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🌈🐙 #Sunday 🎨: @camilladerrico
Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist, character creator and painter. Creator of BURN, Tanpopo and Helmetgirls, she has also expanded her style into designer toys, fashion, merchandise, videogames and even movies.

Camilla has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette.

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~What’s your name? Skylar (’: 

~What do you look like? (Or what do you want people to think you look like?) I’m a shorty with tanish skin and very long brown hair that gets evERYWHERE 

~eye color, what your hair looks like, etc. Grey-blue eyes, already said what my mop hair looked like 

~ Favorite color sky blue 

~What does your perfect mug look like? a lil mug with a kitty on it 

~Favorite Drink either tea or apple cider :0 

~Favorite Dessert I really like coffee ice cream, but I also really like tiramisu 

~Any current obsessions?
 Youtubers like the bbs squad of course X3 and jack, mark, n pewds whom I need to draw more of. I also love superheros <3 If you guys haven’t seen Thor Ragnorok it’s a must see! 

~Favorite Animal
 meow meows 

~Ideal place to chill
 outside in the mornings 

drawing, videogames (even though I’m terrible at em), reading, and occasionally writing but usually i’m too lazy 

~Favorite Season
 Fall, because who doesn’t love it it’s literally the perfect season and I will fite If anyone says otherwise (jk you are all entitled to your opinions and all seasons are rather lovely except for summer because I live in Texas and it’s like satan’s armpit) 

~Lil’ random fact!
 I play piano and Bass guitar, sorry that’s a really boring fact but I’m tired and can’t really think of anything ;u;





I’m only doing four because I’m lazy 

Hey lovelies! 😀 I wanted to give you all a heads up about a few items I’m putting up on my Etsy! ☺ Tomorrow at 8AM PST, I’m going to add some of my artbooks plus do a small restock on thecamillastore.etsy.com! I’ll have “Rainbow Children”, “Helmetgirls”,  and “Pop Manga” going up! 📚❤  I’m bringing them to my table J1 at VanCaf but I wanted to make some of my books available online for you lovelies around the globe! 😊💕🌏 Some books I’ll only have a few in stock online so set an alarm if you’ve been lookin to get them! 😉 Hugs and squishes!