JainaNaberrie commissioned me to draw Inigo (Chrom’s hair), and I’m really glad because I could spend extra time on this one thanks to it :D Gave him a brave sword since the poor boy can’t wield Falchion.

This was a commissioned piece, so please do not reupload it or use it anywhere! It’s just for her personal use.

(If you’re interested in commissioning me, send me a note or an email to hellyonwhite@gmail.com )



Will you still be available on AIM to talk to and stuff? It’s hard going weeks without Pico v.v

Yesss, I’ll try to be around! Gotta go visit friends/family/etc, though, so I might be on as much. Even less so than I am, lol.


Next year as in after Christmas, or in a whole year? Nooo QQ DX.

Haha, not that long! Until Christmas this year is over and the new year comes, probably. I have a lot of crap to do, that I have to get done by New Year’s, that I put off doing… whoops!! 8D But I don’t think I could stay off tumblr for a whole year, lol.


happy holidays to you too!!


Happy holidays! And good luck with everything!

Awww, thank you guys! /hugs/ *3*


wait are you taking requests….. u/////u also have happy holidays too!! ♥♥

Thank you!! Yesss, I am, but it’s gonna be like…January when any of them surface, ha ha. I’m happy to take a request if you don’t mind waiting, lol

Thanks for understanding, guys! And have a good holiday, or if you don’t celebrate anything, have fun eating cookies because you might be around someone who is celebrating some sort of winter holiday? (It’s winter where I am.)

A pic I’ve been meaning to finish for over a year now! But there’s always 2938489324 other things I want to draw… ):

I’ve been a huge fan of Sound Horizon for years. Most of you will probably know Linked Horizon instead, which is the other group Revo (the composer) has. Really want to finish painting this since it’s a scene from one of my favourite songs and all etc etc

I’ll stop now or otherwise I’ll end up rambling too much about the feels.


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Psst. Since you’re the resident Bull and Panther expert. Is there any support or Summer Scramble conversation that goes over Stahl’s past before he was recruited as a Shepard? Anything will help.

…POOR STAHLLLLLLLL Q___Q *sobbing* I had no idea of that support ohhhh man who would ever dump Stahl qq

I knooow, I was sad to hear that happened to him when I read iiit. poor guy had his love interest taken away by his best friend ;;

hellyhelly replied to your post:“hellyhelly replied to your post: erenjagers replied to your…”

Yeah, the price is crazy qq. If you do get to play them someday though, don’t worry, there’s easy mode = v= <3 But yeah definitely don’t go in any others since it sounds like it could get bad for youu Q__Q

do not fret!! i’m a big girl, i can handle easy mode i think \m/