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Can we get an update for the Soul Bond tag plz it warms my cold heart

hell yeah it does

Back From The Edge by raimykeller (1/1 | 2,833 | NR)

Thousands of years after the battle for Middle Earth, another human and elf find their very own love story.


Elf Stiles finds Human Derek injured in the enchanted forest of Beacon.

How Is Your Heart? by Sylvesterelle (1/1 | 14,384 | NC17)

Derek thought it’d feel like weightlessness. That’s how it felt after the fire - like so many of the strings grounding him had been cut, like he was one strong breeze away from oblivion.

So when the unthinkable happens and the unbreakable breaks, Derek doesn’t understand what he’s feeling. Doesn’t understand that instead of weightlessness, there would be nothing but weight. The weight of his pain, of his loss, of the sudden, inexorable truth of his own isolation.

And then Derek doesn’t understand anything at all.

Or: the AU where Derek goes feral after Laura’s death and only the power of ~true love~ can bring him back.

Couldn’t let you go by Mareridt (1/? | 1,968 | NC17)

A violent cough shook his chest, prompting another scream.
“-ott, let me do it. Let me Bite him, let me save him!”
“Derek, Stiles doesn’t want to be like us, he just-”
A strong roar seemed to vibrate through Stiles’ body. “I don’t want him to die!”
Stiles tried to answer that. He opened his mouth to speak, but something was choking him- it felt like drowning, and he coughed again, something warm and wet spilling from his lips, something with a metallic taste.

Ouch. My Heart by Marylin (6/? | 16,529 | NC17)

Stiles is ready for college. Ready for parties, raves, no scary mystical and supernatural baddies, and hopefully lots and lots of sex. Only six more weeks until he’s free of High School forever, hopefully supernatural free.

And then poof. Supernatural baddies, a crazy witch with a sick sense of humor, and one sour wolf who drives Stiles up the fucking wall.


The story of how Derek and Stiles get stupidly cursed by an equally stupid witch and are suddenly stupid bonded with each other’s stupid faces.

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I realize you like Punk!Cas and Nerd!Dean... But another one of my favorite Aus is Punk!DEAN and Nerd!CAS. BARE WITH ME!!! There are the loud, rowdy jocks, the geeky, book-loving nerds, but you'll never see Dean with anyone. He's always alone. People say it's because he's so scary, nobody wants to risk messing with him. Others say it's just simply"how Dean rolls". He doesn't need to inconvenience himself with the presence of other people. He's the intimidating lone-wolf. (1)

Then we have Cas. Genius at science, charming, funny (in his own quirky way) - he’s got a good thing going, he’s got a great group of friends who all share his interests, he’s great with people, he’s fairly known among school. Then one day he’s paired up with Dean Winchester on a science project, and while all his friends think it’s “so COOL Cassie!” - all he can think is, “great, this guy.” Because really, Dean Winchester? Cas doesn’t get what the big deal is about him. (2)

He walks around, moping and glaring at anyone who crosses his path. Who does he think he is, huh? What’s his deal, is he trying to keep up some fucking image? What, does he think it’s cool? Does he think he’s scary? Intimidating? Puh-lease. Castiel’s not buying any of it. He thinks Dean is just a stuck up, angsty little brat. No, he KNOWS he is. (3)

(4) But three days later, he finds himself sitting on his bed with Dean Winchester himself, and they’re not doing an ounce of work, because Dean is telling Castiel about how he pool-hustled this group of guys this one time and holy hell, Castiel is gripping his sides from how hard Dean’s making him laugh. He doesn’t fail to notice how Dean seems quietly elated that he’s getting this reaction from Castiel

But no, Dean /blushes/. And Castiel is struck speechless for a second because here sits Dean-intimidating-lone-wolf-winchester on Castiel’s bed, blushing at the most medicocre compliment. Surely he gets compliments all the time? Castiel says as much. Dean only blushes further, to Castiel’s- what, amusement? He can’t deny he finds it incredibly… Endearing. God, he never thought he’d use that word to describe Dean. (5 )   
WOW THAT GOT SO LONG I hope that doesn’t bother you, that just- REALLY got away from me imsorry😂Idk, I just love the idea of that punk and nerd dynamic being switched around, y'know? Dean being this intimidating punk and Cas being a nerd but really it’s Dean who needs Cas’s love and reassurance, Dean who doesn’t have too much experience with people in any way, Dean who totally gets fucked senseless and owned and taken care of by Cas behind closed doors heehee So yeah. Punk!Dean and Nerd!Cas.

OR if you are I don’t give a flying fuck, and please do it more often??? PLEASE?

give me more of actually-a-soft-boy badass looking punk!Dean and nerd!Cas

An AU Prompt

Loki is a teenage Punk (17ish) who smokes too much and has the idolization of a young Tony Stark (14ish). Loki ‘puts up’ with Tony tagging along because everyone Loki’s age treats him horribly/like he doesn’t exist/is worthless. He likes the genuine interest (and yeah, okay, hero worship) Tony has for him.

He teaches Tony how to pick locks, how to roll his own cigarettes and is amused by the smart little tag-a-long who can keep up with him mentally - even if he still is a bit naive because of his age. He’s also sympathetic to the plight Tony has with his father and comes around on his motorbike to get Tony the hell out of there when he needs to. They’re friends.

Loki gives him tips on how to pick up girls (even when he personally likes guys) and how to get away with the best pranks. Tony thinks he’s the best thing ever and Loki’s only ever wanted someone to give him attention.

When Howard Stark shoves Tony off to boarding school, Loki realizes how much he grew accustomed to and enjoyed the little brat’s company. Five years go by with emails and phone calls that keep their friendship alive. When Tony’s coming back for a summer before he starts MIT, he begs Loki to come meet him at the airport.

Loki agrees because he’s missed the kid and he’s on break from college/uni anyway. Only, he runs into the problem that ‘little Tony Stark’ is no longer a kid. He’s a filled out, devilishly handsome man and Loki isn’t sure how he, or his libido, is supposed to handle that.

Tony on the other hand is hoping for that reaction. He’s had a crush on Loki since he first knew what crushes were. He’s stayed away for five years so he could come back an experienced, attractive guy. Someone Loki wouldn’t see as a kid. Someone Loki might hit on and be interested in.

Loki’s does not recognize the message Tony is trying to get across. All he’s hearing is it’s just hero-worship, it’s just like before, he’d freak if I hit on him, don’t do it, don’t fuck this up.

Too bad for Loki, when it comes to being a mischievous little shit and getting what he wants; Tony was trained by the best.

Grillby x Reader Headcanons

So I see a… fairly large amount of nsfw involving Grillby. He’s one of my faves [hell I even have a tag for him that’s “campfire husband”], but being ace as hell means I get extremely uncomfortable being reminded that it’s out there. Other people can like it, I’m just… yeah. Ace and sex-repulsed and character possessive. Horrible combo, let me tell ya, for when things decide to slip through my blacklisted tags or my blacklist decides to lag with blocking those posts.

So to try and combat this, I’ve typed up a bunch of extremely self-indulgent self-insert-esque headcanon things that are pure fluff. I had a few that were extremely specific to my own insecurities, but I’m not gonna bother anyone with those.

- Headcanon that Grillby doesn’t actually ignite things or burn things with his touch; he feels like a freshly-warmed heat pack. He can set fire to things if he so chooses, but generally he won’t. He can also adjust his own temperature, but only so much.

- You spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Preparing meals, checking out websites and shows and books for ideas, filing things away for later use. Grillby sometimes works things into his bar as limited-time offers, sometimes bringing them back every so often or making them permanent when there’s enough demand.

- Sometimes your food or hot drinks get cold. Grillby is perfectly okay with holding the plate or mug in his hands to warm them up. Boiling water is also much quicker when he’s around.

- Instant toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate and other things just by having Grillby hold things.

- You’ve mentioned how cold you get at night in the winter, even with multiple layers of bedding. You begin to experience a certain fiery being slipping into your room on particularly cold nights.  The temperature difference is one thing, but it’s kind of hard not to notice the firelight once it’s suddenly there.

- You have to invest in a sleeping mask for when you snuggle up to Grillby at night, because of that same illumination he gives off. At that close of a proximity it can be a little difficult to try and sleep with the light burning through your eyelids. He tries to dim himself but it doesn’t quite work well enough.

- Cold weather = warm cuddles. No more having to wrap up in countless layers just to stay warm in your own home. You’re kind of a barnacle about it though. Not that Grillby minds too much.

- Unfortunately, hot weather is a nightmare. So having the AC cranked up to ridiculous settings happens a lot when Grillby’s around in the summer. 

- You have a section of your pantry that, to outsiders, looks to be just fireplace materials. Coal, firewood, matches, various kindling material. They’re actually for the fire man. He has a soft spot for pinecones, especially the special ones around the holidays that are cinnamon or change the color of the fire once they’re ignited. Not quite the same as Snowdin pinecones, but still good in their own way.

- You get asked a lot where you’ve been that you smell like a campfire.

- Grillby tries not to go out after dark, because he literally becomes a beacon and actually doesn’t like being stared at by huge amounts of people. In the Underground there were other fire people, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but above ground there are way more people and none of them seem to be aware that there are beings out there that emit light like he does. You have to drag that out of him though, since the most he does is act really uncomfortable and just sit and not move when it’s suggested that you go out and do something when it happens to be dark out.

- You have a very small amount of glass figures and other things on a shelf. Grillby will rarely miscalculate just how hot his hands are when he’s holding glass cups, and melted them partly. So he’s reshaped them into little things. And after you made a comment that you liked the way they looked, he’s started leaving them around for you to find. He won’t purposefully melt things, so there aren’t too many.

@colorninart I thought it’d be a good idea if my friend Straw and I gave you something (we’re both Chinese). He went to your blog and said “this Maxie in a traditional Chinese clothing looks pretty” and so he studied your drawing a little and shortly after drew RSE Maxie in the same outfit.
And now he says “I just wanted to draw this but somehow it turned into some Chinese Mafia AU-like thing.”
So I’ll call this organization…

“The Magma Brotherhood of the Breathing Mountain”

↑Insert really badass nature-ish words and now you have a pseudo Chinese Mafia name for Team Magma【What is this
Well it does sound cool, the abbreviation even comes out to be MBBM which is a palindrome so hell yeah savage this is!
↑I talk too much

Prompts List One

And it’s here, the first set of prompts! 


Fajitas— Alternate Universes; It’s a vast multiverse out there with plenty of other Ricks who have their own Stans. From Miami Rick to Robot Rick to that Rick that either lives in the world of “Zardoz” or just dresses as Sean Connery’s character for whatever reason, there are plenty of other Ricks to explore.

Ribs— Monsters; Gravity Falls is full of them. Werewolves, vampires, mythological creatures like merfolk or selkies, and actual dream demons.

Chicken— Pasts catching up; Hey, both of these guys have been through some things. Sometimes issues come back years later.

Hot Dogs— Illegal Activities; Sure it’s only illegal if you get caught, but these two aren’t always on the up and up. Whether it’s drug use, theft, breaking into government facilities, or pug smuggling both Stan and Rick have rap sheets.

Shish Kabobs— Family; Both Stan and Rick come with their own family members to integrate. For better or for worse.

Steak— Music/Concert; We got a guy who used to be in a band and a guy who’s constantly singing little songs to himself.

Corn— Fears and Nightmares; As much as they both might like to deny it, these men have a lot of worries and things that scare them to the core.

Beans— Date Tag-along(s); Sometimes you don’t get to enjoy an evening like you wanted to. Sometimes someone(s) decide to crash your party.

Ice Cream— Ice Cream Date; Have you ever gone out with someone you really care about to get ice cream? It’s a great experience.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)— Got your own, unrelated idea? Hell yeah!



Water balloons
Lawn darts

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(I've read the tags :3) kii be proud of ur art and the notes u get, u lucky u have at least 80+ notes, mine BARELY passed 10+ notes ;w; its no surprised tho like my art ain't good its complete horse shit so yeah, but still ;w;

nah Honey your art ain’t horse shit, don’t ever say that again, please.

You improved a lot since we first met and I’m very proud of you for not giving up and keep drawing.

Don’t be afraid to reblog the hell out of your own art, shove it into people’s faces because you worked hard on it and it deserve way way WAY more than 10 notes.

Maybe I’m going to be a little selfish here but I’m tired of feeling unmotivated by the amount of attention I get and don’t get(and it pains to seeing others that shares the same feeling).

To me, being ‘good’ at something really doesn’t matter if you are not regconized for your talent. Content creators deserved more than 9 likes and 1 reblog on something they’ve worked hard on… One reblog really changes a lot. I wish people can understand that. ))

Vices and Virtues - Chapter six

I arrived with my gear, presented to reception and was led out to one of the private bungalows. They must be special I thought as we made our way out there. They left me at the door and I knocked lightly. A woman answered the door, she was probably about my age, maybe a bit older. “Hi, I’m Charlie, from Spank” I said smiling. “Oh yeah, hi, c'mon in” she said with a harried look on her face. “The photographer is here” she called out, “just go right in” she said and disappeared into another room. I headed in, spotting Jason our reporter he was facing me, there was someone sitting in front of him, a member of the band I assumed. The light was bad and I couldn’t see them very well. He had his back to me, all I could see was the back of his head, his hair in a small pony tail. Jason waved, “hi, come on in, Charlie this is…” before he’d had a chance to say his name, he turned. “Hi Charlotte! No need for introductions Jason, we’ve met before” Jared!!! Fuck!! I stood there gobsmacked for a moment. “Uh, yeah.. hi” I stammered. He had his hand outstretched for me to shake it, I grabbed it, still in shock, he shook it lightly, his eyes staring into mine. Jason stood up, thankfully he seemed completely oblivious to my surprised expression. “Okay, I’m done here, you can go ahead and start Charlie” he said gathering his stuff up. He shook Jared’s hand and was escorted out by the same girl who answered the door. “Sorry for the secrecy, I’m very selective with who I do interviews with” he said with a grin. I suddenly remembered I’d called him an asshole. “I … I’m sorry, I didn’t … I didn’t know it was you, when I said.. shit” I said trying to apologize. “Wait, why keep it a secret from me?” I said through narrowed eyes. He shrugged, looking amused. “I thought if you knew it was me, you might not do it”. I shook my head, “well, we’d better get started” I said putting down my bags. He called out, “hey Emma?” she quickly appeared, before she had a chance to speak, “I don’t need you anymore today, you can go” he said dismissively. She nodded looking relieved. “Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow” she said, she gave me a smile and disappeared back into the room. A couple of minutes later I heard the front door open and close. He turned to look at me, a sly sexy smile appeared on his lips. “All alone” he said, his voice smooth as honey. “Hmm, so how do you want to start, some casual shots? Or some formal, staged shots?” I said ignoring his comment. He was in front of me in a flash. “There’s no rush, we’ve got plenty of time” he said, leaning in, his hand slid into my hair holding my head, while the other one went around my waist pulling me against his body. Before I could even blink his lips were on mine, soft at first, then kissing me harder, I didn’t even fight him. I met his tongue with mine while grasping his hair. He started pulling me towards the couch, our lips only parting so he could sit down. Pulling me down to sit astride him, straight onto his lap, his hands pulled my head down to his and he started to kiss me again. The intensity only increased and I could feel myself becoming intoxicated by him, drunk on his kisses, my hands were twisted in his hair holding him to me. When I felt him lift his hips to push his erection against my center, which was conveniently over his crotch, I quickly pulled away and tried to move off him. “Don’t …” he murmured against my lips. “I have to” I said quickly pushing at his chest and reluctantly sliding off him. I stood up and ran my hands through my hair, I looked over to see him move his hand over his hardness, readjusting himself. I exhaled softly at the sight. If I was honest, I didn’t want to stop. “Jared, I came here to do a job, I can’t let you …. distract me” I said with a conviction I didn’t feel. “Sorry, I’m sorry” he said, he leaned his head back looking up at the ceiling. He suddenly stood up and in the blink of an eye had his arms around me again. “Actually I’m not sorry, you want me as much as I want you, don’t deny it” he said vehemently. I moved out of his arms, “I barely know you, Jesus, I’m not some Goddamn groupie Jared, I’m not going to fuck you at the snap of your fingers!” I said raising my voice, even though I wanted to, my brain screamed!!! “I never said you were, but there’s something between us, admit it” he said raising an eyebrow, one hand on his hip the other running frustratedly through his hair, daring me to deny it. “That’s… just, can we do the shoot please, I’m on a deadline” I said putting up my hands before he could come close to me again. “Fine” he said grumpily. He was like a fucking sulky child!! I almost giggled, but quickly stopped myself. “Where do you want me?” He said, I was about to say, in bed, naked, but bit my tongue. “Uh how about we start, on the chair where Jason was interviewing you?” I said, my professional work tone kicking in. He nodded curtly and went and sat down. He posed obediently, did everything I asked, made suggestions. He knew how to work a camera and he was pretty much eye fucking me in every shot. I stopped to tie my hair up and change my memory card. He sat on the couch now, tapping his foot and exhaling impatiently. “Do you have to be somewhere?” I said coming over. “Yeah, having dinner, with you, remember?” he said giving me a sexy smile. I ignored his comment and started clicking away again. About ten minutes later he held up his hand. “I’ve had enough, that’s plenty” he said firmly. I nodded, “okay, thanks I got loads of great shots” I said. “So, do you want room service or should we go out, I’d prefer to stay in” he said as I put my camera equipment away. “I think, I should probably go …” I said avoiding looking at him. “Why? You said you were free to have dinner with me?” he snapped. “Yeah, well, maybe we should just keep it professional” I said reluctantly. I wanted to keep it very personal, but the sensible part in my brain kept telling me to get the hell out of there. “No, I’m not taking no for an answer, so what’s it going to be? Stay in or go out?” He said raising an eyebrow. I exhaled frustratedly, “fine, we’ll stay in, I’m not really dressed to go out” I huffed. “Good, I’ll order” He said grinning, the grin of a man who liked getting his own way.

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“Short Prompts- A list”
Prompt- Moonlight
Pairing- Rick/Negan ( TWD )

By the time Rick and Negan realized that they should head back to Alexandria, it was close to dark. They had gone on a supply run, just the two of them, upon Negan telling Rick that it would be a good way to bond. Rick didn’t see it but it wasn’t like he was in any position to argue. He agreed reluctantly and earned himself a wide grin from the taller male and a clap of a hand to his back. Negan had been relatively pleasant, seeing how he was after all. He still didn’t seem to know how to shut up, though.

“You and I make a good fucking team, I have to say,” Negan commented as they found a place to crash for the night. It was walker free, much to their surprise but they gladly took it. The building was a small cabin like thing, big enough for the pair. Rick rolled his eyes but he couldn’t bring himself to deny that the fact was true. Except that he’d never admit it to Negan himself.

“Hm.” Was Rick’s response to that and the other male huffed. They settled after they parked their truck outside the cabin. They had found blankets and pillows that were surprisingly in good condition to use.

“I’ll take first watch. You get some fuckin’ beauty rest, Rick,” Negan chimed.

“Alright,” Rick replied, not about to argue to some sleep. He settled down on the makeshift bed. It was by no means comfortable but it worked well enough to keep him warm. He fell asleep rather quickly, the last thing he heard was the sound of Negan’s soft chuckling.

He woke again sometime in the middle of the night, blinking open his eyes and rubbing the blurriness from them. He saw Negan leaning against the far wall, his trusty barbed wire bat laying in his lap as he gazed out the window. He noticed how the moonlight filtering in seemed to soften the lines on Negan’s face. It also kind of complimented those dark orbs of his, tinting them slightly silver. It was a nice look. The other male looked to be in deep thought, judging by the distant look in his eyes but it disappeared the moment Rick shifted in his spot. Those eyes were now on him, their owner cracking a smug grin.

“Liking what you see?” Negan quipped and Rick shot him a glare, earning himself a deep laugh. “Really, Rick? Fucking lighten the shit up. I’m just teasing.”

Rick didn’t respond but just got up and went over to Negan and settled back down beside him. “Why didn’t you wake me?” he asked and Negan shrugged.

“It looked like you needed the sleep. Besides, the lighting does wonders to your already gorgeous face,” Negan said and was suddenly enveloped in a whole fuck ton of Rick Grimes. He smirked against the lips that were on his, gladly kissing back. They pulled away after awhile and Negan breathed out a chuckle, “What was that for?”

“For you to shut your own damned gorgeous face,” Rick muttered, his cheeks slightly flushed.

“Moonlit confessions, Rick?”

“Shut the hell up.”

{{ A warm up to get those writing juices flowing! Hope this is alright. I haven’t written anything for awhile. This is also my first Rick/Negan piece.
Also tagging people who I might want to read? @hatterized @hostilecrocodile @neganstonguething @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff @sweetsweetpeach @metalbutter
please tell me if anyone wants tags for future things??? cause i’m new to this?? and I just??? }}

Leave Me - Crowley x Reader

So I did the thing again…you know the thing where I don’t post for awhile because of school work? Yeah, that thing…

Anyway, I grouped up some requests again because they were very similar to each other, so here you go. Hope y’all enjoy. ;)

Word Count: 938

Warnings: Umm…swearing and the reader gets hurt.


@maleficientmacleod (it won’t let me tag you for some reason…)

89. “I’m not leaving you!” and 90. “I can’t do this anymore.”


52. “Can I kiss you?” and 85. “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

and last but not least anonymous who requested:

69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

“Agh, fuck,” you cursed, hand reaching down to cover the wound on your stomach. You were losing blood quickly and needed a way to stop the blood flow.

You were currently sat on the floor, slumped against a wall in a supply closet, hiding from the rogue demons roaming the building. Your breaths came out ragged and heavy as you pointed your gun at the door with your free hand. There wasn’t much time before they would find you, so you might as well go down swinging.

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Check Please FanFic Recommendations

As a lover and admirer of fanfic I have almost 200 (egads!!) Check, Please fanfic bookmarks, so I thought I’d make a list of some of my personal favorites and spread the love.  This is by NO means comprehensive, just some of my faves.  This was very tough to do!!  I did not note ratings so please look at those and any authors notes when you click through!  Happy reading!!

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                                               ❝wish me luck!❞

                                             ❝you don’t need it.❞
                                                                         ❝you got this.❞

Some criminals from GOTHAM City seemed to have taken a liking to
Star City in its troubled state. And when nobody thought things could
get any weirder, another mask appeared, managing to somehow hack
into Felicity’s computer, stopping Team ARROW before they could do
anything, and… doing the job for them by arresting the criminals and
directly delivering them to the precinct???

Criminals were not the only ones coming from Gotham to Star City;
numerous volunteers were getting there to help clean the city, as IT 
apparently needed more help than their own. Among them, a certain
Detective Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, who Laurel could not
help but get INTERESTED IN.

Impromptu meetings with the vigilante named Batgirl, coffee dates 
with Babs interrupted by Felicity and a shared passion for computer
 sciences and- WAIT- OH! 
Oh hell no.
Of course Babs HAD to be that damn Batgirl.

Love in the Woods

Warning: the usual cussing, fluff, heated make out session

Pairing: Bucky x reader, Tony, mentions Steve

Request: Hi! Could you write a Bucky X female!reader fic where the reader is Tony’s daughter and he doesn’t approve of her and Bucky being together (civil war lol) and so Bucky and the reader hide away in little flowery fields in the woods together when they want to spend time together? Thank you! ♡

@n03ypi3pi3 thank you for the request

A/n: I hope you like it and I hope it was what you somewhat had in mind. I left it open for a part 2 if you really want one.

                Your family was at war. Your father, Iron Man AKA Tony Stark, was at war with the man who you were able to call your best friend. When Steve brought Bucky into the tower, you instantly fell for him. As months went by the two of you started a relationship, a relationship your father refused to accept. He would always bad mouth Bucky, whenever he got the chance which was every time you were in the lab working on something important since Bruce hasn’t been MIA since Sokovia. You had inherited your fathers mind and you loved Bruce like an uncle ever since you met him.

               “I don’t know why you like him, (Y/n). He can’t be trusted. HYDRA fucked him up to damn bad and you never know when he could hurt you.” Your father was walking into the lab carrying two cups of coffee. “How’s that equation you’ve been working on?”

               You looked up at him, you never liked the fact that he didn’t like Bucky. “Once I plug in these components, it should work.” You have been working on this equation since early this morning.

               You had gotten up early since you couldn’t sleep at all, you haven’t slept well since this whole “Civil War” started between Steve and your father. You always had a great night’s sleep lying next to Bucky but it was all taken away from you once this stupid fight started.

               “How long have you been working on it?” He cocked an eyebrow as he asked his question.

               “I’ve been here since like 3 this morning.” You look at the clock and see that it’s almost noon. You had been working so long and hard to get this equation to work, you forgotten to eat.

               Little did Tony know, you would sneak off out of the tower on your costume Harley Davidson motorcycle that had Bucky’s dog tags painted on one side of the tank. Bucky always admired the ways you had to remember him when he couldn’t be with you. Hell, he didn’t even know that you had your own motorcycle since Steve taught you how to ride.

               “You’ve been here since 3 this morning? I thought I told you to get sleep last night?” He couldn’t help but be a little concerned since you were his only child, which he knew of.

               “Yeah, well. What can I say? Ever since you decided to pretty much start a war within the people I call family, I haven’t slept much.” You looked back at him, you can tell he was starting to get mad about this. “Don’t even start with ‘Steve started it’ bullshit because you clearly know that the Accord is a load of shit.”

               “You really think that? How can you defend that man?”

               “Easily!” You couldn’t help but get pissed. No one, not even your own father can talk poorly of those you consider family. “The fucking government wants to control the Avengers. I remember the man who refused to let the government take the suit he had built and use it for the bullshit around the world. You were the man who refused to be a government puppet. You are not the man that you were. Yes you have seen shit that no man should ever see but for fucking once think about someone other than yourself. Plus the government that you want to let control the Avengers wanted to blow up fucking New York or did you forget that since you were the one who pushed that nuke through the wormhole that Thor’s brother created?” You stopped working on the equation that was almost done and got up, walking out of the lab. You needed to get out of the tower and away from your father. There was one man who you knew who could calm you down. Bucky.

               You looked down at the com device that you had costumed built, you even made one for Bucky so whenever you needed each other you had a way of communicating without being detected by any trackers. It had a defense system in place to where if someone tried to track you, their system would freeze completely. Yours had a black leather strap while you were able to use the little vibranium you were able to get ahold of to make Buckys, that way his wouldn’t break or even get damaged with all the shit going on. You hit the device, activating it to send a message to Bucky to meet you in the usual place.

               You walked to your room, grabbed a backpack then grabbing a blanket to stuff in it. This was all you needed since Bucky was all you ever needed. You left your room, making your way to the elevator to go down to the underground garage where your beautiful motorcycle sat waiting for you.

               Grabbing your helmet, pulling it on as you straddled your bike. With one last look around, you took off. Riding out of town and a few hours out to get to your favorite spot in the woods. It was a nice field of wildflowers and it was one that had always helped to relax, even more when Bucky was with you. You faintly heard your com device go off. You quickly looked down at it and you couldn’t help but smile.

               After another half hour of riding, found yourself at your flower field. Getting off your bike, you placed your helmet on the handlebar and walked towards the flowered clearing. You found a spot that was big enough for the two of you and laid out the blanket that you had brought. Just then you felt a hand on your shoulder. Instincts kicked in and you flipped the person over your shoulder almost with ease. Once you saw it was Bucky, you quickly went to him.

               “Buck, you know better than to sneak up on me.”

               “Sorry, Doll. I couldn’t help myself.” You smacked him on his flesh arm playfully. “I’m just glad to see you again.” He pulled you into his lap, nuzzling his face your hair that fell around your neck. “You haven’t slept much, have you?”

               “You can tell? This whole ‘Civil War’ bullshit really needs to stop, I need you next to me again.” He could hear your voice almost crack from all the stress this whole ordeal has put you through. “I got into another fight with Tony again. I swear he does this shit just to piss me off.”

               “Really?” His arms wrapped slightly tighter, you always love how he’s so gentle with you when you’ve had a bad day. “Same shit just a different day? Doll, you should come with me and I know Steve would love to see you again. Hell, Wanda and Clint miss you.”

               You really missed Wanda since this whole thing started, she was like a sister to you and you her. “I miss them too but I’ve been trying my best to convince my dad that this whole thing is bullshit. I’m one of the only ones who can. He sometimes listens to Pepper and there are times he’ll listen to me.”

               “Is there any way I could help?” You can practically hear the smirk in his voice. You knew what his idea was.

               “You think you can convince an ego-maniac in a tin suit?”

               “Maybe. If I have you by myside, I know I could do anything.” He ran his hand through your hair as you leaned your head back onto his chest.

               “I love you, Buck.” You turned your head and kissed him just under the jaw on a spot that you knew drove him wild.

               “I love you too, Doll. Now I know exactly what you’re doing.”

               “Now, Buck, what am I doing?” You raised an eyebrow as you looked up at him. You turned in his arm and straddled his hips. “Now, you think I had something planned?”

               “I know you, sweetheart. You always have something planned.”

               Holding your hand to your chest as you gasped like that statement hurt. “Just because I’m the daughter of a playboy doesn’t I always have something planned.”

               “True.” He nodded his head. He looked into your eyes, you could tell he wanted to do something and you knew exactly what he was planning.

               “I know you’re planning something, Buck. Now tell me or I’ll get up and take a walk around.”

               “You know what I’m thinking, Doll. I can see that you’re thinking the same thing.”

               You ran your fingers through his shoulder length brown hair, tugging a little. You couldn’t help but crash your lips against his, making him moan at the contact. His hand slide down your sides, landing on your ass. Your lips moved in sync with each other, making you forget about everything but each other. You could have sworn that hours had passed by. They always seem to when you were hiding from Tony.

               You pull back a little, breathing heavily. “You know, I love spending time with you my Bucky.” Your mind was finally able to think a bit more clearly with all the anger washed away. You remembered something that you have wanted to tell Bucky since the last time you saw him. Which just happened to be a couple weeks ago. You had hid this from everyone at the tower, even from Nat to your surprise. “I have something I have to tell you and I hope you’ll won’t hate me for this.”

               “I can never hate you, Doll. You are the only thing that keeps me fighting every day.” He looked at you a bit concerned.

               You laced your fingers with his as you thought of the best way to say this. The only way to go about this was to say it out right. You placed one of his hands on your tummy and smiled.

               “I’ve been hiding a secret over the past couple weeks since the last time we were together. With everything going on, it had been pushed to the back of my mind. But I just wanted to tell you that we are going to be parents.” You looked into Bucky’s eyes and could see just how happy he truly was. He looked like he just won the freaking lottery, which in a way to him he did.

               “Are you serious? We are?” All you could do was nod your head. “I can’t believe it. Just wait til Steve finds out.”

               “Maybe this way my dad will finally drop this Accord bull and think of someone other than himself.”

               Bucky pulled you into a hug and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “This is the best day of my life. I got the greatest woman ever and I’m going to be a father. What more can I ever ask for.”

               “Well, I may have an idea.” You pressed your lips to his once more. You kissed him like your life depended on it.

               You stayed in that field for hours in each other’s arms. You stayed there until it was time for you to get back to the tower before your father started to worry about you.

               As you were about to get on your bike, Bucky pulled you in for one last kiss. “I think you should come back with me, you won’t be so stressed.”

               “Better yet, why don’t you come to the tower and we tell my father the news together. In hopes he will end all of this.” He nodded his head and allowed you on your bike.

               “You know, you can’t be riding that after some time right?”

               “I know but how else will I have a connection with you when you’re not with me?”

               “Point taken. Be careful Doll.”

               “You too soldier.” You noticed him smile as you called him soldier. You loved being cute with him and you knew he loved it as well.

               You both took off in separate ways. You back towards the tower and Bucky back to their HQ. You couldn’t wait to see him again.

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Alistair / Aeryn honeymoon happiness. :)

Aeryn grinned at her husband, a hand pressed to his chest, legs tangled together under the sheets. Husband. She’d said the word a thousand times the night before, unable to keep from grinning each time. 

She traced one of the fainter scars along his chest with a fingertip before leaning in to kiss the mark. 

Alistair hummed softly, his eyes half-closed in contented exhaustion. “Is it morning?” 

“Not yet.” She kissed the scar again and laughed when he pulled her closer in response. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“Mmm, I don’t mind.” He tilted her chin up, his lips brushing lightly across her own. “You’re rather nice to wake up to.” 

She nudged him hard in the side and he grinned in response. 

“What?” he asked. “I mean it.” 

“Mmhmm. I’m sure that I look positively radiant after last night with my hair at all angles and my bleary eyes.” 

Alistair pressed in closer, their noses nearly brushing as he spoke, “It’s true. The most beautiful wife in all of Thedas.” 

Aeyrn moved to nudge him again. He caught her hand, pressing a kiss to the inside of her wrist. Her protest broke with laughter when he closed his lips and blew a raspberry against her skin. Snatching up her pillow, she shoved him away, his laughter building on her own as he took up his own pillow and joined in the battle. 

folks be acting like dean is the only one dependent on sam like hello it’s called codependent for a reason as in both of them as in those two people are dependent on each other and we all know that if the tables were turned sam would have done the same thing for dean and dean would be pissed but sam wouldn’t care bc at least dean’s still alive to be mad at himso basically if you want to demonize dean for doing what anyone in such a fucked up twisted screwed all the way to hell codependent relationship would do to keep the other person alive then get far away from me bc you obviously don’t understand how codependency works


Here’s part Twelve of “Forever”

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Words: 1041

It was getting to Dean and you could tell. On top of your own emotional turmoil, you could feel his too. He was worried about you. Hell, you were worried about you. You just didn’t know how to make yourself better.

          “Hey, Sweetheart,” Dean walked into the bedroom, “Sam and Emily are going on a supply run. Do you need anything?”

          “Pie,” you said without thinking.

          Dean chuckled, “You want pie?”

          You nodded, “Yeah … pie sounds really good.”

          “What kind of pie?” Dean’s mood automatically improved when he realized you were really voluntarily asking for something to eat.

          “Pumpkin,” you said, “Or cherry. Whichever one they can find.”

          Dean nodded, “I’ll tell them.”

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so, hannibal’s season three premiere is tomorrow night. let’s take a moment to talk about twitter. a lot of you already know the drill. it’s wicked important that you don’t use more than two hashtags in a tweet (more than two don’t register), and that #Hannibal is the priority. if nbchannibal or thefannibalfeed says to use a secondary tag, then hell yeah use the tag, but please don’t try to create your own tags for things unless they will not conflict with what they are doing. it just gets too chaotic. the more organized the fannibals are, the easier it will be to pave the way for a season four renewal. most importantly, though. have fun. be polite of other’s viewpoints. godspeed ~