happy announcement time!!!

pao and i are very happy to announce that we’re welcoming a new member to our blog: the lovely dani. some of you might know her, and if you don’t then you should because she’s great. not only is she a huge maccabees lover, she’s also one of the sweetest and kindest girls i know (and one of my dearest friends). 

we are sure she’s a wonderful addition to hellyeahthemaccabees and will contribute immensely to its improvement; you all know how much both pao and i care about this blog and when we asked dani to join we did so with full confidence that she will pour her whole heart and dedication towards spreading the maccabees love. 

i hope you all know we are doing this for all of you, and that the three girls behind this blog appreciate each and every single one of our lovely followers. i hope you all help us in welcoming dani. 

mari x 

anonymous asked:

is it just me or does anyone else try and work out which maccabee is online by what photos they've liked on instagram?

hahaha i do the same! and it’s so obvious, isn’t it? fulham pictures: there’s felix // cycling/biking: hi hugo. i love playing the guessing game as well x