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{text: boyfriend} RObynnnnnn... I May have gon to a paarttty. I feeell funny an I dunnooo where I am... There's a bigg fountain... Plz Hellp

Robyn was stunned by the text. He shot up quickly getting dressed. Did he mean the fountain on campus. He flew up into the air circling around the school.

[text: Nox wears boxers] “Where are you Noxy?”

Guys.. meet Miss Tooth Fairy

Today we would like to introduce our special Ninija girl that will browse the Internet and choose randomly people that she will hellp. It might be you or it might be your father or it might be the person that you have slept yesterday after party.

Anyway, Tooth Fairy will choose people, add new hellp in HellBuzz and found it with extra budget. All for free and not negotiable.


nooo today is prom day and it’s gonna be one of those days where I feel like I can’t get a good enough breath/enough airr nooo oh noo and I need to shower but I really don’t want to get out of bed its 11:00 noo helppp I’m a snaillll

So if you don’t know it, May is national Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Preeclampsia is a condition that affects about 5-8% of pregnancies and can result in the loss of babies and moms. May’s theme is to “Know the Symptoms. Spread the Word.” because education on symptoms saves LIVES! Make this go viral!

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Is mild ADHD a thing? I'm wondering if I may have it because I have a lot of ADHD symptoms, but none of them are anything I'd consider taking medication for. I seem to be able to deal with them well enough.

Everyone experiences ADHD symptoms sometimes. but if they don’t interfere with your life, you don’t have ADHD.


In addition, if you do experience symptoms all the time but you don’t find them difficult to deal with or they aren’t causing you problems, you may have what’s called a shadow syndrome. This post talks about shadow syndromes in depth. If you do run into trouble with some of your symptoms, the tips and tricks and so on here on this blog may be hellpful.



Hey guys I had to make this video for class and it would really help me out if you could take a look at it maybe drop a comment? don’t mind my terrible art skills and squeaky voice haha