helmet or hat


No more melted tomblerones or mising skulls, yyeann!

This is my basic process for pretty much everything I draw. The key is understanding the shape of the garment you’re trying to draw and the shape of the body part you’re putting it on.

Drawing the body first forces you to make the shoe, hat, or clothes fit that body. With practice you’ll be able to skip some steps. This method works the same no matter the perspective or pose. It just relies on your knowledge of what a hat looks like from above, or what the bottom of a shoe looks like. When in doubt, just google refs. Don’t necessarily need the exact angle you’re trying to draw. Look at different pics to give you an idea of how it works in 3d.

Shoes are always a bit tricky because feet are a stupid ass shape.

It might help if you think of hats as a cylinder fitted to the person’s head to help you get the perspective right before you push in detail. note: heads aren’t circles. they’re kind of egg shaped if you look at them from the top.

Team Tres Horny Boys is blasting off againnnnn

It’s a little blurry on the dashboard, click it to see it more clearly! Hopefully it’ll show up clear on blogs too but I’ll have to check tomorrow. 

(I thought this would be a good idea when sleep deprived and by the time I finished it days later… I don’t regret this one but I do need to sleep)


Behold, for I have found it! Officially the most magnificent helmet in the entire game! No, no, keep your Revan face mask or your Darth Marr knock-off. Truly, the Eternal Commander MK-4 Aegis Headgear is the true winner. Do those come with their own little ponytail? Or double ice cream cones on each ear to snack on when you get hungry? I think not!

And you too can have this marvelous piece of lovingly crafted 230 gear, if you just go to the GTN and take it off my hands fight the crowds. No, no, one per customer. Please. Republic credits will do.

I dare you to find a more stupendous specimen of in-game headgear than this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


French Mle1830 Czapska

Made in France for a trumpeter of the 13th Legion of the Paris Mounted National Guard’s Lancers during the reign of Louis-Philippe d’Orléans / July Monarchy.
Cardboard base with wood strips and white canvas, black leather, brass and silver-plated copper insignias and fittings.

That’s like the stupidest shape a helmet could have and I completely and unironically love it.


Adrian Mle1915 Chasseur Helmet

Manufactured in France c.1918-19 for a soldier of the Chasseurs Alpins.
0.7mm steel, horizon blue paint, leather lining, two part comb around a main bomb-shaped piece surmonted by a crest covering a large ventilation hole. Commemorative brass plate.

On the 18th of December 1918, the French government offers a commemorative helmet to any and all soldiers or officers that were stationed on the front during World War 1. This one was left exempt of names.

hero of apples 🍎

This sketch was pretty experimental! Tried to incorporate a bunch of techniques and tips from my Character Design prof on posing, proportions, facial expression, etc. and I REALLY like how this sketch came out! Although I kinda feel like my style has changed a bunch just in the past week haha…

When I have time imma try inking this onto a clean sheet of paper using a light table underneath, so this might even get coloured eventually…

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