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What do situation do you think would make wayzz need to leave his holder? Does our grandpa die???? 🐢

Oh dear lord I really hope best grandpa doesn’t die. I think (I’m hoping) that it’s cuz Fu feels he’s too old and takes Nino as an apprentice to train him and teaches him how to read the book and all that so he can not only help the heroes fight but so he can also help guide them. 

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its kinda interesting to think about how the next incarnation of the hero helps the previous, like how TP link helped hero of time link to "rest" kinda by learning all his special moves so HoT link feels like he had some sort of impact/legacy. botw link helping tp link move on? would be a nice addition to the game, like i know he's just an amiibo w/e but by helping link reunite with the woman he loves he could somehow reconcile losing his chance and he just sorta.. fades away peacefully

yes. these poor kids deserve some peace

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"Serious question. If you saw a staving child on the street, would you stop to help the child or walk away from the child like it was nothing?"

Of course I’d stop to help! What kind of hero- no, wait- WHAT KIND OF PERSON, would just leave a starving kid on the street and just walk away??? The most important people to help are the ones that can’t help themselves, children are at the top of that list!!

Prompt: maybe tsuyu, todoroki, jirou, & sero with an s/o that does parkour/freerunning?    

Requester: Parkour Anon

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○ She’s actually pretty curious about it! She finds the idea interesting so she asks her s/o a fair bit about it; like how they got into it, how long they’ve been doing it, ect

○ She likes to watch s/o practice occasionally because she thinks they look really cool, actually

○ Might just ask s/o to help her learn to do some herself because she thinks it might help in her hero work. She’s best in the water, so any opportunity to get better on land is a good one for her

○ She’s supportive of her s/o’s hobby, but she does worry about them sometimes. She can’t stand the idea of them getting hurt, especially seriously, because they were careless

○ Nags a tiny bit, asking s/o to make sure they have someone with them just in case something does go wrong, and telling them not to try to do anything too crazy

○ When they’re doing more dangerous tricks is the only time she struggles to watch them because she’s bracing to jump in and save them should they fall. She doesn’t expect them too, exactly, but accidents happen

○ A great caretaker afterwards though. If s/o does get hurt minorly she’s quite good at patching them up. She’s also great at helping them with tired, sore muscles after a long day or training, running them a bath and giving them a massage

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○ He only has a faint idea of what it actually is so he’ll probably want s/o to tell him all about it. He’ll likely want to see them at it too, to get a better idea of what it entails

○ He’s supportive of s/o in his own way, though that’s mostly through actions more than words. Still, he tries to encourage s/o to do their best at what they care about as much as he can

○ He’s always happy to listen to s/o talk about it, or to go out and watch them whenever he has time. He actually loves seeing them at it; he finds it strangely relaxing

○ He’d offer to help s/o make up courses to practice on, or add things to the environment to use with his ice. This may or may not work super well, as ice can be kinda slippery, but it’s the thought that counts

○ He might try comparing them to Aizawa in the way that they move. He doesn’t even fully realize that he does this. But, it makes him see s/o’s hobby as almost heroic

○ He knows s/o is capable and that doing this makes them happy, so he doesn’t worry too much about them. Obviously he doesn’t want them to get hurt and will admonish them to be careful, but he doesn’t think about it too much

○ If s/o does get hurt he freaks out a little. But he does everything to help them get better and, while he’s perhaps a bit more wary and hopes s/o is too, he’d never tell them to stop doing what they love

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○ Overall Jirou is pretty neutral about it. If it makes s/o happy she’s happy is the bottom line

○ Having said that, she does find parkour super cool. She watches videos of it online from time to time, and lowkey loves to watch s/o practice.

○ It’s actually an easy way to impress her, even if Jirou wont outright tell s/o that she’s impressed by their skill.There’s just something undeniably cool to her about s/o’s abilities

○ Uses it as a way to subtly brag about her s/o. Like she’ll just casually mention some really cool move s/o managed to preform or something of the sort in conversation

○ Dares her s/o to do super dumb crazy things. Like, every time she sees a high building she’ll dare s/o to jump off of it. The dares aren’t at all serious though and she’d never want or expect her s/o to put themselves in danger

○ If they do she’ll be a big mad at them. Like, no matter how cool it was that they pulled off something so difficult Jirou doesn’t want s/o to do anything stupid that could really hurt them

○ If s/o does actually end up hurting themselves because of one of her ‘dares’ Jirou will probably stop mentioning them. She loves to tease, but she loves s/o being safe and intact more

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○ He’s so excited! Probably the most hype of the group about his s/o doing parkour

○ He’s always thought it was cool and he dabbled in it a bit when he was younger

○ He’ll try to use his own experiences to impress s/o, but when he sees how good they are he’s shut right up. Don’t worry though, he’s not upset about that - just impressed

○ He’ll actually try to run some of s/o’s practice courses with them! Granted, he uses his quirk even if s/o calls him out for cheating because of it, but he loves to run with them

○ Sometimes the two of them race to see who can complete the course the fastest, and/or do the most cool tricks while they’re at it. Sometimes their friends even come watch and judge (s/o usually wins)

○ Sero actually practices more on his own time (he can get away with it because it actually helps with his hero training too) and tries to impress s/o with his newfound skills as he gets a little better or masters something new

○ Getting hurt doesn’t cross his mind much, but if s/o missteps he’s always there to catch them - as long as he’s actually there. He’s a bit more cautious after any accidents, but more than anything he just tries to keep a better eye out for s/o - just in case