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i continue to feel flummoxed that ASP decided that because lane and zach had kids in s7, hep alien couldn’t succeed and that was the thing that she changed in the revival from her original plan

like … are we operating under the assumption that no artists/famous people have kids? and in the days of the internet, i feel like it would have been so easy to give them some popularity/professional success while they even still remained based in stars hollow, so you wouldn’t have had to imply that lane and zach were somehow bad parents for continuing to pursue music professionally. (plus, you know mrs. kim would be THERE to help out with the kids so that the band might prosper.)

like, imagine the dragonfly filling up because a hep alien song went viral on youtube and now people are traveling to stars hollow in the hopes of seeing the band and it creates hilarious town chaos

why couldn’t there have been a story like that, or even just a freakin’ throwaway line about them independently producing and selling an album online or something???? WHYYYYYYY???

That feeling of the drums hitting, the guitar solo, the high notes.. It’s something I can’t describe but it makes me feel good, makes me feel like I have a place I belong to. That’s the thing I love about bands, that I can’t find anywhere else even if I look for it. They give me the feeling of belonging and easiness that I lack. They give the strength I can’t get from anywhere else. They give me self control when I need it. I can’t explain at all what I feel but bands are more of a home to me than the house I live in. And I hope they find a feeling of home when they do what they do too.

Thank you to all the bands out there that help kids everyday go through their shit, you are the home of this generation.

LoliRock Appreciation Week - Day 7 (Free Day)

I know I’m late but I’m really worn out atm art wise because I’ve got so much to get done. I wanted to do something Praxina-related and I’ve been getting a lot of asks for tales soooooo here ya go!

The Magical forms for Team Praxina! I aged up Ollie and Lyng as well, ‘cause why not. Ollie’s transformation piece is his belt buckle and his weapon is a yoyo; he’s Praxina’s second in command. Belinda has a crossbow and her transformation piece is the earring on her left ear. Anastasia and Damien both have a glove as their piece, and their weapons are a hammer and twin daggers. Lyng has an earpiece as his transformation piece, which also acts as his glasses and a partial hearing aid. His weapons of choice are throwing darts.


I mainly wanted to do this because I think the members of the team speak volumes of how far Praxina has come. Theses are the heirs and heiresses to some of the most prominant kingdoms on the planet being trusted in the hands of a Zaterran known for her evil past. To the team, however, she’s their friend, their sister, and their family. Not only has she grown, she’s taking in a band of misfit kids of various heritages and helping them figure out what kind of person they wish to be, how their actions affect others, and how to coop in a world that is less than likely to accept them.

Praxina is one of the most prominent and important people in their lives and she feels the same way. Sure, she’s harsh on training, and laughs at their shanila, and never let’s them date, and honestly, she’s brutal. But they love all of it. They love and cherish her and would do anything to protect her just as she woul for them. Whether it be one on one or all together, she’s always with them, even when they don’t know it. Nothing can stop this team from finding their way back to each other. This will be her legacy.

Hello my fellow witches! One of my coworkers told me a story, and I figured we could help her out a bit.

Her sister, Stephanie, and her husband are extremely abusive toward their kids. They’re the worst sort of neglectful, violent parents, and their three kids are all under the age of five. All of the kids are severely underweight, one of them was in the hospital for shaken baby syndrome, and at some point all of the kids were left in their cribs for so long, their heads grew flat on one side. Now, if these people get deemed unfit parents or get incapacitated/incarcerated in some way, then my coworker, who loves and thinks the world of these kids, will get them.

I know the witch community banded together to curse Trump and bring about his karmic retribution a little faster. I’m hoping that some of you can band together to help these kids out as well.

On the next dark moon, please add a line in for these kids- whether it’s wishing for them to have a better home, or cursing their parents so they’re punished for their crimes.

Let’s help these kids out. Again, the mother’s name is Stephanie, and she lives in AZ.

okay, but bro, the boys would each have different things if they were camp counselors.

Like Ashton, would handle arts & crafts bc that boy is good at art. and let’s be honest he is probably better at handling small children more than anyone else in that band. but he’d be so fucking adorable helping out kids from ages 5-12 draw and make stupid macaroni art, that they feel proud of. he’d just a dork tho i stg.

Michael tho, he’d be in charge of the music stuff bc he can handle kids who actually want to learn how to play instruments and can teach them older music that their parents may know. and like come on it’d be cute to see michael helping a kid learn to play guitar slowly but surely all summer long.

But Calum, he’d help the kids in sports and teach them like soccer and tennis and take them swimming and all sorts of things. but he’d make it fun, not competitive. he’d just make sure the kids knew how to play and enjoyed themselves and tbh it’s fucking cute to think about.

And Luke, this motherfucker would be in charge science stuff on, like that one guy from Red Hot American Summer, and like teach them about constellations and volcanoes and stuff like that. making it seem really cool but in reality it isn’t, it’s just how he says it that makes kids want to learn it from him and do science experiments.

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Hello! Can you do a 4/4 preference with the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran please? I love your blog!!!😍💘💕💕

hdfkljsflk This is really cute because this is one of my favorite songs from Ed. Okay, I’ll try my best on this Anon and I’m so sorry if this is late 

Song XXX

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When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades and the crowds don’t remember my name when my hands don’t play the strings the same way I know you will still love me the same.

The house was quite and you stood in your quite house hearing soft chords coming from the distance. You turned a corner from the living room and stood in front of a door at the end of the hall where the source of the soft distant sound was coming from. You pushed the door quietly open to see your husband Michael playing the tune of unpredictable. He was sitting on the floor and holding his old acoustic moving his hands up and down the neck of the guitar. “It’s been a while since I’ve heard you play.” You tell him and he jumps, slightly startled from your voice. He looks at you then down at his guitar. “Do you miss it? Playing…. Being in a band….?” You asked before sitting beside him. “Sometimes… Music was everything, a stage is where I felt most comfortable, concerts are what led me to you.” He says glancing at you and giving you a small smile. Michael tried remembering chords to some of the songs they did back in their younger years. Everything was nostalgic for the both of you. Once the both of you got married, when you child started to grow older, Michael decided that he wanted to settle down and help you out in raising your kid. The band did break up, it’s been years and the name, “5 Seconds of Summer” just became another memory in fan’s hearts. You snapped out of your thoughts as you hear Michael swear under his breathe, “I’m sorry, I really don’t remember your favorite song…. It’s been a while.” “It’s okay.” You said smiling at him and kissing his cheek.


I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways maybe it’s all part of a plan well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes hoping that you’ll understand.

You stood in your shared apartment refusing to look at Calum in the face. “(Y/N), please, look at me.” Calum says but you shake your head. “Please.” He says holding you by the shoulders. You snap you head back at him glaring, but faltering feeling the tears in your eyes starting to form. “Don’t realize that what you’re doing really hurts Calum?” You said. “Y-Yeah…. Yes. I know, and I’m sorry that I keep doing this to you.” He says before dropping his hands to your waist and slowly pulling you closer to him. “Why do you keep doing this? The media blows everything up, and some how I get dragged into this problem every single time. When are you going to realize that making these mistakes over and over will just make things worse?” You said looking at him with your tears streaming down your face. He looks at you silently and wipes your tears with his thumb. “Then why don’t you break up with me? I always seem to hurt you and I would think by now you would have just packed up and left without a word….” He says in a hushed tone. You let his words sink in trying to find an answer, “I don’t know why I don’t leave…. It always seemed like a good idea but…. I want to stay. I don’t want to give up on us…” You said with your voice cracking. Calum pulled you into a tight hug and swayed side to side, “I know what I’m doing is stupid, but I thank you that you don’t leave when it happens…. Every time I’m stuck in this type of situations I always pray that you’ll understand and…. And won’t give up on me yet.” He says before pulling you away for you to look at him, “I promise I’ll try harder for the both of us….” He says. “Really?” You asked. “I mean it, I promise…. I’ll try for us.” He says before pulling you back into a hug.


So honey now take me into your loving arms kiss me under the light of a thousand stars place your head on my beating heart I’m thinking out loud that maybe we found love right where we are.

Ashton held your hand as the both of you were walking home from a house party. Snow started to fall from the sky slowly and gracefully. Snowflakes started to tickle your nose and melt into droplets. You pulled your scarf over your nose and looked up at the night sky. You found the moon up and shining brightly, and past hundreds of snowflakes, you saw the light of a thousand stars shining down on the both of you. You felt Ashton’s hand hold yours firmly and you looked at him, “let’s go to the park.” He says. “Really the park?” You said and he smiled at you with his dimples peaking from his cheeks, “I don’t want to go home yet.” He says before tugging you lightly in the direction of the park. Your footsteps made marks in the untouched snow. The both of you sent to the swing set and talked while casually swinging back and forth. Eventually Ashton made it a challenge to see who could go the highest, and after jumping right off and landing 5 feet away from the swing set he fell back to the pile of snow and started laughing. You laughed along feeling wide awake and your heart pumping fast in your chest. He looked at you and gestured you to lay next to him. You did and rested your head on his chest, hearing how fast it was beating. The snow continued to slowly fall, the glow of the stars was the only source of light, and the moment between you and Ashton was silent. “I love you (Y/N)…. “Ashton said quite suddenly. It was the first time you heard him say that to you since the two of you started dating. You tried to process his words but didn’t know how to react. Instead you gave him a smile and hid your face which had a growing blush to your cheeks.


I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways maybe just the touch of a hand well, me—I fall in love with you every single day and I just wanna tell you I am.

You and Luke fell in love instantly when you met him that night at a small party. Your friend was introducing you and you couldn’t even pay attention to the rather long story of how he came across Luke. When the story ended, reality came back and Luke let out his hand, “hi, it’s really nice to meet you… Uh.” “(Y/N)… My name is (Y/N).” You said shyly and shook his hand. The both of you didn’t seem to let go of the other’s until your friend grunted. You pulled away and looked down to your feet. “Well then, I’ll just leave you two to mingle.” He said before calling out to another party guest of his. You looked up at Luke feeling slightly awkward about the situation but all he did was respond back with a smile…. Since that night you and Luke have put in the effort of getting to know each other. You exchanged phone numbers, had a few dates here and there, and spent almost every available moment together. The day he asked you to be his girlfriend was one of the most happiest days of your life. You never felt so attracted or so sure about someone as much as Luke. Every single moment with him felt like falling in love all over again, and you were sure he felt the same way about you. Two years later and the both of you visited this favorite spot under a tree in the park. The both of you sat on a blanket enjoying each other’s company and having an endless conversation about anything. The conversation then went silent for a moment and you caught Luke staring at you and his smile slowly growing. “What?” You asked. “I just love you.” He says. “I know that.” “I… I fall in love with you every single day (Y/N)…” He says. You look at him curiously and before you could question why the sudden strong feelings  he reached into his pocket and opened his hand. Your eyes widened and you looked at him wondering if he really meant it. He smiles at you not saying another word. Your foreheads touched and a smile that wouldn’t waver was plastered onto your face. You didn’t need to speak to tell him your answer. “I’m in love with you.” Luke says again before kissing your lips for a short moment.

A/N: Hey everyone, it’s been a while but I promise you that my masterlist will be up really really REALLy soon. I’m gonna say that I’m gonna try and study this week especially since I have an SAT this Saturday and I wanna get a good score so I’m going to study hard. I am also going to try and bring up my grades, especially since half of my classes are being a little bleh.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this preference, I had so much fun writing it :D Just a little something something before I almost go MIA. Enjoy :D

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