Time to Talk | Cara & Thorne

Cara sighed as she sat down at the table. Dinner was ready, Skyh was playing with Max in the room. The house was finally Skyh proof so he and the dog were essentially locked up in the room with her. They were so happy, but she wasn’t. She was hardly ever happy anymore. It took all of her effort to get out of bed every day. To take care of the house and her son. To spend time with her hellren and Max. How worthless was she that it took all of her energy to be happy when she had everything she could ask for?

Late Valentine's Surprise | Blay & Qhuinn

Blay smiled as he finished setting up the dinner table. He had wanted to do something romantic for his hellren and thought what better why than a surprise meal. He had his Mahmen’s recipe for her lasagne and hoped that Qhuinn liked it just as much as him. Blay had sent Qhuinn a text letting him know that he was waiting for him.


So, I’ve been playing around on my jewelry desk making things, and this is one of the pendants I’ve been working on. It’s a sort of “fan art” from JR Ward’s Black Brotherhood series. :P

I’m planning on making a hellren version soon. :P

A Shellan is a female mated to a male~

Yay, vampires. XD

| Marissa and Butch

Marissa moved around the Pit’s kitchen as she glanced at the clock once again before focusing on the food Fritz had brought down. The closer it got to sunrise, the more anxious she became that her hellren wasn’t home, fearful that something had happened to him.

A little Heart-to-Heart

Cara twisted her fingers around in her hair as she walked next door to Drahven and Gwynn’s house. She made sure to wait a few days after her visit with Gwynn to try to keep her needing at bay, and her hellren as well. She walked up the steps and knocked on the door with the knocker.

Bonding | Marissa and Layla

Marissa hummed as she walked into the kitchen, her cheeks filled with color. Her hellren was gone on patrol for the evening and after the send-off she gave him, she needed a snack.