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ways a kid’s show could have a gay couple “kiss” without censoring: klance edition
  • that time when lance was in the healing pod, keith totally could have visited him when no one else was around and confessed to the void n kissed the pod

  • fucking helmet kisses are so important in space he doesnt even have to be wearing the helmet for the other to kiss it bam gay
  • through the screen kiss
  • neck kiss maybe????????????? idk
  • could share a drink bUT SOMEONE WINKS AND BAM GAY
  • eskimo kisses
  • zoom out to fullscape pretty alien planet shit bAM GAY
  • (not really an indirect kiss but a great idea anyway) a high five that goes for too long, probably ends up in just hand holding
  • there’s always forehead touches
  • cheek kiss!
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Please consider Maine and Wash’s primary form of affection is them knocking their helmets together. That’s it. All suited up and ready to get dropped and because of their height difference either Maine slouches a few inches to nudge Wash a few times or Wash strains on his tip-toes until his head makes a thunk against Maine’s. It started as a bit of a joke but they ended up really liking it and sometimes Maine makes a special effort to get their visors to collide because it makes a weird squeegee noise that Wash thinks is hilarious.


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You had to think fast, to save Bucky. T’Challa would rip him to shreds if you didn’t. With that thought in mind, you quickly ran over to T’Challa, knowing he wouldn’t harm you, took off his helmet and kissed him as a distraction. 

Surprisingly, he didn’t push you away. He kissed you back and it allowed Bucky just enough time to run away, as the others fought.   

Overprotective/jealous Opie

The bike roared to a stop outside the high school where you worked as a teacher. You unwrapped your arms from your Old Man’s waist and got off the bike. You passed him back the helmet and kissed him. You were interrupted by a wolf whistle.

“Lookin’ good Mrs Winston!” One of your students called out.

You heard your husband growl softly and put a hand on his cheat to calm him down.

“Stop it,” you said to Opie and then turned to the student. “Get to class!”

Opie was frowning deeply as he watched the student leave. “I’m not gonna let him talk to you like that, I-”

“Ope!” You cut him off from his rant before he could really start.

“He’s my student.”

“I don’t care! He can’t talk to you like you’re a piece of meat!” Opie raged. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

“He wasn’t; he was just being a teenage boy.” You reassured him.

“Whatever,” Opie said and leaned in to kiss you again. “If he tries anything on you I’ll cut his head off.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you smiled. “Get to your Club tough guy.”

Opie smiled at you and revved his engine a few times to show off before he drove off.

You shook your head at his antics as you made your way to the classroom.


“I’ll see you next week Mrs. Winston.” The same student from earlier said. Opie saw him wink at you as you approached your waiting husband.

Infuriated, Opie got off of the bike and strode over to the kid with wide, angry stomps.

“Hey!” He shouted to get the student’s attention.

“Jesus Christ.” you muttered and rushed over to Opie before he could get himself into too much trouble.

Opie grabbed the teen by the back of his hoodie and shoved him up against a chainlink fence, his forearm pressed tight to the other boy’s throat.

“Dude, chill!” the student rasped out, trying to breath as Opie was blocking his air supply.

“Why are you winking at my wife, huh?” Opie spat in the boy’s face.


“Because why?!” Opie pushed harder. The guy was starting to turn blue.

“She’s hot okay? God, I’m not going to touch your wife I swear, I’ll stop!” He yelled out, trying to shove Opie off of him but the biker was too strong.

Opie leaned in to whisper into the kid’s ear one last warning.

“If I find out you’re talking to her like that again, I’ll cut off your favourite appendage and send it to your mother, gift-wrapped.”

The teen gulped and nodded. Opie let him go as you reached them. The boy ran off before you got a chance to say anything to him but you turned to Opie and punched him in the shoulder.

“Ow! What?!” he exclaimed.

“What the hell Opie! You can’t just attack one of my students like that!”

“He deserved it.” Opie argued.

“No he didn’t, you were just being a jealous bas-”

“Yeah, I was! Okay? I was jealous.”

“Of a teenage boy?” You asked with a slight smirk.

“Yeah,” your Old Man shrugged. “I’m always afraid that you’re going to leave me for someone else. Someone younger; someone with more money; someone whose life isn’t as dangerous as mine.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, holding him tight.

“I don’t want any of those things, Ope. I want you,” you stood on your toes to kiss him and he snaked his arms around your waist to hold you there.

“Don’t be jealous, baby,” you told him when you broke apart (a crowd had started to gather). You walked hand in hand back to his Harley but before you got on the bike, you pressed a kiss to his cheek and told him one last time; “I’m your girl.“


wanna hear a cool story? okay, so the whole kreider kiss thing originated back when they (kreider and talbot) played in minors together. they quickly became good friends because they both had the same in game ethics and ideas. so eventually, the whalers (the minor league affiliate of the rangers) won the game with a shoutout and krider was the first to congratulate talbot on his first shutout. he says that he didn’t know what else to do so he just kissed his helmet. ever since that game that’s kreiders way of congratulating and celebrating a shotout win with talbot ♡

Au where person A and person B are on opposing football teams and they’re dating. Neither of them are out yet. Halfway through The Big Game, A decided he’s gonna take a chance and he meets B in the middle of the field just before a time out ends. Before B can ask what he’s doing, A takes off both their helmets and kisses him. The stadium is in an uproar but neither can hear it as they’re lost in each other.

Bonus: The teams are rivals.

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I ship you with Miles. ❤

I sense you would be good with Brandon!

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“Do you really think that is such a good idea?” you asked peaking through your fingers as they made a make shift ball pit for Extra Life out of some cardboard boxes tapped together and packing peanuts.

“Oh, come on it’ll be great!” Brandon cheered proudly looking at his creation.

You took a deep breath, “Hold on.” You quickly ran off set and came back with a helmet from props, earning you a few laughs. Brandon rolled his eyes but let you strap the helmet on him. You kissed the forehead of his helmet before wishing him luck.

There was a small countdown before he went charging at the boxes and diving in.

“Bad idea! So bad!” he screamed as the box instantly split causing him and the peanuts to spill everywhere.

You came rushing over and jumped down beside him, “Are you okay?”

“I will be,” he dramatically sat up on his elbows, “As soon as I get a kiss right here.” He pointed to his lips.

“You scared me, asshole!” you punched his shoulder but complied and pressed your lips to his.