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Hello everyone! Since I am really bad at naming my cc I’m asking for you help! What should I name this hair? The “winner” will get the hair before release and adfly free of course! thanks for your suggestions!

Pay-As-You-Can Readings, Spells, Sigils, and Art!

I hate to ask for more from all of you, but I’m left with no choice. My SUV broke down two days ago, in the middle of an intersection. We had it towed, and it is now in need of almost $2,000 USD in repairs. We simply CANNOT do that. We’re simply going to be looking around for cheaper cars. Anything that runs and goes from point A to point B.

Alongside that, I’ve only received three eight hour days of work for the ENTIRETY of December at my job. I am currently looking into different options for employment. In the meantime, I desperately need a little boost to my income so I can keep paying bills, feed myself, and afford the medical attention I need. I’m still somewhat homeless, still calling a friend’s RV my home, and am struggling badly with bills and keeping my standard of living high enough to keep it from worsening my mental illnesses.

As such, Pay-What-You-Can readings are back up! I’m also offering art, custom spells and sigils, and I will be selling a few physical items too! (Keep an eye out for those in a later post).

Choose your price for…








In art, you have options for…









COMBINATION SIGILS (designs with multiple sigils worked in)


If you’re interested in any of my services, please, please, message me! Let me know what interests you, and how much you’re able to part with, and I’ll give you some options to choose from! You can also DONATE at . Please try to message me before sending payment for a reading, or I may accidentally consider it a donation rather than a payment.

If you can’t purchase a reading, spell, sigil, or artwork from me, please, please please REBLOG AND SIGNAL BOOST!

(A few examples of art and sigils:)

I vote we pick a Chewie moment from the film and headcanon he’s the one who says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” in TLJ

Anyone notice any moments in the movie it could work? I find it a major letdown nobody said the line…. let’s fix that (hopefully it was in a deleted scene or something too, but this needs to be addressed, it’s been in every film so far but this one!)

Hello there

So I’m really new to the witch/heathen/Norse paganism community and I genuinely have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m having a hard time finding just kind of beginner informational stuff, and I don’t have a lot of time right now to sift through all this info on the web. So if anyone has any suggestions on sites or articles or books I could start with, I would greatly appreciate it!

Are the Tree of Life and Yggdrasil the same thing?
I know they come from different cultures, but I’m wondering if it’s a situation like the Greek/Roman gods, just different names, same meaning, or if they’re actually different, as in they stand for different things and have different meanings

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What does Saturn in the 12th support you doing ?

Working in far away lands, building structures to help people outside your home land or doing business with foreign people away from from your native homeland.  That’s one possibility.  Another is helping people out of compassion because you want to improve conditions of lower class people.  I always hate to say it but it’s true; Saturn rules lower class.

Help a witch out

So I know most of you follow me for my bad habits but remember that I also practice in witch craft!Unfortunately my community college likes to screw me over at the most convenient of times and take $200-$300+ out of my bank account without my knowledge of permission since I was granted free schooling. Due to this, I am struggling very hard and am asking for your help. I am offering spells, Readings and even willing to send physical charms, spells sachets and packages to you in return for ‘donations’. I’d do spells and readings for about $5-$10 based on the spell/reading. Charms and sachets would be $15-$20 and packages from $15 and up! Just DM Me on what you want and we can work out specifications and whatnot! I would really appreciate it! Thank you lovelies ❤🔮