Taken from facebook:

“Dear all!
As some of you might already know, my beloved helmet – together with the Helmet of Klaus Hu Fruhmann, two falchions and two curved punch shields and one of my gauntlets – were stolen on our way home from ITOC, somewhere between our check in on O’Hare Airport and our final destination in Vienna. We had a stop in Madrid Airport, but we only got our luggage back in Vienna.
Unfortunately neither the Airline, nor the Lost and Found on any of the visited Airports has any clue who could have taken our stuff out of the military bag. The bag itselfe arrived empty in Vienna.
I attach some Fotos to this post, in case anyone of you stubles across any of our armor pieces online or in any second hand market in US, Spain or Austria.
Every clue is helpfull and much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!”
Martin Prägler