helmet diver

I love getting deployed at the beginning of a mission and watching everyone frantically input their strategems to gear up b4 we start getting swarmed. Everyone’s always got an important role they play. 

I really genuinely appreciate that even tho there’s no “classes” in this game, everyone on the team generally feels different, and yet at the same time manages to unite everyone rather than alienating a specific class type due to some kinda bias or animosity (although i will say i get stepped on a lot by peoples mech suits..) and as the mission progresses the players are fleshed out. 

And all the animations for our characters regardless of being a top down view, are very solid and good at relaying information about what ur doing. I dunno Im really kissin ass right now but im just very pleased with the quality of the games assets, sound effects, music and art direction. its just all around satisfying.

Walter Van Beirendonck spring—summer 1988.
The summer collection ‘88 Un Autre Monde (another world) endeavours to merge visions from greatly differing worlds. The world and visions of Jules Verne (high-tech visions from the year 1870), the world of the African Massai, Nuba and Wodaabe tribes, whose way of life is still primitive, closely earth-linked and basic, but which posses a rich culture and fantastic body ornaments. Reminiscent of the Flinstone family (Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino), of submarines and uniforms, impressions from “Blue Velvet” and “Angel heart”, prehistoric figures and even inspiration from Sado, Walter’s dog, have lent the collection the necessary essence of humour and fun, it’s aggression and strength. Clothing for active, strong and ‘fantastic’ people, who have an interest in the past, but are already living in the future.

The silhouettes are nicely rounded off and inspired by helmet-wearing divers, together with a touch of folklore. The outsides of the models feature various details that are sometime subtle, sometimes aggressive. Navels, buttocks and sex are accentuated; there are even rubber nipples on some items. Hand-knitted pullovers and cardigans feature check patterns and stripes, dogs and bones, African armbands and necklaces and body paintings. Prehistoric creatures, “safe-sex-bones" and figures from 2001 are featured in sweatshirts, t-shirts and trousers. Black, shiny straw hats, bones in the hair, T.Rex.-and Bam Bam caps. Diver’s and pilot’s goggles, telescopes and cameras inspire spectacles. Basic colours, shades of red, blue and green mixed with beige, off-white, green, navy, blue and black. Fabrics feature Vichy checks and square patterns. Cotton gabardine trousers, cool wool, Swiss cotton, crepe, silk, leather and rough, checked, elasticised folklore-look are all featured.