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Have you seen this zubat?

He was last seen Friday between 3 and 4pm in the dealers hall at Anime Boston while I was acting as a seeing eye human for a fellow cosplayer.

He was lost in the dealers hall, so I have no delusions about my chances since he coul.d very easily be mistaken for merch knocked off a table, but I have had him 19 years, so I need to try.

If you see my zubat, please take him to lost and found. I have left my information with them and have been checking back regularly.

Thank you to those who have been spreading the word yesterday.

Podcast limbo over here

Podcast I’m caught up on:
• the bright session
• archive 81
• EOS 10
• Kaskos Industries
• Hadron Gospel Hour
• tales of THATTOWN
• The Penumbra Podcast
• King Falls Am
• The Bunker
• within the wires
• the deep vault
• Space Log
•Secret, Crimes, & Audiotapes
• The Darkest Night

What I (desperately) need to catch up on:
• Radio Drama Revival ( actually haven’t even started yet)
• Jim Robbie & The Wanderers
•The Shadowvane Podcast
• SubverCity Transmit
• Radiation World
• strange N unusual Podcast
• Freed
• Myths & Legends
• Help Me
• Liberty
• MarsCorp
•Uncanny County
• The No Sleep Podcast
• Dark Tome
• Terms
• The Leviathan Chronicles ( haven’t started yet)
• The Alexandria Archives
• Life After
• The Cleansed
• The Bridge
• HomeComing
• Pleasure Town
• Tanis
•Greater Boston
• Wolf 359

It’s a Sunday double feature at Anime Boston! Check out our back to back panels on April 2nd, starting with Extreme Wig Styling for intermediate and up stylists. Topic focus will be on spiking, foam, and large styles, with time to discuss and plan your own projects, so be sure to bring references!

After lunch head back at 1:30 for our thermoplastics panel, where we’ll walk through the different brands of plastics available to cosplayers, along with samples of various Worbla lines, Thibra, Wonderflex, PETG, and Sintra. We’ll be touching on what makes each plastic different, when to use what, as well as some common construction techniques.

(Note: Our wig panel room holds significantly fewer attendees than the plastics room, so be sure to plan accordingly!)

Please help me find someone!

Okay, so I was video chatting with someone on Omegle (ohhh). Anyways, I talked to them for about an hour. They went to go eat and I asked them if they had a Kik or whatever, and we settled on Skype. For some reason, my dumb self didn’t take a picture of his username. So I need your help to possibly find him? He was really awesome. Plus I hate the fact that I lost a fellow hockey friend from just a simple mistake. Some details that I remember from the conversation are:
•Lives in Canada
•Team is the Senators
•Majors (I believe) in engineering and economics
•We watched game four of the Senators and Penguins together (Sens lost 3-2, sadly)
•Was really nice
•Asked me where my homie went when she disappeared for a bit
•Told me some things about politics
•Had black/dark brown curly hair
•Had a beard
•I thanked him for actually talking hockey with me
•His Skype username had something to do with “cam” and “ham” I believe.

I suck with descriptions and the chances of people actually knowing who I’m talking about and having this get to him is pretty low. I know that. But can we please try? I will add a picture of myself in hopes it helps him to know who I am if this somehow gets to him.

Please spread the word.


Mumford & Sons feat. Nathaniel Rateliff, Brandi Carlile, Aaron Dessner and Kevin Garrett - With A Little Help From My Friends @ Boston Calling Music Festival. May 21, 2017


Level Up Your Wig Styling!  A lot of folks asked if we planned on recording our Anime Boston wig panel, and the answer is…. yes!  Check out the first clip above, where we go over the basics of softer poofs and teasing.


The second clip from our “Level Up Your Wig Styling” panel at Anime Boston is online!  Part two covers basic tips for creating and attaching understructures and foam.

Somebody lost their precious baby cockatiel in the Fenway area in Boston. Please signal boost this and if you live in the Boston area keep an eye out!!!
@pepperandpals @tieltown @wordsonbirds @flock-talk and anyone else with a lot of birb followers please help me get the message out so we can get Dexter home!