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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Hanamaki Takahiro/Hinata Shouyou/Iwaizumi Hajime/Matsukawa Issei/Oikawa Tooru 
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Hanamaki Takahiro, Matsukawa Issei, Kozume Kenma, Kuroo Tetsurou
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Idols, hell yeah a cheesy popstar au, rated m for the absurd amount of crude humour via matsuhana, Alternate Universe - Fashion & Models, get ready for sleazy business guys, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, very brief - Freeform, Slow Burn, how could i forget - Freeform, Sexual Tension
Series: Part 1 of a song to them, a story to you

Hinata didn’t expect for his worries to shift from an ever looming future to how to avoid the camera, but it’s only natural when you befriend the country’s biggest boyband.

Or, how Hinata Shouyou meets his idols seij-OH! and falls into the limelight he never thought to seek, and the love he never thought he’d find.


Here’s part Twelve of “Forever”

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A/N: As always, thank you so much to my amazing beta @shadowandsoul
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Words: 1041

It was getting to Dean and you could tell. On top of your own emotional turmoil, you could feel his too. He was worried about you. Hell, you were worried about you. You just didn’t know how to make yourself better.

          “Hey, Sweetheart,” Dean walked into the bedroom, “Sam and Emily are going on a supply run. Do you need anything?”

          “Pie,” you said without thinking.

          Dean chuckled, “You want pie?”

          You nodded, “Yeah … pie sounds really good.”

          “What kind of pie?” Dean’s mood automatically improved when he realized you were really voluntarily asking for something to eat.

          “Pumpkin,” you said, “Or cherry. Whichever one they can find.”

          Dean nodded, “I’ll tell them.”

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Grillby x Reader Headcanons

So I see a… fairly large amount of nsfw involving Grillby. He’s one of my faves [hell I even have a tag for him that’s “campfire husband”], but being ace as hell means I get extremely uncomfortable being reminded that it’s out there. Other people can like it, I’m just… yeah. Ace and sex-repulsed and character possessive. Horrible combo, let me tell ya, for when things decide to slip through my blacklisted tags or my blacklist decides to lag with blocking those posts.

So to try and combat this, I’ve typed up a bunch of extremely self-indulgent self-insert-esque headcanon things that are pure fluff. I had a few that were extremely specific to my own insecurities, but I’m not gonna bother anyone with those.

- Headcanon that Grillby doesn’t actually ignite things or burn things with his touch; he feels like a freshly-warmed heat pack. He can set fire to things if he so chooses, but generally he won’t. He can also adjust his own temperature, but only so much.

- You spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Preparing meals, checking out websites and shows and books for ideas, filing things away for later use. Grillby sometimes works things into his bar as limited-time offers, sometimes bringing them back every so often or making them permanent when there’s enough demand.

- Sometimes your food or hot drinks get cold. Grillby is perfectly okay with holding the plate or mug in his hands to warm them up. Boiling water is also much quicker when he’s around.

- Instant toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate and other things just by having Grillby hold things.

- You’ve mentioned how cold you get at night in the winter, even with multiple layers of bedding. You begin to experience a certain fiery being slipping into your room on particularly cold nights.  The temperature difference is one thing, but it’s kind of hard not to notice the firelight once it’s suddenly there.

- You have to invest in a sleeping mask for when you snuggle up to Grillby at night, because of that same illumination he gives off. At that close of a proximity it can be a little difficult to try and sleep with the light burning through your eyelids. He tries to dim himself but it doesn’t quite work well enough.

- Cold weather = warm cuddles. No more having to wrap up in countless layers just to stay warm in your own home. You’re kind of a barnacle about it though. Not that Grillby minds too much.

- Unfortunately, hot weather is a nightmare. So having the AC cranked up to ridiculous settings happens a lot when Grillby’s around in the summer. 

- You have a section of your pantry that, to outsiders, looks to be just fireplace materials. Coal, firewood, matches, various kindling material. They’re actually for the fire man. He has a soft spot for pinecones, especially the special ones around the holidays that are cinnamon or change the color of the fire once they’re ignited. Not quite the same as Snowdin pinecones, but still good in their own way.

- You get asked a lot where you’ve been that you smell like a campfire.

- Grillby tries not to go out after dark, because he literally becomes a beacon and actually doesn’t like being stared at by huge amounts of people. In the Underground there were other fire people, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but above ground there are way more people and none of them seem to be aware that there are beings out there that emit light like he does. You have to drag that out of him though, since the most he does is act really uncomfortable and just sit and not move when it’s suggested that you go out and do something when it happens to be dark out.

- You have a very small amount of glass figures and other things on a shelf. Grillby will rarely miscalculate just how hot his hands are when he’s holding glass cups, and melted them partly. So he’s reshaped them into little things. And after you made a comment that you liked the way they looked, he’s started leaving them around for you to find. He won’t purposefully melt things, so there aren’t too many.

Leave Me - Crowley x Reader

So I did the thing again…you know the thing where I don’t post for awhile because of school work? Yeah, that thing…

Anyway, I grouped up some requests again because they were very similar to each other, so here you go. Hope y’all enjoy. ;)

Word Count: 938

Warnings: Umm…swearing and the reader gets hurt.


@maleficientmacleod (it won’t let me tag you for some reason…)

89. “I’m not leaving you!” and 90. “I can’t do this anymore.”


52. “Can I kiss you?” and 85. “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

and last but not least anonymous who requested:

69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

“Agh, fuck,” you cursed, hand reaching down to cover the wound on your stomach. You were losing blood quickly and needed a way to stop the blood flow.

You were currently sat on the floor, slumped against a wall in a supply closet, hiding from the rogue demons roaming the building. Your breaths came out ragged and heavy as you pointed your gun at the door with your free hand. There wasn’t much time before they would find you, so you might as well go down swinging.

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An AU Prompt

Loki is a teenage Punk (17ish) who smokes too much and has the idolization of a young Tony Stark (14ish). Loki ‘puts up’ with Tony tagging along because everyone Loki’s age treats him horribly/like he doesn’t exist/is worthless. He likes the genuine interest (and yeah, okay, hero worship) Tony has for him.

He teaches Tony how to pick locks, how to roll his own cigarettes and is amused by the smart little tag-a-long who can keep up with him mentally - even if he still is a bit naive because of his age. He’s also sympathetic to the plight Tony has with his father and comes around on his motorbike to get Tony the hell out of there when he needs to. They’re friends.

Loki gives him tips on how to pick up girls (even when he personally likes guys) and how to get away with the best pranks. Tony thinks he’s the best thing ever and Loki’s only ever wanted someone to give him attention.

When Howard Stark shoves Tony off to boarding school, Loki realizes how much he grew accustomed to and enjoyed the little brat’s company. Five years go by with emails and phone calls that keep their friendship alive. When Tony’s coming back for a summer before he starts MIT, he begs Loki to come meet him at the airport.

Loki agrees because he’s missed the kid and he’s on break from college/uni anyway. Only, he runs into the problem that ‘little Tony Stark’ is no longer a kid. He’s a filled out, devilishly handsome man and Loki isn’t sure how he, or his libido, is supposed to handle that.

Tony on the other hand is hoping for that reaction. He’s had a crush on Loki since he first knew what crushes were. He’s stayed away for five years so he could come back an experienced, attractive guy. Someone Loki wouldn’t see as a kid. Someone Loki might hit on and be interested in.

Loki’s does not recognize the message Tony is trying to get across. All he’s hearing is it’s just hero-worship, it’s just like before, he’d freak if I hit on him, don’t do it, don’t fuck this up.

Too bad for Loki, when it comes to being a mischievous little shit and getting what he wants; Tony was trained by the best.