helmet kiss

;; spock&uhura → smooches 💋 2/?

   ↳ Uhura: Are you sure you don’t want me to go instead?
      Spock: That would be highly illogical as I am already outfitted—
      Uhura: Spock, I was kidding.  

a non-exhaustive list of photos that go up on the wall in the foxhole court lounge before neil josten graduates:

  • nicky and aaron and kevin jammed into one side of a fast food restaurant booth at 3am on new years day, eating burgers while looking varying stages of wasted (taken by an amused dan from the next booth over, from between neil and andrew’s heads)
  • renee alone, an artistic shot that captures the light in her hair, turning it into a proper rainbow, and the gilded line of her jaw and cheek (everyone thinks it was taken by dan. it was allison)
  • aaron and katelyn together, aaron’s expression so quiet and so, so light as he looks up at her where she’s perched on a table looking back (taken by allison, who knows what it means to be a pretty girl who loves someone all broken inside. she’s not jealous that katelyn has better luck than her - she’s, in a strange way, proud)
  • kevin and wymack talking on the sidelines, serious as always, taken to catch wymack’s attentively bowed head and the considering light in kevin’s eyes (you better believe dan took that one)
  • neil lying back against andrew’s side, andrew’s arm hooked over his shoulder and his hand splayed loose and easy over neil’s chest while he stares out the window, neil’s chin on his chest as he sleeps, taken on a long bus ride home (taken by renee. andrew knows it was her - she took him turning his face away as the tacit permission it was)
  • dan and matt kissing and grinning and kissing, helmets under arms, at the end of dan’s last practice before the penultimate game of her final season as fox captain (taken by renee from the bench, with a smile on her own face)
  • the entire team with the trophy, the one that proves them better than a one-shot wonder after all (taken by katelyn, heart so swollen with pride she can barely swallow)
  • the girls arm in arm, dressed in fox orange, all grinning after their graduation ceremony in abby’s backyard
  • the aftermath of that, where matt bounds in behind them and hugs the three of them at once so they’re all in various stages of open-mouthed yelling and laughing (both taken by a gruff but impossibly proud wymack)
  • matt bent over to talk to neil on the court, their height difference comical (a sports photographer took that one, but nicky’s the one to put it on the wall. neil is bemused)
  • nicky and erik, from his surprise visit during the last games of the fall season, where nicky has obviously been smiling (taken by neil, at nicky’s request but without complaint)
  • andrew’s profile and neil’s face in focus, capturing the intensity with which he looks at andrew - more open than he would have known how to be a few years back, and just a little soft (taken by nicky. fair’s fair)
  • neil alone by the whiteboard in the lounge, arms crossed and mouth open as he lectures the freshman (read; tears them to pieces) as their captain (taken by matt, who admires neil’s ability to verbally destroy people)
  • kevin and neil talking to the press, in gear but with their helmets off. kevin smiling (they won), neil’s eyes cool and serious (a press shot that nicky cut out and put up. kevin likes that they look like professionals in it, and likes having neil josten beside him)
  • kevin and wymack at his graduation, heads together. kevin’s smiling (taken by neil because kevin as a human belongs to the foxes, and belongs on the wall)
  • matt in the jersey of his new pro team under his graduation gown, posing like a superhero with an arm thrown over his head (taken by neil, laughing)
  • matt and nicky grinning with the ocean in the background, arms over shoulders (taken by dan on their group trip to california - there’s blurs in the background that would, with a sharper focus, resolve into a sunburn-victim neil, a black-clad arm belonging to andrew, the back of kevin’s head, and the irrepressible and smiling jeremy knox, their guide for the day) 
  • andrew leaning against the driver side door of the maserati in an undisclosed location, staring into the camera like he’s challenging the man behind it (neil. it’s neil)
Elopement - Jason Todd x Reader

Bullets rang around you as you sprinted down a corridor towards a closing metal door. You dove through, rolling to your feet on the other side. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw the men chasing you disappeared behind the closing door. The door sealed behind you.

“I’m in,” you spoke into the comlink as you surveyed the room. Finding a control panel, you attempted to hack the building’s computer system.

A chuckle sounded from the other end of the comlink. “I never doubted you for a second.”

“Sure you didn’t, Lover-boy,” you teased, grinning at the chuckles buzzing in your ear. “How are you doing with the mercenaries?” 

“Oh, we’re having a party out here,” he replied. The faint sound of gunshots echoed through the com. You frowned when you didn’t get another answer.

“Jason?” The panic made your voice crack. Time stopped as you waited for a reply.

“I’m still here, Sweetheart.” You sighed as Jason’s husky voice filled your ear. Even after all this time, your heart still fluttered at the sound. “One of these idiots just shot himself.”

You snickered, finishing your hacking. Sticking a flash drive into the terminal, you started downloading the information. You and Jason had accepted a contract to collect data on Black Mask’s movements through the western part of the United States. The two of you were currently in one of Black Mark’s main warehouses in Las Vegas. “I’ve started the download.”

“Good,” Jason grunted. The sound of a punch came through the com. “I might need your help out here. More mercenaries showed up.”

“I’ll come when I can,” you replied. You hacked into the security cameras to find out where Jason was. When you found him, you winced at the number of new mercenaries attacking Jason. He was holding them off, but you knew he would need your help to take them down. 

The terminal beeped, the download was finished. You took the flash drive out, slipping it safely into your pocket. Taking out your own gun, you shot the terminal to erase your tracks. Once it was destroyed, the sealed door reopened to reveal the men who you had trapped outside. They raised their guns at you.

“Nice to see you again, Boys,” you greeted cheerfully, swinging into action. The men were down in five seconds flat. You sprinted back down the corridor towards a glass window. Shooting out the glass with your gun, you leaped through the window to land a flying kick to one of the mercenaries attacking Jason.

“Hello Sweetheart, it’s nice of you to drop in,” Jason flirted as you joined him in the battle. The two of you fought seamlessly together. 

“I was in the neighborhood,” you mused, punching a mercenary out cold. You flipped over Jason to perform a high kick on another one. 

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ways a kid’s show could have a gay couple “kiss” without censoring: klance edition
  • that time when lance was in the healing pod, keith totally could have visited him when no one else was around and confessed to the void n kissed the pod

  • fucking helmet kisses are so important in space he doesnt even have to be wearing the helmet for the other to kiss it bam gay
  • through the screen kiss
  • neck kiss maybe????????????? idk
  • could share a drink bUT SOMEONE WINKS AND BAM GAY
  • eskimo kisses
  • zoom out to fullscape pretty alien planet shit bAM GAY
  • (not really an indirect kiss but a great idea anyway) a high five that goes for too long, probably ends up in just hand holding
  • there’s always forehead touches
  • cheek kiss!
add on to this!!

A teammate’s face gets closer to yours…how do you react?

Panarin sees Kaner’s face getting closer: Whoa, too close there, buddy…pulls away.

Kaner sees Jonny’s face getting closer: nbd, no surprise (he probably does it all the time ;) haha) 

Please consider Maine and Wash’s primary form of affection is them knocking their helmets together. That’s it. All suited up and ready to get dropped and because of their height difference either Maine slouches a few inches to nudge Wash a few times or Wash strains on his tip-toes until his head makes a thunk against Maine’s. It started as a bit of a joke but they ended up really liking it and sometimes Maine makes a special effort to get their visors to collide because it makes a weird squeegee noise that Wash thinks is hilarious.

x3lilihua  asked:

13 pls 💕

“The way I feel when I’m with you”

Keith’s not good with words.

He pulls Shiro along the empty corridor, out the exit and into the night air, toward his red hoverbike waiting in the dark. Shiro tries to ask where they’re going but Keith hands him a helmet instead, starts the engine, and waits. As soon as Shiro is behind him with his arms secure around Keith’s waist, they’re off the ground, a cloud of dust trailing behind them.

Keith rides out into the open desert, under the vast, starry sky. Shiro doesn’t see a path but it feels like Keith knows where to go. It’s exhilarating out here, the rumble of the engine beneath them, the rush of wind whipping around them, the scattering of rocks and sand rising up behind them. But it’s comforting too, the solid warmth of Keith in his arms, and the familiar smell of the desert night.

Keith shouts something Shiro can’t quite catch, but looks ahead of them just in time to see the sharp drop of a sheer cliff. Shiro doesn’t even have time to yell; they’re going too fast, Keith’s not stopping, only going faster, so Shiro holds on tight and puts his trust in Keith.

They fly off the edge at full speed, engine roaring, and for a single moment it’s just Keith and Shiro with nothing above them, nothing below, nothing at all to stop them; they’re untouchable.

Shiro feels like his heart is about to burst, feels the exact moment gravity pulls them back down, the way his stomach clenches and his toes curl as they hurdle back towards the ground. Keith slams the throttle, twists the clutch just right, and the hoverbike lands on the other side of the canyon in a plume of sand and dust.

“That was insane!” Shiro pulls off his helmet, laughing, and hands shaking from the adrenaline.

Keith turns around in his seat, tosses his helmet aside and kisses Shiro right there, with the stars bright above their heads and the dust still settling around them. Shiro kisses him right back, his hands slowly finding their way to Keith’s face, holding him softly until Keith pulls back enough to look him in the eyes.

“You asked me, the other day, how I felt about you.”

Shiro remembers, had been patient when Keith didn’t have an answer then.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Keith whispers, voice quiet. He takes Shiro’s hand, presses it against his heart so Shiro can feel his heartbeat, wild and fast. “But this is the way I feel when I’m with you.”

And Shiro thinks it feels unstoppable, like flying full speed through the air, but also knowing the ground is solid and safe when you land.

Keith’s not good with words, but Shiro understands him all the same.

“Me too.”

goD like im so fucked up over the idea of andrew and neil giving each other forehead kisses like

  • neil starts it b/c three inches taller is the perfect height to kiss andrew’s forehead
  • it starts as just another thing neil does during their iconic makeout sessions
  • (or like, you know)
  • (when they’re done)
  • but then neil starts doing it other times and andrew is just like ?????
  • neil will give him a forehead kiss before leaving for class in the morning
  • or right before bed
  • andrew pretends that he thinks it’s the most annoying thing ever, but he really really secretly loves it and how it slowly just becomes neil’s go-to form of affection
  • it takes a while for any of the other foxes to notice since it’s a pretty intimate gesture, so there aren’t really that many occasions for them to see it
  • months after it started, they finally see it when neil goes to ask andrew something during a scrimmage and before he turns to leave he just kisses andrew’s helmet (!!!!!!)
  • allison makes an unbelievable amount of money
  • they all think that they will never see andrew return the gesture in a million years 
  • but one day after a game the press is super nasty to neil and pull up way too much shit from his past
  • he holds it together until he gets back to the locker room but then he can’t breathe and the room is spinning 
  • and andrew just shoves him up against the wall to keep neil from collapsing, with one hand on his neck and the other flat against neil’s heart
  • “neil, stop. fucking listen to me, you’re fine, you’re safe here, it’s okay”
  • neil does calm down after a minute and just looks exhausted and worn out as he refuses to make eye contact with anyone but andrew
  • everyone thinks andrew is going to step away now that neil is fine but he doesn’t
  • he presses himself up on his tiptoes
  • and grabs neil’s face between his hands to pull it down a little
  • and kisses his forehead

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Hiiiiii (x Could you please do a royal headcanon about an omega prince and an alpha knight secretly be in love and going out with each other? XD

Yesssss fuck me UP I love this so much

  • The omega prince is probably going to end up married to another royal alpha from another kingdom. He’ll get a degree of choice provided no wars break out, but he’s still kind of bummed out he can’t just choose
  • He often hears the guards and knights talking about their mates, and he gets very jealous
  • One day he’s at some fancy gathering at a duke’s palace, and he gets lost wandering around the halls
  • As he walks, he finds himself in the gardens, and the doors are being guarded by a solitary knight bearing the duke’s family crest across his breast plate
  • The knight notices that the omega prince is alone, and he rushes over and says “your highness, are you alright? Why aren’t you in the banquet hall?”
  • The omega blushes because holy shit does this alpha smell good and admits that he’s lost
  • The knight, in true alpha style, puffs his chest out and salutes the omega and asks “would you allow me to escort you to the hall, your highness?”
  • The omega accepts, of course, and the knight waits for omega to begin walking so he can follow from behind (as is customary to do), but the omega simply smiles and says “I would like you to walk by my side”
  • By this point, the alpha is very flustered and nervous, but accepts, internally screaming because not only are they escorting a prince but the prince is very cute
  • The omega is sad when they reach the hall, and as they bid the knight goodbye, the decide that first thing tomorrow morning, they’ll order that the knight be transferred to his palace
  • Lo and behold, the duke is delighted to offer the knight in service to the prince, and the knight is thrilled and shocked and amazed that the prince actually remembered him
  • The prince sees the knight around the castle, and he’ll smile, and even greet him if they’re alone
  • Gradually, the omega begins to go out of his way to be with the knight, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by his beta escort, who suggests that he promote the knight to part of his royal guard
  • Meanwhile, the prince’s parents are ecstatic, because their son is finally showing a interest in royal proceedings, and is supplementing their own royal guard instead of just letting it be picked for them
  • When in reality, the prince is just showing an interest in the knight
  • The prince, although shy, is the first to move. One day, as his guard is being escorted, he feigns anger, and dismisses all the knights except his alpha knight, acting as though he’s furious with the alpha
  • The poor alpha has NO CLUE what’s going on, and his heart is slowly breaking because he really doesn’t want to leave this omega’s side
  • Once the guards are gone and the two are alone, the omega steps up to the knight, pulls his helmet back, and kisses him
  • The knight’s heart is suddenly repaired and racing and his mind is going a mile a minute because hOLY SHIT THIS BEAUTIFUL OMEGA PRINCE IS KISSING HIM
  • They stare at each other in shocked silence for a few minutes after, their scents shifting between content, nervous, and adoring
  • Then, the knight clears his throat and puffs out his chest, and gets down on one knee, bowing his head
  • “Your majesty” he says “I pledge my life and loyalty to you and only you, for as long as your reign may last and beyond”
  • The omega giggles and tells them to get to their feet, and then kisses them briefly
  • Every time they see each other from then on, they give each other furtive and wanting glances, and when they’re alone, which is very rarely, they’ll fall on each other like long lost lovers
  • The prince sometimes sneaks out of his room during the night to go to the guard quarters
  • The other knights and guards all think the knight is in Really Big Trouble with the prince, because the prince asks to see him so much in private
  • Only the prince’s escort knows what’s happening, but that’s because they found the knight hiding under the prince’s bed when they had almost gotten caught by the king
  • They’ll give each other looks during formal events, and every possible moment, the prince will ‘slip out to get some air’ and take his personal guard with him
  • When in reality they’re just slipping out for a quick snog

Title: Deaf’s Love

Character: Erastus “Deaf” Smith

TV: Texas Rising

Warnings: Smut!!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Deaf had made it home safe and sound, ready to relax and spend time with his wife.

The war had been wearing the Rangers down, so General Houston granted the men to have a two day leave. Rest up, eat properly, get a woman and have some fun.

Erastus had fed and watered his horse, making sure that she was in the barn to rest her tired hooves as well.

Upon entering the spotless home that he shared with Y/N; the not so pleasant scent of gunpowder, blood and sweat slapped him in the face.

Shaking his head, he started the water for a nice hot bath, but he most definitely needed to rinse off first.

After going for a quick dip in the large pond that was located on the property, Deaf trudged back up to the house, his white long John bottoms soaked through.

At the door, he removed the wet undergarment and wrapped a towel around his waist. It took a little while to fill the tub, but the second he sank down into the cozy hot water, the knots and kinks unwound from his sore muscles.

Within moments of being squeaky clean, he was asleep with his head and arms propped up on the side of the tub.
Soft hands ran over his shoulders, while a feminine voice spoke his name.

Erastus blinked slowly, breathing deeply as he came to. Looking up, he saw the beautiful face of his wife.

“Hey Sweetness,” he said, sleepily.

She smiled, leaning down to kiss his lips, “Mmm, hello Deaf,”

He sighed into the kiss, holding the back of her head as their lips moved together.

She slid a hand down his chest, gasping and pulling away once her hand was in the water, “Deaf, you need to get out of this water before you catch a cold,”

When Deaf moved his legs, he then realized that the water was chilled.

Y/N laid a towel on the table that was next to him and kissed his cheek, “I’m going to turn down the bed,”

Deaf smiled, watching the natural sway of her hips as she went to the bedroom.

He sighed, feeling his length grow at the need he felt for his wife. It had been far too long.

He held the towel around his waist, leaning against the doorway as Y/N moved around the bedroom.

She was in her thin nightgown, her hair still up. The comforter and top sheet on the bed were turned down, ready for them to occupy the comfortable mattress.

Deaf had more in mind though… a lot more in mind.

With her back turned to him, Deaf walked over to her, wrapping an arm around her waist as he ran his nose up her neck.

Her sharp intake of breath made him smile.

Deaf ran his hand across her abdomen, placing feather kisses when she tilted her neck.

“I missed you Darlin’,” he whispered, kissing her earlobe.

Y/N laughed lightly at the tickle of his beard. Turning in his embrace, she smiled up at him, “I missed you too, Erastus,”

He licked his lips, his eyes trailing over her features and down to her cleavage. The front of her nightgown was tied in a simple bow, that being the only thing holding it together.

Reaching for satin string, he pulled at the ends deftly untying it.

The cotton gown fell open, revealing the swells of her breasts while still covering her nipples.

Y/N rolled her lips, biting the bottom as she anticipated the next move.

Deaf cupped her cheeks, threading his fingers into hair at the nape of her neck. Tilting her head up, he bent down to make up for the height difference.

At the contact of her supple lips, Deaf groaned into the kiss.

His wife’s fingers grasped at his damp shoulder blades, her soft fingertips running down his back and ending at his waist.

Their heads moved in sync as they kissed, the light smacks of their lips connecting and disconnecting sounding very mute to Deaf’s ears.

He broke the kiss when Y/N removed the towel from his waist, letting it fall to the floor.

His length jutted proudly from a thatch of curls, just begging to be touched.

When Y/N sank to her knees, Deaf let his fingers trail through her hair as he put his head back and stared at the ceiling.

At the feel of her lips kissing the helmet of his length, his legs shook.

Peering down at her, he watched as she slowly took him into her mouth, bobbing her head at a snail’s pace.

Deaf grunted, the suction and warmth of her mouth beyond perfect. He could feel the pull of his orgasm approaching quickly, but he didn’t want to finish so soon; and certainly not before Y/N.

Pulling his hips back, his member fell from her lips with a slight bounce and pop.

Y/N licked her lips, wiping away any excess from her mouth.

Deaf helped her stand, the nightgown falling from her shoulders and pooling at her feet.

Without wasting another moment, Deaf grabbed her bottom, and hoisted her up so that her legs would wrap around him.

He carried her to the bed, where he laid on it, letting her sit on top of him.

Her hands on his chest ran up and down, her fingers gliding through the his damp chest hair.

Y/N rose to her knees, the tip of his length brushing against her wet lower lips.

Reaching behind her, she held him still as she lowered herself down onto him.

They both sighed, adjusting to the length and tightness.

With his hands resting on the dip of her hips, Deaf held onto Y/N as she began to raise and lower her hips.

Sitting up, he grasped her chin, his fingers sliding to her neck as he kissed her softly.

She moaned on a breathy sigh, twirling her tongue with his. When she pulled back, Y/N rested her forehead against his, “I missed you Erastus,”

Deaf raised his hips as she lowered herself, burying himself deeply within her.

Throwing her head back she let out a loud moan and rolled her hips as he held her against him.

Deaf kissed and nipped at her neck, whispering words that he had missed saying so much to her, “Missed you too, Darlin’.”

Giving her chin a nip, he let her hips go so that she could continue riding him, “I love you so damn much,”

Y/N cupped his cheeks, pecking his lips and smiling, “Show me how much you love me,”

He grinned, twisting them around so that he was on top of her.

Deaf held her thigh high on his hip and snapped his hips forward in a hard, deep thrust.

“Oh my God,” Y/N cried out.

She hooked her other leg with his, using it as leverage so that she could meet his thrusts.

Leaning down, Deaf took a hardened nipple between his lips, teasing it with his tongue.

“Don’t stop, Erastus,” Y/N cried, running her fingers through his messy hair.

He felt her warm tunnel begin to tighten as her release hit her hard.

Pushing his hips forward one last time as she cried out, he filled her with his hot seed.

While his body twitched, Y/N continued to roll her hips to prolong their release.

Deaf laid there, his head resting on Y/N’s breast.

“I love you too, Deaf,” Y/N whispered.

He felt her chest vibrate from her words, but they were muffled.

“What?” he asked, raising his head.

“I love you too, Deaf,” she repeated, also signing it to him.

Rolling to the side, he pulled Y/N to him, letting the night time air cool their heated skin.

As Y/N started to pet his chest, he kissed her forehead, letting his lips rest there.

“You will always be my desert rose.”


Chris Kreider #1

Anonymous said: Can I ask for a Chris Kreider imagine and can it be about him taking his kids to team practice and the guys making fun of him cuz there are like five or six of them and then the reader pops up and she’s pregnant again!

A/N: literally i was like ‘who is this guy again’ and looked up his tag and was like ‘omg its the guy who used to kiss talbys helmet!!!’ lol well i hope u liked it :) also writing this was a different POV was weird and sorry if it was weird to read or anything

Word Count: 1,730

The fact the Kreider family was big wasn’t new news. So knowing the four kids would be skating around the ice rink, the oldest three in their hockey gear, everyone was happy enough to have the little ones on the ice. With practice over, a few Rangers stayed behind and hung out with Chris and his kids. 

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