphins. 

When visiting dolphin habitats, help keep these dolphins safe by giving them plenty of space to rest and recuperate. Even those of us living far from dolphin habitats can help – spread the word to your traveling friends and help promote responsible recreation habits! 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA Permit #14097) 

Alarmed to Alarming

Context: Our group (comprising of a flirty half-elf rogue, a gnome bard, and half-orc cleric who is also our dm) was in a town looking for information and helping take down a cult. The rogue had met a human girl (and unfortunately a lesbian for him) in the park who we named Alisha after a character from a videogame (that our DM hasn’t played). We nicknamed her Alarmed Dolphin (and later Lesbian Fighter Alisha) and referred to her as this the entire time we were in town. Then, while trying to take down the cult, we needed help.

Me (Rogue): Can we ask Alarmed Dolphin for help?
DM: I mean I guess you can.
Me: Okay I’m going to ask her to help. 

Alisha/Alarmed Dolphin agrees to help us, and our DM goes to check if she has any ranks (Alisha was a character not originally in the campaign that was added for me to get information). 

DM: Alright. I’m going to roll a d100 and for every five she is away from 100 I’ll give her another rank.
DM: *rolls nat 1*
DM: I….Alisha is a level 20 fighter.
Me: YES!
Bard: Alarmed Dolphin just became AlarmING Dolphin in two seconds flat.


10 ways that YOU can help dolphins and whales in captivity

Have you been educated about captivity, and decided you’re against keeping dolphins in whales captive for our entertainment at their expense? Want to get involved but just don’t know how? These are a few somewhat easy ways to make your impact on the greater fight for getting cetaceans out of captivity, and if you can accomplish just a couple of these tasks, you’re doing a great job of fighting for these intelligent beings. Every single voice matters, only united can we make a big wave.

  1. Get Educated- You may already be educated on why cetaceans don’t fare well in captivity, but you can never be too knowledgable on the subject and there’s new information coming out all the time. Keep researching!
  2. Attend Protests- Peaceful protesting is a great way to get out there and show people that there are real humans out there that are standing up to this abusive practice and want it to end. Not only are you making a statement to the captivity industry, you may be planting a seed to so many people who just happen to come by your protest and learn something new that they may not have ever thought about previously. If there aren’t any protests going on near you, organize one!
  3. Tell Everyone you Know- Make a Facebook status about it. Call your parents and tell them about it. Bring it up in conversation at lunch with your friends. One of your most powerful tools is education, and anyone with compassion who’s educated on the subject will be inclined to not support this industry.
  4. Make Flyers and Put them Up Around Town- Making informational flyers is an awesome way to get the word out even farther than your friend circle. Include a few main points on why cetacean captivity is cruel and include some reference websites to learn more from. Also don’t forget to encourage everyone to boycott marine parks with captive cetaceans!
  5. Write to your Government Leaders- Let your government know that you’re not going to stand for this. Get involved and learn about specific cases of captivity abuse, and tell your leaders in that area about it! Letting your leaders know that this is something on the people’s minds is helpful in getting them to get involved on the issue.
  6. Sign Petitions- While some online petitions aren’t very useful and effective, some really are! Regardless, at least you can say you got involved and took a stand, so sign any dolphin and whale welfare petitions you find that are worth supporting! Also don’t be afraid to start your own petition! The best way to know if a petition is effective is yourself being in charge of it and you ensuring the signatures get to where they need to go.
  7. Boycott!- Boycotting all marine parks with captive cetaceans is key to taking them down where it’s important- money. Also consider boycotting any companies who do business with or openly advertise for these marine parks, so that they may be inclined to stop their support. It’s worked before and it will keep working so long as we keep the pressure on!
  8. Tell the Marine Parks What You Want- Contact these parks and facilities, let them know you don’t support what they’re doing, and let them know they won’t be getting any money from you until they reform their cruel practices. They need to know what the public wants, and it’s up to you to tell them!
  9. Donate to Organizations Helping to Stop Captivity- There are tons of non profits out there that work towards animal welfare and stopping the continued captivity of dolphins and whales, and they need your funding to keep operating! If you can donate any amount to these organizations, you’re funding the fight against this abusive industry.
  10. Get into Online Activism- The internet is an amazing tool for spreading information, and if you want to help get information out to the masses and encourage them to boycott marine parks, try spreading the word through your own website or social media! Always remember to cite sources, present strong and constructive arguments, and network with like minded people along the way!

18th November

Paihia the second!

Thanks to the way the rosters worked out in November, my crew got a full six days off instead of our usual four. After some debate about what we would do, we decided to go back up to Paihia and the bay of islands, that way people who could only come for a few days would still be able to make it.

Since I’d already done the full bay boat tour, I decided to go a little smaller and focus on the thing I’d missed out on last time: swimming with dolphins!!!!! (I know, the pictures came first so this isn’t actually a surprise :) ) I went on a much smaller boat, this one purely dedicated to finding and swimming with the Dolphins in the bay.

We found our Dolphins very quickly (with help from the other dolphin boats in the area!). There were just the two of them, probably a male and female, but they were very social and seemed really happy to see us and to get to play with us. Initially there were about ten of us in the water (out of fifteen or so on the boat) and we had to follow them out into quieter areas so they’d come close, but gradually as people started getting out the Dolphins were much happier to come closer and closer, and even started swimming up to the boat of it drifted away from them to see telly what we were doing and get us to come and play.

It was really amazing being in the water with them. They were bottlenose Dolphins which are quite big, but definitely didn’t seem at all threatening (the shark I saw about 6m under me at one point was at least half the size but worried me a whole lot more!). Our guide said the more playful you are in the water, the more likely it is that they’ll be interested in you and I definitely found that. Particularly if I started spinning, one of them would come and swim around me to match the turns which was epic :) also if you tried to dive down (difficult in a wetsuit and snorkel, but we managed!) they would follow you down.

Of the pictures up there, most of them are of the couple who stayed in until the absolute last possible minute (these boats are only licensed to spend about an hour in the vicinity of any group of Dolphins) since I couldn’t take pictures of myself from the boat, but the one in the middle at the top was very kindly messaged to me by one of the other boaters so the pink fins picture is me with a dolphin!

Say "I Love You"

can I ask for first realizing (and admitting) they loved their partner?

Cuuttteeee!!! >~< This post is a lot longer than the other scenarios… ~Chihiro 

Haruka: He popped his head out of the water and found his partner in front of him. “Do you need a drink, Haru?”, his partner asked. Haru had stayed at the pool longer than his team mates, doing laps and having his partner time him. Though, his partner actually insisted to help him. The dolphin boy had tried to persuade them into going home already, but they disobeyed and just stayed. His face turned into a light pink as he looked into their eyes. “No, thanks… I love you.”, he said. “E-EH?”, he heard his partner say, but before they could say anything else, he had already started doing laps again. 

Makoto: It was a hot day in Iwatobi and Makoto was walking his partner home. Their fingers were intertwined, a pleasant silence between them. “… Makoto?”, he heard his partner say. “Yeah?”, he looked at them, giving his partner his full attention. “Your hand is sweaty. Are you hot? I have a water bottle if you want.”, they waved a half-full bottle at his face. At first Makoto didn’t react which made his partner get worried, but then he laughed. It was just a small chuckle, but it was sweet and sincere. “I really love you, _____”, he grinned at them. His partner’s face bloomed into red while Makoto just laughed. 

Nagisa: “____-chan!”, he whined. His partner had taken away his precious Iwatobi bread and started eating it. “No, Nagisa! If you eat too much of this, it’ll be bad for you!”, his partner scolded, taking another bite of the sweet bread. “UWAH! Then why are you eating it!?”, he tried(and failed) to swipe the food out of their hands. “Cause you shouldn’t waste food you bought, and this is my first time eating it.”, they reasoned. “I really care about you, if something bad were to happen you, I don’t know what I’d do.”, his partner muttered while nibbling on the bread. Nagisa blushed and said the only thought he had in his mind, “I love you.” His partner looked at him, surprised, until Nagisa took the chance and took a bite out of the bread in their hands.

Rei: Rei watched his partner peacefully taking a nap. He memorized the patterns of their soft breaths and how they shivered whenever the blanket would uncover a part of their skin. His partner had gotten sick and like a good boyfriend Rei was, he was taking care of them. “R- Rei…”, he heard them mutter. Were they sleep talking? “I… Love you…”, they said before laying onto their back, and breathing lightly some more. Rei was speechless and felt as if the whole world had stopped in surprise. He gulped and shakily said back, “I love you, too.” Even if they were sleeping, he was happy his partner felt the same. 

 Rin: He wrapped his arms around his partner’s waist as his parter rested the back of their head on his chest. It was a quiet day in Samezuka and Sosuke was doing who knows what out it town. Suddenly, his partner broke the silence. “I have a present for you.”, they turned to face him, their knees pressing on his side. “Hm? What is it?”, he asked, worrying he forgot an important event. “Relax!”, his partner assured him, seeing his worried expression. They got up and searched their bag. Then, they pulled out a pair of red goggles and handed it to him. “I just wanted to buy it for you… I love you, y'know?”, they smiled sweetly. It took a few minutes for him to realize what they just said. “… Geez, I thought I’d be the one to say that first… I love you, too.”, he pulled them into a tight embrace. 

 Sosuke: He kept a secure arm around his partner to keep them from stumbling around. They had to go to the dentist and they had applied laughing gas to his partner to keep them from feeling pain. For twenty minutes, his lover kept mumbling weird things like ‘cats were people too’ or 'I have three eyes’. “Hey, Sou? Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is?”, his partner asked. Sosuke shook his head and asked, “What is it?” His partner suddenly gripped onto his arm and squealed, “YOU, SILLY!” He laughed and kissed their cheek. “Hmph, I really love you…”, he whispered into their ear. 

 Ai: “Th-thank you for helping me clean.”, he smiled, blushing a bit out of embarrassment. His room had become a bit cluttered with papers and journals. Momo didn’t seem to mind, but Ai wanted to clean up his messes. He was very grateful for his partner volunteering to help. After an hour of organizing, both Ai and his partner collapsed on the bed. They cuddled up to him, grinning. He smiled and shakily pecked their lips. “I love you, ___.”, he flushed a bright pink. His partner was caught off guard, but soon they recovered and covered his face with butterfly kisses. 

 Momotarou: “Momo! Put me down!”, his partner lightly punched his shoulder. He learned that his partner sprained their ankle and to make sure that the ankle won’t hurt so much, he decided to carry them on his back. “Don’t worry, _____-chan/kun!”, he grinned and kept walking. Eventually, his partner stopped fighting and just laid their head on his shoulder. “Sigh… Thanks, Momo.”, they wrapped their arms around his shoulders. “No, no! You should say 'I love you’ to thank me!”, he insisted. Their partner blushed. “F-fine. I love you…”, they buried their face in his shoulder. “Ahah! What kind of reaction is that!? Oh well, I love you, too.”


“We at the Make-A-Wish foundation want to help you, Simon. Would you like to make a wish?”

“I wanna swim with dolphins!”

“Wonderful. Good luck with that!”

The man picked up his things and began to exit the hospital room.

“Wait, aren’t you gonna help me swim with dolphins?”

The man stopped. He looked back at the sickly child. The man hoped his child was never that sick, even though he didn’t have a child, only a cactus he tucked into a small cot at night.

“Kid, we help you MAKE the wish, which you just did. We’re not the Grant-A-Wish foundation. As far as I know, that doesn’t exist. I’ve never seen a dolphin either. As far as I know, they don’t exist. Have a good day!”

The man left the hospital room. He pointed at the child’s door and looked at a nurse with a “Can you believe these sick kids?” expression on his face.

The nurse smiled. She couldn’t believe these sick kids either.

“Well back to my cactus,” the man screamed in the hospital hallway.

On the way out he saw a dolphin on a gurney. They did exist.

Summary of an amazing Quantum Leap fanfic I read recently:

-Sam leaps into a teenage girl with a debilitating disease and magnafoozles with her so he has the disease so everything’s so haaaard

-Sam’s having the worst time ever and then there’s a house fire which puts him in the hospital

-Al proposes to Tina by tying the ring to a crocodile mouth

-Sam’s leap is during the Project’s present time, so Al and Tina hop on over to see Sam in person

-Sam becomes a bridesmaid at their wedding yesssss

-Sam gets the girl into a therapy that involves swimming with wild dolphins and he thinks that’ll leap him out bUT ACTUALLY



-Sam has nearly died on several occasions in this leap and apparently the leap before it so after he leaps out he has to save someone else from the project and then gets the shit beaten out of him and nearly dies