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ok but u kno in hellsing when Integra says that the organization deals in all things occult??? I like to imagine her learning witchcraft and like about Crowley and his followers and symbols and reading tarot and doing alchemy

can someone pls draw me some Witchy Tegs

michael’s favorite manga’s / anime’s are yot/suba&!, kurageh/ime, mushishi, inuyasha, and sail/or moon! he has all of the current books for each series in his room —— which is actually ,, kinda impressive like honestly,

mechahotwings  asked:

Ojisan, please draw a hostile Maxie. The almost Hellsing-style way you draw him really makes that kind of expression pop. :)

this is from that odd expression thing right?!

ooohhhh man rofl you got it comrade, you got it!!!!