Goosebumps #1: Welcome to Dead House

Chapter 13

I took a step back, my sneakers sinking into the soft ground. The air was heavy and still. No one made a sound. Nothing moved.


I’m surrounded by death, I thought.

Then, frozen to the spot, unable to breathe, the darkness, swirling around me, the gravestones spinning in their own black shadows, I thought: What is he going to do to me?

“Ray-” I managed to call out. My voice sounded faint and far away. “Ray, are you really dead?”

“I’m sorry. You weren’t supposed to find out yet,” he said, his voice floating low and heavy on the stifling night air.

“But - how? I mean…I don’t understand…” I looked past him to the darting white light of the flashlight. Josh was several rows away, almost to the street, still searching for Petey.

“Petey!” I whispered, dread choking my throat, my stomach tightening in horror.

“Dogs always know,” Ray said in a low, flat tone. “Dogs always recognize the living dead. That’s why they have to go first. They always know.”