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Helms Alee @ KEXP

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Hey, remember when metal music videos weren’t sent to VH1 purgatory? Helms Alee does and recreates some of the more memorable late ‘80/early '90s videos. This rules.

This albums kicks the shit out of me in such an intimate and dynamic way. Every time I’ve jammed this, it’s so consistent in holing my attention, yet intense and unique enough to make me come back to it more than other sludge/doom/experimental post-metal albums of late.


Helms Alee - “New Roll” from Night Terror (2008)


Helms Alee “8/16”

8 years ago today (April 4, 2007), Helms Alee played thier first show at the Can Can in Seattle, WA. Helms Alee are currently on tour with Russian Cirlces in Europe.

(posted 04/04/2015


Helms Alee– “Betwixt”

Sludge metal/ shoegaze fusion