helmet inspiration


omg guys, there’s this series of GF shorts named “Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery” which originally aired in November 2015 and is basically a bunch of fake commercials featuring puppet!Stan trying to ged rid of various Mystery Shack junk, and I really regret not watching it sooner because it’s a *freaking treasure*. can’t remember the last time I got this inspired to draw GF shit :D

(Bill and Stan’s phone talk is from this short and this line actually made me freak out for a second because knowing Alex, it’s either a subtle foreshadowing to the finale, or a hint that Bill is still in Stan’s mind :)))

America Chavez ft. Red Hood (MarvelDC Crossover Art)

Done with a request from a friend on Comics Amino. 

She requested an artwork of Marvel’s Miss America teaming up with DC’s Red Hood. So yeah I apologize for another Red Hood art  🙏🏻

This time it only took two days to finish this and yes that also includes procrastination. I’m a heavy procrastinator. I can’t help it :P

Tools: PC, Wacom Tablet, Photoshop, Chabeescalante’s brushes, my custom brushes and hair brushes I found on google.

I had a blast making this cause i was able to experiment with a lot of stuff. Like playing with the hair brushes.

You know what i like about drawing superheroes? Their costumes. I love changing their outfit style. Red Hood helmet was inspired from an artwork by Dexter Soy i saw on Tumblr.

I even include the dialogues in it :P  Miss America is fighting with some henchmen. Red Hood then comes in to aid her but of course Miss America gets annoy when someone interrupt her 😏


Team Fortress 2. Compliments

No one can tell how Pyro’s so happy and relieved at that moment…

I haven’t figured out how my maskless!Pyro would actually look, so I have to apologize for still hiding his face Besides, he’s only showing it to Scout! Not to anyone else. But I’d like to think he’s got burns that deformed his face and… yeah that.

Thanks to my twin for fixing Scout’s original compliment that I was supposed to use. He gave me a better one.♥

gemsona #12!! she’s super tall

she never felt comfortable with homeworld’s (and other gems in general) definition of what a physical form should look like, so she changes a lot and some of her regenerations have looked much more monstrous or alien-like in appearance. this is about as humanoid as she gets.

she’s generally a pacifist and avoids conflict when possible, but can more than effectively deal with enemies when faced with them.


from a regular chatroom i frequent, whenver the screen is engulfed by Undyne RPers it becomes FISH CHAT! This particular time happened to include the awesome @thevoidiestdyne​ as Undyne the Undying and yours truly as Underfell Undyne! Later was added Genderbent! Undyne for even MORE spearcentric CHAOS!! Enjoy.


After the details about the legion of clones that followed Ahsoka during the Siege of Mandalore were revealed at Ahsoka’s Untold Tales panel at SWCE (watch it and weep) I got a bunch of requests to add an Ahsoka-inspired helmet to my Redbubble clone helmets collection. I added three, because, common, it’s the clones! We know these guys would mix things up a bit among themselves somehow :>