Elly’s Gebler Special Forces Team - (aka the Gebler Puppies)

Helmholz - He is calm and composed, superior
in the appreciation of his ability.
He pilots Wandknight [Alpha].
Vance - There is a tendency with the youngest member
to be a narcissist. He pilots Clawknight.
Renk - He fights with pride as captain of the Special Forces Unit.
He pilots Wandknight [Beta].
Broyer - Despite his giant figure and marvelous strength
he actually has a gentle personality. But when he gets excited, this distinction
disappears. He pilots Aegisknight.
Stratski - He is a light, cold hearted companion
who trusts few. He is an expert at the art of shooting.
He pilots Swordknight.

(Source: Perfect Works)


Helmholz is freaking huge.  He’s only 8 months old but he’s already bigger than my 13 year old cat.  His weight today hit the 11 lb mark.  I also noticed his head and his paws were larger again, meaning he’ll have another growth spurt pretty soon.  I had no idea when I adopted him that he’d turn into a monster sized cat eventually.


So I look over and sigh at the mess I’m going to have to clean up when the kittens are done playing for a bit and I see Helmholz trying to play with the TV.


I guess Helm wants to be a hero when he grows up and Stratski wants to be a doctor.


Kitten tail! 


Helmholz: Hey, what’s in that cup on your desk?  *tips it*
Me: You’re lucky it’s empty.
Helmholz: Oh look, a cord!
Me: To my headset, no touchie.  *moves it*
Helmholz: I attack… YOUR SLIPPER!
Me: *scoots him along the floor*
Helmholz: Hey what’s in the trash can?  *tips it*
Me: … I’m gonna kill you now.
Helmholz; I hypnotize you with my adorable kitten face.
Me: Here, have some treats.


I caught the kittens being cute this morning and decided I needed to share.

New Hobby.

So many crafty people I follow.  Knitting, artwork, writing, etc.  

I decided to pick up something I’ve long been interested in but afraid to actually attempt.  Beadwork and jewelry.  I thought it might be fun to make jewelry based on various fandoms I participate in.

Just for shits and grins.   

So I’ve been cleaning and rearranging things to prepare for it.  I have a new cabinet I plan to use for crafting supply storage.  And of course the moment I swept and mopped the floor and placed the cabinet… Helmholz had to check it out.

And claim it as his.  Everything is his.