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RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood MC that has a baby at home or at the apartment

Okay idk if the title makes sense, but it’s where MC has a kiddo and she’s basically trapped in the apartment, so she’s like um im a mom I gotta go man or like umm… i have my kid with me what do i do???. Something like that. the babies are random, some will be a 1 year old girl or and infant boy. who knows~


  • Lucky for you, you got a babysitter.
  • While in the apartment you called and got someone to watch your kiddo
  • So as days went on and on you were missing your baby
  • And then Yoosung being the worried lil cinnamon roll that he is asked
  • “MC? you seem upset…what’s wrong?”
  • Ugh bless his pure heart
  • “I just miss my daughter”
  • hold the fucken phone
  • Daughter???
  • “You’re a mom????”
  • you explain that you were a teen mom and that you haven’t been away from your child this long
  • He teared up a bit at your story
  • He was calling up Seven to fix this
  • “Shes a mama in need, help a brotha out fam”
  • So things got arranged were your little girl brought to you.
  • You and her stayed in the apartment and you felt much better
  • To thank him you would send him pictures of your daughter
  • “Aw she looks just like you!” You haven’t seen my face
  • So when the party came around you brought her and he just fell in love.
  • He treated her as his own. it gave him more of a reason to finish college so he could support you and her


  • Honestly you didn’t completely trust anyone to tell them you have a little 11 month old girl with you at the apartment
  • And you were worried about what they would think
  • then when Zen got hurt you just wanted to go and help him and you got the chance to go with Jumin’s help
  • But your little Girl…Do you think he would like you once he found out about her?
  • “Zen…is there anything that would make you stop liking me?”
  • *que dramatic zen gasping*
  • “Never! I know we’ve only known each other for a little bit but there isn’t a thing you could do that would make my feelings for you go away.”
  • Okay you were more confident, you got ready to head out to meet him at his home, baby in tow
  • You didn’t get a chance to say you were a mom because he left the chatroom to clean his home for you
  • You stand in front of his home really nervous but knock anyways
  • He opened the door and looked at you
  • “MC is that yo-…a baby?”
  • He was very confused
  • “hehe Hi Zen”
  • He invited you in before slamming the door in Driver Kim’s face 
  • You quickly explained that this is indeed your baby and you apologized for hiding it
  • “I didn’t want you to hate me…”
  • oh boy
  • He feels so bad
  • Immediate hug
  • “You and your baby are always welcome”
  • With that cleared up things went along pretty well
  • You ended up telling the rest you had a baby with you the whole time.
  • Yoosung’s reaction
  • was
  • funny as hell
  • Your little girl took a liking to Zen 
  • After Zen saw how beautiful your baby is and how well of a mother you are
  • He knew you two were perfect for him and he just
  • “Can i adopt her?”
  • que blushies
  • Boom Lil baby MC and you were stuck with him forever


  • She figured it out. Baehee smart
  • She noticed in the chat how you acted with the others
  • “Yoosung! you need to go to bed!”
  • “Zen honey you should be more careful”
  • “Seven you are just too cute! i wanna pinch your wittle cheeks!” might or might not be talkin bout his ass  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Then she just asked
  • “MC are you a mom?”
  • “Hmmm? ya I’m a mama”
  • Called it~
  • She was curious about everything
  • were you older then you let on? or were you a young mother? where is your child?
  • you just told her you have a two year old
  • and your son was with your mom
  • She understood how hard it must be for you to be away from him
  • So she would check on you constantly asking about him
  • Pretty much worried about you two like a mother hen she is
  • Soon enough she cared about your son as much as you do
  • You were able to bring him to the party
  • She was in LOVE He was EVERYTHING
  • Just how you described him
  • She just could imagine him running around the shop helping
  • She was excited to be apart of his life


  • had no idea
  • The man was so worried about his bb Elizabeth to be worried about yours
  • But then when he became closer to you he wanted to know more about you
  • When Jaehee asked if you would go visit Jumin you were like
  • uhhhhhh…Does he like kids?
  • But she was desperate and you felt bad for her
  • so you didn’t say anything
  • Well when you showed up at the apartment
  • He was surprised to see you…and a baby…
  • “hehe…surprise?”
  • It was a literal baby only 5 months old
  • exe.Jumin has stopped
  • Well dafuk does he do now?
  • But surprisingly this wasn’t so bad
  • Seeing you be a good mom made him want you more
  • “You’ll be a great mother to our children” Hold up bucko give me my ring first
  • And don’t tell me he didn’t buy everything for the kid Jumin he’s only 5 months he can’t have that
  • At the party he was practically labeling himself as the father
  • But you didn’t mind all that much gonna get some Gucci diapers


  • Welp we’re in a pickle
  • once he saw you in the apartment holding a 1 year old he knew you shouldn’t be here
  • He called up V and’s like
  • “Master your slave has some news”
  • V was worried too but you wanted to do this So they’re like
  • “Ight you can stay”
  • I strongly believe Vanderwood would be royally pissed because Seven would spend more time watching you two then he would before
  • So remember that bomb? haha seven din’t think of it at first and then he’s like
  • “Oh shit”
  • and then the whole unknown thing happened
  • “We have Gucci diapers in paradise~”
  • “Keep talking”
  • Enter seven and the whole drama that happened
  • You had your hands full with your baby to care that seven was trying to give you the silent treatment
  • Seven actually got wrapped up in the whole kid thing
  • He fell more in love with you playing with your baby
  • it was one moment when your baby plopped down beside him and passed out
  • error 707 died of cuteness
  • He was sold, him and your lil boy were tight I think Your son liked seven more then you
  • He got no work done he was too busy playing dad
  • you too might as well get married you two acted like it
  • “Saeyoung! {insert baby name here} can’t eat those!”
  • “But MC!”
  • “NO!”
  • Baby took the Honey budda chips while you two argued
  • won’t be long till lil baby has a sibling~


  • Um…should had checked if she had a baby girl before inviting her into the club
  • the damage was done
  • He would go into the chats more frequently to check on you
  • you expressed how much you missed your 3 year old
  • hmmmm…
  • “Seven Could you do something for me please?”
  • “Slave is always willing to help master”
  • “Uh thanks?”
  • V personally brought your baby to you because he felt bad
  • From when he picked your baby to dropping her off he bonded with the kid okay?
  • He had a hard time giving her back to you
  • He stayed for a bit and helped you with her Rika can wait
  • He found it harder to leave but he did Fuck we almost had him
  • But he would still message asking how you and her were
  • When it came to the party he was there and he made a bee line to you and your baby
  • and your 3 year old little girl just
  • “Jihyun”
  • We got him, you taught your little girl to say his name
  • Hook line and sinker He couldn’t leave you
  • Although he did think about Rika he was reminded about you every time Your little girl called him name
  • and how much you wanna bet later in life V taught your little girl to say
  • “Marry me?”


  • He didn’t care
  • yeah okay you have a kid big whoop
  • honestly i think he would hate you a little for being a mom 
  • She deserves whatever happens, the kid is gonna be all fucked up because moms just corrupt you
  • And then
  • He watched you for awhile how you interacted with your baby
  • what? is this how moms are?
  • You were all bright and shiny, your little boy was all bubbly and happy
  • She’s a good mom? what?
  • He’s truly confused
  • he had a slew of emotions
  • He’s angry at you for reminding him of his mom
  • Confused that he’s seen what a good mother you are
  • and…jealous of your baby  
  • “Why did he get a good mom and i didn’t?”
  • you saw him, the boy didn’t have a good cover at this point
  • he was having a mental breakdown in the street
  • “are you okay?”
  • He jumped 
  • He was supposed to be watching you not the other way around
  • You put your hand on his forehead with a concerned face
  • you’re in my bubble lady 
  • all blushy and confused
  • He run away from you with his heart pounding
  • What.just.happened???
  • What ended up happening is he only chose you so he could keep an eye on you
  • he didn’t understand how you were able to be carved into his heart so suddenly
  • after meeting him again in the apartment You would go with seven to find him
  • and with your motherly instincts and heart I think you’ll be able to heal him. 
  • He would come to really like you baby
  • He would have to if he plans to have kids with you like he wants to


it got too long so I’m just going to make it a short fan fic okay? the idea’s are flowing guys okay? I’ll put a link or something when i upload it, but wow you and Vanderwood falling in love?!?! oh this should be fun

Master list of my headcanons

Ray’s headcanon

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