When I was pregnant and at risk of dying from complications due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, I remember asking our doctors if there was anything we could do to delay delivery of my daughter and give her more time to develop - even if it meant putting myself in more danger. Perhaps it was selfless, but I also wonder if I just needed the doctors to know that I understood the social contract around motherhood, and that wanting to be “a good mother” was more important to me than my own health and life.

Years later, when I had an abortion rather than put my life at risk again, I wrote that it was, in part, because I had an existing child that needed me. That’s true – but the other piece of it is that I needed to live, too. Not because I was a mother or wife, but because I am a person and I am not done yet.


Why is bearing children seen as more important than surviving pregnancy?, my latest at the Guardian US. 

Why must the best mothers be dead mothers?

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney in a nutshell
  • Apollo: Yay!! i have my very own game i'm so happy
  • Kristoph: LOL i kill everyone :D
  • Phoenix: hey, so i'm gonna casually take over your game now
  • Apollo:
  • Trucy:
  • Klavier: AAAAAA my GuItar Is on fire HELLP HERr-forehead senpai
  • Lamiroir: MY CHILDREN
  • Phoenix: choose wisely