hellsysinsinjay  asked:

Collapsix was a moderator on Dragonadopters , if that doesnt make her trustworthy and likely to NOT use exploits or cheats but rather act in a civil manner and report a bug if she found one I dont knw what does 8V Just wanted you to know in case you didn't.

I just don’t even know how they’re connecting the accounts.

hellsysinsinjay  asked:

I was just wondering if your group ahs a connectiong to collapsix ID- 2533, Because her account says "lair locked" , and Im a friend of hers for 3-4years now and as far as Ive been told that means she's banned ;A; I know you're probably busy so there's no rush in replying this (its just the fact that I know she'd never cheat or exploit so Im hoping its like the others who were banned wrongingly)

Yeah, we know about Collapsix omo I’ve talked to them a few times in the past.