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The UN will vote this morning (Sunday, December 18th 2016) on a French-introduced resolution to monitor the evacuation of Aleppo’s citizens due to the consistent breaking of ceasefire and peace talks by Assad’s regime, Russia, and Iran-backed militias.

In a totally unsurprising move, Russia is expected to VETO.

Suzalulu Week 2015 - Day 6 ‘Service and Sacrifice’

“They sent me back to the academy you know. I couldn’t do much to get out of that. But no-one mentions anything when I leave in the middle of class, and when they see Zero, they never say my name. It’s existing without existing. 
I know you said that my sacrifice would be that I could never die, that living would be penance. But this can’t really be called living, can it?

Are you listening, Lelouch?”

The mask lay silent on the bed. It never did have answers for him. With a sigh, he picked it up. 

“Never mind. Let’s go. We still have time to serve.”

{ Stella & Zoe }


Tires skid against the asphalt releasing a sharp squeal and a wafting of burning rubber up into the air as the black Agusta F4 came to a sudden halt in front of one of the facility’s garages. Without skipping a beat, the rider dismounted in a motion as smooth as silk, kicked down the stand, and removed her helmet to free loose, bouncing blonde curls as she walked to the cat-eyed brunette standing there and observing. “I’m still getting a bit of kick back on the sharp corners over 160,” she reported, blue eyes bright and glimmering with an absolutely unconcealable joy over the evenings task, tinkering and toying with her beloved bike. 

“It feels like that extra storage weight we added on the right side. I just didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. And I really do need the room for all the new toys you’re working on, they’ve been making a world of difference out on assignment.” Zoe tucked the helmet underneath her arm, coming to a stop at Stella’s side in thoughtful observation of the machine before them.

Not only was Stella a pleasure simply to look at, she was a blast to work with, too. She was an instigator of sorts, the magician behind some of the most amazingly useful trinkets she’d ever gotten to use out in the field and.. uh, sometimes just for fun. But that was off the record, of course. 

 “What do you think, love? I know that brain of yours has a solution in there.”

i’m going to attempt the impossible and try to make a kylo ren helmet from scrap eva foam in the week i have left of winter break before school takes over my life again

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