Psst! Mechanic!Dean with grease on his jeans all sweaty after a long day at the garage and he wipes his hand in his hair accidentally leaving a long black streak in it but he doesn’t notice until he gets back to bunker and Sam can’t look at him straight and Emma falls out of her chair laughing and Cas gets this hungry look on his face and drags him back to the bunker showers to clean him up, because Dean loves it when Cas takes charge. He loves it even more later when Cas’s mouth is working on him, pinned against the shower wall under the spray, licking and nibbling and sucking until he shudders his release into Cas’s mouth with the angel’s name on his lips. //wanders away whistling innocently

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If Dean does have to live with the mark, like many have speculated, doesn't that mean he'll be Immortal?

This is the one part of this spec that’s still bothering me tbh.  While I do see a lot of foreshadowing that Dean is stuck with the mark for good, I’m not quite sure how the whole immortality thing would work out for him, but it’s really hard to say at this point.

I have also considered the possibility that what we’re seeing isn’t foreshadowing for Dean keeping the mark and having to learn to control it, but rather Dean having to learn to control the darkness that was present inside of him long before he took on the mark. Once the mark is gone, he’ll have to learn to live life differently than he always has, he’s going to need to let go of his caregiver role when it comes to Sam and he’s also going to need to reconcile his desire to save people with the dark nature of hunting in general.

Len the vampire sheriff ran away from his old life instead of sticking around and trying to fix things. In the world of SPN, running away from things always leads to disaster, so Dean is not going to be able to run away from his family or his own darkness. He’s going to have to be present, he’s going to have to be open to change, and he’s going to have to try and find harmony between his dark side (as represented by hippie vampire and the rest of her nest) and the good part of himself that only wants to help people (as represented by Len).

Anyways this is getting way off topic, I’m going to need to see how this theme continues to play out to be certain, but there is a whole hell of a lot of foreshadowing for Dean keeping the mark, but it could be foreshadowing something a bit more symbolic and less literal. I guess only time will tell…


 SteveBucky + quoting each other

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If Destiel goes Explicit Canon, what do you think will be the chances of a kiss?

I think… it depends on how “emotionally developed” Dean (in particular) becomes.  The greater this is and the more Dean is able to vocalize things, the less the chance becomes IMO.  I say this because I think the show will instead settle on verbal acknowledgement and maybe more increased (intimate) contact instead.  In fact, I think that’s generally been the plan all along.  


If ratings start to outright tank (which we’re already kinda dropping off from season 9 tbh, which I thought would happen, but to be fair this is usually the trend and not the same thing as the ratings honest-to-Chuck TANKING), then we could get a sweeps week kiss.  Season 9 averaged a .99 demo and season 10 so far is swinging only slightly below that, which is still very good, for the CW and this show, considering their other modes of revenue, namely Netflix and Hulu.  Basically?  The show’s current “environment” isn’t doing the possibility (of a kiss) any favors IMO. And Carver’s era has been light on such things across the board (I think in preparation for the relationship) anyway.

I, obviously, think the show should go there just because it fucking should, but my bet is currently that they won’t looking at the structure as I see it.  I give a kiss 20/80, maybe 25/75 as of this moment. The longer the show is on the air tho… the more desperate they become for plot lines that will keep it there.  A Destiel kiss/relationship is one of those “break in case of emergency” plot lines.  And honestly… I’m hoping the show will end before we hit that because I’d rather just see “happily ever after” for all my emotional investment than to watch Dean and Cas be torn apart for drama, which they most certainly would be.  

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Oh my god.

But what if Cas does get some of his grace back from Claire?

And he then proceeds to use it to cure Dean? It would basically be Cas superseding Lucifer’s claim to Dean’s soul (that’s what a mark like the MoC or Dean’s erstwhile handprint is, a physical manifestation of angel grace touching and binding a human soul) with his own.

We might get The Handprint The Writers Forgot back.

We might even get a variation on the theme of “You deserve to be saved.”

Cas regaining his grace again only to give it all to Dean, replacing the Mark of Cain with his own mark/claim, saving Dean, and returning Cas to being a human (as we’ve seen before that parting with his own grace doesn’t kill Cas, it just makes him human).

Dean, saved by the angel who loves him too much to kill him when there’s another way out. Saved, metaphorically, from the burden of being his brother’s keeper. Dean, finally able to work through his backlog of issues and put them to rest. Dean having a healthy relationship with his brother. Dean having hope again, maybe still believing he’ll die at the end of a gun or a knife or under a set of claws because that’s how it is for hunters but also not wishing for death. Dean being hopeful and happy in the time he has left. Dean figuring out how to navigate his new, less-burdened life with Sam and Cas. :D

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I am autistic & my somewhat analytical mind makes it very hard for me to seriously ship un canon ships, when I first started watching the show I could see the appeal but was in denial about shipping it myself,until season 8, I watch the show with my mother who is religious like me, I think she was surprised at first that people shipped them but as the show went on my mom began to see it and it's gotten to the point now where we have long discussions about destiel and (1/2)

pass sly and knowing glances at eachother anytime something destiel happens in spn, for a while my mom wasen’t very serious about it until one time she said to me, very seriously “you know they love each other right?” (or something along those lines), my mom now thinks it plausible to become canon and we often have serious conversations about destiel (2/2) (sorry for my bad wording it’s hard for me to articulate)

Don’t worry about your wording, lovely, you did great :)

That’s awesome though.  I can definitely relate to having a hard time shipping something that isn’t canon, and I know that season 8 was a turning point for a lot of people.  Just goes to show that our current god/showrunner is gunning for canon pretty freaking hard :)


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Mainly just Chris Kendall… :D He’s my idol!

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Probably ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

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Actually, I was TWENTY. What a waste.

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Probably in a small village somewhere remote, like Northern Scotland or Alaska.

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Well, I love the way I get so easily excited over little things. I really know how to enjoy life’s little joys.

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Awww, I hoped I was, but wasn’t sure. :D Thank you so much sweetie <3 Your blog is one of my absolute favourites, too!

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Supernatural? :)

  • favorite male character: Dean, Castiel
  • favorite female character: Jo
  • least favorite character: John, Anna (yeah…)
  • prettiest character: Dean
  • funniest character: Dean
  • favorite season: 6, (7), 8
  • favorite episode: The Man Who Would Be King
  • favorite romantic ship: Dean/Castiel
  • favorite family ship: Jo and Ellen
  • favorite friend ship: Team Free Will
  • worst ship: Dean/Anna, Dean/Crowley

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