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Dua to be protected from all types of evil #3

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ جَارِ السُّوءِ، وَمِنْ زَوْجٍ تُشَيِّبُنِي قَبْلَ الْمَشِيبِ، وَمِنْ وَلَدٍ يَكُونُ عَلَيَّ رِبًا، وَمِنْ مَالٍ يَكُونُ عَلَيَّ عَذَابًا، وَمِنْ خَلِيلٍ مَاكِرٍ عَيْنَهُ تَرَانِي وَقَلْبُهُ يَرْعَانِي إِنْ رَأَى حَسَنَةً دَفَنَهَا، وَإِذَا رَأَى سَيِّئَةً أَذَاعَهَا.


O Allah,I seek refuge in You from a bad neighbour, and from a wife who causes my hair to turn grey even before old age, and from a son who becomes a master over me, and from a wealth that turns into a torment upon me, and from a cunning companion, whose eyes are upon me and whose heart is scheming against me, if he were to see something good [from me], he would bury it and if he sees something bad [from me] he would spread it.


Allaahum-ma in-nee a‛oodhu bika min jaar-ris soo’, wa min zawj-in tu-shaiy-bunee qabl-lal ma-sheeb, wa min wa-la-din ya-koono ‘lai-ya rab-ba, wa min maal-lin ya-koono ‘alai-ya ‘adhaaba, wa min kha-leelin maa-kirin ‘aynuho ta-raa-nee wa qal-buho yar-‘aanee, in ra’aa ḥa-sana-tan dafana-haa wa idhaa ra’aa sai’a-tan adhaa‘ahaa.

Sources: Ad-Du‘aa’ Aṭ-Ṭabaraanee No# 1339

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Hi, I've only recently started to study astrology more deeply & I was wondering if you could explain the concepts of nodes to me? I understand houses etc. But I haven't come across nodes before. Sorry if this is in an FAQ post or something, if it is then please do point me in that direction!

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Sure…I’ll share the excerpt from the Book I am writing on the nodes.

To understand the nodes we must meditate on what the birth chart itself actually is.  The Birth chart is ruled by the Sun.  The birth chart is the “The sun’s nature “ and represents the external physical world.  The Sun is the center of external forces” and becomes where we wish to project our inner in the present moment of our life.  When we view the Birth chart and life in this way we see an important reality. Our ego exists only in our present desires and there is more a person desire for then existing in just the present.

The aforementioned is important to Study to get a background introduction into the the importance of the nodes.  We must realize the present is not all there is our “soul wants.”  While the Sun may represent the present of who we are; there is also a past of who we were and a future us strive to be. This is where the nodes come into play in our lives and represent a significant part of the “soul” physical world experience.

The North Node is the future we strive for.  In Basic the North Node is what we seek ourselves as we move forward to the future.  The South Node is the past where we came from.  This is the very context of knowing we came from somewhere prior that brought us to where we are today.

The nodes are built on the theory of past scriptures that say the nodes we’re once one body of a dragon. The body was sentenced to punishment and cut apart due to the desire for eternal life.  The dragon as one body stole one drop of nectar from the gods that granted eternal life.  The gods we’re angry as this action overstepped the natural order of life.  Immediately after consuming the one drop and gaining eternal life the gods delivered punishment

The dragon was cut into two and become two separate bodies of a whole.  One half was the head and upper body.  As the nectar was consumed the separate bodies had eternal life forever.  The separate bodies we’re forever angry.  In the birth chart the nodes play out the role of the two separate bodies forever punished.  The separated parts of the dragon act as the North and South Node in our lives.  One node representing our desire for more then we really need (North.)  The other node representing our lack of appreciation of being given limited life by the nodes (The South Node.)

How these nodes play out in our chart pertain to the themes of the ancient story. Whether true or merely folk lore the effects of the nodes are prominent and represent intricate parts of ourselves.  Below I will explain each node in detail.


After separation from the whole body the North Node became the head and upper half of the body.  This is the part that only has a mind and an appetite. The north node becomes the direction we seek to consume to fulfill our hunger. Since it is separated from the lower half body; the north node acts malefically.  It has nothing to hold it down to the ground and control it.  For this reason the North Node acts in an un-grounded manner.  It acts on instinct to consume and grow but lacks practical thought.

What ends up happening with the north node is it lives with an eternal hunger.  It is the part that pushes forward and wants to consume everything in it’s path. This node does so without resistance;  after all It has no lower half to keep it grounded on the Earth.  The appetite is relentless too often consuming “foreign things” and eating things that may some senseless.  It has no limits and will just consume without moral or consideration..  

It is said the North Node acts in this manner because it makes us want to develop the sign and house it is for ourselves.  We do so with no limits and an underlying hunger to push us to do so.  The north node is written as a point where we want to “go outside the bounds of society to grow.”  The node represents foreign things and a yearning for what goes against commonly accepted practice.  Wherever it sits we need this things and we can go outside the realm of commonly accepted means to attain them.

This considered often you see the North Node has a tendency to “go out of control” and become “obsessive.”  The reason the north node pursues foreign things is because it has no ground to the physical world.  The Node pursues “all things foreign and out of context with the world” because it has no ground to the physical world due to having no lower half. Simply the north node operates as it’s moral compass seemingly devoid of practical moral compass.

The North Node is very dangerous as it can actually can destroy people. In the classical Astrology texts it is mentioned the North Node can lead one to dubious acts.  Whatever it takes to fulfill it’s nature. Lie, cheat, Steal, Plagiarize and criminalize may be no matter to stop the Node from consuming it’s appetite. The Node can land you so far outside the bounds of the society it puts one in jail or dangerous other situations in trying to fulling the hunger.

Any planets conjunct the North Node are planets we are “hungering” to develop in this life time. What oft ends up happening is we see the extreme nature of these planets play out.  Since the North Node has no sense of grounding we can see negative aspects of the conjunct planet occur in the scheme of life.  The desire to consume and possess the nature of these planets can be so great it leads us into trouble in our attempts.  We can end up outcast for our attempts to have the desires of the planet.  People may even go to jail, end up exiled from society or even killed over the endless hunger desires.

The South Node became the lower half of the body.  This is the part guided by the dragon’s tail. it has no direction because it has no head to guide it.  This means the south node moves on pure instinct alone.  It is connected to the most primal instincts to survive. In this way the south node is who we are internally in our most basic instinctual of ways.  The south nodes nature is very different then the north nodes in this way.  The south node is the lower half of the body and has no head.  It hungers for nothing.

The South node The South node with it’s lower half and tail “wipes out” the house and sign it is in. The tail “destroys” the house and releases us from the focus on that sign/house in this life time. This node is considered very spiritually in that we are to "liberated” from this area of life as a central point of focus. Another foregone reality is the fact the south node has no head or mind.  it is the lower half after-all.  It has no control over what way it is going and can act confused or lost..  It just rests in the house it is in and has no thought which way to really go.

The South Node are things that come natural to us.  It represents the past and the things we already consumed growing up (or in prior life).  These are our most pure “teachings” and past experience that is ingrained within.  The south node are things we want to get away from and we want to reject in this life simple because we are full of them. This nodal point can show our psychological trauma and themes that we need to develop away from for our sanity sake.  

The South Node can be very dangerous even though there is a “spiritual” connotation towards it. We know this things and have an overly arrogant about them. In this way it is the south node’s nature to be critcal towards matter of the sign or house it sits in.  We are kind of “agitated at these things” and act as if we are somewhat in a bad mood towards them. There may be a kind of “holier then thou” attitude about the node’s stance in a chart at the worst.  A more common reality is one way simply failure to ignore the node’s position and neglect feeding it.  It is as we grow to a certain point and feel no longer a need to nourish it.

Any planets conjunct the south node we are looking to release as we move forward.  We may have had a so called “healthy dose” of this planet prior and seem constrained by it.  The south node “destroys” the planet and releases it from us as a Kama (desire) in this life time.  The planet is not lost to us but rather we become critical and negative toward it. We return to it from to time because we absolutely have to, but we do not enjoy embellishing in it’s nature.

The effects of the nodes are never “Here nor there” so to speak.  The biggest issues with the nodes are in the fact they represent the past and the future opposite one another.  What ends up happening in reality is the North Node and South Node are locked in an eternal power struggle.  This is only logical because they are not one body.  The past and future cannot exist in one moment.  So we end up living in the moment orientating towards one or the other.  

The aforementioned  theme highlights the true reality of time.  The past and the future are separate, but we live in the moment.  This is a conflict of our existence on Earth. This is why the node’s are really “malefic” or enemies to us. They represent extremes in nature.  Extreme detachment and extreme hunger,  There is no balance.  

To live a life on Earth you will find yourself gravitating back and forth between the nodes to life a full Earth experience.  It will be troubling and often the most extreme sense of conflict in our lives.  The vedah scriptures give the North Node “Aquarius” as exaltation because of the desire to break the bounds of the physical world and push the limits of the society we live in.  The vedahs give the South node “Scorpio” as expectation due to the nature to “release” and break-free.  To transform through struggle and live a more complete life.

In the frame works of our lives this plays out in a see saw effect.  We move and back forth between the nodes to live a centered life.  However it creates a power struggle dynamic inside ourselves.  When we go forward to consume, we leave our roots behind.  Yet our roots give us legs to stand up and help us reach for what we hunger for.  So we end up going back and forth over our entire life to gain our “center” and make progress in the themes of the nodes.

The North node matures at 42 and brings with it more stability from erratic tendencies in pursuing the future at all costs.  The node’s malefic nature calms down and creates an environment where you have controlled appetite for the the themes connected with the node.  The South Node matures at age 48.  During this time the south node’s critical nature subsides and we meditate on where we came from to understand the value of it’s importance.  

By 48 years of age one achieves spiritual bliss in a sense.  The past, present and future are fused in together and one is able to live a more “centered life” going forward.  At this time we honored the past, we came to terms with the future and all we have is the present.  We can make our present lives count for more without the malefic nature of nodes keeping us tethered to the idea of the past and future.