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sebastian stan + lyndsy fonseca in hot tub time machine (2010)

just watched mockingjay pt2 again. i didn’t wanna risk spoiling anything the first time, but now that it’s been out for a couple days, i really wanna talk about it

- i love that they had gale explain the two-tiered bomb at the beginning. gr8 foreshadowing.
- during the first scene where katniss talks to peeta while he’s in recovery, my mom whispered, “bad hair job” are you freaking kidding me
- johanna is and will always be the best
- the only thing more terrifying than drowning in black oil is being eaten alive by it
- i annoyed my cousin by quoting peeta’s entire explanation of his fake memories lmao
- those mutts don’t look anything like how they were described in the book what even
- i hid behind my hands during that scene both times. probably i will do that every time i watch it
- “stay with me” “always”
- here’s what you gotta understand about the hg fandom: we hate snow, but we DESPISE coin
- “here’s a letter from plutarch” “i don’t want it” LMAOOOO
- i couldn’t even tell how philip seymour hoffman’s presence in the movie was altered bc of his death. they did a good job
- good freaking riddance, gale
- katniss screams at cat. i cry
- the epilogue scene was virtually unchanged from the book, but was somehow a lot happier

A Million Shores and Bays by @piratesails

Summary: It isn’t exactly her fault she’s come to trust a man she’s never met over, well, any other man she’s actually met. It’s what makes all of it safer, easier even, knowing that there’s no way she can actually fuck it all up by running away when she’s already away to begin with. Pen Pals AU.

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