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At the start of each year school year I get my new first year game design students to create a tumblr account, after a bief talk about self branding and ‘Netiquette’ (is that still a word?) I get them to write their first post to the big scary world. The aim is that over the next two years they will have a haven to show their work, give me insight into their brain thoughts, and build up a community around their new brand. 

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Being totally overwhelmed and only a few days into the course they all scramble to think of something original and witty to write. After I put the pressure on them almost all of them are going to write “First Post” or the comically overused “Hello World” 

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Weiven (the world, the all)

Friends. I am in a frenzy.
Dragon age has done crazy things to me and I want to do crazy things in return.
Bare with me, please
. I would love some input on this.
I had a bolt struck me between the eyes, and I want to write a Thing™.
As I am still new to writing, any feedback would mean the world to me. Really!
So, I wanted to make a high-fantasy world, which I have never even attempted before, but you know what.
I’m just gonna chug a glass of wine and go with it.

If you have the energy to read this,here is what I have so far.
Tell me, would you like to hear more? Am I doing something wrong, or something right?
As said, please talk to me. Am scared.

So we have Weiven, right. That’s the world. For now, it’s just one tectonic plate; a clusterfuck.
But it will evolve, if I pour some love into it.

So lets jump to the races I have thought of so far!

ELVES, because how could I not

A fael is a fairy, of sort. Small, but no special body-type.
Think Lace Harding (dwarves in general, but she cute) x Tinkerbell
They are no taller than 5'5 at most. And that is tol. Women are around 4'8 and males 5'3 normally.



the original faels

Language - lesh'neni.
O'ara theinin ath'el: common greeting. “May peace reside here”
T'an thelon ath'en: you are my home/ I want to reside within
Feol nethandin : You have lost your place, you were misguided/ be gone, out of my sight

Ok, I could go on forever trying to come up with an elven language but, uh, rules and grammar and whatever. So no, not yet. Just bare with me. Back to the elves!

Leshni are forrestdwellers. Yay elven stereotypes! Just, bare with me?
Their most powerful mages, even under the opression of the Council, are shapeshifters, they understand the vibration of matter (m'naen) and can easily manipulate it.
The rest sport wings(hell yeah)
Leshni are simple hunters, wild and earthy.
Widely regarded by humans as a people of legend, lost to time.
They are just really good at hiding and staying in their own god damn lane.

If you were ever to meet a lesheń you’d either be intruiged or disgusted, as they are passionate but apathetic. Is that the word? Nature is their hearth and home, their days of caring for politics are long gone.
Although, they do care deeply about life and to what they can when the war for power maddens the world; carefully calculating every move to sickening precision.
They only do it for respect of life, the fiight is otherwise senseless, seemingly already lost. I will explain soon.
(NTS: This is why they have given up on the fight for the titans, now corrupted with the Arcans lust for power. They simply don’t see any logical way to restore what once was. And they don’t have to either, they just have to endure. Just live and let die like.)
Leshni have no particular religion or any gods; they have a vast understanding of dimensions and their ancestors were like.travellers? M-theory kind of dimensional beings. Spirits, put in to flesh. Fairies.
Reincarnation for them is the goal, you travel between dimensions, alternate universes, when your time is up and your sole purpose is to learn and adapt, for no apparent reason(only because I can’t wrap my head around it either)
I will try.
A greater understanding for all life, they respect a blade of grass as they would a tree.
They rejoice in simple pleasures, as they are the greatest. No throne can trump a sunrise.
They are however sick & tired of the neverending struggle for power in Weiven; even if it does not matter.  It is a great conversation-topic for them, much like we discuss the weather. Sighing and rolling their eyes, they just wait for it to end; whatever way. Even if they are killed in the process.
Death for the leshni is a way of reset, a humble deed of nature to remind you that you are one of the whole.
This is why they don’t give a single fuck.

A quick dab into leshen lore:
Stories such as näcken (necor lore in english), altered towards  they have lore in which spirits draw sinners (their type of sin, greed, selfishness) to a stream where they seduce them with their singing and general attraction, and after a brief conversation to determine their wrongdoing (often riddles); they drown them. Or not.

Derived of half human, half faellings
Live in the city, often as mercinaries because of their faelling heritage. Often seen as strange, “demon-children” because leshni people are regarded as myth. Keep heritage silent, but are greatful for the gift of their ancestors.
The Leshni don’t care about them as they have lost their connection to the realms, although they might show themselves to feols who chase forgotten knowledge.


L'evani- L'evanians
The royals. Nobles. Snarky well off brats. Breed the best horses.

Ordeni - Ordenians

Regular ol’ humans, powerful in numbers.
Divided towards the council, there are the First Order who believe in the council (which is a lot like the qun, but worse) and are under the councils mindnumbing rule. City watch, armies, you name it. Jarheads.
Then we have the Mothers- an order ruled by women but followed by men&women alike. They are more for community and against the council mindnumbing ideals. Assasins and infiltrators, like a whole race of lelianas. Can you imagine. Mayhem.
The Mothers are the only thing stopping the council from waking the titan Arcans.

Arcans-Ancient race, derived of another race but not leshen-, something else, like real old. The titans,or of the like. Remnant power, the core of the earth.
Old wizards and witches, like sauroman? The evanuris?
They go mad with power. And have no real end goal, but conquering things is like crack to them.
They are the rulers of the Council.

Each Arcan, and there are not many, have a mountain. They are the mountain.
Connected, in birth and in death.
Like an egyptian pyramid, each mountain holds a vault, but kind of not like, in a room?? But in particles, the very fabric the mountain is made of.  They are connected to it, draw power from it.

The Council
Have but a muffling spell over Weiven, muting everyones magic.
Originally, all races in Weiven could practice magic, on different levels. It was just like another sense, like smelling or hearing. An enhancer of all things living, but not more. It was like an amplifier of life for most races, not something to create with. Well, it could, but not manifest things from nothing. Not many mastered the power that magic held.
It needed a block of clay to create. With a base, anything was possible, if you understood how to create it.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, the Arcans had been to war with the Leshni many lifetimes ago, when the leshni were still ethereal. They saw the danger that their strength in manipulating magic held.
If the Leshni won, they would not be the one force of Weiven and that scared them into ruthlessnes.Thus, in a feat of deception and betrayal; the strongest of the Arcans came together and the Council was born.
Using all the power they could muster, pulverizing the glorious mountains in Weiven with it, they created The Draught and thereby expelled all wonders from the world; forcing magic and the beauty it came with, along with the Leshni, into nothing more than myth, the lore of legends.

SOOOOOOO. If you have made it this far, thank you.  Do you have any ideas? A story? A protagonist, or antagonist? Maybe something to add to the world?
I am greatful for anything.

I have to add that there is one more race coming, I want it to be a qunari/minotaur/orc blend but i have not been able to settle the raging storm in my head on just how that will come to be. We will see.

first simblr post, though i’ve been setting shit up all day :’) good lort

So I figured I’d introduce myself ^.^ hi fellow simmers, my name is Dani, I’m a 19 y/o loser from nyc who writes almost as much as I game, which is essentially 24/7. 

the gorgeous sim you see in my icon/header is made by the beautifully talented @wondercarlotta, all I did was dick around with the facial tattoo and clothes ^.^

^she makes the most beautiful sims you’ll ever see tbh, please go check her out!

I’ve been on tumblr since 6th grade (7 years? 8?), and I’ve been a simmer for even longer, so it honestly confuses me as to why I am just now blending the two O.o but better late than never, i figure!

A quick interesting(?) fact about me is I’m a Synesthete (wikipedia offers a better definition than I will). I’m actually have Chromesthesia, a sub-category of synesthesia defined (by google) as “a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color”. To put it in english, when I hear things, I see colors. Different sounds are assigned to different colors. Why should you care? There’s actually no reason :’) except for the fact that it shapes who I am and how I see the world, how I capture it, and especially the stories I tell. For example, I say the name of a character, see a color or gradient, and that influences how I depict them. This also explains why my stories are (will be) closely related to music…I plan giving music suggestions with my stories so that you can sort of see how I see the world I create. 

I’m rambling, so I’ll cut this short and finish by saying I’m really fucking excited to become part of the simblr community, there are some disgustingly talented creatures here that make me wish I was less trash at literally everything :’) I don’t really expect to go anywhere big with this, but I really do enjoy creating little sim worlds, and want to share them with whoever will listen ^.^