To-Do list for your lack of motivation

1. Get up and go for a walk (even around your bedroom);
2. Stretch!
3. Look at studyblr blogs on Tumblr;
4. Drink some water. With ice and lemon 🍋, and peppermint (it helps with concentration!);
5. And, if you’re still feeling tired, have a nice cup of coffee or tea ☕
6. Eat something healthy and delicious (like fresh fruit with some nuts); don’t fill yourself with food though, because too much sugar will make you feel even worse. A small piece of dark chocolate is great.
7. Wash your face…
8. …and comb your hair thoroughly! Seriously, this helps me so much.
9. Also, wear comfy clothes when you’re studying, BUT try not to study in your pajamas. That always makes me feel lazy and unproductive.
10. Allow yourself to rest if you really feel tired. Sometimes, you just need it and that is just okay: don’t push yourself too hard. You will work 10x better after some rest 💪

Let’s do it~✓💪💪


Since there was apparently a need, I made a couple of images to explain why asking for veterinary advice online will often be met with silence, and why you just shouldn’t do it. Get a vet on the phone and they will tell you if you need to bring the animal in. I have tried to keep civil, but I do have very strong opinions on the topic.

I’ve heard all the excuses. I don’t care, you call your local clinic.

@why-animals-do-the-thing and anyone else who feels the need to use these images, you are most welcome to reblog, report, reply with or otherwise use these images anywhere they will be helpful.