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TLJ Plot Leak that I am actually believing to be true

So earlier this week some people (i completely forgot who but if youre this person on Tumblr please lemme know) mentioned a specific set of leaks from Reddit about the entire plot of The Last Jedi and I was skeptical at first but now rewatching the trailers and analysis and what we know, it seemed too fucking accurate and too objectively specific to just be “speculation”.

SO I’ve pasted what was written [SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT] and why I think this is the closest we’ll get to actual spoilers. The OP also correctly predicted details and the plot of Rogue One prior to the release and he is already well known on Reddit for this. We know some specific individuals already saw secret screenings. So I’m very VERY intrigued by this.


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THE LAST JEDI - What we know so far *SPOILERS*

These posts are a breakdown of sorts of what know and have seen from the Last Jedi, through means of trailers, behind the scenes, promotional photos, toys, and leaks. While they showcase a lot, they probably will not and  don’t have everything in them - there’s just so much out there. The posts are also not really meant to meticulously piece the timeline together as a whole, they show things in a general sense, time wise, especially within each part, but not always. There is a lot we don’t know, so it would be impossible to anyway. Some of this stuff is a given, but some of it is speculation based on what we’ve been given.  

PART 2 - Aboard the Supremacy/With the First Order

Meet Supreme Leader Snoke’s Mega-class Star Destroyer The Supremacy. 

  • It is ridiculously large, coming in at 60 Kilometers in width, which is a bit more than 3X wider than Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer the Executor is in length!

Snoke’s Throne Room 

  • The lift that Kylo later smashes his hemet in, leads to the Throne Room
  • Mostly likely Kylo’s POV as he comes out of the lift, across the walkway and into the Throne room.
  • All eight of the Praetorian Guards are present, as is General Hux. 
  • Two odd shadowy figures are seen in front Snoke’s weird machine thing on the right, which will be looked at a bit later in this post.

Kylo before Snoke

  • Kylo with his mask and cape on, most likely kneeling before his master, perhaps awaiting what Snoke has to say about his failure in TFA.
  • Two of the eight Praetorian guards seen from below the waist. The one on the left begins to move when Kylo picks up his saber, preparing to fight maybe?
  • Lightsaber shot not guaranteed to be the same scene, as we cannot see /don’t know the state of his costume. Cape? Helmet? 

Picking up the lightsaber to fight?

  • High chance of him picking up the lightsaber to fight, because as he is doing that, one of the guards starts to moves mostly likely in response to that action. 
  • The question then is, is this a spar/test at the beginning of the movies or an actual fight towards the end - with a possible team up? hhmmm

Kylo in the Throne Room lift

  • Kylo smashes his helmet against the wall/lights - destroying both
  • Seemingly after his talk with Snoke, something happened and/or was talked about in that throne room that brought him to this emotional reaction.
  • His cape is missing - went in with it, came out without it?
  • Again most likely early on in the film, as Kylo is still wearing his bandage/bacta patch.

General Hux

  • Very little of Hux has been seen - just on his ship and Snoke’s.
  • However thanks to an Official Japanese Star Wars website we have this little nugget of info. “Although Starkiller Base has been destroyed, the New Republic’s leadership was eradicated by the superweapon’s only firing at Hux’s command. From the bridge of the Finalizer, Hux issues commands to pursue the Resistance.”
  • Seen above with Kylo aboard the Supremacy, and possibly on the Finalizer. Note Kylo is wearing his cape again, it’s likely that it might come on and off - like his scarf did, and then eventually will stay of.

Kylo by himself (but still with the FO)

  • He again is not wearing his cape
  • In top and left pictures of the bottom image he seems to be sitting in a similar or the same exact chair seen TFA when talking to Vader’s helmet.
  • Contemplative and moody. 
  • Turning to look at something in the bottom left image
  • In the top art of a still from the movie, he is holding out his hand and probably using the Force at something/someone in FO hallway.
  • Looking out what  is most likely a starship window, in the bottom right image. 
  • Different locations: possibly his personal rooms, a hallway, and what is probably the bridge of a ship.

Either before the Battle of D’Qar or Crait (more likely)

  • Kylo Ren inside a room, overlooking a hangar bay - he is broodily looking out a window again! lol 
  • New FO version of AT-ATs
  • A few AT-STs seen too, probably upgraded as well 
  • Same hangar bay in both pictures, possibly different scenes.
  • Bottom shot might have something to do with Finn, but more on that below. 

Finn, Rose and DJ go undercover in the FO

  • Finn, Rose, and the mysterious slicer known only as DJ, whom they met during their Canto Bight adventure, are seen dress in FO uniform as a  means of infiltrating the FO. 
  • Their plan likely involves some sort attempt at sabotaging Snoke’s ship  as The Supremacy is seen later on fire and falling apart. They could also possibly be attacking other FO ships as well.

Finn  caught and planned to be made an example of what happens to traitors in the FO.  

  • Finn is captured by the FO, maybe on purpose as a distraction, so that Rose and DJ can finish out the plan - plant bombs/or do whatever is necessary in sabotaging the ship.
  • Finn is brought before his former captain, and is being held down on his knees, retained by a Stormtrooper.
  • The new Executioner/Judical Stormtrooper’s role revealed. One is probably instructed to execute Finn with laser ax, possibly in front of all those people in that hanger bay mentioned above, a La Ned Stark. 
  • Will not end the way Phasma and the FO want to though, as Finn is next seen free and battling Phasma in the now ablaze hanger bay. 

The First Order/The Supremacy is attacked

  • Wether by sabotage from Finn, Rose and Dj, or through some other means - the Supremacy is attacked, alighting a hangar bay in flames.
  • The attack likely saves Finn from his impending execution. 

Finn VS Captain Phasma

  • As seen by the area around them and the various AT-STs, AT-ATs, TIE Fighters and a new FO shuttle, seen previously in the Poe Marvel comic line, this is same hanger bay that Kylo looked onto, which is aboard the Supremacy.
  • It is very much on fire, with it literally falling apart around Finn and Phasma.
  • Finn is using the same Riot Control Baton used on him TFA, just in a new configuration. 
  • Phasma is using her new weapon, a pike/spear of some kind. 

Rey in Snoke’s Throne Room

  • Rey, at some point later on in the film - as seen by her clothing, ends up aboard the Supremacy, inside Snoke’s Throne Room.
  • Snoke tortures Rey, with the Force and possibly with a device/machine of some sort.
  • While the on set device is not complete - some cgi probably will be used, the toy version of it shows it casts off a blue glow. The same blue glow that can be seen reflected on to Rey while she is being tortured.
  • As seen at the top of this post, two shadowy figure seeming with glowing blue eyes are in front of it. So the device is definitely important and is being used for something.

A lot is happening with the First Order, they are coming off both a big success with he destruction of the Hosnian System, and a horrible loss  with the destruction of Starkiller Base. Now Snoke is joining them in person, and they going after the Resistance with a vengeance - but whose to say what the state of things will be like at the end of TLJ. 

Part 1 - The Battle/Evacuation of D’Qar

Part 3 - Crait

ɪ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴏ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴ, ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴏ ᴅɪᴇ

ʙᴜᴛ ɪ’ᴠᴇ ᴘᴜsʜᴇᴅ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ ᴅᴏᴡɴ sᴏ ғᴀʀ, ɪ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅɴ’ᴛ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ɪғ ɪ ᴛʀɪᴇᴅ

I watch that gif of Kylo smashing his helmet and I think about how Adam wasn’t supposed to punch through that door with one try in that episode of Girls but oops he did and like how much shit did he break filming the helmet punching scene.

I’m fine, really.

What Happened to Kylo’s Cape?

I just realized that Kylo isn’t wearing his cape at all throughout the trailer.

Like here:

Originally posted by mine-loves

Or here:

Originally posted by boomdafunk

Not even while he’s flying here: 

Originally posted by holocroning

And especially not in this famous scene here: 

Originally posted by just-chilln

And it’s kinda weird too, because alot of the promo material featured him rather prominently with his cape (though not always with his helmet) 

Even the dolls/hot toys featured him with the cape:

Now granted you could just make the argument that it was just more practical for him not to wear it. And that we’ve only seen snippets of the movies in the trailer. But even then during some of either the most pivotal scenes (like him smashing his helmet, piloting the Silencer and nearly firing on Leia, and having his hand outstretched to who I assume is Rey) or even simple scenes like him standing watching the First Order machinery deploy, he’s not wearing it. SO I guess it’s pretty safe to assume that we won’t see the cape throughout the majority of the film.   

But if you look back in The Force Awakens, Ren was often seen wearing his robes and his cowl throughout the movie (which was also pretty impractical in my opinion) and seemed to have little trouble with it. Now he’s completely abandoned both.  

We should also note that his costume design is more similar to Vader’s in the Original Trilogy, with the helmet and cape included. 

I’m not entirely sure whether or not that was intentional in the directors decision (though I’m fairly certain it was) but the similarities are present. Perhaps Ren was convinced that after his defeat at the hands, he could become more powerful if he attempted to mirror Darth Vader more. Wanting to resmble Vader in both power and appearance. Maybe he felt that way himself or perhaps Snoke influenced that decision.  

However, we clearly see Kylo smash his own helmet in the trailers. A clear indication as well as a metaphor for him destroying a deceptive mask and embracing who he is underneath. So perhaps him losing the cape was just another step he took in shedding out of his layers and no longer wanting to emulate grandfather. And instead embracing who he truly is.  

I should also note that Vader was very seldomly seen without his cape along with his helmet in the movies. And Kylo is missing both for the majority of what we’ve seen. 

It’s a minor detail that I wanted to discuss with you guys!!!     

Edit: So some of you have pointed out that have pointed out that @jediwhinetrick  mentioned this in her meta here  And as per usual she does an excellent job with her speculation and analysis. 

And many of you have added some great (and funny) insights and theories to this post as well and I really appreciate. 

Also, correction: Kylo does where his cape briefly in the trailer: 

As well in a few scenes from the bts reel (thank you for pointing this out @boomdafunk). 

Though the scenes were hard to notice, which was probably why I never brought it up at first. 

If Only they Knew it was a Trap (klangst major character death)

It had seemed way too easy when they made the plan. The access points were in perfect places, the defenses were simple and easy to destroy, and the location of the Galra ship was just too perfect. The whole team figured they just happened to finally have a stroke of luck. If only they had known. If only they had realized that the whole thing had been set up. If only they would have realized that it was a trap, then the team would still be whole.

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Last Hope of Dead Hearts (aka Unsanctioned Fraternization)

This fic revolves around Evfra and Maria Ryder. This chapter is SFW. This fic contains spoilers. This fic clocks in at 9,452 words. Enjoy.

Thank you to my beta readers:

@gdi-bucky @kiibster @knjyasu @malvinnia

And extra thanks to @knjyasu. She’s the one I’ve been bouncing ideas off of. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have even thought about writing this. I probably wouldn’t have jumped on the Evfra train at all.

Chapter 1

    Aya. Sovereign land of the angara. This place is beautiful,Ryder thought to herself as she leaned her arms against the railing of one of the balconies and looked outward. The view was stunning, and the setting sun was casting shadows that seemed to give everything a stunningly ethereal depth.

    This is what home should’ve looked like, she thought, the idea threatening to cast a melancholy blanket over her enjoyment of the view and turn it bitter. She dipped her head down and rubbed her hands over her face. She’d been at this Pathfinder thing for months now. She’d managed to do some amazing things. Some things that some might think were impossible. Starting a terraforming engine on a planet so that it could again become livable? That was about as impossible as it got.

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anonymous asked:

the scene at the end of the trailer doesnt look like the same scenes for reylo... but! i did see that part where rey is being tortured is possibly the same scene where kylo picks up his saber and maybe fights them(?)

YES, I think it’s different scenes - BUT like others have said, there’s no way he’s not holding it out to her. His scar is healed, it’s towards the end/middle of the movie. AFter the torture and after the shots ofhim and leia - this is AFTER he breaks down against Snoke.

I think it’s definitely not a red herring. Two different scenes maybe, but the intent of the scenes is the same - that is very clear.

I think kylo smashing the helmet and picking up the saber is when he turns on Snoke (probably because of the Rey torture).

I’m so lit.

RvB Headcanon:

Wash is so incredibly pale. He never takes his armour off unless he is at least 99% comfortable with his surroundings (he has never been 100% comfortable anywhere since Project Freelancer, and it’s usually in a locked and heavily guarded room or bathroom/shower space). He eats with his helmet on and sleeps (when he can) fully armoured up and ready for anything that comes his way. He’s so paranoid about someone showing up out of nowhere, guns blazing, and taking out his troops that he is never seen without it.

He hasn’t felt the sun on his face in years. He’s so pale, the Casper ghost jokes aren’t even funny anymore. The first time any of the others (excluding Carolina and Epsilon) see his face is when his helmet is smashed and fragments of his visor need to be extracted from his face by Dr. Grey. They are all silenced by his appearance and Caboose starts getting uncomfortable. 

When Grey starts talking to Wash about his vitamin deficiencies, she thinks they are alone. Caboose is waiting outside for Wash because he’s so scared that Wash is sick because he’s what other sick people look like. He’s had lots of sick people in his life that never got better. So when he hears through the paper-thin door about Wash needing to take special medicine (vitamins) to make him feel better, Caboose makes sure to tell his best friend Church and his other friend Tucker so they can help Wash get better too. They are a team, and they need to help their leader friend not be sick anymore.

Cue to Caboose following Wash around every day with a little plastic cup full of “happy Wash medicine” and a glass of water because Caboose cant lose anyone else.

Tucker just gives him a look and they have a silent conversation about it, ending with Wash sighing and taking the pills that Caboose provides.

And Epsilon/Church rigs up a full-body scanner just to check Wash’s blood contents from a distance to see if he took his meds today. When he doesn’t, he sicks Caboose on him and it all repeats until Epsilon is satisfied and Wash is okay for the day.

do you ever just think about how the one thing we know for sure from the last jedi trailer(s) is that kylo is having some serious doubts and conflicting emotions (clearly even more than before - i.e the helmet smashing scene) and that’s mostly triggered by the fact he met rey in the force awakens and she made him feel all these things first and now the things that gave him “power” before aren’t working and that crack inside him is opening wider and wider and the light is winning over the dark because he found this incredibly powerful woman who completely entranced him

because i think about it a lot tbh

anonymous asked:

You mean the marketing where he is also placed in the villian category or shown fighting rey? Is that the marketing we are supposed tobe afraid of?



In what TLJ marketing is he fighting Rey? (Outside of the video game - which is clearly different than movie marketing…) Is this new? Can you point me to that?

Yes, as I have said many times, Kylo Ren is still a villain. The point of a redemption arc is… redemption. A hero cannot have redemption… Because… well, I guess I’ll leave you a definition… again…


; plural noun:

1. the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.“God’s plans for the redemption of his world"synonyms:saving, saving/freeing from sin, vindication, absolution “God’s redemption of his people”

The above was found quickly from Google Search. I recommend Google if you get confused about the definition of words again. GOOGLE is a great resource for big words.

Also, if you mean to say that all characters who appear in the “villain” categories of marketing are DEFINITELY going to be villains, then the new poster leaks (from Making Star Wars) indicate that Luke Skywalker - who is described as looking dark and menacing on the “Dark Sideposter for the future promo of the film - is also a villain. So… marketing can be deceiving, or simply put, characters can be placed in juxtaposition of who they will be interacting with or associated with generally by the audience. However… it should also be noted - before we continue - that Kylo in these new poster descriptions, is often paired with Rey, and that likely he is being put together with Rey and Luke for the Force plot - specifically. And MSW leaks show us he is on Ahch-To for seemingly a long time. I am one to think he doesn’t stay a consistent, HARD villain for half the movie if he is in close proximity with Rey and Luke. Logically, that wouldn’t work out.

Anyway, as for the only marketing I’m aware of, here:

Battlefront II video game:

looks pretty sad and solemn - check

looks like Sir Lancelot from King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table - check

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anonymous asked:

Kylo trying to put his evil bandaid on, but it never lines up quite right and he gets aggravated. Then he finally gets it lined up and accidentally folds it on itself so it sticks together when he is smoothing it on. That's the real reason he smashed his helmet

His screams are heard throughout the entire ship, Stormtroopers cower in fear, trying to figure out where the fuck it’s coming from so they can go in the opposite direction, Phasma spills her coffee and has now dedicated her life to fucking up Kylo, Hux slips deeper into madness.

Bonus Dark!Rey(?): /fixes it and puts it on perfectly in one attempt. Kylo is crying. Rey really wants to know how her life ended up like this.

anonymous asked:

what's on your episode 8 wish list?

Great question, anon. Here is what some of the minds behind our collaborative have to say:

Felix: A vision or flashback of Ben Solo as a little boy.


  • The true nature of Kylo Ren’s feelings for Rey becomes exposed to millions of viewers around the world after he ends up making a grand gesture - preferably involving a dramatic water rescue because the one thing Rey can’t do is: swim.
  • These scenes: Luke and Leia reuniting. Kylo Ren and his mom interacting in some way. Kylo Ren catching Rey checking him out. ;)
  • An appearance by Hayden Christiansen as Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost. A million bonus points if he appears to Kylo, Luke, or Leia.


  • For the smashed helmet to represent an important character moment for our anti-villain/young Skywalker heir.
  • Kylo Ren with a hood and without the mask.
  • Rey seeing her enemy in a new light after learning more about him through visions/interactions.
  • Kylo and Rey establishing a reluctant/unlikely alliance over the course of the movie and possibly saving each others’ lives.
  • Clear signs of Kylo’s humanity and conflicted nature to make the audience root for his redemption.
  • Greater focus on characterization rather than battle sequences/flashy effects (in line with TFA).
  • No excessive use of nostalgia elements.
  • Originality and creative thought so that the movie looks like nothing we’ve seen before - in a good way.
  • Most important of all: a sense of coherence and seamless transition between TFA and TLJ; following up on all established plot threads, e.g. Rey and Kylo’s mysterious connection, the mystery of the island, the origin of Rey’s powers, etc.

Irina: That we basically don’t get a big mess with the Mystery Boxes where we’ll be stuck explaining for a year and a half WHAT WAS IN THE FREAKING MOVIE. Ahem.


  • More of Leia, and having her story in the Sequel Trilogy tie in with Bloodline.
  • An exploration of Ben’s relationship with his parents and with Luke.
  • More information about Rey’s background and more development of her character. 
  • For some of the great one-on-one philosophical and intimate dialogue that Rian Johnson is known for, especially in the scenes between Luke and Ben and Ben and Rey.
  • Whatever the Hell the Yin/Yang theme is between the two of them to be given full exploration and depth. 
  • For it to not be a copy or ESB re-hash. No Eye of the Tiger training sequences. HARDCORE DEBUNKING OF REY SKYWALKER emphasizing that yes, Ben/Kylo is indeed the only child in that generation of the family.


  • For Rey to have goals towards which she acts or at least tries to act, and have her have some flaws and make mistakes. Or… become a character! 
  • A compelling and memorable story.

We can probably all agree on that last one. n_n

What’s in your wish list for Episode VIII?

#we’re answering asks now, so ask away