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hockey tough is just regular stupid

in which a steeler doesn’t understand why bones is walking on his peg leg

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Love all Ask Blogs

((Alright so I have been seeing some tumblr Ask Blogs planning to deactivate and such. And here’s what I want to say…


I know they might not update as much but for them to update, you have to help as well! Ask them questions, follow them, INTERACT with them please

I dont wanna see these talented ask bloggers go! Im not doing this because im “popular” or anything no! I just wanna help out those ask bloggers that are thinking about deactivating. All asks blogs need love. So PLEASE support all of us

And since im in the BTS ask blog community
If you want to find more ask blogs please please PLEASE go check out @ask-bangtan-masterlist and @ask-bts-directory))


“The Watchers Want Me To Complete Your Outfit.” // Nerve 2016

anonymous asked:

hi my life is about to go (is already going) downhill for various reasons and i need something to ease the pain of impending despair, do you have some soft iwaoi headcanons for me, maybe? please? i need help and you're my absolute favorite blogger ❤

Hey anon! 

Oh dear, that sounds awful. I’ll whip out some sweet headcanons for you :)

  • Iwaizumu loves playing with Oikawa’s hair. It’s so soft and fluffy, and the way Oikawa melts underneath his touch is absolutely adorable to him
  • Oikawa likes casually touching Iwaizumi when they’re with other people, like holding his hand or wrapping an arm around Iwaizumi’s waist. Iwaizumi always gets flustered and Oikawa loves that because blushing Iwaizumi is the cutest
  • When stressfull times come around and Oikawa lives on only a few hours of sleep every day Iwaizumi comes over and cuddles with him at night, gently stroking his back or tracing circles on his arms until Oikawa falls asleep
  • One time while watching a movie together Iwaizumi fell asleep on Oikawa’s shoulder and Oikawa fucking flipped out because oh shit he’s sleeping what do I do I can’t move or I’ll wake him up and fuck he’s adorable and missed the entire second half of the movie because he was so flustered
  • Oikawa is so used to Iwaizumi casually insulting him that whenever he sincerely compliments him or says something cute he blows a fuse
  • Iwaizumi isn’t used to showing affection in public and Makki and Mattsun sometimes tease him about it (*oikawa voice* Iwa-chan so cold) and one day he was so flipping done he just grabbed Oikawa and dipped him backwards to kiss him on the mouth dramatically the way they do in movies. Makki and Mattsun shut up about it after that and Oikawa blushed for the rest of the day
  • While they both like kissing and stuff a lot they take the most joy out of being in each other’s arms, holding each other tightly and whispering sweet nothing’s into the other’s ears, melting into each other and feeling like they’re exactly where they are supposed to be
  • They’re so disgustingly sweet their friends almost can’t stand it and yet they can’t leave because those two are so freaking adorable

This is all I can think of for now. I hope they help a little, and if you ever need to vent or need someone to talk to feel free to come to me! I hope things will be better for you soon, anon <3

Body Image

So lately I have been feeling especially sad and hateful towards myself. like. i want to stop eating but i dont even have the self control to do that. I dont have the means right now to spend more money and get healthy food. or rather to cook healthy food due to my borderline hostile living situation. does anyone have any advice? i would really appreciate some help. thank you. 

anonymous asked:

Hi steph!! So i have always been a fan of sherlock bbc but now my blog is becoming more full of sherlock related stuff than anything else and i see how a lot of people in the fandom here on tumblr are like friends and you guys tag each others in stuff and share ideias around here.. And i would really like to be apart of that but i dont know where to start.. I already have a couple sherlock blogs following me but we don't really talk.. (1/2)

(2/2) I reply to things and sometimes i give my opinion but maybe those opinions don’t stand out!! I dont wanna force anything of course but im just letting you guys know that it is really cool that people around here are friends like that! Thanks for reading!!

Hi Nonny! Welcome! <3 

Well, firstly there’s really no secret, to be honest; just chat with people, tag whoever you want, and have a great time! I’ve a few tips here about tumblr life:

Also lovely, have you thought about coming to our weekly watchalongs? Mine are on Saturdays and Cupid’s are on Sundays and both are Johnlock-centric watchalongs (though all are welcome to them!). As well there’s FinalProblem’s weekly Wednesday watchalongs and contain all sectors of the fandom. A lot of new folks go to those to meet other like-minded fandom people, and break off into their own little groups after :) It’s a great place to start and meet people if you’re just shy or want people to tag. It’s sort of how I started meeting people.

Hopefully those will get you started! A lot of us became friends because we were talking back and forth through tags or watchalongs and finally became mutuals once we discovered we could have discussion and interesting dialogue, and shared similar interests!

Like you, Lovely, I actually had a really hard time around here when I first started because I am SHY AS FUCK and I always felt bad tagging people, so I just… never did. It’s only by some miracle that people befriended me and that people started recognizing my writing as interesting. People get to know me, and then they tell their friends about me that I’m not one to be afraid to talk to, and the circle continues :) So, being that I was there myself, I never push anyone away first time if they’re genuinely worried or scared or just don’t know where to start! I am always open to promote a new blogger who just needs help meeting people. I also kept up the Saturday Watchalongs because they genuinely made people happy and people looked forward to them, so it’s my way of contributing to the community in some way when I’m not writing or drawing, LOL.

Anyway, Lovely, reblog this off anon, and I will promote you and help people see who you are! Don’t be afraid EVER to tag people, just know that tumblr’s tagging system is A Mess™ and most of the time it never sends notifications, so it’s not personal if you don’t see anyone reply right away! In fact, send a post to them in chats, seems to be more reliable, LOL. But yes, this is a great fandom, and I like my little corner of it. I meet a lot of good and interesting people :)

is there anyone here that could help me become a paid blogger, here on tumblr? it’s something i really wanna do that i have my heart set on, because i love the daily interactions with people, i love talking to them and making friends, and i have so much fun being a part of this tumblr community. i’d like to dedicate myself to tumblr even further and try to make tumblr my job, because as they say “if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

this is very important to me, and i’ll deeply appreciate whatever help i can get

Dear MARVEL Fandom (TW: Mention of Suicide)

Dear MARVEL Fandom- beginning yesterday (Dec 25, 2014), an anonymous user or group of users started a campaign of hate against the Supernatural fandom. Now I know not all fandoms see eye to eye, and Supernatural in particular gets a lot of flack for being over the top sometimes, but what this group is doing is ABHORRENT, it is bullying of the worst sort.

They are deliberately targeting tumblr users who are emotionally fragile and vulnerable. They are wading through years of personal posts to find ammunition deliberately calculated to drive these people to suicide. This has been going on all day. Unfortunately, information is scattered, and there are anonymous reports flooding in about the condition of various bloggers.

At least two blogs have been hacked, and the hackers were providing false information about the well being of those users while posing as friends and family members in an attempt to incite more panic. Chesnutmisha was reported to have passed from an overdose, as was Kingfrerin, both, fortunately, are still with us. 

We are trying to spread this far and wide, not only so that users in other fandoms can protect themselves, but hopefully to increase the chances that someone knows these bloggers irl, and can help them if they need it.

If nothing else, a message of support and encouragement tagged #supernatural or #affectedbyhate would go a long way to let these people know they are not alone.

Please, lets all be the kind of Heros Captain America would want us to be. Spread this message so these bullies can be stopped. 

Coming Out, I need your help!

Followers and bloggers alike, I’m in a time of need. I’m trying to come out to my parents. I have an empty journal that I’ve needed a use for. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, REBLOG WITH YOUR FIRST NAME (or nickname if you’re uncomfortable) AND YOUR GENDER/ROMANTIC/SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS. Despite having two close family friends that are lesbians, my parents still show a lot of homophobia. You guys have shown me support in my darkest hours, and I know you can do it again. Please help me come out!


Word count: 981 - drabble

Genre: fluff

Anonymous asked: can you write a phanfiction where dan is a popular fashion blogger and he needs phils help modeling some of the clothes ? I’ve seen the idea once but can’t find any fics about it

a/n: thank you for the lovely prompt! i hope you like the result♥ c:

edit: i’ve been informed that the idea for this came from another fic called Camboy!

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