hells yeah my fandom is meta

Before I go to bed I just want to say that be aware that nothing may happen on Easter, actually I think it’s likely nothing will happen, but that doesn’t suddenly mean we’re wrong. I said it in a post after March 8th, but basically, it’s expected to get individual dates wrong, but still be correct about the core theory that there is more to come. Today (Saturday) makes 3 months since the airing of TFP. 3 months is not a long time to most people. We’re the only ones really still talking about the show. Most people stopped thinking about it the minute they turned off the TV.

If nothing happens tomorrow, I, personally, don’t see a reason to lose all hope, especially because the evidence within the show itself and suspicious quotes from tptb just keep piling up as time goes on. If you really think about it, there really isn’t concrete evidence to believe Easter will be the Reckoning. It’s only speculation (and I don’t say this to undermine the meta done AT ALL; I’m just saying that something happening on Easter has not been guaranteed to us).

My personal thoughts are that if there is a lost special, they’ll announce it around July/SDCC time (it’s a good time to get fandom/media news out there, and the BBC announced TAB and s4 in July of 2014, so there’s precedent) and we’ll get it New Year’s 2018. The show has become like a New Year’s tradition for the BBC, and you know they would need time to market the HELL out of a secret special.

So, yeah. Just keep an open mind and don’t lose your head.

you can’t come home, but you can’t stay here

(this tl;dr could alternately be titled “OR: aha! so THAT’S why shitty is being such a lil fuckin’ shit!” but nobody likes titles as long as the essay soooooooooo THERE WE ARE.)

anywho! before i get started: this essay is not disavowing that shitty’s lil outburst in the after kegster wasn’t fucking awful for all of its various and sundry sociopolitical implications. it is, however, very interested in understanding why shits is acting the way he is right now and what that particular outburst says about his present at harvard. for those of you who might want a short abstract of sorts before we go to the “read after the cut,” it is this: shitty knight is suffering from the fall out of some mild imposter syndrome and major separation anxiety, and that mean he’s lashing out at his support system in the most uncute way possible.

so, let’s go.

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