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It’s a Sunday double feature at Anime Boston! Check out our back to back panels on April 2nd, starting with Extreme Wig Styling for intermediate and up stylists. Topic focus will be on spiking, foam, and large styles, with time to discuss and plan your own projects, so be sure to bring references!

After lunch head back at 1:30 for our thermoplastics panel, where we’ll walk through the different brands of plastics available to cosplayers, along with samples of various Worbla lines, Thibra, Wonderflex, PETG, and Sintra. We’ll be touching on what makes each plastic different, when to use what, as well as some common construction techniques.

(Note: Our wig panel room holds significantly fewer attendees than the plastics room, so be sure to plan accordingly!)

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When you say ur doing a cosplay group, you mean you’re doing a cosplay group at Anime Boston, right? Cool see u there.

If only. 

If only. 


The second clip from our “Level Up Your Wig Styling” panel at Anime Boston is online!  Part two covers basic tips for creating and attaching understructures and foam.

Things I've Learned on CoOp So Far:
  1. Working 9-5 IS NOT like being in high school again.  The hours may be similar, but that’s about it.
  2. Working 9-5 is really hard. Especially if “9-5” is actually “8:30-5:30.”
  3. When you live in a city as beautiful as Boston, the commute is actually a perk. 
  4. “Professionalism” is a very relative term. I highly recommend working in an office where constant profanity and inappropriate jokes are encouraged, like I do. 
  5. Wearing business casual everyday is fun for only the first 30 minutes that you’re doing it. 
  6. Do not accidentally buy “control top” tights/stockings/leggings.  Come 12:00, you’ll feel like you’re bleeding internally. 
  7. That one guy in the office whose name you just never learned? Yeah, you should probably try and learn it before you’ve worked there too long to ask. 
  8. If you’re walking down the street and find yourself flanked on all sides by fancy businesswomen and men, then walk the walk.  It makes you feel important. 
  9. Getting a “real” paycheck for the first time is incredible. Have you ever SEEN your bank account go from 1 digit to 4 in a matter of hours? 
  10. Work rewards you for what you put in.  If you do the assignments you don’t want to do and you do them well and without complaining, you’ll find yourself having greater autonomy, more responsibility, and more interesting projects real quick. 
  11. If you need to buy 5 boxes of coffee for a meeting, Starbucks will be very mad if you don’t call ahead. 
  12. Do NOT go to lunch at 12:00. That’s for amateurs, and you’ll basically spend the whole time in line. 
  13. If you’re going to pick something up at Starbucks or Dunkies for yourself, ask everyone in the office if they’d like anything while you’re out….you’ll make friends more quickly, and just maybe you’ll be able to charge it to the office. 
  14. If someone asks “are you busy?” and you actually are, feel free to say so.  These people may be older than you, but if they aren’t your boss then they are just your colleague.  They can’t tell you what to do, so don’t do work you don’t have time for or really don’t want to do. 
  15. The government has a database for everything. If you ever have to do professional research, always start with the government. It will simplify your job, act as a legitimate source, and will make you feel like Edward Snowden being praised for the great knowledge you’ve mysteriously uncovered. 
  16. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! This applies to pretty much every aspect of life, but especially when you’re starting out in a new job. 
  17. If you take public transit to commute during the work day, BE AGGRESSIVE. Is that your train coming? Then get on it. 
  18. Don’t get sucked into the system. Do you work at a consulting firm? Great. Then think about how the work you’re doing (and the firm is doing) relates to the bigger picture.  After all, CoOp is a learning experience, and understanding the implications of your work is important. 
  19. You don’t have homework (or the brooding stressfulness that classes generally bring) so use your time wisely.  On some nights, sit at home in your underwear and fall asleep at 7.  On others? Go to a museum, read a book, go to a fancy club or restaurant with friends….get out there and live a little, because you now have the time to do whatever you want. 
  20. Rub it in your parents face that you actually have a successful career trajectory with your humanities degree. 
  • Pastrnak: *stick gets slashed before a faceoff*
  • Mama Lucic: *comes over and talks to the slasher*
  • Pastrnak: *gets flattened three times*
  • Bruins: *skates the other way for a useless offensive play*
  • Pastrnak: ....
  • Bruins: ....
  • Pastrnak: ....
  • Bruins:
  • Pastrnak:
  • Pastrnak: i just came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Boston Ruins

It had been a couple weeks since Fear had spoken to Cynder since.. That night. That night Fear didn’t want to think about.

Her headmate wasn’t making that much easier.

Fear, it’s been like- what, almost 3 weeks?

‘‘Bea, I dont care-’‘

Yes you do! Hes your friend! I bet he’s worried!

Fear groaned and stood up and started pacing around her room, as if she could walk away from the other voice.’‘ I- I know that, it’s just-’‘

You dont know what to tell him?

‘‘Just because you share a head with me doesn’t mean you get to finish all my damned sentences,’‘ Fear huffed. She glanced at her phone, which was sitting on her desk; she had turned it off after she had gotten home from New York. She hadn’t turned it on once to check for messages.

Fear, check your phone. I think he thinks you hate him if you aren’t answering his texts and stuff.

‘‘Bee, I swear to god-’‘

Fear, the voice repeated, stern this time. Dont make me nag at you, seriously. Just check.

‘’Fucking- Fine, fine, whatever,’’ Fear grumbled, snatching up the phone and hesitating a moment before turning it on. She let it start up and cycle through its processes, eyes widening slightly when the flood of worried texts and voicemails from Cynder started piling up in her notifications.

I told you, Bea huffed as Fear checked her voicemails, biting her lip as the tone of the messages went from anxiously asking if she wanted to hang out to him practically begging for her to pick up, to stop ignoring his messages, to just forgive him for a stupid mistake.

‘‘… Should- Should I call him back?’‘ Fear asked worriedly, watching the phone as if she expected it to buzz with a new message any moment. Bea let out a small noise from their shared headspace, replying, It might be best to do that. At least leave a voicemail for him.

Fear sighed and nodded, shakily dialing Cynders number but hesitated as she went to push the call button.

‘‘… What do I even say…?’‘

Somebody lost their precious baby cockatiel in the Fenway area in Boston. Please signal boost this and if you live in the Boston area keep an eye out!!!
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my boy and i were very adamant we didn’t need the switch until summer or later but now that botw is….what it is…we’re desperately watching the nowinstock website and checking in all the boston stores help we’re dumb

Sole Survivor: “Florida Man”

Boston man get’s carried away in historical reenactment, several left in ashes.

Boston man befriends giant robot.

Boston man helps android slaves escape.

Boston man rampages through car production plant with dog, 37 dead.

Boston man caught hanging out with clockwork dick.

Boston man involved in shootout with alien crash survivor.

Boston man rescues settlement from violent mob.

Boston man rescues settlement from zombies.

Boston man rescues yet another settlement.

Boston man retakes historical fort from giant crustaceans, reports heavy casualties sets up his own radio station claims: “all worth it in the end”.

Boston man says yes

Boston man says maybe but really means yes

Boston man says no but really means yes

Boston man sarcastically says yes