Guess who's back?

ME! Yeah it’s been a while. A LONG while. But high school is over with, and I’m graduated. I have a few weeks until I start packing for college. Don’t worry, I’ll still and keep this blog going. Cause I know I a lot of you just love it. I came back to a ton of messages and I’ll just post them, maybe with some gifs or something. 

Now I have a new laptop which I’m taking to school with me and it doesn’t have photoshop. So gifs and edits like that will be delayed for a while. I’m at home right now with the computer that has PS, so until I leave there will be gifs. 

I don’t think there is anymore news to be said. Except that Conic Con is going on. Wish I went but I saw a lot of freaky fab monsters were there. Don’t forget about the new Monster High feature coming out this Halloween. And new ghouls.

OMRA! I just saw the new ghouls that come about and I love Rochelle. And everyone else seems to as well. She is so me, with Deuce and all. And Scarah! I just heard her voice in the newest episode. I love Irish accents. 

Think I’m going to end here ghouls. Glad to be back and all. I’m going to re-vamp my theme and everything. Get everything update.

<3 Julie