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YouTube Help Master Post

 I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube lately and found some useful videos I thought I would share with you guys!

Notetaking and study tips (x) 
How to study for a test (x)
How to take notes (x)
Revision techniques (x)
Study smarter (x)
School bag essentials (x)
University Q&A (x)
How to survive college (x)
What not to do when studying (x)
Freshman year of college (x)
Revising for exams (x)
Tips/Tricks for homework and study (x)
How to stop procrastinating (x)

Thinking of University/College? Watch (x) 
Should you go to university? Watch (x)

“Crash Course” -John and Hank Green (x) 
“Fun Science” -charlieissocoollike (x)

Bullet Journal

About/How to set up (x)
Set up (x)

When you need a break from Study

Becoming You (x)
Just say Yes (x)
How to get work done (x)
How to decorate/organize your planner (x)
Stress management (x)
Feeling Down? Watch (x) 
Getting out of creative ruts (x)
How to procrastinate like a PRO (x)
Types of people at school (x)

Feel free to add more!

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

Discovery - Deniall fic

Today is my buddy Simon’s birthday (happy birthday bruh!!) and he is deniall trash so I wrote him a deniall fic for his big day. This is for you @lifegoeson-wecarryon​ <3

word count: 696

In which Baz finds out about Deniall and Dev and Niall find out about Snowbaz


“Baz, when was the last time you spoke to Dev and Niall?” Simon asked, leaning over the counter and reaching for the flour.

   Baz held the sieve over the bowl as Simon poured, reading “150g” from the scone recipe on his phone.

“Well, I suppose the last time I saw them was at the Leavers Ball”

“Don’t you think you should give them a call, catch up?”


   Baz put the sieve in the sink and leant over Simon for the bag of sugar, attempting to ignore the sudden questioning over his childhood friends.

“Baz, you were friends for seven years.”

“And I haven’t seen them in four.”

“I think you should call them.”

“I think you should preheat the oven.” Baz dusted Simon’s nose with excess flour.

   Dev and Niall didn’t want to hear from him, he was sure. Regardless, how would he explain that the boy he had them scheming against for years was now his boyfriend?


Dev pulled away from Niall, met with the frowning face of the boy he was just kissing. “My phone,” he said, reaching for the coffee table to answer the call.

   A look of surprise spread across his face, and he answered the phone while locking eyes with Niall.

“Baz Pitch?”

Niall mouthed a shocked ‘No!’, leaving his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

“What in Merlin’s name do you want?” Dev smiled into the phone, his voice laced with the light heartedness of the comment.

   Niall moved closer on the sofa, trying to listen into the conversation. When Dev put the phone down, Niall immediately asked, “Well?”

“He wants to meet us for coffee.”

“Baz Pitch wants to ‘catch up’ with us?”

“Why shouldn’t he, you numpty. We knew him for seven years.”

“He just…never seemed like the kind of guy who would be interested in a reunion.”

   Dev had to admit, he was surprised to hear from Baz after all these years of radio silence, though he was interested to hear what he was up to now. He never did learn what came of his feud with Simon Snow. More importantly, how would he explain that the boy he’d been best friends with for years was now his boyfriend?


“So Baz, let’s cut to the chase, why the sudden interest to reunite with your childhood cronies?” Niall asked, prompting Dev to shove him in the shoulder.

“Idiot.” Dev whispered, rolling his eyes while Niall grinned back at him.

Baz raised an eyebrow at the exchange across the table. “To be honest, this was Simon’s idea. Though-” He was cut off by Dev.

“Simon…Simon Snow?”

“Don’t tell me you’re now friends with Snow,” Niall scoffed, then continued, “after all those years of plotting.” He and Dev both let out a sigh, but neither of them could say they were at all mad.

   In fact, it hadn’t taken long before the three were comfortably chatting, just like old times. Dev and Niall were pleased to see just how happy Baz seemed; after years of teen angst and a pretty depressing childhood, they were beyond glad to notice that post-Watford life seemed to be treating their old friend well.

“Friends with Snow?” Baz repeated, “You could say that.”

   The look in his eyes told the two sat opposite him everything. After years of friendship with the heavily guarded Pitch boy, both Dev and Niall had become experts in reading him like a potion recipe.

   Taken aback slightly, they shared a glance, while Baz continued “And you two, still friends I see?”

Niall turned back to Baz, always the one to speak without a filter, and simply replied “You could say that.”

   A smirk fell onto his face as he leaned closer to Dev, the other leaning closer to and shrugging at Baz indifferently.

   Baz merely raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he was glad that the three of them had finally grown up into lives that they were happy with.

   Even though he was pushed into this meeting by Simon, Baz was pleased to see his old friends after so long, and to see them happy together.

“About time too. Good men.”  

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Jess I need help. I hate Oikawa (like really really REALLY hate him!) I want to love him and cherish him and protect him but I hate him so much that I laughed when he lost to Karasuno, can you help me? (╥﹏╥)

I know that feel! The first time I watched Haikyuu I didn’t like Oikawa either. And while I don’t wanna try to make you like him, because let’s face it, you don’t HAVE to lol, I’ll try to tell you why I LOVE Oikawa, and why he is one of my favourite characters?

Hmmm…. Let’s start with the fact that he’s an amazing player who is a great captain to his team AND CARES FOR THEM SO MUCH. I like his playing style, the fact that he brings out everyone’s strengths. I think it’s admirable that he can do that. Oikawa is extremely competitive and hard working. He doesn’t like to feel inferior to anybody, and while that might be a little unhealthy, I find it kind of endearing because I can relate? Being the best at something you love is a great feeling and he just wants to be the best? I feel bad for Oiks because he has had to work so hard to try to be the best but no matter what’s thrown in his path (Kageyama’s natural talent overshadowing him, losing to Ushijima) he never gives up. He perseveres. He never feels like he’s enough so that’s why he KEEPS GOING.

And then on a completely different note I just Oikawa’s entire personality??! He’s a dork who tries to be cool. He acts like he’s god’s gift to women and then Iwaizumi can just hit him in the fucking head and he WHINES AND BITCHES because that’s who he is. I love the times when he’s trying to act super cool and Iwaizumi and Hanamaki are just like “stop that” (i.e. the Oikawa Hanger drama CD fdshjkfhjdsfd he’s such a dork). OIKAWA TOORU IS A DORK. LET HIM LIVE.

ANYWAY, you don’t have to like him. But if you’ve only watched Haikyuu once, I would suggest watching it through again. It wasn’t until the 2nd time I watched it that I actually started to like Oikawa and understand him better. ┐(︶▽︶)┌

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Help, I'm late to the fandom and know nothing of Elounor except that once upon a time they were awful stinkin' cute. What history do I need to know? What is she up to these days?


so eleanor was a friend of harry’s who he introduced to louis because he thought they’d like each other and WOW WAS HE RIGHT! they dated for four years and were literally the cutest couple in the world. they had a dog named bruce together and she was super close with his family, she was even a bridesmaid in jay’s wedding!! and he called her his “life partner” in an interview once and i cried. she’s also been called the ‘like female version of louis’ and for good reason!! their song was far away and he tattooed it on his arm!! i think they also make their instas together? this hasn’t been confirmed but they’re very similar name-wise (louist91 // eleanorj92)

masterpost of their relationship, if you like sobbing into your pillow at three in the morning. not that i did that ever…

he said some other things about her too but i can’t find them (rip sugarscape) but here are some super cute tweets

he’s also written several songs presumably about her, probably including strong, love you goodbye, end of the day, maybe no control, maybe fireproof, and probably change your ticket. those aren’t confirmed but… c’mon.

they broke up in 2015 around the time zayn left (rip my entire heart) for unknown reasons but it’s fine i didn’t need to believe in love anyway. he liked a video of her talking (with no sound) on insta once at 2 in the morning after a night out when they were broken up (make of that what you will *eye emoji*) and she also liked one of his pictures that was like a few weeks old and i have not stopped screaming.

currently she’s working as a model and has a blog with friend max hurd. she’s also on tumblr and insta occasionally?. that’s really all we know about her doings? idk she’s part of a tommy hilfiger campaign and is also really good friends with liam’s ex sophia (which is understandable because they often toured with the boys together)

and now louis and eleanor are refollowing each other on instagram and liking each other’s pics and they wore the same thing!!   

anyway they dated for FOUR YEARS and were very clearly in love with each other and they seem to be on good terms now and my heart is full.

i’m going to end this with my favourite thing in the world which is a thread of louis looking like comfy garbage while eleanor’s a radiant queen beside him enjoy xx


2x15 | A Problem With Memory | Promotional Photos

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I think my mom is finally starting to get that I need help (like I have add or depression) and I'm just?? So happy that she's finally making an effort to understand! Do you have any headcanons about the amis' parents?

That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy that you’re getting help and your mom is making an effort that is so fantastic and I really hope the best for you in getting better!!!

Enjolras and his parents don’t in any way get along. He comes from a rich family who never accepted him as their son and always tried to force him to be something he isn’t.
His mom would force him to wear dresses and be more “like a lady.”
His dad constantly told him to just be happy with what he had and ignore those less fortunate because they weren’t the family’s problem.
A bitter, angry evening ended up with Enjolras shaving his head, stealing his dad’s best suit, making the speech of a lifetime about deserving a good life and being a good person not just for him but for everyone through thick tears, and leaving.
So Enjolras doesn’t talk to his parents much, they ended up disowning him and he’s never been happier.

Courfeyrac is very close to his mother who raised him on her own. He spends every Sunday at her house where they drink tea and gossip and she shows him nail techniques and trends on his nails that he copies onto her, she’ll go into work the next day bragging about her son and showing everyone she works with what he did on her nails. She brags about him all the time to everyone about everything. She’s so proud of him for doing what he does, she loves his friends, she loves Combeferre. She taught him everything she learned, has always been honest and open with him, and loves him like he is her sun. In turn Courfeyrac shines bright and devotes his life to making her proud. You’ll never meet someone with a better relationship with a parent than Courfeyrac and his maman.

Combeferre is also very close to his mom but tends to have stiff uncomfortable conversations with his father who loves him of course but was always hard on him and never quite understood how Combeferre thought. On the other hand Ferre very clearly got his brain and wanting to learn from his mom the conversations they have are incredible and very often impossible to follow. He’ll have animated, interesting, amazing, quick conversations over dinner with his mom that carry well into the night, and quiet subdued coffee with his dad in the morning. He loves them both and they love him.

Jehan never met their father and their mother died when they were very young so they were raised by their witchy old aunt who they absolutely adore and model themself after. She raised them with nothing but love and acceptance taught them everything she knew and Jehan swears she’s an immortal being sent to earth to make everything better and brighter. They often still stay there, her yellow kitchen, the plants and crystals everywhere, her old cat Wheezy, and everything about that place makes is the ultimate source of comfort, inspiration, and joy as is the woman who raised them.

Grantaire had a very rough childhood. His parents were abusive and he doesn’t much like to discuss it. Him and his mom packed up and left his dad when he was a kid, just for them to go back and for both his parents to become very cruel, selfish, destructive people. He ran away when he was 14 and the last he heard his father died and his mother left for somewhere no one knows. He spends a lot of time with Jehan’s aunt though, he likes her a lot. He won’t admit it but she’s very much a mother to him.

Joly grew up with just his dad who was very distant and drawn into himself. Joly recalls how happy the man was, how full of life, how very dad-like he was until his mother died. After that the house was cold and empty, his dad was still very supportive and still loved him but he was also cold and empty. Joly acted out all throughout his teenage years not quite understanding what his dad was going through and was convinced he didn’t care. He didn’t understand until after his accident when his dad saved him and it became very clear. He goes home very frequently to cook with his dad and can see his eyes get brighter and his shoulders get straighter. Joly ended up taking the role of a parent but he’s not upset about it, he loves his dad, and will always be there to take care of him.

Bossuet has very overprotective parents, three of them. He’s been getting hurt and getting into terrible situations his entire life and they just can’t seem to trust he’ll be okay. He’s far away from them but they send monthly care packages with photos, the fire free candles his mom always used growing up, tons of letters, snacks, and a brand new first aid kit. His father especially will go the extra mile and used to call him every single day until his mother got him to calm down, now he just calls once or twice a week. Bossuet always appreciates them and although sometimes felt suffocated by them, he’ll smile every time he gets a package or a phone call and tries to visit them as often as he can.

Feuilly is an orphan. They grew up in foster care, some were good, some weren’t, they moved around too much to feel any bond with teachers or librarians or anybody. To them they never much needed parents they did a damn fine job raising themself and it was fine. They didn’t realize how much they wanted a parent figure until, like Grantaire, they found Jehan and their aunt. They loved her and treated her like a mother but was still dead set they didn’t need a mom or dad. But they finally found loving parents when they met Bahorel. His parents became Feuilly’s long before the idea of them legitimately becoming their in laws ever was thought of.

Bahorel has the biggest rowdiest most loving and caring family you could imagine. His parents have been in love since they were teenagers and decades later are still so fond of each other it used to make Bahorel retch. He grew up with them dancing in the kitchen, cuddling together with him and his siblings on the couch watching movies, and being the ultimate idea of true love. He swears they’re the best parents in the universe, they’re trusting, supportive, and he’s never gotten in trouble for anything as long as he was honest about it. Bahorel says the love his parents have for each other and the love they have for their children is blinding, if you look at them too long it’s like staring at the sun. He’s right too.


It had been a good hour or two since the last of the officers had left the intelligence hub, but you were still hard at work rifling through file after file, checking over transmissions, and scrolling through pages upon pages of data that had been picked up on every line the rebels had access to—and, of course, some of which you didn’t.

Just as you closed one file, poised to pick another one up, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. You looked up from your work wearily, dreading the fact that it might be someone with yet another case full of files. Instead, you dropped everything you were doing and scrambled off of your chair to stand at attention.


She gave you a small smile, though there was a spark of warmth that lit up in her weary eyes. She nodded, allowing you to fall at ease before leaning over your desk, surveying your work.

“Late evening, commander?”

“As always,” You chuckled, craning your neck to see what she was holding when she picked up one file in particular. “Was there something you needed in particular, ma’am? I’ve forwarded every report marked classified directly to you; my work is current as of ten minutes ago.”

“No, no, none of that,” She said, giving the file one more cursory glance before she set it back down, eyes locking with your own. “I was actually here for you specifically.”

“In what way?”

General Organa leaned a hip against the table, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked across the room.

“You remind me a lot of myself when I was your age. Most people in the rebellion hated after-hours work, said they liked the chaos and the noise of the day. I never minded the quiet, though. I never got to slow down or take a break at the height of the war. It was during times like these when I got as close to respite as I could.”

“I feel the same,” You said, a small smile gracing your lips. You had always looked up to the general, even when you were small, your parents having both been involved in the rebel cause in their own ways. It was rare that you were able to speak with her one on one as you were, and you never took these moments for granted. “I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water with all of our intelligence networks converging here with me, and that was before Starkiller Base was destroyed.”

“I know, I’ve been watching you; I’ve been watching all of you,” General Organa’s smile turned tight lipped as she squeezed your shoulder sympathetically. “I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished in spite of everything we’ve lost. I see in so many of you the same fire, the same spark that was alive in the best of the best of us so long ago. There are times when I feel like I should just throw in all of my cards and give up, I mean haven’t I earned a break?”

She laughed then, a sound that sent a shiver up your spine, it being something you’d never seen before. The weariness that had hung about her since the day you first arrived on D’Qar momentarily vanished, the visage of the young princess you’d grown up seeing pictures of ghosting across her face. You took a moment to study her, this woman who had played such an integral part in some of the biggest decisions of your life. Like so many in the alliance, she had been such an inspiration to you. So much so, that the first glimpse of her had sent you into a state of awe, unable to speak or move. The burden of having lived her whole life in the midst of war hung heavy in the air around her, though this only reinstated that spark she had talked about.

Despite every hardship and every loss, she was still here, fighting the same fight she’d been fighting thirty years ago, her morals uncompromised and her shoulders still squared, ready to take on every last obstacle that came her way. How you respected her, looked up to her—there were no words to accurately describe.

“Thank you,” You blurted out, unable to keep it inside any longer. She seemed shocked to hear those words, but covered it up quickly. “Thank you, for everything you’ve done. I just, perhaps I’m overstepping my bounds, but I feel as though you may not hear that enough. I can’t explain how you’ve influenced me—influenced us all. Sometimes when it gets hard and when I forget why I started doing this or why I should keep going, I think of you and it gets a little easier. I think, if she could do it why can’t I? So thank you, truly.”

“Thank you,” She said, grabbing your hands a squeezing them tightly. “General is just a title. I wouldn’t be anywhere if not for people like you.”

She paused, eyes roaming across your face with the same kind of tenderness your mother used to look at you with.

“May I hug you?”

You laughed, biting back tears that were beginning to prick at your eyes before nodding and saying, “Of course!”

She embraced you, her warmth enveloping you. For a moment, you were allowed to forget about everything. All of your worries left forgotten in the arms of this incredible woman.

“Always remember that you are never alone,” She said, rubbing her hand into your back. “Especially when it seems like you can’t take another step forward. Our enemies will never prevail unless we forget what we’re fighting for. Have faith in the Force, have faith in the alliance. Have faith in me. I will always be with you.”

The two of you broke apart and with one last smile of encouragement, she left you to your work, the peaceful quiet and the warmth of her arms around you left behind in her absence willing you to do what she always did best: move forward.

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I'm not the last anon but I'm in pretty much the exact same situation, I've wanted to get into them for a while, mostly because I see some blogs I follow talk about how gay they are. I've already watched both their MVs (cause there's only 2, right?) and listened to just the songs on Spotify, and they're really good. And I saw in the tags you offered to talk about each girl to make getting to know them easier, and I would absolutely love if you could do that, pretty please?

i was going to try to be super cool about this, but i’m so excited right now. alright, here goes.. (btw, all the names have links to their little “interview quizzes” [just not yeonjung because she’s new])

Seola is the dad of the group. Why is she the dad? Because she’s all sleep and no bs. She and Exy probably go out for drinks after the kids go the sleep. She’s super thirsty for drama and died for all of us when she tripped over a huge block of concrete. And despite being the oldest, all the girls look after her very well :) and she can shake that booty 6/10 on the gay scale so far.

Xuan Yi is the #1 mother of this group and the first member of the Chinity. She pays for everyone and only expects cheek kisses/flattering in return. Important fact: she loves dried seaweed. She loves seaweed because she is legally registered as a fish. She’d betray every member in the hunger games if dried seaweed was the reward. She’s in an open, love-disgust marriage with Bona, but she flirts with everyone like she doesn’t even know her. She’s also the biggest dork on the planet, especially when she dances. 9/10 on the gay scale.

Bona is the mother hen. In other words, all the protection and care, but can’t manage the kids for shit. She’s a total flirt and could probably get anything she wants with her aegyo. She’s well known for being disgusted with many things (including Xuan Yi) and it’s a total meme. She tries to hide the pain of her wife Xuan Yi flirting with everyone by flirting with Cheng Xiao and trying to get at Eunseo, but Luda won’t have that bs. is probably into some weird kinky shit 9/10 on the gay scale.

Exy is the leader but the relatable procrastinator of the group and is a lamewad. She is the overworked aunt who always gets left to take care of all the kids. Despite coming off as a badass on Unpretty Rapstar, she’s just a giant cutie. This girl can sing too just forget rapping for a bit and watch this. even tho she’s tired from Dayoung’s energy, i’m pretty sure she entices it half the time she and Seola are just too tired to put 100% into being gay. 7/10 on the gay scale.

Soobin is the sweetest ball of sunshine. She’s easy going to the point of changing behind a door while on camera and being hit but does nothing about it. No matter how laidback, she’s bad under pressure. While she’s a bit quiet most of the time, when she’s loud, SHE IS LOUD. There is an actual pterodactyl living inside of her. Don’t believe me? Watch the Weekly Idol episode, then you will know the truth… I know she has a gay little heart, but we don’t see it much cause she tries to hide it, but we caught her a few times. 6/10 on the gay scale (but only because she hasn’t got enough screen time to know).

Luda is the head honcho, the ring leader, the boss, the captain of the Cosmic Gays™ that goes by the pseudonym “Lurrito.” This girl is the gayest, most devious little fluff ball. Something mischievous happened? Luda called the hit. Super quiet and cute on the outside, Satan on the inside. This girl’s got everyone so whipped, they don’t even deny it. She’s the girl with the most girlfriends. And don’t mess with Eunseo, cause Luda will mess you up. That’s her #1 girl. 17/10 on the gay scale.

Dawon is one of the most underrated members. While there isn’t much to know about her because her screen time is so little, all you need to know is that this little, considerate angel has a beautiful soul and cAN SING. Also, important fact: her nickname is Snorlax. She also talks like an old person and seems very mature for her age, also meaning she can control her gay impulses. 5/10 on the gay scale (but only because she hasn’t got enough screen time to know).

Eunseo (aka meme) is the first lady of the Cosmic Gays™ and the mischievous line. If she does something devious, Luda probably told her to do it. She uses loud shouting (“BBANG!!!!!”) to communicate and runs a bird farm. She’s extremely extra and is for sure the loudest member. But even though she drives Exy nuts, she’s incredibly caring and watches over all the members (comforted Seola when she was forced to face her fear of water). She has the second most girlfriends. 15/10 on the gay scale.

Cheng Xiao is the cutest little puppy and the second member of the Chinity. She looks like a doll and styles her hair in buns so she looks like Chun Li from Street Fighter. All of the members love her half to death and she’s probably being cuddled by someone nearly all day (most likely by Eunseo or Bona). Her thighs are one of God’s holy creations. She can flip. She’s super flexible. She does flips. She has thighs of life. She can flip. Did I mention she’s super adorable? And that she can flip? She probably struggles with Korean the most out of the Chinity, and it’s probably the cutest thing when she makes little mistakes. 8/10 on the gay scale.

Mei Qi is the sexy, UNDERAGE member and the third/final member of the Chinity (is the best at Korean among the three). She’s considered another mom of the group, but insists she’s an oppa (btw we’re all pretty sure she’s the only one who calls her that). This girl is another of the most underrated members, both by the fandom and Starship itself. She’s supposed to be a part of the vocal line, but somehow ended up only being a main dancer (not that being a main dancer isn’t a huge accomplishment). She’s said very little on air and doesn’t get much screen time, but the most important thing she’s said so far is “PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!” She’s like Cheng Xiao and seems to be more gay loved than gay loving, but accepting gay love is still being gay. 7/10 on the gay scale. (ps. “I love Mei Qi. I love Mei Qiiii.” - Lee Luda)

Yeoreum is a small, precious little warm fuzzie that kind of looks like she could be Taeyeon’s child. She lives in a small nest and is the cutest little thing ever and I’m just going asdhghf trying to think of things to say. She joins the major aegyo line with Bona and uses it against Xuan Yi for food. She seems to be in a competition for Eunseo’s love with Cheng Xiao, but I don’t think either she or Cheng Xiao know that Luda has her eyes on them. I can’t think of anything else because my brain thought it was ok to just asdfghjkl over Yeoreum. 9/10 on the gay scale.

edit: I completely forgot that she’s the resident window cleaner. I can’t believe i forgot her true dream job. She literally does it all the time. (much thanks @exycited!)

Dayoung (aka meme 2.0) is the most extra of them all. I don’t think she’s as loud as Eunseo (volume wise), but dear lord is she a close second. She drives all the unnies crazy, but makes up for it by taking care of them with food. She’s super gay and rolls around on the ground with Eunseo in the morning. With her variety skills, don’t be surprised to see her as an actress someday. Even though she’s Eunseo’s hug buddy #2, we all know she’s got that girl crush on charismatic leader Exy. 10/10 on the gay scale.

Yeonjung is the newest addition to the “let’s drive Exy nuts” line. Since we know how many high notes and long notes she can hit, it’s easy to say she’ll be the third, possibly the second, loudest member. But now that she’s the maknae, she’ll get away with it ;) This little cutie is undoubtedly sweet and will make a great addition to the family. I’m not exactly sure how gay she’ll end up being because we haven’t seen her with the other girls in videos yet, but time will tell. ?/10 on the gay scale.

ps. X and i’m dead serious when i say these guys are weirdos

i hope this helps! also, a lot of fandom inside jokes are in the post. I’ll try to link the posts so every one can see the true strangeness and gayness :)

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This isn't really an ask. But I love your blog. Your original content is great, I love the lighting in the pictures. Can you give me some advice on lighting? Oops I guess this is an ask.

thank you and yeah of course!! when it comes to taking pictures natural lighting is always your best friend. i have my desk in front of my window and the sun comes through at around 9:30 so that’s when i take all my pics! if you have walls that aren’t white that’ll tint the photo the color of your walls when the lighting isn’t right :/ but you can always edit that out!! i use the picsart app to edit. hope this helps 💛💛

                        WHERE IS SHE? Not even the red head can guess, she stole a car the minute the world went to hell, her best chance of escaping. Of course she never intended to go alone, but then again when do you ever expect to see the crowd of flesh eating parasites that were once people devour all you knew. She saw so much she can’t even allow herself to think of it. No, this is moving forward, as good as Beverly Marsh can. Every night haunted by a voice that echos I COULDN’T SAVE THEM, but also sings your still alive, but is that a good thing? The world is dead, quite literally, and even though the child made it away as far as the gas let her, where she stopped wasn’t particularly populated. 

                     EMPTY, the world seems ominous and terrifying as she takes careful steps out of the stolen car. The sun burns her eyes as she tries to see past the horizon, stuck on a highway with bunches of other cars just laying about, nothing that could start, or had the keys to. Every step seems to echo from just how still the earth is, which terrifies her. Hands itching and picking nervously on elbows, a distraction from the carnage, from death. 

                     She can hear someone gasping for air, someone weeping, and it takes moments of quick eyes all around her before she realizes the sound comes from herself. If you wonder why she cries, then you haven’t witnessed what Beverly Marsh has in a matter of days. How long has she been walking? She can see the sun fading, but her feet still shuffle despite the pain in her ankle. 

                    SHUFFLING, she wonders if she misplaced the sound once more, until she looks behind her and witnesses an undead thing following her. Heart pounding in her chest and lips parting with her gasp before her tired feet move faster with little thought behind it. Her gaze falling behind far more then in front, which works against her when she opens her eyes to find her surrounded. FRANTICLY, she looks all around her for something, anything, to defend herself! She ponders shutting herself in the car or running into the woods. One look in each direction, heart in her throat, she can feel it rushing upon her and fear pushes her into the car, huddling and trying to control her breath. THINK BEV, THINK, YOU GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS, COME ON BEVERLY!

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Please don’t let the idea of the end of your life, by choice or not, be the definition and aim of your life.
You are so much more than those thoughts telling you to “end it all”.
You are so much more than the idea of not deserving any of the good things in life.
As the beautifully unique human being that you are - you deserve to be happy, comfortable, strong and content.
You deserve so much more than to think death is the only way out… than to think death is the answer to it all - it’s not. It never will be.
Non-existence will not “satisfy”, will not be…. “freedom” - it will be the absence of being able to experience satisfaction, to experience freedom…and to experience the potential for better moments.
Non-existence will not prevent or erase the impact you’ve had on this world - on your world.
It’s the lack of living to see more than what you have.
It’s the lack of experiencing of being who you are, who you could be, who you want to be.
You are more than that “what if I did disappear”.
You are more than that “I am nothing”.
You are more than that “No one will miss me”.
You do exist, you do live, you have gotten through all the harsh moments in your life and I’m so proud and glad you’re here.
Death will literally be nothing compared to the smiles, laughs, and other wonderful things, that you’ve seen, share and experienced for yourself.
There’s so much more of that to come too!!
Please keep going. You can do it. It will be worth it.
Please keep those you talk to, those you giggle with, those you dork around with, those you worry about, those you trust, those you love (of any degree or type) close to you. You deserve every moment where you experience and feel those things. Remember that all of that is more often than not mutual - even when it may not be expressed so strongly.
You are more than what your negative thoughts tell you. You may have made mistakes, but you’ve learnt from them - without ever realising it.
You’ve powered through every low in your life - and I am so proud of you for that.
You are more than what you negatively see yourself as. When it seems like that projection of yourself is more common than another, gosh darn, I can tell you people still care and love that part of you too.
They love what makes you human.
They love your imperfections, your silly mistakes, your loud and/or quiet emotions - because it is you.
Those times were they see you at your worst are always worth it because it means understanding you just a little bit more….
People do not see you as a burden… and if they do share judgment - it’s not at you in the end. It’s simply the lack of understandings and that’s why it’s so important to be open about your feelings, thoughts.
Communication, discussion, awareness is key. people want to help.
People have jobs who’s very purpose is to help you. you’re not alone and you don’t have to or deserve to be either.
I just– I want you to stay here, with me, with them…with all of us.
You deserve so much.
You do have so much ahead of you.
So please. Don’t cut it short. Stick around. Keep going.
Keep telling yourself, “there’s always tomorrow, the day after, the week after, the next month, the next year. I can do this. I will do this.” especially on days were you can’t believe it.
Be patient with yourself, with those around you. Take it one step at time.
Keep telling yourself all this not just for you but for everyone you care or feel something about, for everyone who cares about you…heck, even for everyone you haven’t met and gotten to love yet.
You matter.
You are stronger, smarter, more beautiful and gosh damn better than you think.
Yon’t forget that.
You are more than the idea of death.
You are alive and I’m so glad and grateful to say that you are…here. right now.
Thank you for being here.

Now take a deep breath for a few seconds - let it out. Have a stretch. If you’re able to, have a glass of water or warm drink - get a snack too if you want. Take your medication if you haven’t already. Maybe grab a pen and piece of paper and have a little doodle. Or grab a book and let your mind drift. Get somewhere safe, familiar and comfortable if you can.

Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Thank you.

sleepy snowbaz

(i am really tired so here is my interpretation of sleepy snowbaz) (also lys told me i should do this)

-baz would be the one to fall asleep randomly

-especially in the car if simon was driving

-and simon would almost crash because he would just be staring at baz because baz doesn’t like to sleep and simon likes seeing him this vulnerable

-but when they got home, simon would eversogently pick baz up and carry him into the flat and put him in bed all tucked in nice n snug

-and then at night they would both have nights where they would stay awake staring at each other

-because simon would be glowing gold and baz wouldn’t be able to look away because this boy who should have the roughest edges after all he’s been through is still so soft and light and the sound of his breaths are like music to baz

-and simon would stare at baz because baz is all lean muscle and his skin would shine like porcelain in the moonlight through the window and he would just look so peaceful for once 

-and simon would normally be the big spoon because he likes to wrap him and baz up in his wings and keep baz warm because he doesn’t want his boy to be cold

-but sometimes (particularly if simon had a rough day or a nightmare) baz would be the big spoon and play with simon’s hair and kiss his forehead and rub his back and draw constellations with his moles and simon would be out within minutes

-and sometimes baz would have nightmares about being bitten and his breathing would speed up which would wake up simon immidiately and when baz’s hand involuntarily goes up to cover his scar on the back of his neck simon would carefully take baz’s hand and kiss his fingers lightly before kissing the scar and whispering “shshsh, it’s okay, baz, i’ve got you.”

-and baz would relax almost instantly at simon’s voice

-and baz sometimes would be sitting in the armchair in the flat reading or watching telly and simon would come home from shopping or whatever and he would be tired so he would just plop down in baz’s lap and within a minute he would be lightly snoring into the crook of baz’s neck

-and baz would just kiss his forehead and be happy that he gets to hold the love of his life in his arms