Your name is ALEXANDER ANDERSON, but you usually just go by ANDERSON. You have a verity of INTERESTS. You are DEVOTE CATHOLIC, and have the BIBLE memorized word for word. You are very interested in the history of the CRUSADES, as well as the practices of the holy warriors known as PALADINS. Though you are interested in the violent aspects of your faith, you generally try to spread the PEACEFUL message of the LORD. However you are known to get pretty ENRAGED when in the presence of BLASPHEMY. You are skilled in the art of DIVINE WHITE MAGIC, though in battle you prefer the handle of your BLESSED BAYONETS. You have a group of ONLINE FRIENDS. Even though they’re a bunch of HEATHENS, you can still see good in them. You have made it your HOLY QUEST to bring them to the path of THE LORD. You speak in a PREACHY and sometimes CRAZED manner, often quoting the BIBLE. Though there is nothing wrong with quoting the HOLY BOOK, you do realize you sometimes go overboard and annoy your ONLINE FRIENDS. Luckily they still talk to you and consider you a friend. You’ll save their ETERNAL SOULS yet! You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do?

(For the record, this is not my personal view on Catholics or how they act. I don’t mind what anyone's religion is. I’m basing this off Alexander Anderson in the Hellsing Anime/Manga, and how he acted, while still making it so he can be friends with the other characters for obvious plot purposes.) 

Your name is VLADIMIR DRACULA, though your prefer to go by ALUCARD. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for ROMANIAN HISTORY as well as VAMPEDRIC LORE. This would be logical, taking into fact that you believe yourself to be a VAMPIRE. You also have an unhealthy obsession with gigantic, canon like, HAND PISTOLS. You also enjoy hunting the UNDEAD. Unfortunately such things do not exist, but kids can dream, right?  You speak with a SEDUCTIVE ALLURE in your words, unless you feel like being a SADISTIC BASTARD, which is quite often. You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do? 

(Part of an Homestuck Crossover I’m putting together called HELLSINGSTUCK.)


All the Hellsingstuck characters together in one post. 

While I’m here I might as well tell you their God Tiers.

Note that most of these choices are based off the characters counterpart in the Hellsing Manga/Anime.

Alucard-Lord of Blood: I was going to make him the ‘Prince of Blood’, due to this being a younger Alucard, but then I thought about how controlling Alucard is, and realized he’d make a better 'Lord’ than 'Prince’. The Blood part should be obvious.

Integra-Knight of Mind: I made her a 'Knight’, since in Hellsing, she is Sir Integra. Heros of Mind are usually calculative and strategic, and I felt this went well with her. Also her skills with decisions making and her tendency to not second guess herself or her actions make her a good choice for the title.

Walter-Serf of Time: Serf is pretty much the male equivalent of 'Maid’, plus 'Butler of Time’ didn’t role of the tongue as well. I made Walter a Hero of Time due to a lot of his character having to do with the past. His memories, his age regression, as well just his age in the Manga/Anime gave me the idea to give Walter this title.

Seras-Heir of Hope: I chose this for Seras because in a way, she’s Alucard’s 'Heir’. The Hope aspect is because despite her being turned into vampire, she holds on to her beliefs and moral values. Even after completely turning into full fledged vampire, she still holds on to her humanity. She did what Alucard thought was impossible. She took the powers of a monster, but was not consumed by it. She shows that there may be 'Hope’, even for someone like Alucard.

 Captain Hans-Rogue of Space: Though originally I gave him this title just to fill the Space Player position, as I thought about it, this title works. The Captain was always a silent, stoic character, only speaking through actions. A Rogue does the same, using stealth and ability to accomplish its goals. Also, the Captain is mysterious and theres not a whole lot known about him. He has a lot to be discovered about himself, just like theres a lot to discover about Space itself. For both, the possibilities are endless.

Anderson-Priest of Rage: Do I even have to explain this one?

I’ll expand upon the story in later posts. Also, if you don’t see a character you like, don’t worry. They’ll make it into the story in some shape or another. 

Your name is INTEGRA FAIRBROOK WINGATES HELLSING, Though you prefer to just be called INTEGRA. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a vast knowledge of PARANORMAL LORE. This would be logical, taking into fact that you are a decedent of a famous VAMPIRE HUNTER. You are very skilled in FENCING and are an expert in PISTOL SHOOTING. Unlike a certain ONLINE FRIEND of yours, You do not enjoy hunting the UNDEAD, but do it out of a sacred duty to your bloodline. However, like your friend, you are unable to take part in such activities due to there being no such thing as the UNDEAD. You speak with a FORMAL yet FIRM manner, though you’re not afraid to drop formalities should you need to put someone in there place. You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do?


Your name is  HANS GUNSCHE, though your FRIENDS like to call you CAPTAIN. You have a verity of INTERESTS. You like to study WARTIME HISTORY, your favorite subject being on WWII. You also have a deep love of LYCANTHROPE LORE, Though you usually have to explain that they’re pretty much just WEREWOLF STORIES. You are skilled with SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, though for some reason you only use ones with INCREDIBLY LONG BARRELS. You are also quite skilled with a COMBAT KNIFE. You speak…actually, you don’t speak at all. Unfortunately, you were born MUTE. Your only forms of communication are SIGN LANGUAGE and WRITTEN WORD. However, you do chat with your ONLINE FRIENDS through typing. When you do so, you speak in a STOIC and SIMPLE manner. You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do?

(Normal and with Coat)

Your name is SERAS VICTORIA. You have a verity of INTERESTS. You enjoy watching COP SHOWS as you always dreamed of joining the force when you’re old enough. You also have a deep love of MYSTERY STORIES. These interests have led your ONLINE FRIENDS to start calling you POLICE GIRL. You don’t seem to mind though. You are very skilled in police style HAND TO HAND combat and with CANON RIFLES. You speak in a very CHEERFUL yet TOMBOYISH manner. You don’t want people thinking your a bubbly headed School Girl. You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do?

Your name is WALTER C. DORNEZ. You have a verity of INTERESTS. You enjoy reading about PHILOSOPHY and POLITICS. For some reason you are very good at keeping places clean and tidy, and feel that you’d make ONE HELL OF A BUTLER if you ever decided to take up the profession. Hell, you even dress like a butler, though really its just your preferred taste in clothing. You know how to make every type of TEA known to man, and two known to VAMPIRES, thanks to one of your ONLINE FRIENDS. You are very skilled in ACROBATICS and HAND TO HAND combat, however, your weapon of choice would be you trusty RAZOR FILM WIRES. You speak in a very POLITE  and RESPECTFUL like manner, as if your are a servant to whoever your speaking with. You also like to play GAMES with your friends sometimes.

What will you do?