Just to gauge some interest…

Would anyone be interested in a small giveaway to celebrate 750 followers? :) I have some extra CLAMP in 3D Land figures: Kurogane, Umi, Kobato, and Kentarou.

If this gets enough interest, I’ll look further into it and make a more official post later.

anonymous asked:

I LOVE CLAMP AND RESPECT YOUR BLOG. Can there be a collage of sorts of all the twins ever? it seems like too much though, but i'd be the coolest thing ever!

Haha, thanks! Hmm… I’m not too good with photoshop or anything, so I really can’t help you there, but if I ever find one (or someone makes one) I’ll be sure to post it! And hey, if you make one (it would be pretty cool) feel free to submit it :D


New followers and a milestone :) (over 100!)

So many! (*o*)

And with that, this blog has reached over 100 followers! I honestly cannot thank you all enough! :)

It is such an honor to have so many of you following me and I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Much love to all of you!

-hyc blogmod

(p.s.: posted early because I will be out tomorrow! Queue is set up to post plenty of CLAMP for you guys! See you all on Monday!)

Help wanted!

School’s beginning to catch up with me, and I could really use some help running the blog. The job is pretty simple- follow the CLAMP tags, queue up some posts, and tag it all. :)

If anyone would be interested in joining the team, please leave a message in the ask with a bit about yourself. :)

Thank you!