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Last Hope of Dead Hearts (aka Unsanctioned Fraternization)

This fic revolves around Evfra and Maria Ryder. This chapter is SFW. This fic contains spoilers. This fic clocks in at 9,452 words. Enjoy.

Thank you to my beta readers:

@gdi-bucky @kiibster @knjyasu @malvinnia

And extra thanks to @knjyasu. She’s the one I’ve been bouncing ideas off of. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have even thought about writing this. I probably wouldn’t have jumped on the Evfra train at all.

Chapter 1

    Aya. Sovereign land of the angara. This place is beautiful,Ryder thought to herself as she leaned her arms against the railing of one of the balconies and looked outward. The view was stunning, and the setting sun was casting shadows that seemed to give everything a stunningly ethereal depth.

    This is what home should’ve looked like, she thought, the idea threatening to cast a melancholy blanket over her enjoyment of the view and turn it bitter. She dipped her head down and rubbed her hands over her face. She’d been at this Pathfinder thing for months now. She’d managed to do some amazing things. Some things that some might think were impossible. Starting a terraforming engine on a planet so that it could again become livable? That was about as impossible as it got.

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what's on your episode 8 wish list?

Great question, anon. Here is what some of the minds behind our collaborative have to say:

Felix: A vision or flashback of Ben Solo as a little boy.


  • The true nature of Kylo Ren’s feelings for Rey becomes exposed to millions of viewers around the world after he ends up making a grand gesture - preferably involving a dramatic water rescue because the one thing Rey can’t do is: swim.
  • These scenes: Luke and Leia reuniting. Kylo Ren and his mom interacting in some way. Kylo Ren catching Rey checking him out. ;)
  • An appearance by Hayden Christiansen as Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost. A million bonus points if he appears to Kylo, Luke, or Leia.


  • For the smashed helmet to represent an important character moment for our anti-villain/young Skywalker heir.
  • Kylo Ren with a hood and without the mask.
  • Rey seeing her enemy in a new light after learning more about him through visions/interactions.
  • Kylo and Rey establishing a reluctant/unlikely alliance over the course of the movie and possibly saving each others’ lives.
  • Clear signs of Kylo’s humanity and conflicted nature to make the audience root for his redemption.
  • Greater focus on characterization rather than battle sequences/flashy effects (in line with TFA).
  • No excessive use of nostalgia elements.
  • Originality and creative thought so that the movie looks like nothing we’ve seen before - in a good way.
  • Most important of all: a sense of coherence and seamless transition between TFA and TLJ; following up on all established plot threads, e.g. Rey and Kylo’s mysterious connection, the mystery of the island, the origin of Rey’s powers, etc.

Irina: That we basically don’t get a big mess with the Mystery Boxes where we’ll be stuck explaining for a year and a half WHAT WAS IN THE FREAKING MOVIE. Ahem.


  • More of Leia, and having her story in the Sequel Trilogy tie in with Bloodline.
  • An exploration of Ben’s relationship with his parents and with Luke.
  • More information about Rey’s background and more development of her character. 
  • For some of the great one-on-one philosophical and intimate dialogue that Rian Johnson is known for, especially in the scenes between Luke and Ben and Ben and Rey.
  • Whatever the Hell the Yin/Yang theme is between the two of them to be given full exploration and depth. 
  • For it to not be a copy or ESB re-hash. No Eye of the Tiger training sequences. HARDCORE DEBUNKING OF REY SKYWALKER emphasizing that yes, Ben/Kylo is indeed the only child in that generation of the family.


  • For Rey to have goals towards which she acts or at least tries to act, and have her have some flaws and make mistakes. Or… become a character! 
  • A compelling and memorable story.

We can probably all agree on that last one. n_n

What’s in your wish list for Episode VIII?

#we’re answering asks now, so ask away

RvB Headcanon:

Wash is so incredibly pale. He never takes his armour off unless he is at least 99% comfortable with his surroundings (he has never been 100% comfortable anywhere since Project Freelancer, and it’s usually in a locked and heavily guarded room or bathroom/shower space). He eats with his helmet on and sleeps (when he can) fully armoured up and ready for anything that comes his way. He’s so paranoid about someone showing up out of nowhere, guns blazing, and taking out his troops that he is never seen without it.

He hasn’t felt the sun on his face in years. He’s so pale, the Casper ghost jokes aren’t even funny anymore. The first time any of the others (excluding Carolina and Epsilon) see his face is when his helmet is smashed and fragments of his visor need to be extracted from his face by Dr. Grey. They are all silenced by his appearance and Caboose starts getting uncomfortable. 

When Grey starts talking to Wash about his vitamin deficiencies, she thinks they are alone. Caboose is waiting outside for Wash because he’s so scared that Wash is sick because he’s what other sick people look like. He’s had lots of sick people in his life that never got better. So when he hears through the paper-thin door about Wash needing to take special medicine (vitamins) to make him feel better, Caboose makes sure to tell his best friend Church and his other friend Tucker so they can help Wash get better too. They are a team, and they need to help their leader friend not be sick anymore.

Cue to Caboose following Wash around every day with a little plastic cup full of “happy Wash medicine” and a glass of water because Caboose cant lose anyone else.

Tucker just gives him a look and they have a silent conversation about it, ending with Wash sighing and taking the pills that Caboose provides.

And Epsilon/Church rigs up a full-body scanner just to check Wash’s blood contents from a distance to see if he took his meds today. When he doesn’t, he sicks Caboose on him and it all repeats until Epsilon is satisfied and Wash is okay for the day.

Nova vs Chapter 18: This is how we do it

Hello everyone, Mr.E here and back! Thank you for everyone who likes, comments and reblogs this story. it means a lot to me

i want to apologize to those who were waiting for this. I took a month off because in all these nearly 2 years of writing (holy snap that’s next month) and the random bouts were i didn’t post, I never actually took a break. but I’m back, refreshed and ready to keep stories for you amazing people.

Here it is, the finale of the current arc thought of by my good friend @marionette-j2x who was kind enough to let me borrow her ocs *Jelina, Mary and Berry with their lord Kim* and let me write out the arc idea she came up with and a special @thefandombytes who helped me with some translations. thanks buddy, I greatly appreciate it! 

This is not the story finale so no worries, there’s still some more nova on the way. Well I am going to simply let the show get on the road cuz I know a few of you waited a long time for this so here we go.

also here’s the link to the ff page in case you want read this from the beginning or stumble upon this randomly https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11773524/1/Nova-Butterfly-vs-the-Forces-of-Adolescence

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I am usually really quick at realizing things, but I just watched the trailer for the 20th time and I realized that when Luke say’s:

“Now, reach out… What do you see?” 

I feel like he HAS to be talking about her going into her force bond to find Kylo. Okay, I don’t know anything and it probably doesn’t actually mean that because I’m reaching, as usual. But like…?? What else would he be teaching her to do? What else would he be teaching her to do that would cause her to respond by saying:

 “Light,” *cut’s to Kylo’s mom* “Darkness,” *cuts to Kylo’s smashed helmet* “And balance.” *cuts to clip of someone pointing at the Jedi symbol, in the book that is assumed to be the Journal of the Whills, which has an excerpt about Light with Dark and resolving in Gray*

Honestly, if Rey randomly had a force vision with Kylo in it and Luke noticed (like when she fell and was gasping for air??), he would definitely ask her what happened or sOMETHING. And if Rey explained and Luke realized what it was he would definitely teach her how to use it.

(I think I am going to make a separate post on their force bond, how it came to be, other stuff about it.)

Yeah. That is all.

Ok, but consider this...

Lena taking Kara to the batting cages


I’m sure just about everyone has seen the teaser that released today. I am trying to see if anyone could make out some of the really subtle background voices. I didn’t hear them until I put on headphones but there’s a whisper of “You’re my Only Hope” (Princess Leia) when Rey says “Light”. When the scene goes to Smashed helmet, and she says “Dark” there is something said about the dark side, sounding like Emporer Palpatine. Then when it goes to “The Balance” there is a third voice. I can’t make out who it is or what they say but I would like to know. Is it Kenobi? Can anyone discern it? Any theories?

Last Jedi prediction

Rey and Kylo fight, Rey dazes Kylo and grabs his helmet ands then smashes it on the ground, leaving Kylo trying to fix the helmet while she makes her escape.

Or, Phasma was just Done™ with the drama and extra-ness of it.

Or, Kylo threw a fit and accidentally crushed it.

Or, Luke found it and decided to mess with Kylo and destroyed it and left a horrible message for him.

Or, Finn throws it at Kylo’s head and it shatters.

Or, Forces Ghost Anakin shows up with a frying pan and hits Kylo with it, causing the helmet to break.

Or, Padme in all her democratic glory comes down from force heaven and scares Kylo enough that he drops the helmet and it shatters.

Or, Rey had the high ground.

Or, Hux was playing around with it and accidentally dropped it.

Or, it was near Poe’s X-wing when it blew up.

Or, BB-8 sat on it.

Or, Leia force-crushed it.

Or, R2-D2 beat it apart with C-3P0’s head.

Or, C-3P0 talked it to death.

Or, Chewbacca smashed it with his superwookie strength.

Or, Kylo Ren turned to the lightside and decided to break his helmet, to show everyone he was serious about being good.

What we know from the TLJ panel + trailer
  • Luke is not the hero Rey thought he would be, he says “It’s time for the Jedi to End”. Perhaps in his search he has lost faith in the Jedi, but not the force. 
  •  That same shot of Luke with R2 during Rey’s vision is very similar to the one of him with R2 outside of the burning Jedi temple in the trailer 
  •  The First Order will be attacking the remainder of the New Republic, very aggressively. 
  •  With that, there will most likely be an attack on the Resistance from the First Order, seen from the destroyed ships. Tie fighters fighting with Resistance ships outside what looks like D'Qar as well of shots of Poe’s ship being blown up and him fighting 
  •  More scenes of the Resistance in general, more of Leia, probably Finn and Poe doing stuff together, meeting with the new character Rose while Rey is with Luke Rey training and learning about the force with Luke, probably some difficult conversations between the two about getting him back to the Resistance 
  •  Kylo saying There is only one truth, maybe referring to the Dark Side when speaking to Rey, or in talking to Snoke 
  •  He smashes his helmet, he has multiple scars on his face that have healed either through the force or a decent amount of time has passed, Obi Wan  along with Vader breathing can be heard saying he was seduced to the dark side, referring to his connection with Vader 
  •  Rey will learn more about herself, the force, and the Jedi, probably having to make some difficult decisions along the way

I have so many questions:

- why is Darth Vadar’s helmet smashed? Did Kylo throw a fit? Did he realize it isn’t his grandfather speaking to him? Is this a good thing or a bad thing (and low-key, is it a sign of Reylo potential?)

- can I get the name of Leia’s hair stylist? (also I sobbed like a baby, I’m really not gonna survive this movie)

- why is Finn in that contraption? Is it like a bacta tank? Is it suspended animation?


- why isn’t Kylo wearing his helmet? And does he have a scar? (please have a scar please please)



anonymous asked:

So in the latest episode of Now This Is Podcasting someone asks Jason during the pod people segment about Kylo and Rey's relationship in episode 8 & Jason says "The Reylo's think its going to be passion." without giving his own answer. He just says the Reylos think it will be passion. And he doesn't mention any other theory (or his own inside knowledge) he just says Reylo. Idk to me this sounds the same as him going "I didn't see a photo of Kylo in a medical bay smashing his helmet..." thoughts?

I didn’t get anything that definitive from it, tbh. Jason has really been dodging fully discussing the Reylo implications of things lately, but I have no idea if that’s because he’s uncomfortable with it or there are things he isn’t allowed to go into yet that are relevant. 

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) Request - Goddammit, You Stubborn Idiot

Request: Hey, if you’re taking requests can I request a Logan Howlett X reader with “I know you’ve reached a decision, but given that is a stupid ass decision I’ve elected to ignore it.” please? Xx

Hello! I had a ton of fun writing this! I’m not sure if it’s any good or not, but regardless I had a ton of fun! I used to watch the xmen as a cartoon when I was a kid, and so growing up I’ve always had a thing for Wolverine (;P), also he’s a fellow Aussie…. Us Aussies and our beaches and tim tams… think that’s all we’re known for. And the accent everyone thinks we have… we don’t talk like that, I promise. Neither Ives or I sound especially nasal or say ‘g’day mate’ on a regular basis. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Wolverine is a special, stubborn darling, so thanks for requesting him! Happy Reading!


“Logan! Goddammit! Would you stop being so damn stubborn?!” You cried out. He was being ridiculous, once again.
“Logan! I’m coming with you, you absolute goddamnned microscopically brained buffoon!” You two were on the stair well heading down from the rooms. He’d gone, he’d come back, he’d told you about what he was about to do and now he was about to leave again.
“Microscopically brained?”
“First thing that came to mind.” You shrugged. Eh, why not. Didn’t know if it actually worked as a concept but when in doubt, try it and see if it works-ish.
“The first thing that came to mind when you were insulting me was that my brain is only visible under a microscope?” Logan looked confused. Good. This was valuable time to change his mind.
“Yes. Because you’re a stubborn butt sometimes and I’m coming with you. I know you think I’ll slow you down, or that you don’t need me or you don’t want to risk it or whatever cliche dominant man-views you’ve got going on, but I can do this, Logan. I’ve been training. Practicing. I’ve gone out on missions and done stuff! Logan, I’m not the helpless imbecile you think I am. I’m actually good at this stuff.” You paused and looked him square in the eye. He couldn’t argue with that. There was no way.
“I’m going. Alone. You’re not coming.” He turned and continued walking down the stairs. You followed after him, not quite running but almost, just to keep up.
“Logan. You can’t be serious. Dammit Logan! Please see reason? You need two people on this, minimum!”
He rolled his eyes but continued walking. Before you knew it, you were at his bike.
“That’s enough, Y/N. I’ve made my decision.“
“I know you’ve reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it” You said firmly, snatching up the second helmet and jumping on the back.
“Y/N, get off.”
He started undoing his helmet and unexpectedly, he was off the bike, sitting on the steps outside the mansion, just in front of where the bike was parked. He put his head in his hands.
“Logan?…” you asked cautiously. You got up and moved to the steps, but you didn’t take off the helmet.
“What’s… what’s wrong?” You asked, putting a hand on his arm to try to comfort him.
“I just…. dammit, Y/N, why do you have to be so stubborn?”
“Me?! How am I the stubborn one? YOU’RE the stubborn one!” You exclaimed, exasperated.
“I’m only being so stubborn to protect you! I can’t loose you!” His face went blank as he considered what he just said… Maybe that wasn’t supposed to come out, but you were glad that it had.
“Logan… you’re an idiot sometimes.” You reached up and went to kiss him lightly… but then you remembered you had a helmet on, so took it off, and then kissed him lightly. Good thing you remembered too, or the helmet might’ve smashed him in the jaw. Logan rolled his eyes at your helmet-malfunctionage, but a small smile played on his lips.
“Logan… look… we lose people, they flicker in and out of our lives, and I can’t lose you either… But I might end up losing you if I don’t come, if you try this alone. And that’s not something I can live with. Logan… sometimes we have to take the risk. Sometimes we have to risk losing the people we love because they’re their own people, they’ll do what they like. Just… just let me come. I’ll be more help than hinderance, anyhow.” You voice was gently, not pleading any more, you were telling him. He leant down and kissed you.
“… Fine… I just… I worry.”
“I promise I’ll be careful… As long as you promise to be careful too.” He smiled and nodded and handed you back your helmet.

Looked like you were going on that mission after all.



- in the background audio of the shot of Leia, anyone else her her “i love you” from empire?


- i’m SO HOPEFUL that they are gonnn do luke justice!



- what can i even say about my daughter rey :’)


*sobs* idk you guys, i just love star wars so much, and this was beyond my wildest dreams i’m so happy, i’m shaking