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I'm Not Like Every Other Boy (Young Remus Lupin x plus size reader)

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Prompt: The reader helps clean Remus clean his wounds, which leads him to confess his feelings for her.

Warnings: I guess like a little mention of blood, kinda angsty but also fluffy.

Notes: It is kinda based off the picture at the top. Also this can also be considered a Remus lupin x insecure reader. Hope you enjoy :)

It had been a rough full moon for Remus Lupin. It was early in the morning but still dark out when Sirius, James, and Peter brought him back into their dorm. Then Sirius went up the girl’s staircase to get you. You had completely forgot about how their was a full moon that night. So when Sirius came into your dorm it surprised you, then you quickly remembered you needed to help Remus. Sirius left soon after waking you up, being tired himself. You quickly hurried to find all the supplies you needed to help clean up Remus. You quickly ran from your dorm to the boy’s dorm. You opened the door quietly and closed it softly. Then rushed over to Remus, who was laying shirtless on his bed.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry I forgot it was full moon and I didn’t have any of my supplies ready. I’m so sorry for being late.” You said as you took a seat next to his laying frame.

“It’s fine y/n, really it’s nice enough for you to be helping me so late at night.”

“What are best friends for.” You smiled at him. His made Remus’ heart leap a little when you said that. You pulled out a rag, dampened it with a little water and started to clean Remus' bloody scars. “Rough full moon?” He nodded. You continued to clean each scar carefully. The whole time Remus was looking at you clean his scars. He thought you were breathtaking, beautiful, and perfect. But he knew that you would never want to be with someone like him, a monster. "Ok I’m sorry if this hurts.“ You said as you poured a healing potion on his wounds. He hissed as the liquid hit his scars, but the pain quickly went away. You whispered a soft sorry before you got up and put the rag in the laundry basket they kept in the corner of the room.

“Why do you help me y/n?” Remus asked.

“Same reason why Sirius, James, and Peter help you, cause I love you.” You replied sweetly with a smile.  

“You love me?”

“Of course I love you. You’re my best friend.” Remus couldn’t control himself anymore, and what he did next surprised the both of you. He pulled you on top of him and into his lap, while he was still laying down. He grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you softly down towards his face. He then attached his lips to yours. His fingers were tangled in your hair, and you placed one of your hands on the side of Remus’ cheek.This kiss was like fireworks for you both. Your lips were soft and sweet with a slight taste of chocolate which mad Remus go crazy. Then Remus slid his hand so it was resting on your upper thigh but you pulled away from the kiss and stood up.

“Y/n, no I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to make you fee-”

You cut Remus off “Why did you kiss me?”

“I kissed you cause I like you, no actually I love you.”

“No, no you can’t love me, This can’t happened. You can’t love me” You whispered as you paced back and forth in front of the bed.

“Y/n,” Remus started as he grabbed your hand and pulled you so you were sitting in his lap, while he was still laying down, again. “Why can’t I love you. Is it because you don’t want me to be your boyfriend?” Remus said kind of hurt.

“No it’s not you it’s just I don’t want to have a boyfriend.” You replied, you were face to face with him.


“It’s just what if we start dating and everything is going great, until some beautiful skinny girl with a perfect body and personality starts liking you. Then you realize what am I doing dating y/n, when I could have a perfect skinny girl, Remus.” You started to cry.

“Y/n just because the other guys you have dated have done that doesn’t mean I would ever do that. Most of them were jerks anyway.” He also started to cry. “Please y/n don’t do this to me, I love you and I would never do something like that to lose you.”

“No Remus you don’t get it, it’s common sense, who would you rather be with an ugly fat stupid girl, or a perfect skinny girl.”

“I’d rather be with you, I don’t care who ever crosses my path, all I would ever want is you. I would never do that to you.” He whispered.

“That’s what every other boy says and they never mean it.”

“I’m not like every other boy.” Remus whispered back as he moved his face closer to yours. Before you could say anything he captured your lips into another perfect kiss. As your lips pulled apart Remus mumbled “I love you y/n y/l/n. And I don’t care what you say I would always love you no matter what and you are perfect. I would never want to change anything about you” He pressed his forehead against yours, as one single tear fell from your face “I love you too, Remus.”

I’ve drawn more frequently this past month than I have in a long time. And a lot of it isn’t anything huge or spectacular but I’m happy to finally be getting back into the feel of it. Who would’ve thought that leggy eggys and a bunch of sharkos would be the things to get me back on track.

okay i was once in a hot topic and i wanted to look at this simple white t shirt that had a little pikachu on the breast pocket but i couldnt get it down and i couldnt get any help cause the only girl working was to busy talking to someone about freaking fanfictions and thats when i realized im to fucking old for this

you are so lovely, wildflower, you make me smile when you can’t even see my sadness. how intrinsic this all feels, despite these words coming from a computer screen. if i could describe you to someone it’d probably be something like a garden. you flower into poetry and art and music and so much more; you break down into all the things you love with reckless abandon. i’m so lucky to have you here.  i want to drive around with you with our mixtapes playing in the background, and sit and write a poem on the juncture where your wrist meets your palm, and maybe we could do that, hold hands, let our fingers tangle, let our bodies rest up against each other, holding on, holding strong. i think you’d smell like strawberries and cold coffee. we’d share diner food and take too many selfies. it’d be a good time. memorable, at worst. there isn’t many ways this could go wrong.  thank you for being kind.

BRECK, x.v 

love poetry for my other half, @grizzlybairparty

The Dawn

This is written for my Drabble Game for the wonderful @luckynumber1213. (It came so suddenly I wrote it right away!)

Prompts: ‘There were a few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…’, and ‘The kiss tasted like tears.’, and ‘An echoing howl.’



She was crying again. As the dark of the chamber slowly rose to a dim gray, she sat before the hearth silently letting her tears fall into her sleeve. One hand held up her chin, the cuff of her night gown collecting the damp of her sadness. The fire was not but embers in the fireplace but she had made no move to stoke them though the chamber was frigid. Perhaps, it was her tears which made the room so inhospitable.

Fili was still beneath the covers, watching her from the bed. She did not know he was awake and he did not want her to. Not yet. He knew that she thought he did not know of her early morning breakdowns. It had been an entire fortnight of sobs, muffled as she tried to hide them from her sleeping husband. There were few things that truly were not meant to exist. One of them being her tears. He believed with all his heart that she should never be so pained or tortured. She was too pure for that. Too wonderful.

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Splitting Hairs (Part 2 to Questionable Intentions)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: So, I guess this is a part two to my first fic. I just really enjoyed it and you guys did too so YAY! I might do a part 3 I dunno and I only say this is a part two because I imagine this being the same reader as before. You guys even get a gif this time cause I was bored

Part One: Questionable Intentions

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You had been visiting more and more since Thor had first introduced you to the other Avengers. You enjoyed all of their company, but you really enjoyed the time you spent, alone, with Loki. You had grown fond of the god and would even dare to say that he felt the same about you. One day while you were “escaping” the company of Earth’s mightiest heroes, you wandered down a hall and stumbled into Loki’s room. Inviting yourself in, you soon realized Loki wasn’t there. Even though you knew you shouldn’t you could never pass up a chance to explore an empty room. Making quick use of your time alone, you inspected every inch of his room without going through anything. Just as you were about to start moving everything to the right about 2 inches the trickster found you.

“What are you doing?” he eyed you suspiciously

“Nothing,” you said feigning innocence

Loki grinned “you don’t look like you’re doing nothing,” he said, “but since I really don’t care I’m not going to pry.” He made his way to his bed and sat down. You continued to look around his room, asking him random questions like you always had, focusing more on his bookshelves and the small decorations and books that filled them.

“Can I mess with your hair?” you asked making your way to Loki’s bed to sit next to him.

“I’d prefer you didn’t” he replies his nose in a book like always

“Come on, please,” you said putting on your best begging puppy face

“You know that isn’t going to work on me” he replied not even needing to look at you to know that your eyes resembled a doe’s.

“Please,” you whined. Loki sighed in response and you took it as a yes, moving to sit behind him. You ran your fingers through his hair combing it out a bit before beginning to separate it into sections and starting to braid it. Your tongue poked out of your mouth. Your idea wasn’t working so you plopped down onto the bed next to Loki opening up Pinterest on your phone and flicking through images.

“Loki” you whined

“Yes,” he said slightly irritated by your antics.

“I need help” you continued to whine

“With what?” Loki questioned, glancing at you  

“Your hair,” you said still flipping through pictures, eliminating the ones you didn’t like

“I don’t even want you to do my hair, Y/n, why would I help you pick something out” Loki pointed out

“Cause you love me” you joked

“Do I? I wasn’t aware” Loki said hiding his slight surprise at your words.

“Just a little” you replied “Not like love, love like friend, love. You get me?”

“Whatever you say”

You went back to your pictures and when you had narrowed it down to a few options you shoved your phone in his face.

“This one?” you said as an image of a girl with three messy buns on the back of her head appeared on your phone screen.

“No. If you even attempt to do that I will cut your hands off.” his eyes darkened and it was the first time you had actually been scared of the trickster in a long time.

“Okay… What about this one?” this time the picture was a simple ponytail with a section braided

“If you’re going to do my hair you’re going to do something more extravagant than that” Loki said a smirk playing on his lips

“That leave us with this” you flipped to a picture of a braided bun. You weren’t even sure if Loki had enough hair for this to work you just thought the style looked cool.

“That’ll do” Loki turned his attention away from your phone and focused on the mirror across the room and watched you as you began to work. He smiled as your face contorted into a mask of confusion for a few moments before you started working, following the pictures. After a few minutes, you huffed in frustration.

“It can’t be that hard,” Loki said his smile still present

“Shut up I’m working” you replied as your brows furrowed. You were determined to get this look right, knowing Loki picked it because he thought you couldn’t do it. Loki made a move to push your hands away from hair and tried to do the style himself. He didn’t get very far before you slapped his hands out of the way and continued working.

“This is my job not yours, it’s no fun if you do it for me,” you said your voice stern but the god wasn’t giving up. Finally after a lot of hand smacking and almost 2 hours of work you got his hair done. It wasn’t like the picture at all, in fact, you gave up a few minutes ago and settled for a simple man bun. You had to admit it didn’t look half bad.

“That doesn’t look like the picture at all,” Loki said

“Oh shut it. I know you picked that style ‘cause it was the hardest out of the three,” you grumbled, pouting.

“Now, now why would I do that,” he said a smirk on his face

“‘Cause you hate me” you continued to pout.

“I do not” he replied appalled by your accusation

“Then you should let me cut your hair if you don’t mind,” You said knowing you were pushing your limits.

“Would you mind if I cut yours?” Loki said his voice rising slightly as you found a pair of scissors

“I’d probably kill you if you did that.” you took a section of Loki’s hair between your fingers mimicking what you’d seen your hairdressers do without cutting his hair. He quickly moved his head so his hair was out of reach just as you closed the scissors making a harsh snipping noise.

“Oh fuck,” you said your face turning pale

“What,” Loki said “WHAT DID YOU DO”

“I didn’t do anything,” you said hurriedly “you’re the one that moved. If you wouldn’t have moved you wouldn’t be missing about 2 inches of hair in one spot”  

“WHAT” Loki roared quickly becoming panicked as you sat behind him and laughed, “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?”

“I find it hilarious,” You said a huge smile plastered on your face

“Y/n, darling, nitwit,” he said

“Loki, sweetheart, asshole,” you said back “Your hair is fine, I swear, it was a joke ”Oh, I knew that…I was just playing along” Loki replied his face turning back to its normal color as he quickly tried to play off his panic.

“Sure you did,” you said “totally didn’t get tricked by a simple mortal girl like me”

“Definitely not” Loki confirmed. You couldn’t wait to tell Thor and the others about this.


A/N: Thank you all so much for reading if you have any ideas or requests I’ll take them. Leaning towards a part three but who knows if I’ll ever get around to posting it.

Thanks again to @21waywardheathens and @firewolfkelly also tagging @casameanlock (She’s awesome check out her stuff) and @dedicatedbff(Who is also awesome) -G

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Splitting Hairs: Extensions (Part 2.5 of Questionable Intentions)

Pairings: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: This is the first story I’ve written in a long time and the first one I’ve ever posted online. This story is based on what G wrote but is told from Loki’s perspective. I hope guys like it!

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Loki turned the corner and froze. Someone was in his room. The lights were on, and the doors were open. He cautiously approached the door and slowly turned the cold metal handle. He pushed the door open, only to spot y/n standing near his meticulously organized desk.

“What are you doing?” he said, breaking the silence. Y/n flinched in surprise, whipping around to face him. She dropped the jet black notebook she had been holding in her hands.

“Nothing,” she said sweetly. She folded her hands in front of her in a parody of innocence.

Loki raised an eyebrow, “You don’t look like you’re doing nothing. But since I really don’t care, I’m not going to pry.”

The god stalked over to his bed, his footsteps completely silent. I hope she didn’t read that notebook he thought. His palms began to sweat as he perched upon the edge of the bed. He reached for the leather bound book he had laid on his bed.

Y/n continued to prowl around his room, asking countless questions like a toddler. “Loki, what’s this,” she said. Loki looked up and saw a spool of delicate golden thread clasped in her hands. “Don’t touch that,” Loki said sternly. Y/n sighed and rolled her eyes, “I’m not a child.”

“Well, you’re acting like one,” Loki shot back. The meddlesome girl scowled and continued rummaging through his shelves of trinkets. He sighed and gazed over the edge of his book at the finger length spool. It brought back memories of his adventures in the dwarfish lands. Those last few strands of gold were the remnants of the gold strands he had tricked the dwarves into making for Sif…

“Can I mess with your hair?” Y/n said as she sat beside him, interrupting his brooding thoughts.

“I’d prefer you didn’t,” Loki said refocusing his attention on the centuries old book in his hands.

“Come on, please,” she said. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. She looked like a stray puppy begging for scraps. Stay strong Loki.

“You know that isn’t going to work on me,” he said, averting his gaze.

“Please,” she whined. Loki sighed, dammit it this is getting out of hand. Y/n grinned and sat behind him, carefully running her fingers through his hair. Loki looked at the mirror in front of him and saw her reflection behind him stick her tongue out, her brows drawn together. He smiled inwardly, it was hard to say no to her.  Y/n let out a sigh of defeat and flopped onto the mattress. She pulled out her phone, swiping her finger across the screen.

“Loki,” she began.

“Yes,” he inquired, his voice coming out harsher than he intended.

“I need help.”

“With what?” Loki replied.

“Your hair,” she complained.

“I don’t even want you to do my hair, Y/n, why would I help you pick something out” Loki shot back.

“Cause you love me,” she quipped.

“Do I? I wasn’t aware” Loki said butterflies fluttering in his stomach. Did she know?

“Just a little,” she amended hastily,“Not like love love like friend love. You get me?”

“Whatever you say,” Loki’s slight panic had dissipated, only to be replaced by disappointment. It would have been nice to finally come clean.

Y/n continued scrutinizing her phone. Suddenly, she stopped and pushed her phone in front of his book.

“This one?” she said. He looked at the silly image presented to him.

“No. If you even attempt to do that I will cut your hands off.” His disappointment had morphed into a twinge of anger. A flash of fear danced across y/n’s face. Loki felt bad, he hadn’t meant to scare her, he was just so frustrated.

“Okay… What about this one?” she said hesitantly, now showing a simple braided design.

“If you’re going to do my hair you’re going to do something more extravagant than that” Loki declared, hiding his slip of emotions with a mask of mischief.

“That leave us with this,” again she held up the phone. Loki scrutinized the photo, scanning the elegant twists of hair.

“That’ll do,” he said agreeing the complex design that he knew y/n wouldn’t be able to complete. He looked in the mirror across from his bed, examining the furrows of y/n brow as she narrowed her eyes in concentration. Her fingers, cool and slim, brushed along the nape of his neck. Minutes passed along and he smiled. Y/n hissed through her teeth in frustration,
“It can’t be that hard,” he said, his slight grin widening into a mocking smirk.

Shut up I’m working” y/n said, frowning slightly. Loki examined the complex style illuminated by the screen and reached up in an attempt to replicate the look on his own. He felt a chill travel up and down his spine as he brushed his fingers against hers.

“This is my job not yours, it’s no fun if you do it for me,” she said briskly, slapping his hand for good measure. He sat for almost two hours, waiting for y/n to finally complete her task, trying to help when he could, only to receive a swift slap on the wrist for his efforts. All too soon, y/n stood and took a step back to admire her work.

She put her hands on her hips and smiled in approval.

“That doesn’t look like the picture at all,” Loki said, peering into the mirror while angling his head.

“Oh shut it. I know you picked that style ‘cause it was the hardest out of the three,” y/n said heatedly, blowing a rogue hair out of her eyes.

“Now, now why would I do that,” his signature, lopsided grin returning.

“‘Cause you hate me, ” she said petulantly.

“I do not,” he shot back. If only you knew.

“Then you should let me cut your hair if you don’t mind,” She smiled coyly. She never seemed to know when she was pushing her limit. Loki could feel the heat rising to his cheeks as he clenched his fists.

“Would you mind if I cut yours?” he said through his teeth.

“I’d probably kill you if you did that.” Dancing out of his reach, y/n grabbed a pair of scissors, snipping then playfully. She grabbed a section of his hair, waving the scissors around menacingly. Loki darted his head to the side, trying to avoid the sharpened steel. The twin blades snapped shut with a cold sense of finality.

“Oh fuck.” Loki’s heart plummeted into his stomach. His eyes darted to y/n panicked face.

“What,” Loki cried “WHAT DID YOU DO”

“I didn’t do anything,” She exclaimed, stumbling over her words as she hid the scissors behind her back. “You’re the one that moved. If you wouldn’t have moved you wouldn’t be missing about 2 inches of hair in one spot”  

“WHAT” he felt his anger growing. How dare this puny mortal enter his realm and screw up his life. He turned on y/n and saw her shoulders shaking, a sign of her unrestrained mirth.“YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?” Loki screeched, his voice cracking slightly.

“I find it hilarious.” That idiotic wretch had the audacity to smile at him!

“Y/n, darling, nitwit,” he snarled, ready for a fight.

“Loki, sweetheart, asshole,” y/n mocked, “Your hair is fine. I swear, it was a joke” Again, a flush of bright pink returned to his cheeks. “Oh, I knew that…I was just playing along” Loki replied sheepishly. His cheeks cooled as he hastily tried to mask his flash of panic.

“Sure you did,” she said in a sing-song voice, “totally didn’t get tricked by a simple mortal girl like me”

“Definitely not” Loki replied. Thor and the others would never let him hear the end of it.


“Loki,” the deep rumbling voice came booming from the doorway, “what in the Helheim do you think you’re doing?”

Loki’s shoulders tensed as he fidgeted with a page of one of his beloved books.

“I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the bull,” Thor growled, “You know we’re not to involve ourselves with mortals.”

Loki scowled “You’re not the boss of me. Besides, we’re not involved-”

Thor smirked at him, “You’re a terrible liar, brother. You’re blushing like a schoolboy just thinking about her.”

Loki’s eyes dropped, was he really that obvious?

“Loki, for once, just think about what you’re doing,” Thor pleaded. “This is going to be just like Sigyn all over again.”

Loki’s jaw tightened. “Don’t mention that name.”

“Your heart broke when she died Loki.” his brother sighed, “You can’t go through that again.”

“I can make my own decisions,” Loki snarled.


“Get out of my room”

Thor gave his brother one more concerned glance before walking out, leaving Loki to stare pensively into the distance.


A/N: Thanks to G for letting me use the storyline of

Splitting Hairs

(which you should check out) and for editing my story. Thanks for reading! ~A


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Stiles- I Chose For You

Request-  Hiya, could you write an imagine kinda based off the song ‘I hate you, I love you’ by gnash with stiles as I think it would fit with the Lydia situation and how the reader could feel :)

A/N- So this got really dark. It took a different than I originally wanted, but I hope you guys like it. Get ready to cry. 

“Theo,” you breathed, hopping out of your car and slamming the door. “What happened? Where’s Stiles?”
The omega was leaning against the side of his truck and as you walked toward him in the darkness, you couldn’t help but feel a twinge of uneasiness. Part of you knew something wasn’t right about this, but when he had called you saying that Stiles was hurt outside the school and that you needed to come quickly, how could you say no?
The dark-haired spaz had been your best friend since elementary school, even more so than Scott. You shared everything with each other: food, secrets, feelings…but there was one thing you weren’t sure you would ever be able to admit. You spent so much time with Stiles that you couldn’t help but fall in love with his amazing sense of humor and his caring personality. Just a few months into your sophomore year, nights spent watching Star Wars turned into nights researching and running for your life. Almost dying had put your feelings in perspective, but it had also done the same with Stiles’, and it was clear that while he was your everything, Lydia was his.
He hadn’t even told you about what had happened with Donovan and it was obvious that the pack wasn’t the only thing growing apart. He had seemed to be growing farther and farther away since he had been possessed, leaving you behind for Lydia or Malia. It made you realize just how much you needed him, just how much you loved him, and just how much you hated it. You knew you would never be Lydia, yet when Theo called to tell you Stiles had been hurt in the school parking lot, you still came running.
Theo was quiet as he stared at you thoughtfully. “The ambulance took him away a few minutes ago. He’s headed to the hospital.”
“Wh…what?” you nearly choked. “What happened?”
“The Dread Doctors,” he explained, shaking his head. “I guess they were looking for Lydia, and when Stiles texted everyone asking if they had seen her, I told him she was in the library the last time I saw her.”
You blinked. “He didn’t text me.”
“He didn’t?” Theo asked, looking visibly shocked. “Oh…”
“Is Lydia okay?” you asked him.
“She wasn’t here,” Theo told you with a shrug. “But I’m sure she’s fine, Y/n.”
“And Stiles?” you questioned. “How bad is he? Was he still conscious?”
“There was a lot of blood,” Theo admitted. “And he was barely awake, but he just kept asking about Lydia, so he can’t be that bad, right?”
“Right,” you said, swallowing thickly. “I…I have to follow him to the hospital. I can’t let him go alone.”
“Wait, Y/n,” Theo told you gently. “Let me take you.”
“Why?” you asked. “I have a car-”
“You’re too upset to drive,” he observed, nodding down at your shaking hands. “Let me take you.”
You looked down at your hands, which were trembling at the thought of Stiles dying. You had almost lost him once, and when he began to pull away, it seemed like you were losing him all over again. Now it seemed like it might actually happen.
“Okay,” you said, nodding quickly. “Should-should we call Scott?”
“I’ll do it in the truck, but Y/n, we have to go,” Theo pressed.
You nodded quickly, following him over to the huge vehicle. You were slightly shaking as Theo helped you inside, unable to get the image of Stiles covered in blood out of your head. What if he died on the way to the hospital? What if you never got to say goodbye?
You barely even noticed as Theo shut the door and went around the other side, but when he hopped inside and simply sat there, you finally realized something was wrong.
“What are you doing?” you asked. “Start the car.”
Theo smirked at you, and reached forward to lock the doors of the truck. A twinge of panic ran through you at the sight of his cold smile and that was when you realized that you had been played. For someone who claimed that they had been close to Stiles while he was bleeding out, Theo didn’t have a speck of red on him.
It suddenly crossed your mind that you should have been asking more questions. Theo hadn’t said where the Dread Doctors had suddenly gone or even if Lydia was okay. If the ambulance had left a few minutes before you arrived, then why hadn’t you seen one? You had gone right past the hospital hadn’t you?
You darted for the door, but Theo was quick to grab your arm and yank you back. He wrapped an arm around your waist as you struggled to get out of the small cab of the truck, knowing you weren’t going to get away.
“What did you do?” you spat. “What did you do to them?”
“To Stiles?” Theo breathed. “Nothing. And I’m not going to, unless he decides to help Scott and Lydia. But I know that idiot is the one you really care about.”
“That isn’t true,” you breathed, scratching at the arms that trapped you. “I care about them.”
“But you don’t love them the way you love Stiles,” he pointed out. “And they don’t even know do they? Especially not Lydia or Malia.”
“Shut up,” you spat, bringing your elbow back and slamming it into his nose.
He cried out as you heard a crunch, and while he jerked backward, you took the opportunity to flip up the lock and jump out of his truck. In your haste, you ended up spilling out onto the asphalt of the parking lot, but you quickly shoved yourself to your feet.
“Fine,” Theo grunted as he jumped out of the truck after you. “I had a different plan, but I guess I’ll kill you here.”
You ran toward your car, palms slamming into the metal just before you felt Theo’s claws sinking into your skin. You cried out in pain as he flipped you around and slammed you into the door, hand tangling in your hair and yanking your head back.
“You wanna play the hero?” he asked. “Well, newsflash, Y/n, heroes die.”
He dug his claws into your cheek, smirking as you squirmed.
“You can’t save your friends,” he continued. “You can’t save Stiles, and you’re not ruining my plan.”
At the mention of Stiles, you felt rage course through you. He might not have returned your feelings, but he was still your best friend, and you would be damned if anyone hurt him. You spit in Theo’s eyes, causing him to recoil in disgust, but before you could move, he grabbed your by the hair and slammed your head into the side of the car.
Your vision blurred as your head connected with the metal and soon you were on the ground, pinned down by Theo’s arms. You winced involuntarily as he ran his claws across your cheek and he chuckled.
“Why?” you demanded. “You’re working with them, but why?”
“I need a pack,” he informed you. “I wasn’t lying when I told that to Scott, but I don’t need him to get one. After he’s dead, Lydia, Malia, Liam…they’ll all be mine.”
“You’re batshit crazy if you think they’ll ever follow you,” you spat.
“Well, we’ll see about that,” he told you. “But for now, you’re going to help me with something.”
“Yeah, ri-” you cut yourself off with a gasp as Theo closed his hand around your throat.
“Stiles can’t help Scott,” Theo explained. “And now he’s going to have to choose between saving Scott, his dad…and now you.”
“The sheriff…”  you choked, unable to finish your sentence.
“He’s going to find you bloody and broken,” Theo mused. “And maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll get to you before you die.”
As Theo spoke those last few words, you knew you were a goner. You might have been Stiles’ best friend, but his father was the only family he had. Even then, there was still Scott to save. No matter what Theo did to you, you told yourself it was worth it if Stiles got to save the two people he cared about most, and sadly, you weren’t one of them.

“Okay, but all I’m saying is that he’s like, 90,” Stiles was protesting as you walked through the dark parking lot. “I could totally take him.
“He’s a trained hunter,” you told him pointedly.
“And?” you repeated. “And I’d love to see you challenge the veteran hunter to a fight.”
“Are you saying I could take him?” Stiles asked with a grin.
“No, I’m saying I’m looking forward to him knocking your teeth out,” you said, before thinking better of it. “Nah, nevermind. I’d just have to help you pick them up afterward.
“Yeah, cause you love me,” Stiles told you with a smirk.
“W-what?” you choked.
“You love me,” he stated. “I’m your best friend, and you love me too much to let me get my ass kicked by some geriatric hunter.”
“Exactly,” you stated. “So can we please just do this thing before we get busted for breaking and entering?”
Stiles shrugged. “It’s never stopped us bef-oh my god. Is that Lydia?”
You blinked in the darkness, following Stiles’ gaze to a parked car sitting in front of the school. There were tons of cars in the parking lot, but this one was probably the only one not vacant, and as Stiles had pointed out, Lydia was sitting inside it.
You felt a pang of jealousy as you watched him hurry over to the strawberry blonde, and you stood there awkwardly as he tapped on the glass.
“Lydia, come on,” he begged. “Just open the window.”
“Just…just go away” you heard her say as she wiped away the mascara from under her eyes.
“Lydia, please,” he said.
“Why?” she asked softly. “You shouldn’t be here. I don’t need anyone seeing me cry.”
Stiles swallowed, and you saw the obvious infatuation in his eyes. It was enough to send a bitter wave of jealousy through you and you instantly felt guilty.
“Well, I think you look really beautiful when you cry,” you heard him say.
Lydia swallowed, and you saw her look over at you from the car. “Don’t you have something you should be doing?”
Stiles blinked and looked back at you, clutching Gerard’s keys in your hand. He frowned and raised his eyebrows at you, silently asking the question you knew you were going to say yes to.
“Go ahead,” you told him. “I can find it on my own.”
Stiles smiled at you. “Thanks.”
You nodded curtly and headed into the school, all the while fighting jealous tears. You knew it was wrong to be upset, because Stiles was your best friend, but you couldn’t help your feelings. He had been obsessed with Lydia since you were kids, and now it appeared he was finally achieving his dream of getting to be with her. Sure, it was a small start, but now he had his foot in the door. He was finally on her radar, as he would have said.
You walked into the school, slipping into the darkened hall with a bitter, heavy feeling in your chest. You were on your own because you were helping your best friend and it was obvious he would never be anything more.

You drifted in and out of consciousness as you lay on the concrete, blood staining the cement underneath you. Your mind kept flitting back and forth between the present and the memories swirling in your mind, and you found yourself thinking more of Stiles than anything else. You didn’t know how long you lay there, waiting to die, before you heard a distant pinging sound. You realized your phone was somewhere on the concrete a few feet away from you, and you weakly crawled toward it.
Reaching out with trembling fingers, you snatched it up and tried to focus on the message. Your breath caught in your throat as you realized it was Stiles.
Y/n, please tell me you’re okay, it read. I was right about Theo and now he’s telling me that you and my dad are in trouble. I don’t know if I can trust him. Please please tell me you’re okay.
In the depot parking lot of the Sheriff’s station, Stiles stood staring down at the phone in his hand. He would have had a white-knuckled grip on it, if not for the fact that his were stained red with Theo’s blood. The minute the omega had admitted what he had done, Stiles had tried to knock his teeth in. According to him, you were bleeding out somewhere but so was his dad, and if Stiles went to save either of you, Scott was going to die too.
Stiles didn’t understand how Theo could have been all of these places at once, unless he had had help. Theo was a liar and he had proven it, but Stiles wasn’t willing to risk losing his best friend. If he was being honest, you were a little more to him now, and after being with Malia and talking things out with Lydia one night during their brief break from the supernatural, he had realized that you had been there all of his life.
He missed you by his side, sitting in the passenger seat of his jeep, and falling asleep on his shoulder after movie marathons. He missed the way you would give him advice about Lydia, even though you personally didn’t believe his infatuation was good for him. You had never turned your back on him once, and Stiles couldn’t live without you in his life. That was why he had pulled away from you in the past few months, because he was terrified that if he admitted how he’d felt, you’d never want to talk to him again. He wasn’t willing to lose you over that.
“She’s not going to answer, Stiles,” Theo told him. “She’s probably unconscious by now from all the blood loss.”
“Shut up!” Stiles screamed, the phone shaking in his trembling hands. “How do I know I can trust anything you say?!”
Theo shrugged. “You don’t. But it’s your call Stiles. Your best friend, your father, or the girl you just realized you love?”
Stiles shook his head bitterly, looking down at the screen in his hands. He willed you to answer, to assure him that he would still have time to live the rest of his life with you. Finally the phone buzzed in his hands and his vision almost went white with relief. It was you.
I’m okay. Don’t worry about me.
Stiles sighed, letting out a shaky breath. “You’re a goddamn liar, Theo. Now tell me where my dad is.”
Theo’s brow furrowed, just for a second, but then he smirked. “Good choice, Stilinski.”

Back in the parking lot, you felt your breaths becoming shallower.  You set your phone down with trembling hands as tears dripped into your eyes. You might have loved Stiles, but you would never make him choose between him and his father.
The minute you got his text, you remembered what Theo had said about making him choose. You didn’t know why the chimera was torturing him like this, but you had decided you weren’t going to help him play his game. You cared too much to make Stiles pick who to save, so the answer was simple. You chose for him.
As your vision slowly began to fade, you curled up against the cold ground, but not before sending one last text. After the three words you never thought you would say disappeared into the network of pixels and data, you finally let yourself close your eyes.

Stiles stood outside the intensive care unit, running his hand aggressively through his short hair as he tried to stay calm. Liam’s stepfather and Melissa had told him that they didn’t know what was happening to his father, and that much was obvious as he just lay there in the hospital bed, dying.
This was all Scott’s fault, he told himself. The Alpha never should have trusted Theo and Stiles had called his betrayal from the beginning. Why hadn’t his best friend believed him?
He shook his head bitterly and looked away from his father. He couldn’t stand to see him weak and dying, struggling for life because of something the pack had been involved in. As his gaze moved away from the only family he had left, Stiles found himself focusing on the doors to his left, but he realized someone was walking through them.
He recognized who it was immediately and all hope of finding someone else who could help his dad fell when he saw Scott walking through those doors. Stiles felt a wave of rage wash through him, but before he could shout at his friend, Scott was bursting through the doors, letting out a yell of his own.
“Why the hell haven’t you been answering your phone?!” he cried.
Stiles noticed Scott’s face was red and splotchy, and still damp from tears that hadn’t stopped falling. His brown eyes were broken and empty, but Stiles couldn’t push his anger away to ask why.
“Why the hell weren’t you there to protect my dad from Theo?” Stiles fired back. “Where were you Scott? Huh?”
“Stiles-” Scott began.
“And FYI, my phone’s by the front desk,” he snapped. “You can’t have them in the ICU, where my dad is, thanks to y-”
“Stiles,” Scott repeated, his voice cracking.
“What?” the other boy demanded.
“Y/n,” Scott began. “She-she’s…”
Stiles felt his blood run cold. “What? Where is she? What happened?”
“She’s dead,” Scott whispered, closing his eyes bitterly.
“Wh-no,” Stiles choked. “No that’s…that’s not possible. I texted her an hour ago she said…she said she was fine.”
Scott shook his head. “We found her outside the school. She was on the ground and…and she was covered in blood. She wasn’t…she was dead, Stiles.”
“No,” Stiles croaked, thinking back to your text.
“What?” Scott asked.
“No!” Stiles cried forcefully. “She texted me. She told me she was okay!”
He stumbled back before turning around and shoving through the pair of double
doors to his right. He practically sprinted toward the front desk and snatched his phone from where he had set it down. He tapped the button so that it lit up, only to find four or five missed calls from Scott. As he scrolled down, he saw those weren’t the only messages he had received.
There was message from you, one that he hadn’t checked. He let out a choked gasp as he read it, his hands shaking. I’m sorry I chose for you, it read. I love you.
Tears began to run from his eyes as he thought back to earlier. Only then did he
realize that Theo’s surprise in the car lot was because you had responded to his text. The chimera probably hadn’t expected you to be strong enough to text back. Stiles’ stomach churned, horror sending a wave of nausea through him as he realized that he had chosen his father over you.
He realized that you must have known about Theo’s plan and, thinking you could save his dad or Scott, you took yourself out of the equation. He let out a  choked sob, bitterly thinking that was exactly the type of thing you would do. “He made me choose.”
Scott, who had followed him back from the ICU, reached out to place his hand on his friend’s shoulder.
“Stiles?” Scott asked “What do you mean he made you choose?”
“Between my dad, you and Y/n,” he choked. “And I-I texted Y/n to see if she was fine. She texted back that she was. She lied to me…and I had Theo tell me where my dad was.”
“She didn’t want you to choose her over us,” Scott whispered.
“I thought she was okay,” he said softly, more to himself than to Scott. “I didn’t-I didn’t know.”
He let out another heart-wrenching sob, causing several people in the waiting room to look over. But Stiles didn’t care about any of them, and as he felt his knees buckle, he let Scott reach out to hold him. The Alpha wrapped his arms around the boy as he sobbed, crying into Scott’s blood-stained shirt.
“I never got to tell her,” he whispered. “I never got to tell her I loved her.”
“I know, dude,” Scott said, tears slipping from his own eyes. “I know.”
Stiles closed his eyes, hating himself for even letting Scott comfort him. He didn’t deserve to be comforted, not after he had let you bleed out in the school parking lot. He didn’t know how long he stood there, hunched over in the arms of his best friend as the stench of salty tears and lemon floor-cleaner overpowered him. All he knew was that you were dead because of him and you would never know how much he loved you.

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hi I just wanted to say I'm real gay for you honestly and your "for anxious times" tag is always really helpful 💕💕

aww i’m glad th tag helps you cause it rly helps me!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖 i love u bby 💓💕💓💕💘💞

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Hii! I love your blog and you're such a sweet heart! I was wondering what program you use, and also what brush settings you use for said program? -W.s

Oh my goodness ;u; Thank you!! Sorry this took me a little bit to answer =u=; And yeah, I use Clip Studio Paint. When I got it it used be called Manga Studio, but recently they changed the english release name back to Clip Studio. If you watch out for the sales that Smith Micro, (the company that makes the program), often has, you can get the normally 80$ program for 50-75% in some cases (i got lucky with the 75%, also always go for the digital copy). It’s excellent and much more versatile than Photoshop I find, only trouble is that there’s a bit of a lack of downloadable brushes, but it is not too hard to make and adjust your own. My brush settings are as follows for the ones I most use, but I am recently experimenting with this pack of brushes I bought from Daub and I would highly recommend the Frenden brushes that i also use.

These are the ones I use most often, fast sketch pencil I actually used to ‘ink’ all my poke variations and then for colour I used a combination of the flat oil, watercolour, runningedge watercolour and photoshop round less opacity for the polished look.

i haven’t posted a master post in months!!!! so hello!!!!! i know this is short and you might know half the apps on here but this is a way to make sure you have all the necessary apps you need!!!! first, these are all for iPhone unless stated otherwise and second, if you need any specific category you want to search for good apps through then message me and i’ll be happy to help you!!!! you can always give me more master post ideas cause i love making these for you!!!! stay fresh bc its spring break yes -shakes x


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Would you post a pic of you and Dan? You guys are so freakin cute and I know this is sounds a little weird but honestly, seeing you guys helps me believe that love still exists cause I'm 24 years old and I've been single since February of 2013 and lately I've been feeling really down about it and for some reason just looking at pictures of you guys and seeing you guys interact with each other, reblog each other, you calling him a doof, etc. on here almost always makes me smile ❤️

Haha aww that’s so sweet! I’m glad you feel that way, there’s always hope! We are gonna see each other on Friday so we’ll be sure to post one this weekend


“Olivia, what, exactly, do you think you’re doing? You’re running on no sleep. You need to calm down. You’re not thinking straight, and you’re not making any sense.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eighteen - most tender moment