help! there are people in the world who hate us!

She is a girl who loves to play tricks, works in a jewelry store and is fascinated by precious stones. She knows all the mythology about them and their relation to the astral world. She usually helps his loved ones or people in trouble, for example, in love.

Elizabeth used to have a boyfriend, unfortunately died of the disease of the ink (which they called “Inchiostro”). His name was Bart, a sort of “demon” caricature, who always protected her from everything and did anything to see her smile. Days before he died he asked his beloved not to cry for him, because he hated to see her cry, so she tries to smile even after what happened.

The obsidian and the amethyst she has on her neck and her left hand were gifts from Bart.

art by sophie-cartoons

Basically, The Story of Warframe

Giant sentient space biorobot mom adopts hundreds of traumatised kids with strange powers, convinces them to slaughter their slave masters and go to bed for a few hundred years.

Cut to present day where we’ve been booted out of bed by the potato people empire and shot at by fridge-wearing bankers, space uncle Teshin helps save us from being body snatched by the elderly while Space zombie virus runs out of control because Salad V fucked up,

space mom is busy keeping us away from Grandpa “destroyer of worlds” Hunhow, who hates kids and our edgy amnesiac? brother keeps trying to kill us.

All while absentee Void Dad is now trying to reconnect with “it’s” estranged kids and make up for lost time and that unpaid child support.

Welcome to warframe

DCEU Superman: *Offers to leave earth to save mankind*

DCEU Superman: *Has been saving people since childhood despite being constantly afraid of being discovered as an alien*

DCEU Superman: *Stands up for women who are being harassed*

DCEU Superman: *Chooses his adopted home planet over his birth planet*

DCEU Superman: *Uses his position as a journalist and Superman to stand up for people he sees as being mistreated*

DCEU Superman: *Worries constantly that he’s doing more harm than good to the world*

DCEU Superman: *Tries to reason with Bruce and deliberately avoids hurting him too badly in Their fight*

DCEU Superman: *Has very good reasons to hate the world but never shows anger towards it and still tries to help it at every opportunity*

DCEU Superman: *Saves Lex Luthor from Doomsday despite hating him*

DCEU Superman: *Dies to save the world*

Superman purists: “But…he doesn’t smile so therefore he can’t be the REAL Superman, not like the one from my childhood. Not My Superman”

so I got this anon for my terrible sideblog and I was at first confused because the video was only released like eight hours ago so I went to check it. The first thing I noticed was the insane difference between the like and dislike bar on the Youtube Pride video. 59,000 Likes, 98,000 Dislikes. The video wasn’t even bad it was just two minutes of people saying “I want to be myself” and that is a wonderful message.

The comments were all talking about stupid shit like straight pride and white pride (as if there were ever systematic and societal discrimination for being white and straight) and how the lgbtq+ community should be wiped out, how disgusting we are. And that no one actually cares that people are gay now (more ignorance because let me tell you all, people care a lot for the wrong reasons). All these comments had hundreds of approval by several others.

But you have to realize that the people spreading hate are all pathetic. Every single one of them. I’m not saying that to soften their bigotry, but to maybe have anyone reading this understand that these people have opinionated mouths with absolutely no credibility or understanding behind their words.

LGBTQ+ people deserve to be happy. I know that there’s still problems that still need to be worked on within the community, but everyone a part of this community deserves the support pride month gives us.

Youtube comments are also a cesspool full of right winged assholes who grew up not even experiencing on topics they so love to voice their thoughts about. It’s a huge circle jerk from those who feel entitled to complain about and hate things that aren’t about them.

I know a lot of the responses are hateful, but if you go to the newer comment sections you can see there are also those who support the community and allies are important! I’ll be honest, I think the world is pretty shitty but there are definitely some good people that exist. Those are the important ones who would help us have a firmer place in western society. 

Try your best not to feel shitty about this, I know it’s hard because I definitely felt bad after going through the comment sections. Confide to those who support you and if you can’t I think it’s best to avoid such toxicity and have faith that things are getting better for the lgbt community even with a bunch of bumps along the road.

The Magicians (show) sentence starters

season 1, part 2 of 3
episodes 6 through 9
75 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, cussing, drug mention, violence, sexual themes
[part 1]

  • “Okay, I take it back. Maybe this is a waste of your time.”
  • “That’s a pretty acrobatic form of denial.”
  • “I’m not done with you. Consider it a warning.”
  • “Please, don’t come back here again.”
  • “If I was you, I would be curious.”
  • “Hello? Is someone being creepy on purpose?”
  • “Secure the sacrifice!”
  • “Jesus, I’m not a virgin…”
  • “Wow, you’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”
  • “I don’t even know what a chupacabra is.”
  • “I can already see we are immensely handicapped by your presence.”
  • “There’s a way. There’s always a way.”
  • “Oh, if you wanna insult me, you should try again.”
  • “If I had more, I’d give you more.”
  • “You ever want something so badly and then realize that it’s nothing like what you thought? And that maybe you are stupid for ever actually wanting it?”
  • “You look like your head’s about to pop off.”
  • “Celebrate the world you’re in, dummy.”
  • “_____, did you roofie me?”
  • “Can we skip down to where you realize you no makey magic here?”
  • “I am literally losing the will to live.”
  • “Look, talk to me. What’s going on?”
  • “Ask me something harder if you want us to get somewhere.”
  • “Ask me why I’m nice to you.”
  • “I had noticed you’re a tad brusque with everyone else.”
  • “I’m scared to tell you this, because it’s true. I’m falling in love with you.”
  • “I flirted with you that first day because you looked useful, and you were.”
  • “I’ve been using you this entire time.”
  • “I really didn’t see this coming.”
  • “I always hold back, _____. Every single day. I mean, I have no idea what I’m even capable of.”
  • “I don’t want to lose it… how it felt.”
  • “Sit. I do not ask and I do not order twice.”
  • “You think you know how to do this. I assure you, you do not.”
  • “A great magician is magic in his bones, blood, heart, and dick. Or lady parts. Whatever.”
  • “Why don’t you two just fuck?”
  • “Blood’s not gonna come out of that sweater. You should just throw it out.”
  • “Where you think you’re sticking that?”
  • “This magic gin better make us see unicorns that fart rainbows.”
  • “I don’t have to tell you anything.”
  • “You are lucky you’re pretty.”
  • “Why is your face making that face?”
  • “I’m going to go take a nap and pretend that this entire conversation never happened.”
  • “Can we just talk about this seriously for a second?”
  • “Are you in love with me?”
  • “Hell is real, and it smells like Axe Body Spray.”
  • “Leave before I start screaming.”
  • “You stay out of my ass and there’s no blood fued necessary on my end. But come after me, and I will kill you and everyone that you care about.”
  • “I made a horrible mistake asking you to help. Please, leave.”
  • “Maybe we just need to accept the world for what it actually is.”
  • “I hate magic.”
  • “I think about stabbing you all the time.”
  • “Please! You can’t keep doing this to me!”
  • “How is a voodoo doll supposed to help me?”
  • “What we love can be as important to us as our lives.”
  • “That’s kind of a personal question for two people who aren’t supposed to be in the same room.”
  • “Predictable’s not bad, _____.”
  • “Don’t bother with the performance.”
  • “I wouldn’t dream of fooling you.”
  • “You know I never wanted this. You forced my hand. I wish it could be any other way.”
  • “I don’t need to tell you how fucking pissed at you I am.”
  • “I don’t understand why we fell apart after being friends forever.”
  • “I’m working on forgiving you.”
  • “I’m going, and like it or not, _____, you should come.”
  • “_____, I’m stuck! Someone get me out of here!”
  • “This house is haunted as balls, is what that is.”
  • “Okay, this is a little kinky, even for me.”
  • “Some things just aren’t fair. We can’t make sense of them.”
  • “If the world goes after you, take it as a compliment.”
  • “What do you think redemption looks like, _____?”
  • “What if there really is a Hell and this takes me there?”
  • “Well, that bought us about ten minutes.”
  • “Let’s go dig up a dead body.”
  • “You can’t seriously be thinking of leaving them there.”
  • “This is exactly the kind of thing that we should be able to fix.”
  • “Life ain’t fair. Why in the high, holy fuck should death be any different?”
  • “Thinking that you can change anything… It’s such an act of monumental ego. I mean, who the fuck do you think you really are?”
Xeno (Prologue)

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | (Eventual) other BTS member x Reader

Genre: Fluff, (eventual)Smut, Futuristic au!

Notes: My first actual series I have been planning for a few days now (still going through some planning, but I will eventually properly storyboard). I *hope* people would like this, and even though there is a lot of plagiarism going around, I’m still going ahead and doing it.

This is just the preview, and I shall only post if I get a good amount of support for it.

Part 1masterlist

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Year - 2850 A.D. 

The technological evolution hit a full swing back in 2690, and it wasn’t slowing down. Almost 200 years later, and scientists were still creating new inventions. Every major city on the planet had become a Utopia; cars were flying; a few labs were even close to cracking the secrets of teleportation.

That was what inspired you to take your current profession. You wanted to make the world a better place; create something which would make people love and reward you. 

You wanted to be like Kim Namjoon – who invented a quick-healing serum; or Kim Seokjin – who made advancements to cosmetic science with the help of Min Yoongi, who had invented something which used sound waves to change eye color.

All you needed was one chance.

Unfortunately, you were nothing but a helper, and you hated it. You loved that you were working in a lab; you loved that you got to stay there 24/7; but you didn’t like that the older scientists never trusted you with anything more complicated than a wrench. Sometimes – very rarely – they would let you program things, but that definitely wasn’t worth the four years of the technology course in MIT.

“Y/N, I need you to take experiment number 2390 to storage, then you are dismissed.”

“Alright, have a good evening.”

Yet another unproductive day. You couldn’t complain, though – you had been there for only 6 months. Having programmed the commands for the new speed train was a lot for someone who was just a rookie; but you practically burned with ambition to do more. You wanted to impress people, show your seniors that you were capable.

You let out a small huff of annoyance as you walked down the bright hall, the failed freeze gun in your grasp. The only reason it failed was because one of the lab techs managed to puncture the liquid nitrogen capsule which went into it – the object was almost like a block of ice, freezing from the inside out. You had rushed over to the very back of the room to keep it on one of the shelves; you certainly did not want to develop frostbite.

Letting out a satisfied huff, you rubbed your palms together to generate some heat. Finally, you day was done and you could go home – until a blue light flickered against your eye, distracting you from your plans. It wasn’t like the other lights – it was mysterious, and it intrigued you.

You know what they said – Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

That was a quote you lived by as soon as you went into this field. You were like a bug attracted to a lightbulb, making a beeline towards the source, which was just around a corner. What you didn’t expect, was for your answer to be something you had practically deemed as impossible.

A robot??

Your surprised hues ran over him – well – it. A physically beautiful male, facial features sculpted to perfection, neon blue circuit board traces running up his collar and down to his stomach from the left side of his chest. He looked so calm, like he was asleep.

No, it couldn’t be.. He looked too human.

“Woah..” You breathed, observing the creation harbored within the glowing blue capsule.

Only one thought ran through your mind the second you had realized that he was considered a failed experiment –

Take him.

instead of completely shitting on alex for anything, remember who wrote lyrics that helped you through a hard time. remember who cares so deeply for you. remember who wants to do anything and everything to meet people more one on one based. yeah the new m&g style sucks but sometimes things gotta change to maintain income for new equipment and flights all over the world. i hate it too, but remember that alex is just a guy trying to have fun playing with his best friends while meeting people who love them

What happened in Manchester is an evil, awful, unthinkable thing, and there is nothing anybody can say right now to make things okay. But we all need to avoid saying things that will make it worse, such as causing celebrity drama or using this to attack people who do or don’t speak out on social media… those things are not important, now more than ever, and this is not the place to complain about how people react to tragedies. We need to come together, spread love not hate, and help mourn for those who have been hurt and killed. We all need to make conscious effort to strive towards doing everything we can to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, not just at a concert but in all situations. The world is quickly becoming a very dark and scary place, and it is up to all of us to spread love and light in these terrible times, as well as spread knowledge and work to put people in power who will help us. Stick by your loved ones, and strive to help others stick by theirs, and we will get through this.

PSA: Stop demonizing all white people straight people and men on tumblr

This is gonna be long. And if anyone’s reading this you’re probably gonna get mad (but if the shoe doesn’t fit you really don’t have to be) but what I’m trying to say is actually really simple.

Stop demonizing all white people. Stop demonizing all straight people. Stop demonizing all men.

When I started tumblr last year I was under the impression that the people on this website for the most part pride themselves on being unconditionally loving, accepting, and in the pursuit of a more peaceful society. But slowly and more frequently I started to see more and more posts like this:

Exterminate all the straights

Stop dating white people

White people need to shut up

Men are disgusting

Straight people need to die

These are actual things I’ve seen actual people say on tumblr. Even more alarming than this alone, these types of comments typically get a lot of support from other people. And I can’t understand why some of the same people who are posting about feminism, Black Lives Matter, and lgbtq+ issues can turn around and post such hateful things to another group of human beings.

It seems to me that, not only is spreading this blind hate doing absolutely nothing to help the world become a better place for minority groups, but it is completely hypocritical and counterproductive.

The easiest thing for me to do is use myself as an example. I’m black in America. And I do not hate all white people nor make broad assumptions about them. This is because, while there are many white people who have and still are contributing to the maltreatment of my people, I’m fully aware that not all white people are bad. 

I’m also fully aware that there are people out there who hate me just because I’m black. There are people out there who want me dead just because I’m black. There are people out there who will make negative assumptions about me based on the sole fact that I am a black girl. 

But you know what? I don’t hate all white people anyway. Because hating all white people is no better than someone hating me because I’m black. 

Making hateful comments toward a group of people just because they belong to said group is never acceptable. It’s discrimination. And it’s no better than what a lot of men, straight people, and white people are saying about you.

If anyone’s reading this and they saw my example, they’d probably say to themselves ‘It sounds like himitsuno is trying to make an argument for reverse racism.’ But the definition of racism was never confined to one route. Racism is not a one way street. Hispanics who discriminate against black people are racists. Black people who discriminate against other black people are racists. If you’re discriminating against anyone for the color of their skin alone you are a racist. Period, no fine print necessary. 

You’re not excluded from the fundamental definition of racism just because you’re part of a minority group. And likewise, making hate comments toward straight people/men/white people is not acceptable just because they are the majority. You can’t advocate for love and acceptance while simultaneously slandering a separate subgroup of human beings. 

If you want to live in a more loving society you should behave as such. Because if you’re hating other people for belonging to a certain group, then you are ideologically no better than the same people you’re against.

There’s a mob mentality here on tumblr where if anyone says something defending these majority groups they are automatically evil. I never thought that, on a site as progressive as tumblr is supposed to be, saying that white people straight people and men should still be treated with respect would be something anger provoking.

This isn’t high school. Stop bullying people just because you think you can.

Pepperony Week Day Five: Post-Civil War

Pepper had a list hidden away in a secret folder on her computer.  The title was a series of random letters and numbers achieved by closing her eyes and hitting eleven random keys.  Any hacker or burglar would write it off as junk and move on, or so she hoped.  Every couple of days she’d go into the folder and open the single file inside.

Reasons Why I Should Permanently Break Up With Tony

1: He’s completely unreliable.  He can’t shake bad habits and he can’t keep promises.

2: He’s full of himself.  Even when he’s saving people there’s this stink of arrogance like he thinks he’s owed something for it.

3: He hogs the bedsheets at night.

4: His idea of date night is making a Pepper sized suit and racing around the world.

5: David, the deputy director of R&D, is clearly interested in me and is a really sweet guy I’d be lucky to have.

6: He’s never going to stop being Ironman, which means he’s never going to stop risking his life, which means I’ll always have to fear for his life when he’s on missions.  

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Decisions, decisions ...

If you could only read one book from now on, which would it be? 

 This is a question that often gets asked in my circle of friends, usually after a few drinks, and my answer is always the same – I would pay someone to bind all of Terry Pratchett’s work into one ginormous book just for me. 

When that doesn’t pass muster and I am accused of cheating (which I usually am) I then have to choose between Terry’s books. And that, I have to say, is a much more difficult proposition. I know some people say “it doesn’t matter, it’s Terry, you can read any of his books time and time again and find new angles and puns and other titbits of information that you didn’t notice before” and that’s all true but … despite it all, it matters to me. 

When I look at my Pterry shelves my choice of re-read is significantly dependent on the mood I’m in and what feelings I’m looking to calm or invoke in myself. Do I want to remind myself of how I felt when I first fell in love with the Discworld? If so I need Reaper Man. Do I want to be reminded that it’s possible to find your purpose and get your life together even when your world seems to have gone to the dogs? Then I need Guards! Guards! Do I want to find the courage to keep making the choices that I know need to be made, day after day after day? Then I need Carpe Jugulum or A Hat Full of Sky. Do I want a reminder why organised religion just does not do it for me? I need Small Gods. Am I hankering after a seriously good laugh set in the Discworld equivalent of Ancient Egypt? Then Pyramids is taken from the shelf. Is it Christmas? I need Hogfather … I could go on. And on. And on. There is not a single book of Terry’s that doesn’t resonate with my soul for one reason or other. 

However this form of questioning does not help me narrow down my choice of one book at all and for years I um-ed and ah-ed and then hand-waved and said I couldn’t choose and no-one could make me. 

Until one day someone turned the question on its head and instead asked “If you were told you could never read anything ever again, which book would you be most upset about?” 

And I immediately said “Night Watch”. 

No hesitation - no um-ing and ah-ing, no trying to bend the question to my will – just an instinctual response that had nothing to do with my mood or wanting specific things and everything to do with the sick feeling the thought of never reading it again produced in my stomach. 

This book, to me, is the epitome of Terry’s writing and the epitome of what a story can be. There are so many strands to it, so much depth and feeling packed into its 480 pages that I cannot imagine not being able to return to it at will to mine it again and again for every nugget of truth, punnery and glorious understanding of the human condition. It is both an origin story (for Vimes, for Vetinari, for Ankh-Morpork as we know it), a continuation of the Discworld series and Vimes’ story, and a commentary on – amongst other things - civilisation, revolutions, how we know who we are, and why some of us continue to make the right choices over and over again, no matter how hard they are. 

This book helps me make sense of the violence in the world, makes me want to be a better person, and is the reason that each year, on 25th May, I pick a sprig of lilac from the tree growing in my garden and have a hard-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast. 

It also contains such gems as: 

“He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armour. It was gilt by association”

“The Assassin moved quietly from roof to roof until he was well away from the excitement around the Watch House. His movements could be called cat-like, except that he did not stop to spray urine against things”


“‘I get it,’ said the prisoner. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?’ ‘If you like.’ said Vimes. 'But we’re a bit short staffed here, so if I give you a cigarette would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?’”

And now I’m turning the question over to all you lovely people reading this, but adding a specifically Pterry angle:

If you were never able to read another book written by Terry Pratchett again, which one would you be most upset about?

Do reblog and let me know – sharing the love of Pterry is a wonderful thing!

I honestly need to say this

First of all, before you start typing how I’m a racist cunt who’s a white, cis male… I’m not. I’m a black, pansexual woman who is tired of these things that are happening on Tumblr, Twitter, whatever. If you still don’t wanna hear me out, then don’t even respond to this and just walk out. Because if you don’t read everything of what I have to say on this problem and you start typing away and not looking at ANY of my points, why should I look at yours? If I am wrong about anything, please calmly tell me and explain. Now let’s begin.

People of this generation who really think it’s cute to practice this hate of the opposite sex or race, you need to stop right in your track. AND WHEN I MEAN BY THIS, I MEAN BY BEING: Heterophobic, hating people who are CIS, and hating Men.

I do not care if you bring up the reason of the PAST. I do not want to hear how you all been oppressed for YEARS and “now it’s our time to shine”. I don’t want to hear that bullshit.
Now please hear me out as I know most of you don’t want to continue on after I say that.

You do know that bringing hate to others do not solve anything. It’s fire with fire. It only makes a bigger fire.
“lol but LIEK theyr juz jokes and were not kiling them xddd u all ned thic skin XDDDD”
If those are jokes… They’re pretty bad. There’s way to make jokes funny but MOST of ‘em are just bad with no punchline. Just like most actual racist/homophobic jokes. It takes a type of talent to make really good jokes on these subjects.

LISTEN, this stuff is going into the mind of children and they’ll think this is OKAY. It all starts off with just “joking” around, but then some people would actually take it seriously. Then they will honestly start hating those people. THEN IT GOES FROM SILENT HATE TO VERBALLY HATING THEM, AND THEN IT WILL GO TO THE WORST PART OF ACTUALLY KILLING THEM BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE AND NOT WHO THEY ARE! That’s horrible!

It be like the PAST all over again with the people you hated reading in history class! Sure these things of having these “cute lol die cis scum blogs/ fuck off hetero breeders/ etc” may not seem so bad NOW but what about the FUTURE? What about those children who will be TEACHERS, PARENTS, ETC. They’ll take this as if this is okay and start preaching this stuff OUTSIDE of the internet! That doesn’t sound like a utopia. And if it does to you… You NEED help. You’re sick just like those who say it’s a utopia without black/other races, or women staying in the kitchen or whatever!

Why do you think this is cute and justified because this happened in the past? The past is in the past and we should LEARN from our MISTAKES! NOT RE-CREATE IT!

Please stop trying to bring the PAST up for hatred for the PRESENT. People are not responsible for what their ancestors have done before.

Most of us want to live in a world where the hate is not the strong point. Where love is more important than HATE. But you all who are doing this “hating the other side” is no better. What if people being to take your words and start KILLING the other side? Would it be justified? Of course not! There’s no reason to celebrate someone’s death because they’re JUST WHITE or STRAIGHT or CIS!

Oh, and please know that I’m not just pointing at you all about this. I feel the exact same way with people who hate the minority, trans, women, etc. They’re no better and need to stop their hatred as well. But the only reason why I’m not going IN on them is because society already handling that. It’s slowly and I mean slowly going away in first world countries. We’re better than we were in the 60s right? Right. Way better off. However for you all, you all are in your own little world and you need to know this is just horrible.

I guess what I’m trying to say in the tl;dr is:

Hating on the other side and trying to justify it is a horrible act and can lead to major problems later on in the future. We should stop hating on both sides and make these things NOT NORMAL! NOT A CUTE ACT! These things should be frowned upon just like actual sexist, racist, transphobic blogs.

Both are wrong no matter what. And if you’re okay with that stuff of either sexist, homo/heterophobic, and/or trans/cisphobic blogs… Then you’re no better than the rest and you’re just trash in my opinion.

If you have read this far, thank you for taking the time and consideration into it. I do not expect everyone to accept my opinion or to really agree with anything. Maybe I didn’t even make a good point but I’m just putting out my opinion on the matter and how these things are just as wrong.

One of the best nights of my life for so many reasons.

The feeling of just being there, the feeling of healing, it was overwhelming.

Many MANY tears were shed tonight (mostly during Fix You, One Last Time and any time Ariana cried)

Yes I 100% lost my shit when Miley and Ariana performed Don’t Dream Its Over. There were many moments when I lost my chill (Liam fucking Gallagher…)

Ariana Grande you are a fantastic human being with so much love in your heart, this world is so lucky you’re in it. Thank you for giving those of us who witnessed the attack free tickets for tonight it, helped me and my friends more than I can say.

Thank you for bringing healing to me, my friends and my city. You are one of us now, an honorary Mancunian forever ❤

Manchester just showed an estimated 1billion people how strong the strength of the human spirit is, I’m so fucking proud,
I love my city, I love my friends and I love everyone who is sticking together to show that fear and hate will NEVER win.

Here have a video of Break Free.❤🐝

I feel like a lot of the problems people have can be solved by changing your mentality, changing your outlook/perspective. So many people get stuck just complaining about how things are. Yes, there are BM who hate BW, yes there are BW who hate other BW. Now what? Stop spending all your time reading disgusting garbage about us and about other people. Focus on the people who have a love for who you are, all that you are. The world may never be 100% positive, but only focussing on the negative won’t help you. People were enslaved because they were Black, and it took the people who were willing to push for something better. Push yourself to find a solution rather than always focussing on something you cannot change on whim. People waste a lot of their greatness/time because they focus on the negative. A lot of you can be great, but you’re just putting all your energy towards the wrong things.

Ares, He Who Rallies Men, give us the strength and courage to fight for what is right, not what is easy.

Aphrodite, Common to All the People, spread your love throughout this world so hate cannot thrive.

Dionysus, Protector of the Street, help the subjugated defend themselves in the face of grave oppression.

Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth, give us the tools we need to find our way, once more, out of the darkness.

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D filled with fluff as always. Epilogue is up next, and wow! Another chapter done and dusted, but fear not- there is still lots to come for these two cutie pies. ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C’)

You stood side stage, smiling as you watched Chris, Anthony, and Sebastian interact with their fans. It was such a joy to be there observing the panel, yet another thing you’d always wanted to do but never thought you would have the chance to. Like befriending Chris, dating Chris, being engaged to Chris, and soon- marrying Chris. You were definitely a lucky one in seven billion; you were slowly checking off everything on your bucket list, both realistic and unrealistic goals. Your gaze refocused on your soon-to-be husband and your smile widened because it was because of him that you were getting everything you’d ever dreamed of.

He carried a love for you so strong, and had so much faith in you that he’d do anything for you. If your dream was to fly to the moon, he’d build a rocket ship and sit alongside you on the journey. He’d told you that a thousand times, and every time you’d believe him. His offer was always genuine, as was his love, faith, trust, and pride. You were a being unlike any other and you possessed a talent he knew would become a world wide phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long until you checked off ‘become a screenwriter’ and 'win an Oscar’, but that was Chris’ words and not yours. You were sure it was going to be ten years at least, considering you were still a student and being recognized as just Chris Evans’ fiancée. Now that wasn’t a bad thing to be recognized as, you were proud to be just Chris Evans’ fiancée; if that was all you could achieve in this lifetime, you’d be absolutely contented and at peace with yourself.

“Chris.” You tuned back into the panel when you heard Max- the host- mention Chris’ name. “I think we owe you a congratulations.” The whole crowd erupted in applause and cheers; both you and Chris immediately smiled, knowing exactly where it was going. “You’re engaged, man. That’s-” The applause and cheers increased in excitement and volume. “Yeah!” Max egged it on, clapping. You chuckled when you saw Anthony and Sebastian do the same, nudging a blushing Chris and patting him on the back. “Congratulations, dude. That is awesome news, we are so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Chris chuckled into the microphone, dropping his gaze as he grinned to hide his obvious excitement. He may not have enjoyed talking about his relationships before, but with you- he wanted to tell the whole world about you. He was secretly glad Anthony blurted out his engagement news because he didn’t think he could, or wanted to keep it a secret until you graduated. Now as you stood watching him, and seeing how happy he was when they mentioned the engagement- you were glad the world knew too. “It’s exciting, yeah. I’m very, very excited.”

“For those who don’t know who Chris is engaged to, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. I had the pleasure of meeting her backstage,” Max said and Chris nodded, smiling as he threw a quick glance at you; you smiled and gave him a small wave. “And she is lovely, I genuinely enjoyed talking to her.” Chris’ smile widened because he had the same first impression when he met you at the airport. “She’s also very mature for her young age of twenty, I’d even say she’s more mature than you.”

“Max, buddy. You realize she’s watching this right?” Chris laughed, drawing laughter from the whole room. “Yeah, she is. She’s got a very old soul, she’s very old school type of girl. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite things about her.”

“Why’s that?” Max quizzed.

“I just feel like it allows us to have a similar mindset, of what we want in our relationship and in life in general. We don’t have a lot of big disagreements, we argue about stupid things like- who’s the better baseball team. God, I tell you- if she doesn’t ditch her Yankees cap soon,” he glanced over at you and you chuckled, tugging at said Yankees cap.

“The Yankees are the best team,” Sebastian piped up, earning a few cheers and jeers from the audience. “She’s keeping the hat, and I’m sending her a lifetime supply of Yankees merchandise as a wedding gift.” You and Chris laughed. “I’m not kidding, Chris. I will, so prepare yourself.”

“Whatever,” Chris chuckled then continued with his previous statement. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same thing, or just a long term thing in general. I feel like people, especially at her age, they just want something fun and casual. Which yeah, it’s great until you get to my age and find yourself still alone.” The crowd voiced their agreements. “We both agree that relationships these days are moving at a speed we’re not familiar with, or particularly fond of. With modern technology and the evolution that comes with each new generation, there’s a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship should be like. I- we both like to keep things- y'know, traditional. Get married, have kids- the works. It’s nice to meet someone who wants the same thing, it’s refreshing. She’s…” He looked over at you, smiling, “she’s just perfect and I love her.”

The whole crowd lost it at that, letting a wave of “awwww” cascade through the room. Chris grinned as he turned back to the supportive audience. It was nice to be able to share what he thought of you, and his love for you with other people. Yes, he was an incredibly private person who hated talking about his love life. But that was then, he was different now. Now he could’ve talked about you for hours with any fan, or at any interview. He could proudly and assertively tell the world that he was engaged to the most amazing and beautiful girl he’d ever met, as well as help them fall in-love with you as he had.

“Do you think she’ll join us on stage if we ask very nicely?” Max quizzed, and all four guys looked over at you with inviting grins; you shook your head at them with widened eyes. “If you don’t know who we’re looking at, we’re looking at Y/N who is standing side stage. What do you say, guys? Would you like to meet Captain America’s fiancé?”

You felt the butterflies in your stomach get trampled by a herd of elephants when you heard the crowd start cheering, and chanting your name. You shook your head at Chris, who was chuckling. He saw you start to turn and leave, and quickly jumped up and ran to grab you by the waist. He pulled your back into his front and whispered into you ear, “remember on the plane when you said, 'I’ll be there for you if things get too overwhelming’?” You winced, wishing you hadn’t said that; you knew when you said it it would bite you in the butt later. “Things are getting a little overwhelming out there and I’d love it if you joined me,” he told you as he spun you around and took your hand.

“Chris, I don’t want to go out there,” you steadied your stance, fighting against his pull. “Please don’t make me go out there.” You begged then chuckled softly when he did. “There are so many people out there, majority of them are fan girls who probably hate me for marrying their celebrity crush. I can’t go out there, they’re only being nice now because you’re here. I don’t want to say something or do something that will make them attack me when you’re not around.”

“Stop being so paranoid,” he laughed. “I’m always going to be here for you, Y/N. And it’s time you learn how to deal with big crowds, you’re going to have to do that when you enter the Hollywood industry.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “Come on, nothing you do or say will make them hate you. If their celebrity crush adores you then-” he smiled when he saw you smile, “you bet your cute little butt that they’re going to adore you too.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” you ordered in a tone that told him you were going to join them on stage. Chris chuckled and nodded, entwining his fingers with yours. He walked, gently tugging you alongside him. “Oh my God,” you breathed when you walked into view; the crowd cheered. “I hate you so much.” You murmured to Chris without taking the nervous smile from your face.

“Give the love of my life a hand, everybody,” Chris instructed then kissed the side of your head as the crowd did as he asked. You chuckled softly, taking everything in before you lifted a hand to give the crowd a small wave. “Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?” Chris quizzed, then shared a love-sick smile with you.

Another wave of “awwww” cascaded around the room, which quickly turned into laughter when Anthony called out, “oh, get a room,” in a teasing tone. You and Chris turned to him, laughing softly. Both Anthony and Sebastian, as well as everyone in the room, fell in-love with the two of you. It was so obvious you were irrevocably and irretrievably in-love with the other, so much so that the hatred and the jealousy that some in the crowd possessed faded. Chris was meant to be with you, and you him; one could reject that notion, but there was simply no denying it.

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For My Fellow Flash Fans

So, I’ve been scrolling through Tumblr, catching up on what’s been going on with the fandom.

And as I dive deeper and deeper into these posts, I see people hating on SnowBarry and people hating on WestAllen, people who remind us to consider Barry’s feelings, and people who try to bring peace between these two warring factions.

I wish that the words “It’s just a TV show” would help solve the problem but it won’t. We are fans who get sucked into different worlds because we want to meet the characters and get caught up in the story and hope that two people we like together end up as canon.

This is what I want to say to all of you:

I. AM. A. SHIPPER. OF. SNOWBARRY. Yes. But before you start with the slurs and the eyerolls, read on.

First off, when I first watched the Flash, I’m pretty sure I knew that WestAllen would be canon from the beginning. But instead, I found myself shipping these two people who lost people they loved and had the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

For me, I claimed to have no problems with Iris as a character. And yet, I found myself hating it when she would help out around and STAR Labs or play the role of Barry’s girlfriend/love interest/inspiration.

So, now, I’m trying to be more open minded about them. I can see how happy Barry is around her and how she is always there for him for support and friendship.

But that’s the thing: I see them as GOOD FRIENDS. I felt that their romance wasn’t well developed for me. I felt that it wasn’t as real or as convincing to me. I felt that what they had was more of a brother and sister relationship.

If I was going to ship Iris with anyone, it was Eddie. They were so happy together. And their romance felt so much more real to me than WestAllen. 

Sadly, this hurt Barry, who we still need to consider.

I also realized that I didn’t think about Barry’s feelings about all of this. And I will admit, Barry is happy with Iris. I mean he bought an apartment for her just to prove how serious he is about her. Plus, let’s not forget the “Running Home to You” scene and how she saved him with her “I love you”.  So, point to all the WestAllens out there. But, I can’t help but think he could’ve been just as happy, maybe even more, with Caitlin. 

To me, he was the first person who got her to smile. Plus, that karaoke episode with them: just laughing and spending time with her. Plus, let’s not forget how he teased her the next day. I will also never forget how happy he was when Caitlin was away from Zoom and back with Team Flash. Seriously, he was just so lit up. 

That’s what I love about SnowBarry. They seem so natural and their moments are more subtle and not we-are-soooo-in-love compared to WestAllen. 

The thing about WestAllen is that their romance seems forced. I know they were childhood friends first but it just seemed so hit-me-in-the-face obvious that it didn’t feel real to me. The writers were trying really hard to play up the WestAllen angle. So sorry but nope, not buying it. 

And another thing: what happened to SnowBarry? They had so many great moments and as the seasons go down, they get fewer and fewer that we’re reduced to fangirl over them just standing beside each other. WHYYY????!!! I mean, so much ship tease in Season 1. And for what? NOTHING!!! 

I mean, if you didn’t want a ship to happen in the first place, stop dangling it LIKE. A. FREAKING. LOLLIPOP. 

Unfortunately, due to the Danielle’s and Grant’s great chemistry, they couldn’t kill the SnowBarry ship if they even tried. At best, I wish they made the best of their chemistry and diverge from canon like they did with Olicity.  

So, I will end my rant letter here. Yes, Iris is a good person and is a pillar in Barry’s life. She is his best friend and his love. But, I believe that Caitlin and he have something special or the potential to be something special. 

Unfortunately, the writers did not bother to look further into that than Season 1. Seriously, they missed out on making a great romance. 

So to all you WestAllen fans who think I’m being racist or stupid or biased, first of all it’s MY opinion. I have tried to be as unbiased as possible but I will always root for SnowBarry. There will be twinges of annoyance when I watch Iris and Barry have their moments together. But I will not, repeat NOT, believe she is a horrible person. Nobody deserves to become a horrible person just for getting in the way of a ship. Second, I have made sure I got my facts straight and if I’m wrong, just tell me as politely as possible. Third, I am not racist: I happen to like couples like Wally & Jessie or Cisco & Lisa (don’t know if that counts)

So, WestAllens, lay off us SnowBarrys. We like Iris, okay: we see that she is one of the least messed up characters on the Flash. She’s willing to sacrifice her happiness so that Barry could become the Flash and that she’s always there for Barry, in anyway she can. But I still don’t like how she tends to bring up their relationship at inopportune times, how it took finding about their married life to finally start falling for him, or how his love for her made him selfish enough to risk his friends’ lives just to save her. 

I will always like how Barry made Caitlin smile, how Caitlin was annoyed with Barry’s carelessness but she patched him up anyway, or how Barry was always there for Caitlin in the earlier seasons. 

So, I don’t like WestAllen but I like Iris. I like Caitlin and I like Barry (even though he’s made A LOT OF mistakes this season). I will try to see Iris in a better light than I did before. 

In the end, it’s just a TV Show. A TV Show with an engaging cast and storyline that you can’t help but get sucked into. 

So, whether you’re Team Caitlin, Team Iris, Team Barry, or you just want everyone to be happy, remember we’re all Flash fans here. And we just want the best for them in the end. 

I was invited to a Christian event
by a well-meaning acquaintance.
My roommate wants me to go
just to goad the leaders.
I refuse. I wish no harm on them.
I realize that sounds archaic,
but I believe it.
Christianity doesn’t work for me,
but that doesn’t mean
it’s not what other people need.
Because religion isn’t about absolute truth.
The Christian concept of God
doesn’t make sense to me,
but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help.
Religion is about community,
about love, and peace, and hope
and other unobtainable abstract concepts
that can seem less impossible
when you have rituals
and an outside influence to call upon.
Religion can be a life-saving device.
I am not about to take that sacredness away
from people who are not doing any harm,
and in fact, are doing their best
to make the world a better place.
I just wish others would do the same.
—  with love from an experimenting eclectic pagan
p.s. this doesn’t apply to anyone using religion to justify hate.

anonymous asked:

☕️ Undyne is an introvert. She goes to the cave behind the waterfall (the one with the tutu) when she wants to be alone, she doesn't want you to go into her room, and she's anxious that waterfall will get overcrowded when people start moving from the city(she says this when you call her in the room with all the puddles i believe) Papyrus also says that Undyne likes her privacy when you talk to him outside her house and she doesn't want to befriend you

Ohhh man, this is a really interesting take! I never actually thought of it, but damn, I kinda love it. Her being an introvert in a broader sense (rather than in the more commonly used asocial sense), recharging herself by being alone, is really interesting to me, and sort of fits with some of my headcanons for her. Sometimes, she seems a bit lonely and prone to silent brooding. The way that she hides away after you defeat her is a big example.

I think overall I would classify her, at least in my mind, as an ambivert. I think as much as she likes her alone time to restore her energy, she also draws her focus and strength from her friends and genuinely loves spending a lot of active, involved time with them. I think she tries to strike up a balance, and can’t really enjoy the silence without breaks to go noogie her skeleton friend or watch some anime with her favorite nerd. I see her as leaning one way for a while, quiet alone time or wacky friendship hijinks, then swinging in the other direction for another while. 

For some other extroverted traits, while I think she limits her social circle at times to those she really trusts, and she’s not concerned with being popular, she DOES really care about a lot of people and think about them often. She wants you to cherish the nice ghost that lives next door. She wants you to cherish the cute bird. She wants you to do well in your quest. She wants to protect Papyrus and his sweet personality. She sees a cute girl staring out into the abyss at the dump and you better believe she’s going to make the first move and strike up a conversation. Her favorite trait in other people is passion. When she’s looking at the end of the world, she doesn’t just worry about the people she’s closest to, she thinks of everyone. Everyone who needs her help, and everyone who needs to be saved. It doesn’t matter how close they are to her. It doesn’t even matter if she hates them (ex: humanity). Other people are being threatened and it doesn’t matter if she is dying or hurting. She needs to hold on, not for herself, but for them. 

So, yeah, I think she’s got a lot of extroverted traits (in more common-use sense) and a lot of introverted traits (in a broader sense), and I really like that about her. 

I’ve reached peace. I see that I have a squad of three amazing friends who have done nothing but shown they cared.

I have a friend who lives close to me that has been nothing but great and deserves the world for dealing with me. He’s rad and I adore him.

And I’m in an amazing relationship with someone who I love very much.

I’m on a spot where I’m working for people who I used to just watch on the internet. Now I can chat with them and help them with their videos…

I’ve been noticed for my art and noticed by amazing people.

I need to stop dwelling on shit in the past and know that the past needs to stay there. Those who still hold grudges against me or those who may hate me, don’t matter to me anymore.

I’m in a good spot right now..