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when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

YouTube Help Master Post

 I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube lately and found some useful videos I thought I would share with you guys!

Notetaking and study tips (x) 
How to study for a test (x)
How to take notes (x)
Revision techniques (x)
Study smarter (x)
School bag essentials (x)
University Q&A (x)
How to survive college (x)
What not to do when studying (x)
Freshman year of college (x)
Revising for exams (x)
Tips/Tricks for homework and study (x)
How to stop procrastinating (x)

Thinking of University/College? Watch (x) 
Should you go to university? Watch (x)

“Crash Course” -John and Hank Green (x) 
“Fun Science” -charlieissocoollike (x)

Bullet Journal

About/How to set up (x)
Set up (x)

When you need a break from Study

Becoming You (x)
Just say Yes (x)
How to get work done (x)
How to decorate/organize your planner (x)
Stress management (x)
Feeling Down? Watch (x) 
Getting out of creative ruts (x)
How to procrastinate like a PRO (x)
Types of people at school (x)

Feel free to add more!

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"The hardest thing for me was not breaking you out of Arkham. I mean you broke me out of Blackgate. And that place seemed a hell of a lot worse than Blackgate was. I wish I could've done more for you while you were in there. I wish I could have held you, and made all the torment you were going through stop. And, I know you don't blame me for not breaking you out. Even going through all that, you were still so concerned for my safety. I only hope one day I'll stop blaming myself." ~Lydia

Oh, Lydia…darling, why did you never tell me this before?

I could never have asked that of you.  Blackgate is one thing, but Arkham is completely another.  It would have broken you, too, I am sure of it–I certainly underestimated the effect my being there would have on…well, the rest of my life.  But the only thing that kept me from not tying my sheets together and dangling from the ceiling of my cell from them was the thought of you outside, thinking of me, waiting for me.  Loving me when I had been told such a thing was impossible.  To have seen you forced through those awful iron gates, being eyed by all of the scum there as a piece of fresh meat or worse, losing your hope in humanity as I did…there are many things in this life that I can bear, but that would not have been one of them.  You helped me more than you can possibly know just by coming to the conference room every few days for visiting hours.  It kept me…well, the closest thing to sane I could have been in that year.

There is nothing you need blame yourself for.  Nothing whatever, my sweet Lydia.

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I have a question cause this one square is just nagging at me - I can't seem to come up with a decent plot for it. Sci-fi. Does A/B/O technically count as sci-fi? Or does it have to be something more related to space and robots or future travels like a more traditional sci-fi? Any ideas that could possibly trigger some inspiration? Thank you so much!

Dude, dude. Consider this.

Sci-Fi A/B/O!!

Ok, here me out.

Distant future space AU where humans have created habitable environments on other planets (maybe a cave world?? Where we started building stuff underground to protect from inhospitable atmospheres? Or a world full of beautiful glass-like dome areas interconnected with tunnels) and like, exposed to new living conditions and declining populations the A/B/O gene mutated in humans and shaped this new space culture.

Or Or (and I’m totally not pushing this because I have tried feeding it as a prompt to people because I Need It and haven’t gotten around to writing it) an AI type of AU where Cas and Jimmy are the same model of machines/robots but they start deviating from their purposes and being ‘friends’ and/or lovers and like Dean or Sam is an engineer meant to reprogram them but they fall into a torrid man/AI relationship. (honestly you could use this with any ship but god the Jimmy/Cas, I want AI  Jimmy/Cas so bad)

Ororor, some kind of seedy sci-fi underground body modification ring, like, you know how people love getting implants and augmentations, and how technology is developing to grow organs and build limbs, and people do all sorts of weird and artful and totally superfluous or fun things with new stuff, what if turned into a fad of the rich or it was like a punk rebellious thing to get a knot? I’m here for futuristic body-mods.

Oooorrrrr, you could go with like the Amazonian men are for reproduction and women rule the world kinda thing but with A/B/O where people with knots are kept for breeding. I mean, stuff like this you do see in the A/B/O trope here and there. You could make it all scienc-y or just, reimagine an A/B/O society.

Oh my god or an Alien A/B/O kinda thing! Where aliens come to earth and maybe they’re mostly humanoid but they’ve got the whole knots and slick asses thing going on? Maybe they turn into an exotic novelty? Or maybe people are super excited to get picked to be companions ( or pets? Pleasure slaves?) to this new interesting alien race that has showed up? Aaaaliiiiiieeeenssss

But lbh if you write something loosely and interpretively Sci-Fi I am totally cool with that, if you wanna tweak A/B/O to make it a little futuristic-dystopia or whatever, then go for it.

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Someone who wants to be able to run 5k runs to someone who is able to do it: any pro-tips for beginners?

I’m afraid I am the least qualified person to give advice… 
I just… started running, you know?

One year ago (almost to the date) my boyfriend of 8 years dumped me, like, out of the blue. We were living together, and everything, and he just woke up one day and went “yeah, nope, don’t think so”.

So I started going to the gym more consistently, and running. I think I was fuelled by rage and denial, at the time - and a bit of pettiness (he’d always been the runner in the couple, and was all smug, like “oh if you are over 6 minutes per km you’re not even trying”, and stuff like that, so i just wanted to go IN HIS FACE). 

Basically I had a LOT of energy to use, and I needed something to help me sleep at night, and what’s better than exhaustion, am I right?

Once my gym membership expired (and since I could not afford renewing it), I just kept running. A couple or three times a week, nothing too harsh. I downloaded “Zombies, Run!” on my phone and that helped, it gives me motivation, and it’s entertaining at the same time. Just do’t use it if you’re out in the dark. I did once and I almost had a heart attack LOL.

The only real advice I feel like giving, is… If you want to do it, give it a try. Do not overwork yourself, avoid asphalt and concrete if at all possible (your knees will thank you), and stop if you feel like stopping. Back when I started I had to catch my breath at every kilometre mark. 

Oh, and TRUST yourself and your capabilities. The first time I managed 5k in less than 6′/km I realised that I had been ready for it for weeks and I just didn’t trust myself. 

Now I enrolled in a 10km race (it’s a fun run, not a competition), I have around 2 months to prepare it and I am honestly not sure I will be ready for it when the time comes, but… You know, one year ago I wasn’t ready for one flight of stairs, so…

(Another thing that helps is to have someone to check on you and who would be proud of your progress - and not disappointed in you if for one time you just want to lay on your couch and skip the run. My friends and the person who would later become my SO have helped me a lot. I just sent them screenshots from the tracking app and they would go “OOOOH BRAVA!” and that was enough to keep me going. The people I loved being proud of me. I know motivation works differently for everyone, but maybe this will work for you too?)


sleepy snowbaz

(i am really tired so here is my interpretation of sleepy snowbaz) (also lys told me i should do this)

-baz would be the one to fall asleep randomly

-especially in the car if simon was driving

-and simon would almost crash because he would just be staring at baz because baz doesn’t like to sleep and simon likes seeing him this vulnerable

-but when they got home, simon would eversogently pick baz up and carry him into the flat and put him in bed all tucked in nice n snug

-and then at night they would both have nights where they would stay awake staring at each other

-because simon would be glowing gold and baz wouldn’t be able to look away because this boy who should have the roughest edges after all he’s been through is still so soft and light and the sound of his breaths are like music to baz

-and simon would stare at baz because baz is all lean muscle and his skin would shine like porcelain in the moonlight through the window and he would just look so peaceful for once 

-and simon would normally be the big spoon because he likes to wrap him and baz up in his wings and keep baz warm because he doesn’t want his boy to be cold

-but sometimes (particularly if simon had a rough day or a nightmare) baz would be the big spoon and play with simon’s hair and kiss his forehead and rub his back and draw constellations with his moles and simon would be out within minutes

-and sometimes baz would have nightmares about being bitten and his breathing would speed up which would wake up simon immidiately and when baz’s hand involuntarily goes up to cover his scar on the back of his neck simon would carefully take baz’s hand and kiss his fingers lightly before kissing the scar and whispering “shshsh, it’s okay, baz, i’ve got you.”

-and baz would relax almost instantly at simon’s voice

-and baz sometimes would be sitting in the armchair in the flat reading or watching telly and simon would come home from shopping or whatever and he would be tired so he would just plop down in baz’s lap and within a minute he would be lightly snoring into the crook of baz’s neck

-and baz would just kiss his forehead and be happy that he gets to hold the love of his life in his arms


Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun for @mitemitai || Happy Birthday, Dee! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Went out filming today, it was insane how many things went wrong, regardless we got some footage! We also caught the radio show which was splendid, but that’s beside the point. Enjoy~!

Crowley: carry-on-wayward-fallen-angel
Aziraphale: sam-winchester-not-sven