[ENG SUB] Youth Over Flower ICELAND

Jeong Sang Hun

Oldest brother who is a fool in front of the brothers.

Let’s have breakfast~ Go wash the laundry~ a fool oldest brother in the room for 4 people. Taking care of his younger brother and also good at keeping the money, sometimes cannot cope with impulse shopping.

role :  loving the younger brothers

Jo Jeong Seok

The leader brain.

A Homo sapiens who start to use a tool like in the history among the fools. 

Whenever a language barrier appears! My translating application!

He radiates innocence more then a beauty. How do you do that?!

role : translator (feat. translating application)

Jeong Woo

The top foolish trash.

The mood maker among the 4 fools. Expert in answering English question in Korean language as being a patriot. Actively interfere whoever has a conversation.

Role : being accelerate, straight, in a rush, sometimes U-turn

Kang Ha Neul

The cute youngest brother (also my bias)

Even though his tuxedo was covered with vinyl, carrying the “Trip Misaeng” to find the older brothers. Whatever the older brothers said, he will laugh it out! Acknowledge as the smiling man. With the older brothers he will even pass the hell

role : reaction (laugh and laugh and laugh for the older brother jokes)


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Hellroller (Gary J. Levinson 1992)

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and watch a movie with the guys from VHShitfest. Their VHS of choice was Hellroller, a shot on video, direct to video release, from 1992. It’s about a serial killer in a wheelchair, and it’s easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Regardless it had this great, terrible quote!  

They’ll be reviewing the movie soon, but until then chack out there page at… http://vhshitfest.tumblr.com/

Back by popular demand: Hellroller! We received a lot of messages if we were ever going to print Hellroller DVDs again after the first batch sold out very quickly. Well, we didn’t want to just do the same old, same old. We wanted to actually have a reason to do another edition and we’ve agreed it’s time. This edition, just in time for the 21st anniversary, will have all the previous special features, including the commentary and video review, but this new edition will include multiple interviews with cast and crew, a brand new commentary, photo gallery, the original script, and much more. We’ve packed over 4 hours of bonus content onto this. The DVD will go up for sale in the next few weeks so be on the look out for more information soon!