Guys.. meet Miss Tooth Fairy

Today we would like to introduce our special Ninija girl that will browse the Internet and choose randomly people that she will hellp. It might be you or it might be your father or it might be the person that you have slept yesterday after party.

Anyway, Tooth Fairy will choose people, add new hellp in HellBuzz and found it with extra budget. All for free and not negotiable.


EXO Reaction to them watching you cook

Who cooks here?! I love cooking and baking! It relaxes me somehow xD Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He is actually hiding so you wont get nervous* “I hope she doesn’t notice I’m watching her”

Kris: *Asks about everything* “And what is this!!”

Sehun: *Says he is hellping you but actually he is just standing there* “Yeah we are great chefs, look what we just made*

Tao: “I really hope you make cake” *Expecting a 5 stars dinner*

Kai: *Eats as soon you finish a dish* “Delicious! more!”

Xiumin: *Helps you following all your instructions* “Is this all right jagi?”

Baekhyun: *Sneaks into the kitchen and watches you doing your magic* “That smells good”

Luhan: *He is actualle angry because you kicked him out of the kitchen when he started to watch you like a creep*

Chen: *Never shuts up* “Jagi jagi, I want food. Jagi jagi, I’m hungry!”

Kyungsoo: *Gives you space but still watches fascinated from time to time*

Lay: *You end up sending him to the grocery store because he asked about everything and didn’t let you cook*

Suho: *Watches you from the table waiting his food* “Daddy is hungryyyy!”

anonymous asked:

I love your blog by the way! So awesome! And I'd like to request a fluffy Suga from bts scenario where you're his girlfriend but you haven't had your first kiss yet so he kind of like teaches you lol if that makes any sense. I'm so lame I'm sorry XDD

So how is this going to work?… Cause I haven’t even had my first kiss yet… Lol. But thank you very much for loving my blog, little bunny!! I love you too! And no, you’re not lame!! You’re cute!! <3

Thank you for requesting! Request again if you want a redo((”: I hoped you liked it!

- ♥Nie♥

Please don’t kill for this gif. i COULDN’T HELLp IT!

Sunday (Ft. Suga of BTS)

“Uhhhh…when are you free? We can go out for some ice cream or something…” he suggested as he scratched his head.

“Sunday,” she smiled. “I’m free on Sunday.”

His face brightened up, “Great! I’ll come pick you up!” 

And that’s how your love story with Min Yoongi began.

3 months, it’s been three months since Suga had asked you out. You were at the happiest moment of your life. 

Who knew that the boy you had been admiring from afar would be the one to ask you to be his girlfriend?

It was a nice Sunday, little breeze with fluffy clouds. You and Suga had made plans to go out for your third month anniversary. And of course, you two were going out for ice cream.

You finished touching up your makeup before the doorbell rang. You quickly got out of your bedroom and ran towards the front door. Stopping for just a few seconds to straighten out your clothes and hair, you took a deep breath and opened the door.

Suga smiled brightly upon seeing your face. You bit your lips and smiled shyly. Gosh, this boy still gave you butterflies as if it was just yesterday when he asked you out.

He was speechless when he saw how beautiful you looked. You had your long hair down, and you actually decided to wear your glasses. (You never liked wearing them but Suga always thought that they made you even more beautiful.)

“Something wrong?” you searched his eyes and giggled. Suga snapped out of his zone and laughed sheepishly. Shaking his head, “No! No, no. You look very beautiful today. N-not that you didn’t on the other days but-”

“Thank you,” you chuckled at his cute reaction.

“You’re welcome…you ready to go?” 

You nodded and excused yourself to go grab your bag.

Closing the door behind you, Suga locked his hands within yours and began leading you. You heart raced and your cheeks reddened.

You still weren’t use to this new skinship. I mean, Suga IS your first boyfriend ever.

The day was fun but it was sadly coming to an end. The sun was setting, and your heart was becoming sadder and sadder as nighttime began setting in.

You didn’t want to the day to end. It wasn’t everyday that you and Suga had the time to hangout like this.

Admiring the last glimpse of the sun, Suga held you dearly in his embrace. With his chin on your shoulder, and the back of your head leaning against the side of his head, he took the time to cherish the moment.

You stood in silence and watched the sun disappear. You suddenly broke from his embrace and turned towards him. “Shall we go now?”

You took his hand and began walking back to your house, but after only taking a few steps, Suga pulled you back.

You look at him confused. Suga noticed before dropping your hand and scratched his head nervously.

“Uh, I…Uh…” 

“Is something wrong?” You tilted your head.

He paused for a moment. Was it a good question to ask?

You stared at him, afraid to hear what he was going to say. Was he going to break up with you already? It’s only been three months! He couldn’t have gotten bored of you so qu-

“Can I kiss you?”

You froze at his sudden question.

He wanted to kiss you? That’s why he was so nervous? You bit your lips to stop yourself from smiling.

“Of course, you can. I am your girlfriend, right?” You let out a light chuckle.

Suga let out the breathe that he had unknowingly held in. What a relief!

“But!! There’s one thing you need to know!” you held your hands together and pulled them towards the opposite direction as you rocked back and forth on your toes and heels (is this understandable?).

Suga looked at you, confused at your outburst.

“I…haven’t had my first kiss yet. I don’t know how to,” you embarrassingly admitted.

Suga laughed at your cute confession. “It’s okay, let me teach you.”

“First, I pull you in.”

He pulled you in towards him, causing you to tumble a bit.

“Then I put one of my arm around your waist.”

He wrapped one of his arm around your waist.

“I look at you in your eyes, and whisper to you how beautiful you are. I tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life,” he clears his throat. “You’re more beautiful than any other girl in this world. You may think differently, but to me, you’re beautiful inside and out. I’m the luckiest guy ever to have you in my life. Luckier than the luckiest.”

You looked at him weirdly, “Are you sure you’re suppose to do this?”

Suga rolled his eyes playfully but proceeded to do what he was going to.

“Now you close your eyes.” Again, you gave him another look but did so anyways.

“Does it usually take this long just to kiss someone? If so, I don’t think I ever want to kiss anyone because that’s just doing the mos-”

Before you could finish, Suga had locked his lips with yours. What a good way to shut you up. Hahahah, just kidding.

Everything was a blur. Your mind went blank and you received a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in even more.

Letting your lips move in sync with Suga, you did whatever felt right.

After a moment, you two broke loose to breath in the air you had lost.

“Are you sure this is your first time kissing a guy ever?” Suga asked you breathlessly.

“As sure as I’ll ever be,” you smiled back and leaned in for another kiss.

Imagine Helena giving birth, and Sarah is there to hellp her through the delivery. The baby is there and Helena gives her a first name, but is stuck on the last name. Then she goes, “Sestra, I want her last name to be Manning, is okay?” Sarah just nods, and goes “Yeah, that’s, yeah that’s good Helena. Better than Meathead”. And they smile at each other. 

Coby: *Salutes blusing red* Y-Yes sir! (I’m making a NSFW story of Layton and Mr. Wright…)

(OMG Really X3)

Vanessa: Are you sure, Coby *Smirks and walks over to Coby and Punches him*

Lottie: COBY?!

Vanessa: very well Coby you’ll be my Slave~ *smirks*

Vanessa: oh I pormsie I won’t hurt your girl~

Lottie: C-Coby Sempai *Sits next to Coby* Sempai…

Lottie: But Sempai *Stops for a moment* I’ll go get the other Marines!!

Coby: *Nods in agreement* 

Lottie Runs into Marine Base

Lottie: HELLP SOMEONE HELLP!! *runs inside*